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December 12, 2015





Rganks for the suggestion, Jim--but ranking always seems to be in the eye of the ranker,

MM--steel cabinets are the most durable kitchen cabinets ever made,,Car shops can bang out any dents (Mine had none, but a larger project they did earlier had many) and powder coating makes them like new.




Enjoyed Pieces this morning. Thank you clarice.


MM, I would recommend taking everything that needs to be painted/powder coated in at the same time to make sure the color is consistent.

Some times there is a little variation between batches.


Good point, TK--She can save money by not having the inside of the drawers painted. I can't see any reason for that.


Thanks Clarice, on point as usual.

Wish you could work in an advisory capacity for TV ads during the general election.

JOMers. How do we make that happen?


Actually, Jeff would be the best,Buckeye.


Happy to defer to your better judgement Clarice.

During the general election campaign, assuming Trump is not the nominee and doesn't burn the country down by running third party, we need someway to keep the issues front and center.

He knows how to exploit the media, hope whomever is the nominee has paid attention.

Jim Miller

Ignatz - It depends on the business experience.

Let me give two contrasting examples to give you a rough idea of how I think about that. Suppose someone says Candidate A would be a good president because they have gold medals in swimming. Suppose someone else says Candidate B would be good president because he led our armies to victory.

The first seems almost entirely irrelevant, other, perhaps, than showing that A is in good health and has enough perseverance to train for years. For me, B's experience would be a big plus, since president must choose our long-term strategy.

Business success is somewhere between those two, and depends very much on how that success was achieved.

A businessman who made money honestly -- Mitt Romney, for instance -- would get a plus in my ratings; a crony capitalist, on the other hand, or a man with many bankruptcies, would get a minus.

This is already a relatively long comment -- but far too short for real "thinking slow". It may, I hope, give you some sense of my larger argument.

Let me ask you a pair of questions in turn: Do you think we should pay more attention to a candidate's deeds or words, their accomplishments or their campaign talk? Do you think we see more about the first or the second, here and elsewhere on the net?

Now, I've got to get back to work.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Why would a guy who was one of the top neurosurgeons in the world and was head of one of the most prestigious neurosurgery hospitals in the country rate a zero?
Moreover your examples are rhetorical to the point of uselessness. It's easy to choose between Ike and Michael Phelps, but we're talking relatively inexperienced Senators and a couple of meh governors vs two or three outsiders of various experience and success.

So what?


Seems to me that the MittGOPe is the peacetime equivalent of a Vichy government.

Posted by: sbw

Excellent, SBW.

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