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December 13, 2015



ironically obama, pretty much followed fallows prescription,


well that's not exactly right, he used drones as his very own shooting gallery, one owned by Homer Simpson,


Thanks, narc. Wolcott is the jowelly one, yes?



I'm actually rather relieved at the results from France, after having read Clarie Berlinski's column on the "far right" in France. The key part starts just below the video clips. The far right in Germany, and Hungary, is even scarier, I think. Sarkozy is actually much closer to what we might recognize as a conservative, (albeit in the French fashion).

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

No education needed for this pure ripoff.

"The Paris accord agreed and committed to now fund the academics who have created this fictional theory which ignored the fundamental laws of physics with $100 BILLION ANNUALLY."


A couple of years conning us out of $100 billion with no results and then they'll be saying they could prove it if they could get more funds, IMO.


What's the breakdown of Muslim votes vs non in France? Can't be statistically insignificant.


No President has, by his actions, diminished the power of his party to the extent achieved by Obama. 

Maybe that was his plan.


$100 Billion? Surprised it's not vastly greater than that.


well he is perhaps the only enarque with a clue, the two strongest socialists, Cazeneuve and Valls, do not come from that institution, I still think
that it was the merah attack, that was the final straw against him, since he had put himself forward
as the anti terror fighter, of course that incident prefigured the last year's attacks,


they have Captain Tupolev'd themselves, and still insist on extra volleys of torpedoes,


le Front Nationale, as was their Poujadiste route, are Anti American, but then again so was DeGaulle,
who was anti Israel, as well, his lt was Chirac,
who brokered deals with the Shah, as well as Saddam,


a rejoinder to Kristof's foolishness, as he has actually investigated the Salafi superstructure




I was on the Board at Stratford Hall, on Virginia's "Northern Neck" for some 20+ years, and adored it. It's one of the most remarkable historic sites in the country. Unlike other house museums, which generally preserve the history of a single extraordinary individual, Stratford encompasses the whole swathe of American history, from a settlement in the 1600's, through the Revolutionary Lees and thence to the birth of Robert E. Lee. Also unlike a Mt. Vernon or a Monticello, you don't get stuck in a Disney World length line to enter, and you can wonder about the grounds (1600 acres) on your own devices. Unfortunately, I decided to retire before pushing for a total overhaul of the Stratford website, which simply doesn't do the place justice.

Preservation, of course, is not just a matter of bricks & mortar. It entails difficult, often very expensive, decisions about what kind of history you intend to tell, and how you want to tell it. We used to stay "on campus" for days at a time, arguing about those questions into the wee hours. Good times!


I point out this detail, but it was DeGaulle who started the IndoChinese War, that we were sucked into supporting, for reasons passing understanding,


Why is it that Mexico will not be paying for a wall??
Why not?


they use their army as the wall gus, when they aren't doing the cartel's business as escorts,


even plucky costa rica, shuts out cuban refugees, when needs must, much as with Islamic State, the neighbors don't want to do anything about the problem at hand,


Yes Narciso, but why is it beyond the scope of REALITY to REQUIRE MEXICO to PAY for the damage and the profit that they engender by virtue of open borders. Why the HELL is it not possible to make Mexico pay??


he is Kevin Bacon:


he's also done business with Trump in the past, as Rupert and Case, and Rubin,


Nice to see Clarice's latest as one of the "Must Reads" over at Lucianne.com's Home Page

Plus a nice political cartoon.


TM's LA Times link wrote this - Authorities now probing Wednesday’s massacre as a terrorist attack have said K1 applicants, like other visa applicants, undergo an extensive counterterrorism screening that includes checks based on fingerprints and facial recognition software.

But that Breitbart link (5:30 link) wrote this - "But the Obama administration streamlined the process so that it can all be accomplished completely online.

That change ended the requirement that an applicant must visit a U.S. embassy where he or she would be photographed and had their fingerprints taken in person"...


maybe you should talk to your refugee coordinator, she hasn't a cluel



And this comment in the comment thread over at the Lucianne post on Clarice's Piece currently has 168 "likes!"

Thanks Clarice for the voluminous reminders of the most detestable, un-American, ungodly, unholy, unbiblical, unworthy, unconstitutional -- islam-loving, Christian-hating, Jew-dissing, race-baiting, ´black-is-the-new-screw- U, gutless, spineless, acrimonious, condescending, hateful, presumptuous, bold-faced-liar to ever steal two elections-- and who is definitely NOT WHO WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA ARE!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent Claire Berlinski link, JM, and the comments section is just as useful as the article.


note in apuzzo's piece, there is no single official who says what he 'paraphrases' we've seen this story from Anthony Schaffer, to Ken Williams to whoever was tracking Nidal Hassan, those higher up aren't interested in following the trail, because it leads to the Red Mosque, and other neighborhoods they wouldn't be caught dead in,


ignorant and outrageous,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

For only having a cooperative congress for two years, and for having his initiatives be largely unpopular I think Obama has been pretty successful.
Now his initiatives are destined to fail simply because they're the work of fools almost wizardlike in the level of their foolishness but a trillion dollar slush fund, the near murder of the coal industry, Barrycare, his immigration shenanigans and his foreign policy idiocies are not nothing.
And some will take a long time to repair.



I almost wonder if Obama's visa waiver "mistake" in his Oval Office address resulted from a last second attempt to avoid specifying the K-1 Visa as a target for reform. Not that he was protecting it, as much as not wanting to draw attention to it. Even in the updated version of his address, he doubled down on the visa waiver program, not the K-1:

 photo WhiteHouseBullets_zps7sld6kpk.jpeg

When I was looking at various iterations of his speech the other day, I didn't notice that the White House has a whole official Medium channel. Because WhiteHouse.gov is not flexible enough? Because you're not living unless you're spawning websites? If you're a thrill seeker, you can even leave comments.


well I was going back to Clinton, the eddie haskell character, who was also seen as causing damage to the Dem prospects,

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Yes, Wolcott is the jowly eggplant shaped one.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Lyle, as I read that story the $100 billion is just to pay off he propaganda spreaders, is not counted as the money that is to be passed to the poor(?)


He must be getting his strategic planning advice from Edward Luttwak.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Btw, when Golden State lost to Milwaukee after a double overtime win in Boston on the previous night, their shooting percentage outside the restricted area (not a layup or dunk) was the lowest by any NBA team in 15 years.


punching down into the bedrock,



Your 08:01 is brilliant. What a pleasure to be able to read you on a regular basis all over again.

And ditto's on your comments about Iggy.


the $100 billion is just to pay off he propaganda spreaders

Would I be naive to suppose that not one nickel of that can actually be spent unless it's appropriated by Congress? And therefore that not one nickel of it will be spent?


And congrats NK on your daughter's accomplishment.


{{{{Authorities now probing Wednesday’s massacre as a terrorist attack have said K1 applicants, like other visa applicants, undergo an extensive counterterrorism screening that includes checks based on fingerprints and facial recognition software.))))
Total and Utter BULLSHIT. Your overpaid bureaucrat at work. There are THOUSANDS of "non-citizen" immigrants in this country, that are dangerous beyond belief. It's GUBMINT SPEAK. K-1, B-12, C-3 P-O on and on and on. 99.9% of Government lifers/bureaucrats are dumber than an empty box of Hamburger Helper. This shit is serious.


Yes, you'd be naive, jimmy.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Kudos to fille de NK.


the R2D4s are really tricky, congrats NK



If the scale of the damage he has done is a measure of achievement, then yes, I guess I'd have to agree he's accomplished a lot. He has certainly managed to politicize almost every corner of the Executive Branch, by installing political ideologues and loyalists at every level. This was perhaps especially true one step down from what otherwise might have seemed like reasonable upper echelon appointments, where the "undersecretaries" of this and that looked an awful lot like minders.

One of the primary reasons I thought Romney would make a good Prez, aside from his now obvious international savvy, is that I thought he had the practical skilz necessary to re-slice and dice the federal bureaucracy in a dramatic way. And that with Paul Ryan as VP, he had one of the few people who actually knew where all the money was going, and how. I'm certainly no part of any draft Romney movement, but I'd vote for him again in heartbeat, if I had the opportunity.


Four NY Men Arrested in NC

Posted by: BB Key

Haven't caught up yet from the walk, but here's the names of the 4 perps stealing pipes and supplies from a Lowe's hardware store down in NC:

Yudesh Ruplal, 21, Shane Ali, 22, Benjamin Curtis, 18, and Alexandre Michel Regis, 20, are accused of stealing 565 plumbing supplies worth more than $5,000

More charges are expected in the case, and police say similar larcenies may have been committed at other businesses in Virginia and North Carolina. The FBI is also investigating.

Obviously very prelim, but as a Conspiracy type and following the reports of dozens of stolen of propane tanks, and the hundred or so disposable cellphones purchased at 4 AM from the Missouri Walmart by guys with "accents," leads me to go "hmmmm."

Interesting times we live in.


In theory, but did he really consolidate govt operations in massachusetts or empower greater apparatus as with the north east climate compact?


Maybe the questions should be - Who IS NOT allowed to come here? What does it take to NOT get a visa?

praise violent jihad with social media posts...come on in.
member of a radical mosque?...come on in.
frequent jihad websites?....come on in.
lie?....come on in.


well Chaldean christians, seem to rushed out in a hurry, also german homeschooler, a six year old who
was orphaned, and holder facilitated the return of state property,


Yeah, narciso. Those are about the only people I've ever heard of being deported.

I weep for America.
What a mess.



How nice of you! You'll spoil me rotten.

Among the more interesting niceties of the climate deal, it looks like one of the main reasons there are no compliance mechanisms is that:

Binding legal requirements would have made the Paris agreement a treaty, requiring approval from two-thirds of the Senate. Because no climate change measure could close to the high bar in the chamber, the Paris deal was written to avoid it.
But it's got "mandatory reporting!" OK, that's par for the course. What I really loved was this bit of magical thinking:
The secretary of state said he thinks the deal will "produce its own form of oversight."


can we confine him to a boat, and bring a whale to reeenact the SS Essex?


Those are about the only people I've ever heard of being deported.

That plus the fact that Christians from Syria were being denied refugee status.

I will say that mysteriously the Romeikes (the German home-schooling family) were granted a last-minute reprieve by DHS and “indefinite deferred status” that allowed them to stay. I can only think that someone decided that the bad PR from deporting them would be worse than whatever they thought they were gaining.

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

The "nations" didn't agree to anything in Paris. A bunch of elitist bureaucrats held an expensive 2 week junket at which they ignored the wishes and interests of the people who inhabit their respective nations and concluded by patting themselves on the back with a useless proclamation.


I hope it's no wonder why I despise our SecState with the heat of a thousand suns. Ditto his predecessor.



Are you talking about the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative? If so, Romney was involved in negotiations, but ultimately decided against Massachusetts' participation. I don't know whether or not he would have cut government down as drastically as many might like, but I don't doubt he had the practical wherewithal to do it.


I would note that Iran was allowed to "produce its own form of oversight," too.


Could this terror couple or their mosque have brought in ISIL members under an O-1 visa ?


Did any of you see the PARIS Climate clowns smiling/high 5'ing, and CELEBRITARDING??
Eurotrash and effete politicians, CELEBRATING, how THEY are going to SAVE THE PLANET. A planet that needs no saving. How will they SAVE our PLANET???
Let me give you a hint.
UNITED STATES....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


who the heck knows, apparently this cooperation the basilisk noted earlier this week was an old story,


then again till I read Lapidus, who has a dossier type perspective on the matter, I didn't know the degree ethnic mobs do the work in Sweden either,


as Chesterton was reputed to have said 'those who believe in nothing (like a tradition as old, as Christianity) will come to believe in anything,
(like the skydragon, or the flying spaghetti monster,)


this was the original piece:


Captain Hate on the iPhone

Speaking of Opie's movie about the non My Friends Mavericky whale, the critics at Rotten Tomatoes are roundly harpooning it for being a giant cgi video for ADD therapy.


To educate Fareed Zakaria about the religion of Peace, Roger Simon provides these updates just on actions over the last 3 days:

---2015.12.12 (Homs, Syria) - Sixteen 'infidels' are pulled limb from limb by two ISIS suicide blasts at a hospital.

---2015.12.11 (Kolofata, Cameroon) - Islamists strap a 13-year-old girl with explosives and send her into a house, killing at least eleven inside.

---2015.12.11 (Kabul, Afghanistan) - Two Spanish guards are among seven killed when a Taliban suicide bomber detonates at their embassy.

---2015.12.10 (Kamuya, Nigeria) - Religion of Peace activists bicycle into a village and massacre fourteen civilians, some by decapitation.

---2015.12.10 (Mosul, Iraq) - A female teacher is dragged before a caliphate firing squad and executed.

---2015.12.10 (Tal Tamr, Syria) - Three suicide car bombers take out scores bystanders at a hospital and market square.

Stuff like this happens on such a regular basis now that it's impossible to keep up.

And note how many of those incidents aren't "Firearm Related."

Miss Marple 2

Checking in late. I have packed 7 large boxes for shipment and watched a DVD of "Going My Way" with Bing Crosby.

I like going back in time by watching the old movies.

Miss Marple 2


That Chesterton quote is so true. Notice how many of the left believe in crystals, pyramids, numerology, astrology, ancient aliens, Wicca, etc.

We really aren't becoming a secular culture. We are becoming a PAGAN culture.


well they say it's apocryphal, but it's true enough
'for govt work'
I could have gone seized by an Old One. but what has an unpronounceable horror done to deserve this,


Philadelphia Dec 12, 1984

When the quarter ended, Referee Jess Kersey conferred with Erving and Bird, the team captains, in an attempt to prevent any problems.

He should have also talked to one of the dozen or so men dressed as Santa Claus who were in attendance for a Sixers promotion. With 11 seconds left, several Santas standing in an aisle began fighting with fans, some of whose views had been blocked. Security guards had to escort the Santas out of the arena.

And to all a good night.


I can't decide if I should be pleased or alarmed that I fully understood CH's 11:37. I'll go with the former. Talk about argot.


one of the leading scholars on the subject renders his judgement,


how did it come to pass, that a certain faith has swallowed every shrine from basra to beirut, that it has expanded into Europe and the US so readily,


the previews looked interesting, it seems they didn't rely on Philbrick's exhaustive research or Melville's own texts,


Miss Marple. It's THE FULL COMMIE.


ouch, eleven million only, man overboard,


ouch, eleven million only, man overboard,

Great White Whale?

Great White Elephant more likely.

Miss Marple 2

Yikes! It's after midnight!



speaking of unspeakable



another irony is the likes of the prince talal's of the world, have walled off northern Arabia, from Iraq, but as the old line in the horror film goes
'the calls are coming from inside the house'


Here's a FOX update on the Cellphone/Propane story

...The bulk purchases of more than 200 cellphones...the theft of more than 48 propane canisters in the state during the same time frame...

So far it's all simply circumstantial, but for conspiracy buffs like me there's this:

Why the focus on seemingly innocuous items such as propane tanks and cellphones?

Terrorists have long used mobile phones to set off explosive ordinances, and propane tanks have been used in improvised bombs. For example, the thwarted car bomb attack in Times Square in 2010 was set to use four propane tanks as part of the explosive device.

And this:

...That man (mass cell-phone purchaser) left a phone in the store bathroom at Ava, prompting authorities to respond.

“While speaking with Walmart employees, the subject who left the phone returned to the store to get it,” the Ava Police Department posted on Facebook. “Officers spoke with the male subject, who was of Middle Eastern descent, and asked for identification, which was provided.”

Officers had no reason to detain the man and he was allowed to leave.

So hopefully nothing but coincidental dots that don't connect, and if we're really lucky they may just be running good honest Meth-Labs.


Daddy, this CELL PHONE CAPER. Never happened. If the mass purchase of 200 plus cell phones, actually occurred.....LESTER HOLT would have told us. Lester cares.

buccaneer morgan

Not a coincidence, the runner of the Madrid train bombing, worked selling cell phones in a quiosk, one of the first aqap leaders saleh al oufi, was a cop and later ran a car dealership.

buccaneer morgan

The first was a Moroccan named Jamal zougam.


Sayed Farook, the San Bernadino Muzztard O'Peace was as AMERICAN as you and me!!!!!
Why on earth would our country encourage PERMANENT IMMIGRANTS who have ZERO interest in being "WHO WE ARE". Obama uses that term. Obama is NOT.....who I am. I am a FIRST GENERATION AMERICAN too. My Father was not a polygamisty drunken loser. Obama's muzz Daddy deserted Opie the Chooooomer, in Opies first week on this planet.
Obama's view and idea of WHOM and WHAT an AMERICAN IS.....runs completely contrary to what AMERICA is and has been TRADITIONALLY.
In short. Obama is fuxed in the head.


Buccaneer, why do you hate IMMIGRANTS who are merely trying to make a living in Madrid.
Why do you HATE!?


{{{“Officers spoke with the male subject, who was of Middle Eastern descent, and asked for identification, which was provided.”}}}}
How could the police or others KNOW if this MUZZZZTARD was of MIDDLE EASTERN DESCENT???


Janet's question at 10:29 pm "What does it take to NOT get a visa?" deserves an answer.

And that answer is, according to the State Dept., the Middle East's persecuted Christians.

Of course, why didn't I think of that?


PDinDetroit (No, really this time!)

Cause you're afraid of firearms!


I found this a bit unexpected: "What does the rest of the world see as the greatest British novels?"

The BBC polled 82 book critics, from Australia to Zimbabwe – but none from the UK...The critics named 228 novels in all. These are the top 100.

There were only 2 male authors named in the top 10 books, but more surprising to me is that Jane Austen wasn't one of the women among those top 10.

i have only read 10 of the 100. Anyone else as illiterate as me?


Well this ought to make Pete Singer, Richard Dawkins, Planned Parenthood, and Sarah Palin critics happy:

ISIS Sharia judges order children with Down's syndrome and other disabilities to be killed in chilling echo of the Nazis

Sharia judges have apparently ruled that ISIS followers are authorised to 'kill newborn babies with Down's Syndrome or congenital deformities

Wonder if they can sell their parts for money?


the critics at Rotten Tomatoes are roundly harpooning it for being a giant cgi video for ADD therapy.

Too bad, I liked the book (In the Heart of the Sea), but I could tell from the previews that they overdid the CGI and volume. Sometimes previews aren't representative, but I guess this time it was.


daddy - I teach British Literature and so far this year my 9th graders have read 3 of the top 10 . We're currently reading Dickens ("A Christmas Carol") which isn't on the list but 3 of his other works made top 10.

My biggest gripes - I'm not a fan of Virginia Woolf and Tolkien only #26 and C.S. Lewis only #97.

Miss Marple 2


I have read 23 but 7 were required reading at my high school.

Good morning!


MM and daddy

I have actually read 7, and I blame Mrs. Keith, my high school English teacher.


I hve read 22, but some of them I read with my kids when they were younger. Several I used for dictation with Red where I would read a passage from a book she had read and she would practice recognizing the words that went with the sounds she heard without first seeing them.

Never Let Me Go and Small Island are still on my bookshelf, but they were interesting reads. IIRC Small Island was about the right to emigrate to the UK if you fought in WW2 and lived in one of the former colonies like Jamaica.

Atonement is a masterpiece, but only for people who like 100 pages of descriptions to set up a story.


Typical - weather forecast says rain coming into Atlanta at mid-morning (after 10) - it's 7 a.m. and pouring down. Yuck - taking my foster pup in for surgery which means 1 1/2 hours (each way) in Atlanta traffic AND rain.

Thankful for my audio books today!

Miss Marple 2


Well, I don't know that this guy is right. In reading the article, he doubts new voters will show up for the "arduous" Iowa caucuses.

There was a Trump campaign guy on Fox last night on Judge Jeanin's show. Very crisp, to the point, and almost seemed like ex-military.

I remember that Kristol warned that Trump's ground game in Iowa was possibly better than people thought.

So, we will see.

Miss Marple 2


This should cause a lot of heads to explode.

Jeff Dobbs

the White House has a whole official Medium channel. Because WhiteHouse.gov is not flexible enough? Because you're not living unless you're spawning websites? If you're a thrill seeker, you can even leave comments.

Kinda funny (not ha-ha) that on a thread about the feds not tracking foreigners looking to immigrate - even on completely public social media activity (we're not talking about NSA spying or anything) - and then confusing the public about whether they even think it "appropriate" to do so . . . that I would very much hesitate commenting on a WH-run website with what I really thought of Obama and the Democrats because of the "lists" that would get me on and the increased attention I would potentially get from the fine folks at, say, the IRS as a result.

Jeff Dobbs

From the NYT piece TM quotes from:

“Somebody entered the United States through the K-1 visa program and proceeded to carry out an act of terrorism on American soil,” the White House spokesman, Josh Earnest, said on Thursday. “That program is at a minimum worth a very close look.”

Oh, look - I found something from the White House I actually believe is true...they're committed to doing the very bare minimum when it comes to protecting Americans vs waving immigrants in.

Miss Marple 2


I was directed to this through Jonah Goldberg's column. Some of these I saw a couple of years ago (the chicken nativity I distinctly remembered) but there are new ones, and it made me laugh.


“That program is at a minimum worth a very close look.”

I picture them looking with Mr. Magoo glasses and declaring "ALL OK ! Nothing to worry about - we checked!!!"

Miss Marple 2

They're having a national security meeting about ISIS today.

As Richard Grenell said, 4 years too late.

I don't think it will result in anything different. Our national security is being run by novelists, former campaign volunteers, the odious Susan Rice, and probably some people even worse that we don't know about.

Maybe for a start they could read that New York Post article I linked at 7:33.


Good Morning! Rainy day here,but we are south of the line for mixed precipitation,the dreaded freezing rain. I'm watching Fox Business and Maria just read breaking news from France. A kindergarten teacher was stabbed in her classroom by a man claiming to be ISIS. These people are pure evil.

Texas Liberty Gal

Gotta love Ted Cruz - he's playing it smart!

Ted Cruz ‏@tedcruz 14h14 hours ago
In honor of my friend @realDonaldTrump and good-hearted #Maniacs everywhere: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NjbGr2nk2c


BoE (and other college football fans)-- who was the last U of Alabama quarterback to win an NFL game?

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