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January 12, 2016



"White House chief of staff Denis McDonough praised Haley during a breakfast meeting with reporters in response to a question about a line in her speech that was directed at Donald Trump and his political supporters.

“I have a lot of admiration for the governor,” McDonough said, praising the South Carolina governor for her “remarkable” leadership of her state. McDonough made his remarks during a Christian Science Monitor breakfast with reporters this morning in Washington D.C.

He said that he hadn’t watched Haley’s speech, but read the transcript and followed some of the news coverage surrounding it.

“By no means am I trying to endorse everything she is doing but I do think that a lot of this, including parts of the speech last night, were admirable,” McDonough said."



Maybe if the Huntress had written her speech...

Cecil Turner

You guys are gluttons for punishment. I was quietly reading a book when he started, and slept through the rest of the SOTU, and have no idea where the transition occurred. Very pleasant evening.

This morning, however . . .

All O's economic cheerleading founders on workforce participation:

If unemployment is about the same as it was in the middle of GWB's second term (and it is) and workforce participation rate is three points lower (and it is), then job creation isn't keeping up with the population.

That deficit bullet point is pukeworthy. It's easy to cut the deficit if you first double it; and enacting silliness like "wage insurance" would ensure it doubled again.

Blah blah blah global warming. Americans can save millions on clean energy . . . if we first provide billions on subsidies. And you can tell he's serious about national defense because he has a new climate change agreement. Brilliantly unserious.

And we have to change politics in ways that'll ensure more Democrats are elected. Yeah, thanks, we'll pass on that one.

Dave (in MA)
Michael Graham ‏@IAMMGraham 7m7 minutes ago

.@abcnews just reported that the female US sailor detained by Iran was forced to wear a head scarf by her captors.

It's a good thing because otherwise her hair would have emitted irresistible infidel rays of seduction that would leave her religion of peace captors no other choice than to go into Cologne mode.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"“But as far as we know, he’s never shed a tear for the millions of unborn babies that have been aborted since he took office. "

IMO, he never has and never will.

I stand with Rep King.


May God bless anyone who stands against the unnecessary killing of inconvenient children.

James D

I just read the trasncript of Haley's speech.

Utter garbage. The fact that she didn't mention the ten sailors kidnapped by Iran is just ridiculous. That should have been the opening of the speech.

"Before I begin, I'd like to acknowledge something that the President didn't think was worthy of mention. Ten U.S. Navy personnel were kidnapped by Iran earlier today, and I want their families to know that while their President may have forgotten about them, the rest of us have not."

buccaneer morgan

The huntress has spoken truth to power for seven years, most tnotably that cpac speech last February.

Captain Hate on the iPad

At least Haley didn't deny any history.

Cecil Turner

Haley's speech was lame. I would say the zingers she sends Trump's way are inappropriate, but they're not very pointed:

“We must fix our broken immigration system. That means stopping illegal immigration. And it means welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants, regardless of their race or religion. Just like we have for centuries.
Yeah, okay . . .
“We didn’t turn against each other’s race or religion. We turned toward God, and to the values that have long made our country the freest and greatest in the world.
This one is the most objectionable, and not plausibly deniable:
“There’s an important lesson in this. In many parts of society today, whether in popular culture, academia, the media, or politics, there’s a tendency to falsely equate noise with results.
Still, the worst was that it didn't have much substance (and the SC nutter church shooting might've been a big deal to her, but as a national issue it doesn't belong here). When she finally gets down to her laundry list, she has some good stuff . . . but it's too late.

Rick Ballard


There are more than few factors which should govern retirement investment decisions. Compare the Betterment initial hook re 125,000 customers and $3 billion under management with Vanguard's 20 million customers and $3 trillion for starters.

Vanguard has primers on various risk management strategies and age related outlooks which do not hinge on algorithm "automated" trading which is guaranteed to drive commission costs without guarantee of commensurate gain for absorbing the additional cost.

There are plenty of other funds and plenty of other promises but investment advice has to be contingent upon the age and risk acceptance of the investor.

Cecil Turner

BTW, "xenophobic" is somebody else's description . . . she never says it. Not sure if anybody cares (or if they should) but . . .

Captain Hate on the iPad

So it's the GOPe attitude that we have to be the trash can of the world? What ever happened to the concept of immigration that benefits the nation?


there’s a tendency to falsely equate noise with results

Exactly why Sen. BOzo's lauded 2004 Dem convention keynote speech shouldn't have masked the massive absence of his having any credible accomplishments.

Dave (in MA)

There are 372 days left, give or take. What's the time frame on Biden's cancer cure?


Dave, remind me tomorrow... I can ask an actual cancer research bfd.


Haley looked nice but sounded more jebby than Jeb!

Yes, AB, that's exactly what I posted last night in my reaction. It's not that anything she said was especially objectionable, but it was all kind of soft-focus and gentle. I almost expected her to talk about a thousand points of light. And it was clear that she was dissing Trump and maybe Cruz as well for being "noisy."

Miss Marple

I won't criticize Haley on not mentioning the sailors until I know whether or not the speech was live or taped.

Second, her attacks weren't explicitly against Trump, but apparently she made it clear in her interview this morning, although I am only going on what I saw on Twitter so that could be malicious misinterpretation, as I have seen both GOPe and grass roots do.

It was just a nice speech which really didn't say much, but reminded everyone she got that flag taken off the grounds of the capitol and said some nice things about immigrants.

I didn't get really mad about any of it until I saw that mention of her interview this morning.

At least she wasn't embarrassing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Marco Rubio for cap and trade.
He's for amnesty. He's for benefits for illegals.
Jeb is more conservative than Rubio.
Heck, TRUMP is more conservative than Rubio, and yet we're told we can't vote for Trump because he's not a real conservative.
Heaven help us if Marco Polio is what passes for a real one now.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Has anybody mentioned what an idiot Rupert is for planning to get hitched to Jerry Hall?

James D

MM, even if it was taped, the RNC could and should have figured out a way to get something in there about the sailors. They're supposed to be professionals, they have hundreds of employees and millions of dollars. That kind of thing is their job.

Haley was nice

I'm so glad Haley was nice last night, and didn't board the asshole train. That would have been mean.

Cecil Turner

Marco Rubio for cap and trade.

Not exactly. As speaker of the FL House:

Florida should position itself, for what I believe is inevitable, a federal cap-and-trade program . . .
Obviously it didn't happen, but a state politician who wasn't planning at least for the eventuality wouldn't have been doing his job.

Miss Marple

James D., Yes, but then the criticism should be directed towards the RNC.

I want to know the answer to this. Ialso want to know if the sailors were not mentioned because of a threat from Iran.

Here's Mark Steyn's take on her speech, which pretty much agrees with most people here:


Dave (in MA)

From Bryan Ferry to Mick Jagger to Rupert Murdoch?

That's some Lurch-level gold digging right there.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Nikki Haley; Yes I was Criticizing Trump.

And lest you think that was all Haley, she acknowledged today that her speech, as is customary, was approved by party leaders before she delivered it. It was a group effort.

1. As AP notes, that the GOPe approved her speech only helps Trump win the nomination.
2. If he is the nominee, will they sit back in the general and let the Dems use all their candy ass criticisms without rebuttal, which at that point will be a bit difficult, or will they actively help the Dems use them?

And to think it was the evangelicals and gun owners and anti abortionists and hardline conservatives who have spent decades being accused by the mush in the middle of disloyalty.
Mush is always good at projection.

Jeff Dobbs

must be some local issue unless Jeff banned them.
Posted by: clarice | January 13, 2016 at 09:48 AM

Darn tootin.

I'm back in!
Posted by: Jane | January 13, 2016 at 09:50 AM

Yeah, but it's probationary.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Outstanding Steyn piece; thanks for the link.

Dave (in MA)
I'm so glad Haley was nice last night, and didn't board the asshole train. That would have been mean.
Did she say hello to all her friends out there in televisionland that she could see in the Magic Mirror at the end? That's what her delivery brought to mind.
Dave (in MA)
Jane and Another Bard can't access JOM--must be some local issue unless Jeff banned them.
I didn't know Jane was a poet, nor that Jeff was banning poets from JOM.
Captain Hate on the iPad

LOL, Dave. Some gossipy Zuckerberg lib pointed out that Rupert's last wife was banging Tony Blair when he was out of the country. Glad to see he learned from that...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Obviously it didn't happen, but a state politician who wasn't planning at least for the eventuality wouldn't have been doing his job.--

It didn't happen because people not named Marco Rubio,including many Democrats, raised holy hell to prevent it happening, while people named Marco Rubio, instead advocated "positioning" Florida for the "inevitable" Federal cap and trade by establishing Florida's very own cap and trade program.
It was entirely evitable, but not because of Rubio. That brilliant strategy of preempting being shot in the head by your enemy by first shooting yourself in the head should work out dandy if he makes it to the WH.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Romper Bomper Stomper Boo
Tell me tell me what to do
Magic mirror tell me today
Will all good RINOs like what I say?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

BTW, Cecil, thanks for what you said toward the end of that last thread.
I didn't answer it there, but it was appreciated.

Cecil Turner

Here's Mark Steyn's take on her speech, which pretty much agrees with most people here:

Overall quite good. I had the same groaning eyeroll reaction to her personal life story (like skimming through the Jeopardy life stories--thank God for Tivo). He gets a little carried away here:

- and yet replacing Reid and Pelosi with McConnell, Boehner and Ryan makes not a jot or tittle of difference.
Not quite . . . and Rubio's cap-and-trade inevitability prediction is a good example. This should've gone into my Trump quotes above::
During anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. We must resist that temptation.
When I first read it, I was thinking Obama, but in context I doubt that's what she meant. And although I don't agree with all of Steyn's closing--and I think it's essential to remember the GOPe outnumbers the Tea Party--I gotta admit he makes a fairly good case.

Miss Marple

Video of sailors detained:


Dave (in MA)


Jeff Dobbs

Clarice today:
Jane and Another Bard can't access JOM

And daddy yesterday:
This may be an indication of the bard door closing

"Bard" gets used as a typo two days in a row?

What does it mean?

Dave (in MA)

Gerry Callahan Retweeted
Brad Thor ‏@BradThor 56 minutes ago
We may never know where Iran found the courage to grab our sailors..

Dave (in MA)
What does it mean?

Yes, Steyn was great. Even before I saw it I wanted to amend my comment that Haley's speech was more like Kasich then Jeb.

Captain Hate on the iPad

That Grayson fellow seems like my kind of guy:


Cecil Turner

It was entirely evitable, but not because of Rubio.

It didn't happen only because it wasn't high enough on the list of legislative priorities during the Democrats' complete control days. And nothing any Republican said made any difference at all.

As AP notes, that the GOPe approved her speech only helps Trump win the nomination.

Absolutely. Tone deaf and counterproductive. And remarkably stupid. (I'm assuming she's not a secret Trump supporter, which would be a much more intelligent read of her speech.)

I didn't answer it there, but it was appreciated.

Cheers. I recognize I ought to try harder to avoid being disagreeable whilst disagreeing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I feel like a kid told not to touch a hot stove.
Left to my own devices I wouldn't consider Trump on a bet, but now I hope he wins South Carolina just to poke her in the eye.


Rubio's had some issues with the NRA in Florida as well. He's off my list.


I think Haley is a good GOPeePee'er. Seriously. She is a nice establishment Governor with good intentions.

The SIREN call.

Yes, SIREN means emergency and the GOP simply doesn't see an EMERGENCY in America.

I do.
Furthermore, the dismissive "Loud Voices" comment indicate the GOP has no intention of addressing the issues and reasons that TRUMP has TRACTION. America is PISSED OFF, and the GOP is fiddling.
A more combative tone would have helped.

Miss Marple


It's like they don't understand basic human nature. For months I have been cautioning people on Twitter from attacking Trump supporters.

It's like they are so blinded by their hatred of Trump that they keep doing stupid stuff like this.

And it's pushed me into hoping he wins, just because I am sick of them all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It didn't happen only because it wasn't high enough on the list of legislative priorities during the Democrats' complete control days. And nothing any Republican said made any difference at all.--

I'm not sure that's true. After Barrycare and Porkulus, number three was fundamentally transforming the economy through Fed control of the energy markets.
The swell of opposition was bipartisan and when you have union thugs and conservative GOPers on the same team it carries weight.

Dave (in MA)

Crude MS-Paint quickie:

Click to see the whole thing.

Thomas Collins

All will be forgiven if Trumpster wins the nomination and decides that Haley is the strange bedfellow who gives him the best chance of winning the POTUSey.


Yes Ig, Gay flag on White House, Common Core, aggreement with Iran on and on and on and on. The GOP does NOTHING. NOTHING.

But TRUMP is the problem. If only we could be civil and let Jebbie have his turn.

An Appalling Poet

If it takes poetry to get one banned
(and not an overbearing birther stand)
Than rhyme I will, 'til, you've had your fill
That will make sure I keep my hiatus will.

For my statements are most pure RINO
(Almost as bad as that Dublin Wino)
And should I talk of the frontrunner Trump
It would read as an invective dump

So stop me before I bend again
And make rosemary wish I'd voted for Palin back then...
For until Iowa finishes its Caucus;
I go, lest I make y'all raucous.


The level of dirigisme and special favors it takes these days to land auto plants means that Haley practically bathes daily in CoC talking points. Same is true IN TN, Alabama, Ga.

All these GOP politicians come to deeply believe that state and local government is the necessary component of economic development. All the wioa plans are written now. I noticed the head of Ga's Board is a far Leftist who talks as if she has spent way too much time at holistic training programs. In fact, I once heard her call the State Deputy Ed Super Gum Drop as they showed their disdain for having to deal with the formally elected Super.

I suggest everyone at jom take a look and see who their Governor has appointed to their respective state boards.


.@abcnews just reported that the female US sailor detained by Iran was forced to wear a head scarf by her captors

Dave, has Obama called this out as "a perverted form of Islam" yet?

Are these Iranians "moderate Muslims" or what? Which Koran are they reading?


Overbearing birthers:



If he wins the nomination his VP pick will be brilliant, everyone will love it, and it won't be Nikki Haley.


Trump can't pick her now that he is quoting Tribe, TC.

Not eligible.


Tk. 2 words. Val Jarrett. It's all good.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Some of the pictures like The picture Dave(in MA) put up at 12:21 has got Allen West very Upset and I don't blame him.


Miss Marple


The problem, it seems to me, is that governors are desperate to get manufacturing jobs, the only jobs which allow high pay for non-college workers.

This was not a problem here in Indiana 50 years ago. It wasn't a problem in the South, either, because states like South Carolina had the fabric mills and carpet plants.

It seems to me that bringing manufacturing back to our shores should stop some of this constant groveling for industries, which often resembles the unseemly competitions between cities to get professional sports teams.

Thomas Collins

TK, has Tribe weighed in yet on whether Trump's hair conclusively proves he couldn't have been naturally born? :-)


Allen West for VP!


Donald Trump Discusses State of Union and Nikki Haley Attack on Fox News Morning (video)…


he talks about Nikki's chances of being his VP pick

Cecil Turner

The swell of opposition was bipartisan . . .

It was, but the reason it failed was because it was #3 on the list, and they were having trouble with Obamacare:

Senate Democrats originally intended to roll out their version of a cap-and-trade climate bill this week, but they have since delayed that schedule until later this month in part because of the brewing battle over health care.
And apologies for this site but it's correct (and the only decent source I can find) on the Dems' very few days of a workable supermajority in the Senate. And one reason they put it off was because they thought they could get something on it later. That hopeyness lingered and died in the Senate with the loss of the supermajority after Brown was elected.

But Rubio's support (or lack thereof) still had zero impact on it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Doesn't that put you and the GOPe on the same page, TK?


He is combing through Vitalis right now, TC


Not really, Ig. The majority of the GOPe didn't answer the question. I am very vocal. At least I've been told.


Thomas Collins

Trumpster sounds as if he is toning down his act.

As far as Haley being weak on illegal immigration goes, if Trumpster decides she helps him the most, she'll be the pick, and Trumpster will say that she's become stronger on illegals.

But my call is that Trumpster is not getting the nomination. And remember, Rocco, even if Trumpster fools me, no tattoo unless he actually gets elected! :-)


Here it is in a nutshell.

Iran takes 2 of our boats and 10 of our Service people captive. They make the female wear a head scarf. Neither Obama nor Haley mention this hostile event.

Then Obama says nice things about Iran.

We are FU@#$ING SICK of this.

Naturally TRUMP is the subject.

Thomas Collins

TK, you're not old enough to remember when Vitalis was a go to hair grooming helper for the big date! Next thing I know there will be a Brylcreem thread!

Cecil Turner

If it takes poetry to get one banned

Not possible. We've pressed to test on that issue.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It was, but the reason it failed was because it was #3 on the list, and they were having trouble with Obamacare:--

Thank goodness. Of the two, I think C&P would have been harder to get rid of and vastly more economically harmful.

--But Rubio's support (or lack thereof) still had zero impact on it.--

Probably but the reason he gave for supporting it, its inevitability, demonstrates;
1. Poor political tea leaf reading and
2. A disturbing tendency to bipartisanship on issues that are incurably harmful.
Let's just say we are in no danger of being overwhelmed by Marco's Churchillian bulldoggedness in the face of overwhelming odds.
More of a peace in our time kinda guy, which is sorta how we got to our present state of affairs.

And now to do something more useful.

Cecil Turner

Iran takes 2 of our boats and 10 of our Service people captive.

And how in the he!! did they get there in the first place? One of the boats had mechanical trouble and they drifted? What the . . .?

buccaneer morgan

Yes it feels more like that quaint British custom, impressment


Cecil, we'll have Senate hearings on this matter. Maybe in 2019, we'll get some answers.

Cecil Turner

More of a peace in our time kinda guy, which is sorta how we got to our present state of affairs.

Again, not particularly fair. Rubio is the only GOP contender who called for ground troops in the ISIS fight. And whether you agree or not, it's less of an appeasment stance than any of the others.

Unless you're using that term to describe Democrats, which I'd submit isn't the true enemy (though their continued inability to work out the corollary makes them unfit for any public office).

buccaneer morgan

They were on the opposite end of the gulf.

Dave (in MA)

Today's entry in the You Got To Be Shittin' Me department,

Photo from the Wellesley MA $15M "Free Library", from Howie Carr's twitter.

Dave (in MA)



More pics and info of the sailor saga

I see this episode as a useful reminder to voters of BOzo et al's military acumen.


I'm a skip a generation kid, TC. My dad would have turned 89 this year.

We grew watching the Vitalis process. A skunky smell IIRC.

It was the only Vattel play on words I could think of.

Rick Ballard

This Apologia Pro Vita Rubio wrt Crist's attempts to enshrine the SkyDragon and Rubio's actions in opposition is pretty good as is this Human Events piece which covers much of the same ground but is succinct in framing the issue as a legislative attempt to thwart SkyDragon worshiping Crist in his effort to gain status as a Climate Saint.

It is all meaningless to tub thumpers blasting out click bait, of course. The "serious nature of the allegation" is far more important than any examination of the factual foundation.

Thomas Collins

If I can come up with another product that sounds like someone related to the natural born citizen issue, TK, I'll let you know. Has there ever been a product called a Happersett? :-)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'd say the Dems present a considerably greater clear and present danger to the US than does IS.

RB's link does paint Rubio's role differently.
But I do reserve the right to indulge in all manner of ITYS if Marco gets elected and ends up just another nominee for the Strange New Respect award.

And now I'm really outta here.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"did they get there in the first place?"


According to this report they were willing surrendered to the Iranians. Sounds exactly what John Kerry would do anytime he had a chance, IMO.





Worth a peek just to read what the GOPe consultant pukes have to say. Oh, and best of all? Bob Dole makes a cameo.

BOB DOLE, people!

Art in Newport

I don't like this. As though it's a harbinger of things to come. This maniac has a year left.

Dave (in MA)


The Pajama Boy-looking guy who can't pick up the hammer is going to have to move to Boston.

buccaneer morgan

Friends don't let friends take McClatchy fiahwrap
seriausly@section 9

Cecil Turner


I saw that headline earlier and assumed it was an Onion article. Please tell me they're joking. Can't find any reputable source for it yet (excluding Gohmert, and he doesn't say where he got it) . . .

This, however, makes sense:

Gen. Ali Fadavi, the navy chief of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard, was quoted earlier Wednesday by Iranian state TV as saying that an investigation had shown the Americans entered Iranian territorial waters because of "mechanical problems in their navigation system."

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Rick Ballard, I want to thank you for your reply to the Betterment site question that my granddaughter asked about. Your thoughts echoed mine in many ways.
I hope she can make the right choices because I just don't see how the safety net of Social security can survive till she is ready to retire.

buccaneer morgan

Yes but they were way of course, if one believes the sepah naval component, say they were spying, hypothetically, what is there on fars aslind, that is of interest?


TC, might I suggest something like this?

Miss Marple


Cecil Turner

what is there on fars aslind, that is of interest?

Iranian fast boats. Dunno why we'd want to recce 'em (spy is such a harsh word), but those guys would be a logical choice to do it.

Dave (in MA)



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Belichick walks through locker room with boxing gloves --

Did a horseshoe fall out?



Thomas Collins

If I were going to do a face, Rocco, I would do Lady Gaga for a laugh.


But I think I'll stick to a Phoenix.

In any event, Trumpster will need to be catered to at the convention, because GOP is not getting his strong supporters without his OK. But he's not getting the nomination.


Sooo, think the Iranian Ferret had a good last 24 hours what with pics of US Navy personnel surrendering to the Mullahs flashed all over the globe? And our very own SecState grovelling and begging for forgiveness? Why, yes, yes she did.

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