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January 08, 2016


Jeff Dobbs

Commence the Mad Dash For The Memory Hole

...and the double digit posts today!

(i like new posts, and anyone complaining about them is nutz)

James D

Beasts posted in a prior thread:

I'm not buying any lottery tickets because I know for a fact that God doesn't want me to have $650M - he knows what I'd do with it. ;)

If you take the cash option, and after taxes, the prize would be more like $250 million. God might be OK with letting you have that much, even if He wouldn't trust you with the full $650 million, right?

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!

Wonder what Comey thinks? Forget Bernie, he will only tell us he's had enough about the emails.

Spent the morning with Frederick chasing down our new Beagle puppie (who is actually 4 yeas old but still a puppy to us) who got loose. She never went further than 300 yards but was so elusive it took us 1 hour of tracking, cajoling, chasing, whistling and finally Frederick got her. Missed the first hour of school I couldn't have done it without him.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Freaky story of the week;
Mountain lion killed that had teeth growing out of the top of its head.
Take a look at the pic; it's like The Thing only it's a cougar not a husky.


given the inner circle had access, vetted & selected emails to not be deleted, ... how can Hilligula's entire inner circle avoid indictment here?

Beasts of England

$250M is also out of the question, James D. I'll find out the maximum that I'm allowed to have. I suspect it's in the low eight-figures. ;)

Jeff Dobbs

Mountain lion killed that had teeth growing out of the top of its head.

That's a result of climate change, straight up.

Beasts of England

You're right, TM, except any other case would have been rolled-up years ago. Smoking gun or not, she'll never be indicted. Not gonna happen.

Old Lurker

Henry, it is beyond me too.

RICO makes sense to me for all of em.

Old Lurker

Jackpot is now > $800M.

If I win that much, I will just buy Clarice her own jet so she doesn't have to share mine. I'm sure she will return the favor should she win instead of me. We will fly our twin Gulf Streams to to take MM to dinner for our first outing.


As I just posted at Insty, any Classification Authority also has the authority to declassify something they previously classified. If the paper in question had been classified by the State Department, then she had legal authority to declassify it before sending it via unsecure means. We need to know more about the paper in question. All we know for sure at this point is that she's a liar, and we already knew that.

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!


For a cool $70 mil (which still leaves you $180 mil) you can own this Skyacht.


Old Lurker

Dunno, Jack.

I don't like the blue carpet and those orange towels in the bath kill the deal for me.

Maybe Donald will go for it.

Beasts of England

Classification authority or not, you can't de-classify a document for expediency. Period.

Dave (in MA)

JiB, maybe one of our illustrious climate warriors can snag that to use as a commuting vehicle.


[pant, pant, pant, getting my aerobic exercise trying to keep up with the threads....]

Janet, from a few threads back:
All my "unhealthy habits" are one by one being revised to healthy.

Not sure if you're a drinker, but this seems to be going the wrong way:


Glad I don't live in the UK, where this applies. Of course the Lancet fiasco, not to mention the NHS, makes their "health authorities" even more suspect than those in the US government.

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!


When you are this stupid, you can.


Hillary using her own personal email server is questioning the use of private email by one of her State Dept. employees.

You know, it will be someone like her who will end up winning the Lottery.

Jeff Dobbs

News from the Pool Hall: I was accused of racism last night!!!

Just kidding. Two of the guys on my Thursday team are black. I was warming up with one of them before matches started. When another guy arrived, I suggested the two of them warm up together and I would warm up by myself. I much prefer to warm up by myself - I like to do drills and practice specific shots instead of just playing random games.

So my buddy looks at me and says, "Oh, I see. It's a black thing, isn't it?" And I responded unhesitatingly, "You bet your black ass it is."

We laughed.

I don't know. Struck me that even though Obama has done so much damage to race relations on the macro level, at least for me personally, I can escape that with my friends. Of course, we couldn't have pulled off the same exchange on a college campus.

I have no idea the politics of my buddy. For all I know he's an Obama supporter. I do know he prefers vodka over beer. That's because he beat me and I had to buy him the drink of his choice. Maybe that's the real reason I didn't want to warm up with him any more.

Old Lurker

Beasts, and I do not believe it can be done on the fly so casually since how would anyone else at State even know that through that action, that document was now unclassified. The place would be chaos.

Oh. Wait.

Beasts of England

Simply removing the markings is not declassifying something. The original markings remain and the declassification markings are added.

Old Lurker

What is delicious about that exchange is how it puts Hilary directly in charge of instructing that person to break the law.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- If the paper in question had been classified by the State Department, then she had legal authority to declassify it before sending it via unsecure means.--

Surely there are some limits besides expediency as well.
Does Ash Carter have legal authority to declassify the location, depth and course of our nuclear submarines?
I'm sure the Sea Hag's document wasn't nearly that sensitive but I would hope there needs to be some justification when declassifying beyond "Hurry it up. I've got a date with Huma".

Old Lurker

Keep it coming:


James D

Came across this little video - I think the Browns fans here will agree with it:


Old Lurker

Or this one:


buccaneer morgan

Tapperkeepers won't but themselves, you know.

Old Lurker

I have this image of John Kerry sitting in a dark room wearing his magic hat, just KNOWING the Dems want him more than Biden.

Rick Ballard

I don't expect any JustUs indictments within 24 business hours or even before the turn of the century. I'm content to watch the pot bubble right through the election.

How would commenters here rate the Fascist candidates since 1988? Was BOzo a better candidate than Rapist? Magic Hat better or worse than Algor? Helmet weaker than Red Witch?

The vaunted MFM thumb on the scales could not tip them in favor of Helmet, Algor or Magic Hat. Is Red Witch likable enough to join the Rapist and BOzo group or does she properly belong with Helmet, Algor and Magic Hat?

buccaneer morgan

Helmet was the most blanc mange he had a hankering for arugula as well.


From OL's 1:05:

After the former secretary of state returned late to the stage following a commercial break in a Democratic presidential candidates' debate in New Hampshire last month, many observers picked up on an excuse that there was a long lineup for the bathroom that forced Clinton to return to the stage when the debate had resumed.

A "long lineup for the bathroom."


A "long lineup" for a backstage bathroom.



Breaking news here in Taipei is via CNN International about some Islamic guy shouting Alahu Akabar while shooting at some Philly Police Officer, after pledging his allegiance to the Islamic State. The weapon in the shooting by the perp was a stolen Police Department handgun. The first Philly Administration spokesperson on CNN says it has nothing to do with the religion of Islam, followed by a local cop saying the perp said he did this because of his allegiance to the Islamic State.

Dave (in MA)

Aloha Snackbar in the City of Brotherly Love.


Perp in Phillie is Moooozlim, and used a stolen gun that he got an EBAY GUNSHOW or sumping.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

My guess is sooner or later someone will hope this one goes down the memory hole.

"What’s especially remarkable about what happened in that Baltimore courtroom is that both the judge and the prosecutor demonstrated that they clearly knew what they were doing was unconstitutional and unethical but proceeded anyway."

Does any one in the current government ever do the right thing anymore--simply because it is the right thing to do?

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/01/baltimore_judge_guts_the_5th_amendment.html#ixzz3wg6a1AWh

James D

The weapon in the shooting by the perp was a stolen Police Department handgun.

I guess, according to the logic of the President and the anti-gun crowd, this demonstrates that police cannot be trusted to carry or own guns and should be disarmed immediately. Right?

buccaneer morgan

With less and less frequency, pagar


Don't know if you guys are watching this Philly press conference - but the mayor came on first and said: "I want to say one thing. This incident has nothing to do with Islam or any religion". (paraphrase)

Then he turns it over to the chief of police: 1st question: Did the shooter say anything?

"He said Allah Akbar and I'm doing this for the state of Islam"

You just can't make this stuff up.

Now back to read 3 threads.


Meanwhile, El Chapo got himself caught.

Captain Hate on the iPad

How would commenters here rate the Fascist candidates since 1988?

One lamppost per.

buccaneer morgan

And they are doing this on behalf of a predator, who ravaged the community like a wolf.

Dave (in MA)

So the perp wasn't running around in a Muzzie getup, he was just getting ready for a snooze in a nice & comfy Ebeneezer night shirt.

Dave (in MA)

henry | January 08, 2016 at 01:26 PM
OK, now Obama knows where to send the weapons.

Dave (in MA)



Looks like Friday go to mosque best clothes.


So my buddy looks at me and says, "Oh, I see. It's a black thing, isn't it?" And I responded unhesitatingly, "You bet your black ass it is."

I've probably told this story before - but the left has really screwed minorities because you don't know if they will turn on you and accuse you of some bullshit. So why would you want to hire them?

When Amy first came to work for me in 2002, we were just getting to know each other, and as always we were dieting.

So one Monday Amy came into work and said she ate like a pig over the weekend. So I said: "So you are a tubbo lesbo".

Her reply: "You are a tubbo hetero".

I knew from that day on I could trust her.

buccaneer morgan

I think el chapo, is already the odd man out, hence he was captured so quickly.

Dave (in MA)

Covering the important topics, a Neilsen survey of fermented swill preference per NFL market.


Oddly, the Carolina fans don't favor panther piss; they left that up to the Houston fans. I guess I'm a Steelers fan this week.


OL--the maintenance on those jets is high--we should start researching jet rentals to cover them when we aren't using outs.

Jimmyk, if that were true almost everyone in the UK would be dying of cancer--I have never seen so much imbibing of alcohol as there is there.


I have never seen so much imbibing of alcohol as there is there.

Visit Australia.


Dave, "Bud Lite" for Packers... try again. That is a poorly faked study.

Dave (in MA)

Henry, they "analyzed...online conversations". I would think examination of stadium trash would be more accurate.


Or they could check sales register rolls. duh!

perhaps survey bar tenders?

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Simply removing the markings is not declassifying something. The original markings remain and the declassification markings are added.
Posted by: Beasts of England | January 08, 2016 at 12:35 PM

Correction: When you are The Great and Mighty
Hill-LIAR-y, if *you* instruct one of the underlings to remove the markings, you have created a new, non-classified document.

See, it's just that easy-peasy.

Beasts of England

I just caught a clip of the Philly PD Commisionner and he wasn't pulling any strings about the Islam angle. When the clip ended, they cut back to Wolfie who read a memo from the NYPD about increased targeting of police, et al., by ISIS. Interesting.



At this point, I can't even summon up any snark.

Jeff Dobbs

So, while everyone fixated on Hillary telling Jake to strip the reports of the markings - smoking gun?!?!?? - I noticed something else:

Ohhhhh. So where everyone else stopped, I read on, and.........

Dave (in MA)
Terror Arrests in Texas, Sacramento, Milwaukee —Ace

Reuters says one of the terrorists is a Syrian refugee -- fabulously vetted! tremendously vetted! -- who came over in 2012.
Posted by Ace at 01:52 PM

Tea Party affiliation left unspecified.


Peyton Manning's* favorite brew


Cecil Turner

As I just posted at Insty, any Classification Authority also has the authority to declassify something they previously classified.

True, but what they don't have the authority to do is declassify something that refers to other classified information (e.g., satellite recon data, such as that earlier cited as being on Hillary's email system). I strongly suspect this isn't State internal information they're classifying, and in any event, as BoE notes above, the process isn't simply to strip off the markings.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

re that Philly PD press conference:

After the mayor assured everyone that "This had nothing to do with Islam" they tossed it to the new commissioner for a question.
As the commissioner was telling everyone that the perp did it *for ISIS*, the mayor looked as if steam was about to come out of his ears, or his head was about to explode.

Must have been thinking "Oh, man, am I gonna be in big trouble now with the WH, the DNC, and CAIR."


I often skip this weekly post at Powerline but for some reason I clicked:


Nothing we all don't know but it's worth reading to never forget what the elites in this country think of us:

More than 8 years ago – what seems like a lifetime ago now – when Sarah Palin was chosen to fill the vice presidential slot on the GOP ticket, I was astonished and appalled to discover how many snotty people had a visceral personal hatred of her, mostly irrespective of her politics. Including many many people who should have known better.

I was delighted by her speech at the convention. She was – hands down – the best speaker of the four candidates in 2008, including Mr. Creased-Pants Reader of Gibberish off the Teleprompter Himself. But she was a happy, beautiful, married woman, a breeder, a Christian who refused to kill her special needs baby, a strong supporter of Israel, a hunter and basketball player. She didn’t even own the proper clothes to run for office. In short, she was not at all from the right clique, so she had to be destroyed. The vicious campaign to belittle and destroy her was like watching a nature show with a whole drooling pack of ugly hyenas stalking a defenseless gazelle. It made me sick.

I have to include this because...well, true (duh!):

But what I took from the Palin experience – and its terrible aftermath of consequences for the country – was that there is an elite class of people who went to the right schools (hint: none are in Idaho)



Nice job on your 2:16 Mr. Dobbs

James D

lyle @ 2:32

I'm still angry about that. And I suspest a lot of voters are, too. Which is probably yet another reason why the attacks on Trump by all the respectable pundits are going unheeded.


I am too, James. Here's a little tonic instead. Do click for the pic but it's worth reading all the way to the end.


Jeff Dobbs

Thanks gentlejim....I'd say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work.

Frau Duden

Dave (in MA) @ 1:34 - re: Juanita Broadrick at 73 yrs. "What difference, at this point, does it matter?"

lyle - Sarah Palin was destroyed before our very eye by the envious--and terrified-- incompetents of our country.

Contrast: Democrats' vapid vulvarians, too numerous to list individually.

James D

Totally OT, but if you want a free copy of one of my books, shipped straight from Amazon, click here:


It's a free giveaway, all you have to do is "like" me on Amazon to enter.

James D

To clarify - it's a random drawing - everybody doesn't get a free paperback book!



Oh, c'mon, it's just some "youths" being "youths."

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!


I agree with henry.

Cincinnati = bud lite? In a town known for its special beers Golden 14K Hudepohl, Burger, Weidemann and Schoenling Little Kings?

That must a been a paid study from INBev.


The vast, left-wing conspiracy


Did anyone watch Precious last night? If so, do you agree with this?:


I cannot help but feel that we were treated last night to a fleeting glimpse of a reality that could have been. Passionate as he was, this was the Obama that we were promised in 2004: the man of no red states and no blue states; the man who hoped to persuade rather than to condescend; a political man, to be sure, but one who seemed to grasp the realities of the country he leads. At the beginning of the night, I offered a sarcastic quip: This, I suggested, was a bastardization of the term “Town Hall,” and a disgrace to Tocqueville’s memory. One hour and 20 minutes later, I was happy to accept that quite the opposite had come to pass in Virginia.



James D

I did not watch last night. But I have some big problems with the article. Specifically:

It was to CNN’s credit that they invited as participants Chris Kyle’s widow, Taya, and a survivor of rape, Kimberly Weeks, both of whom are staunchly opposed to further restrictions. It was to Obama’s credit that he treated them so graciously.

It's not to CNN's "credit" that they invited people from both sides of a debate to, you know, a debate. It's the minimum that ought to be expected.

And it certainly is not to Zero's credit that he treated two citizens who had suffered terrible personal losses graciously. That is the barest minimum of behavior to be expected from any adult member of society.

We generally don't praise adults for defecating in the bathroom rather than dropping their pants and taking a dump in the middle of the living room. Obama doesn't deserve praise for being polite to the widow of a war hero and to a rape victim.

You can’t keep the Plow Horse economy down. Employers added 292,000 to payrolls in December, easily beating even the most optimistic forecast from any economics group, while payrolls were revised up for October and November, as well. Meanwhile, civilian employment, an alternative measure of jobs that includes small business start-ups, grew 485,000.

Guess where the quote is from.

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!


Pretty close to reality. There is some gal who won $118 million and has coughed up $21 million in bail bonds for her gangsta boyfriend. It will go to someone who will blow it all in a year or two.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

$21 million?
That doesn't sound plausible.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Grafting onto lyle's People's Cube link here are three more hilarious ones;
Republicans mentally rape Democrat voters with non consensual information.

Top 15 things that didn't happen in 2015

Top 16 things that won't happen in 2016.


OL and I won't blow the money--we're buying fancing private jets and renting them out when we aren't using them for very big $$$$


My thoughts exactly, Ig. John Corzine's bond wasn't even that high and he managed to piss away a coupla billion in OPM. Oh, wait...

Old Lurker

This was the Lottery winner pays bail story from yesterday:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This story has gotten almost no play;

Planned Parenthood to shut down Christian Pharmacy; won’t sell abortion drugs.

A 2007 WA law says, according to the pharmacy's attorney;
“it’s perfectly legal for a pharmacy to say we’re not going to stock the week after pill because we think its unprofitable or we want to specialize in geriatric drugs and don’t want to stock that drug or even if you run out, that’s fine too, but if you don’t have the drug because your religion forbids you, that is illegal,” Luke Goodrich, Deputy General Counsel of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.


My fave from "Top 15 things that didn't happen in 2015":

2. 12 year-old Tibetian self-identifies as 40 year-old American; enters Democratic presidential primaries

The pic is hilarious.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This makes more sense;

'So many people are going on that she has paid $21m to get me out of jail, but that ain't true. It is just 10 per cent.'

If he skips bail she's out $2.1 million not $21M. The bail bondsman is out the other $19 mill.


Taranto was also pleasantly surprised that last night's townhall turned out not to be pure propaganda:


But our petulant prez still got pissy:

CNN did invite people on both sides of the issue to participate in the event—including the National Rifle Association, which declined. The network trumpeted the NRA’s demurral in a Wednesday story, and so did the president during the event: “There’s a reason why the NRA is not here. They’re just down the street. And, since this is the main reason they exist, you’d think they’d be prepared to have a debate with the president.” The Hill describes Obama as being “visibly angry” as he said that.


And it was probably wise for the NRA to beg off on CNN’s invitation. Obama does much better when he has a foil.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Even Dame Peggy is perplexed at the inability of the GOPe to understand the appeal of Trump.


FTL's 3:32 link - "Parents outraged after Maine high school recruits students to work on Hillary Clinton's campaign as a way to get extra credits"

You can't convince me that that isn't on purpose.

Back in 2012 Obama came to speak at our High School. It was during school hours & he was campaigning.

It was so disgraceful & unfair.

This was another interesting bit about the campaign visit to our high school -

"And the rest of the White House need not worry about finding students to interview for their press reports from today's event: The pooler, Rick Dunham of Hearst Newspapers, offers up his own relatives to his colleagues.

"Personal note," Dunham writes in his report, "Among Washington-Lee's senior class are my 18-year-old nephew, Jordan Ricker, and my 17-year-old niece, Delia Ricker. Jordan and Delia are among the college-bound students trying to figure out how to pay for higher education and how large a student loan load to take on. Feel free to email me if you want to contact info for Jordan or Delia."

Indeed, Dunham even implies that another colleague's relative might be game for a reporter keen on getting color for his story. "Another note-worthy senior: Raleigh Mills, daughter of NY Times WH photographer Doug Mills," writes Dunham."


Captain Hate on the iPad

And it was probably wise for the NRA to beg off on CNN’s invitation. Obama does much better when he has a foil.

Yes, a non responding foil. They probably didn't want to embarrass Sir Simpleton in a high exposure setting because of what that petulent retard would do in response.


Could have stopped at your first five words, Capt.






what a difference a year makes,


he was a levick client, most recently handed off to trippi's outfit


who I was speaking about,



Thanks for that excerpt from Powerline, lyle.
So true.



In the words of Thomas Lipscomb,:He couldn't sell pussy on a troop train."


yes I found cooke's remarks nonplussed, the real story was the callousness of the comments toward those two women in my book,

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Memory hole of Vietnam.


Can't allow Americans to win!

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!


But he thinks he can and that is the point of it all. Its like watching Forrest Gump imitating Chauncey Garnder playing Navin R. Johnson.


some sanity presents itself.


Jack is Back (but On Alert)!


Its not that we win its more like not let the other guy lose.

I have a lot of experience with "the War Fighter" which is what we call the Herc gunship. It was part of my Msc. Eng at AFIT. That bird and the Thunderbolt A-10 do more to protect ground forces than any other air asset no matter what Cecil will tell you.

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