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January 14, 2016



I see through the headline.



(Always wanted to do that)

Beasts of England

Is Trump still developing condos in NYC? Has he ever done so in Miami?

And, is there a threshold for these cash transactions?


For daddy:


buccaneer morgan

Not so much miami proper, but on the beach running northward.



buccaneer morgan

So they already setting up the mechanism for a crash, contributions funneled through two foundations, fuggetaboutit.

Miss Marple

They must really be worried Trump could win.

buccaneer morgan

You see the unmitigated bulldroppings soros trained chimp, confessor does at Carlos slims, and everyone seems to follow suit.


why do people assume Hillary will be the Dem nominee?

buccaneer morgan

Because they don't follow the tea leaves, the party is a collections of gibbering chimps, and doc brown is made to order for them.


Beasts-it is $3 million for NYC and $1 million for Maimi-Dade.

I was thinking this would pick up an enormous number of transactions in beachfront property if it expands virtually anywhere in Florida. Plus why leave out LA and SF?

Old Lurker

NK, going back to before your time off, I have speculated that this whole thing is a scheme to funnel tons of prepaid bribes to the Clinton Crime Family to pay her to go along and soak up campaign time and arrows, then to pull a Toricelli switch at the last minute and install Biden-Warren-Patrick combo to cement the socialist legacy. The cherry on the deal for Hillary! will be a pardon for all sins.

Sandy Daze

Cross post:

Any chance these sailors were delivering/harboring a SpecOps asset?


Posted by: lyle | January 13, 2016 at 11:05 PM

So now that the sailors have been returned, can someone clue me in as to what the mission might have been that has two small, apparently not overly reliable, five-man boats tooling around just outside Iranian-claimed waters with no useful backup?

Posted by: Another Bob | January 14, 2016 at 07:18 AM

Media has reported that the to patrol craft were on a transit between Kuwait and Bahrain. (IDK in which direction.) Such a transit is not extraordinary, and one would hope that the crews of the patrol craft would be sufficiently confident in their abilities to make such a transit.*

The Persian Gulf is not a particularly large body or water, indeed at times, congested. (It is not a particularly fun place to operate, either. But that is a different matter.) Distances are relatively close, so that the patrol craft did not have a ship hovering close by is no big deal. ALL SHIPS are "close by."

A notional plan of intended movement as depicted below is roughly 280 total miles:

On that PIM, at a notional 19 knots, the entire journey would take approximately 13 hours, the the patrol craft would transit roughly 20 miles south south-west of farsi island.

* JOM's own Caro has transited the Atlantic multiple times, solo, in her sailboat.
So, one could reasonably infer that the US Navy sending ten sailors on two patrol boats on a 280 journey should be NO BIG DEAL.

Old Lurker

RSE... or DC. We have a large number of trophy houses that are "occupied" but nobody is ever there. Just "parked money".

Old Lurker

Sandy, as our morning talker said, we have come to the point that one cannot decide whether to believe our government or theirs, or most likely, neither one.

buccaneer morgan

Yes that seems plausible sandy, also the sepah could have been in wait, at the inflexion point.


OL-- a scenario like that is more than plausible. Biden-Warren it would be; Dems are no where without white woman vote, and poor mini-me Patrick, Obummer has screwed to electoral pooch for black men progs (Plus GE goes there after he is OUT more likely because he is out) , like Dinkins did for black pols in NYC. BJ and Hilligula crave power, but they love money much more. Power has always been their gateway to $$$. Now the '16 politics is screwing with their Foundation money tree, so yeah, they could be doing a fundraising blow off before packing it in.

Jeff Dobbs



The United States had several teams and potential rescuers ready to act during the 2012 Benghazi attacks — but they were stopped from acting, possibly by the White House, Emmy Award-winning journalist Sharyl Attkisson told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

"This is something that the president and the White House has steadfastly denied," Attkisson told "The Steve Malzberg Show" in an interview.
"But there's now what I would call an overwhelming body of evidence that leads us to believe that somebody stopped a number of teams and potential rescuers from entering Libya or going to Benghazi to help while those attacks were underway," she said. "They could have gotten there."
"They could have gotten there before the last two Americans died," Attkisson added. "Those attacks went on for eight hours."


Jeff-- because Obummer was chooming and hanging with Mr. Love that night, I find this Timmerman report more plausible:


Old Lurker

NK, and Obama has control of all the strings required to make that happen since he is in total control of how the DoJ goes after her. And that pardon thingy.

One has to wonder why in the world Obama would not prefer a Biden-Warren ticket to lock down his legacy and complete the destruction. And why would Obama take the risk that a Trump or Cruz could take the brass ring.

Seems pretty clear to me.

buccaneer morgan

Probably I wouldn't put it past them, recall Lois Lerner was at the Dec during the blind contributions matter in the last election.


OL-- I agree Obummer decides if she is indicted/pardoned. Powerful leverage, BUT..... There is MAD between the Obamaniacs and the Clintonistas, they have just as much dirt on him. So to knnecap Hilligula requires strong polling evidence she could lose, and a big enough payoff to the Clintons to go away quietly, and by that I mean $$$$ beyond the pardon. In essence it would be a putsch where ValJar et al steal all of the big Clinton donors as AFA cronies. If that happens, yes they will kneecap Hilligula and run slojoe as a sacrificial loser in '16 until they line up a browner candidate for '20 and beyond.


Have they claimed that BOTH boats had "mechanical" problems? Fishy. One boat could easily have towed the other out of forbidden waters. Twenty miles is a long, long "drift" off course.

That said, I have not looked at charts to know where they might have gone aground as reported.

Good info, SD.

Jeff Dobbs

One has to wonder why in the world Obama would not prefer a Biden-Warren ticket to lock down his legacy and complete the destruction.

I have long thought that Obama wants a third Dem term to do what Bill Clinton was unable to - and to put him on at least equal footing with Reagan in the annals of modern presidential history.

The thing is - if it's Hillary who gets the third term the story is as much that it's the Clinton Third Term as it would be Obama's.


By Grabthar's Hammer, Alan Rickman dead at 69yo. Real shame. RIP.


OL-when I was out in OC testifying in October 2014 I stayed in the beachfront Laguna Niguel area in someone's casita. In all the driving around all the homes that had been bought up by Asians paying cash but that were not actually lived in was discussed a lot.

The place in Fla we kept for years has transitioned from single family second homes to a rental community flipping weekly. People sell businesses and put part of the proceeds into income producing rental properties at the beach. It's a place to park money as long as the rentals cover out of pocket costs.

buccaneer morgan

Actually no, Hillary had won quite a few contests, when they pulled the vercotti and told her to take a dive. Maverick pretty much did it on his own.


The Clintonistas and the AFA Obamaniacs are fundamentally competitors for the same resources. Like Verizon v. AT&T Mobile.


Red just texted me that one of the college students where she is at won a million dollars in last night's Powerball drawing.

Make him responsible for the kegs at the next party. My. My. School is really too small not to be true.

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!

Large single luxury purchases? And The Hamptons are excluded? Clinton/Biden, Wall St. territory I guess. I drive by houses on Gin Lane and Meadow Lane (Dune Road) every day to take the puppies for their beach walk. There is not one there under $30million. There are three being build now in the $50-60 million range.

And don't get me going about all the $65 - $125 million sales in East Hampton. But that is Spielberg country and that equals big time Dem donors.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--so I guess we need a Plan B to buy St. Jane's Island...--

Since it now appears the DOJ would just track us down if we bought an island why not just occupy one?
We use OL's house as GHQ and fan out across Nantucket, militia style. In the winter we wouldn't even have to shoot too many of the creepy libtard owners....so we probably ought to do it in the middle of summer.
OL, you and your family just put on your Make America Great Again caps and you won't have to worry about getting capped.
Voila, luxury accommodations and more limerick material than you could shake a stick at.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This thread is too serious. Let me provide a little levity.
Under what legal authority is the DOJ going to be prying into people's private transactions and lives when there is not the slightest evidence of illegality other than privacy?

Comanche Voter

Crikey, there are lots of houses (modest three bedroom homes in middle class suburbs) in Los Angeles that will meet the $1 million threshold; and plenty of teardown shacks on Los Angeles's Westside that will crater the $3 million mark. Those bozos in Washington sure as hell don't understand the real estate markets. So they're leaving the Hollywood ATM machine alone and not even thinking about Silicon Valley and the Bay Area


The Naval boats will have had mulitiple GPS assets on board, there will be mulitiple platforms that sent and recieved help and/or distress calls. Phones, radios, computers and tracking devices would be mulitple aboard both boats.
Our lying government knows every detail.

They know every detail of Benghazi too. I knew it was a terrorist attack the next morning before noon.

Jeff Dobbs

I didn't even pay enough attention to the state of the union to realize that Michelle was making some kind of statement by having an empty seat next to her.

Powerline gives us the Michael Ramirez take on it:


But Shirley I'm not the only one (and certainly not the first) whose mind goes to this, right?


Re the 10 sailors - Somebody ordered them to give up. No other explanation makes sense imo, and it shows how stupid BOzo et al think we are to believe otherwise.



Sandy Daze

Solid reporting from Sharyl Attkisson.



Ignatz, when did Obama ever need legal authority to do anything.

How many times has he unilaterally changed OBAMACARE??


Maybe the empty chair was for Clint Eastwood.

What doesn't make sense to me is that they knew where they were and one boat didn't tow the other. They practice this all the time.

Those are pretty small boats as well, more suited to the Shatt al Arab than open seas.

For John F'ing Kerry to come out and say we did not apologize when we have the video of the sailors on their knees and some poor Ensign apologizing and saying how wonderfully they were treated is Orwellian.

Sandy Daze

From DebinNC's link:

"It is inconceivable that you could find 10 Americans willing to surrender themselves and their equipment without a fight. It is not plausible that any young man or woman entering into the naval service would willingly kneel on the deck of a combat-capable ship."
Miss Marple

Look at this. When I see the people backing it (Branson, Gates, etc.) and Fournier thinks it's a swell idea, my Spidey Sense goes off.

This is a program ripe for manipulation. A "trust network" could be made up of the likes of Beyonce and Obama.


Sandy Daze

Hit, at first, I did not look closely enough at your image at: Posted by: Jeff Dobbs | January 14, 2016 at 11:00 AM


Rick Ballard

You guys are leaving Comrade Sanders out of the equation. Emperor BOzo I has claimed Fascist responsibility for all that has occurred in the Reign of the Merde Touch and the electorate is going to make the Fascist Party pay his bill. Again.

If Red Witch is forced out, why wouldn't they allow Comrade Sanders to take the hit ala McGovern/Mondale?


I think the chair was for all the Christian Girls that Mooooochelle cares so deeply for in Africa.



RickB-- that's possible, but Uncle Bernie is an 'honest socialist' which makes him dangerous to the Liars at Clintonista, Inc and OFA, and the Dem 'super delegate' count lets them do whatever they like. So controllable SloJoe it is. And then Hilligula can do her "Don't Cry for Me Dem Party" song from the balcony of the casa rosada.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Why it's so hard to make friends in the Middle East.
We're just supposed to back the Kurds eyes wide shut, as though they are some monolithic bloc of do-gooders.
In the case of the major Syrian and Turkish Kurdish group they are communists and right now are attacking and killing Assyrian Christians in Syria who have already nearly been wiped out.

Miss Marple


James Delingpole

"When the lease on my diesel-powered Skoda runs out, I’m almost certainly going to buy a big, chunky, 4 x 4 like, maybe, a second-hand LandRover Discovery. If, as I do, you live in the remote country and you need to drive very fast so as to ensure the milk doesn’t go sour on the epic journey back from the supermarket, then clearly it’s very important that if you smash into an obstacle – a muntjac deer, say; or a gang of Romanians who’ve just pinched the lead off your church roof; or a Prius driver on their way to save a set of tubercular badgers – you do so with minimum damage to your own vehicle."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--If Red Witch is forced out, why wouldn't they allow Comrade Sanders to take the hit ala McGovern/Mondale?--

Since Bernie seems to very possibly now be leading in both Iowa and New Hampshuh perhaps it will be Bernie doing the knocking out of Madame Secretary Sea Hag.


The State Dept once cancelled a trip I was taking to Turkey. It seems the Kurds were doing BOOOOOOOOOOOM BOOOOOOOOOOOM exercises and Ankara was in their cross hairs.

Old Lurker

Iggy, when my then Marine SIL visited Nantucket the first time, his first comment was that my second level decks were perfect locations for 50 cal machine guns.

OK with me to start there as our base.


Re your escape artist pooch, when I was at the Apple Store recently, they were selling a device you hang on your dog's collar which then tracks the dog on your iPhone map app. You can set "boundaries" and multiple level alerts.

I was prepared to do that last summer when we added a puppy to keep the older dog company and I worried about having to look for her all over Nantucket if she acted like all the other puppies we have taken there over the years.

Just saying.

Sandy Daze

From the United States Naval Institute vblog entry on the surrender at sea,

The best rated comment in three parts:
ntenghtim • 21 hours ago

What I see: American sailors surrendered their ships to a foreign government under the force of arms because they unexpectedly found themselves inside another nation’s 12nm international limit. How they got into this position is important, but not as important as the fact that these sailors thought that they would get into less trouble by surrendering than they would if they refused to disembark and lower the flag; a position that might have required them to defend themselves and their equipment through the use of force. The fact that this belief will probably bear out is a testament to how culturally far away we have gotten from the nation who’s naval heroes didn’t “give up the ship.” We’ve totally lost the ability to understand that even being “wrongly” inside of the 12nm limit does not preclude us from protecting our sovereignty, and that naval vessels are physical extensions of our sovereign power. The nation isn’t looking for martyrs, but if you’ve got a fighting chance to defend your ship, the crew and the colors that they represent, you do so – regardless of the fact that you may be later judged to be at fault.

Sandy Daze

Part 2:

From this perspective, the incident has a couple of aspects, the first (and most procedural) is that the entire chain of command should be relieved for allowing these two crews to put the nation in such a compromising position. We don't want to have to defend two small ships from the IRGCN, a force that we know is fundamentally irrational...so we don't put them in harm's way in the first place. There can be no excuse that is sufficient to keep the chain of command in their jobs. Unlike most of the recent firings for questionable behaviors, this event has attacked the core of our professionalism as the world’s best navy. If it doesn’t result in firings, we might as well just pull the rest of our ships to the pier and go home. (I suppose this could have been a failed real-world operational task. If so, all of these points still apply, perhaps, even more so).

Sandy Daze

Part 3:

The second issue is much, much deeper and is cultural in nature. We have become a nation of sea lawyers. Odds are that these sailors felt bound by rules of engagement that were written by lawyers with no real understanding of the context with which the Navy operates. I have little doubt that the weapons on these boats were unloaded and maintained in accordance with some administrative policy that is intended to mitigate risk of mistake or injury. By operating without regard to the inherent responsibility that applies to being an armed warship carrying the US flag, these crews had essentially surrendered the minute they left the pier. Furthermore, by surrendering without a fight, they reinforced the fact that every small U.S. Navy ship is a potentially lucrative extortion target. Finally, I keep seeing the unrelenting arguments in places like this blog that suggest that the Navy needs more ships, subs and aircraft. This is fine, but as we continue to experience ethical scandals, mistakes of judgment and professional failures, it seems to me that leadership really needs to get back to the basics. We desperately need to set a course back to our roots as sailors and understand what it means to operate a warship in the US Navy. In the end, the declaration of national sovereignty is the foundation upon which our nation and its laws are built – this is what we defend when we go to sea.



Dave (in MA)

Deb's link points out that the vessels were the modern day equivalent of swift boats.
By surrendering to the enemy they were merely reporting for doody.


BOzo said the seat next to MOzo, “will be left empty for the victims of gun violence who no longer have a voice.”

I don't remember BOzo ever mentioning how many gun victims are blacks shot by other blacks with stolen guns. Or the impact of little or no time served for inner city thieves who steal guns and sell them to other inner city thieves multiple times.

Sandy Daze

Dave (in MA): I didn't see any of them wearing "hats" ...



DebinNC, when I heard the Kenyan Clown Rodeo was going to leave a seat empty, I KNEW, it would be more anti-gun bullshit. Maybe Mrs. Kenyan Rodeo, could have invited the MOTHERS of the 443 gun murder victims from 2015 in Chicago. Errrrr, that wouldn't be DIVERSE would it.
SandyDaze, who said our boats were in Iranian waters when captured?????

Miss Marple



I just had to quote that paragraph. Also appreciated the "Romanians who just pinched the lead off your church roof".

That was a great column!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The David Bowie behind Ziggy Stardust;
The Lord's Prayer.

Sandy Daze

My brain as an egg:

My brain during the rein of iman burock, place bacon upon him:


Sandy, I just ate your brain 10 minutes ago.
With hash browns. I'm low on bacon right now.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Barry can't bothered to talk to any San Bernardino victims or families but he can welcome this guy to the WH;

Obama has said the rapper's "How Much a Dollar Cost" was his favorite song of 2015.

That was off Lamar's “To Pimp A Butterfly” album, which shows a group of African-American men in front of the White House holding champagne bottles and hundred-dollar bills on top of the dead body of a white judge.

During an interview last year, Lamar commented on the meaning of the cover.

“You look at these individuals and you look at them as bad people or a menace to society, but they’re actually good people, just a product of their environment,” he said. “Only God can judge these individuals right here. Not no one with a gavel handing out football numbers of years and not giving these kids a chance at life. Every n**** is a star.”


Talk about chutzpah--after the conduct of Sweden's foreign minister, I'd have just told them to pound sand. They also have done absolutely nothing to protect Jewish citizens of Sweden> http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4752380,00.html

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!


Great post at 1134hrs. I have read CDR Salamander many times. Always spot on. Did you watch the Iranian State TV videos? In the 2nd one they show the interior of the River boat(s) and in one quick scene a blue navy camo uniform top with jump wings.

Are there non-SpecOp navy para qualified? Never knew outside of SEALS.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wretchard's latest.
Tackles the 'terrorism [islam] is not an existential threat' canard with the useful metaphor of a small lung tumor; it may not be yet, but what's the cure?

Texas Liberty Gal

Ooohhh-Repub candidates better get ready. Fox moderators plan to get aggressive. They sound a little power hungry to me. Guess they've been talking to MK



On video the detained sailor spokesman described their treatment as "fantastic". I hope he used the inappropriate word intentionally as a sarcastic signal to military peeps he knew would see it, because I doubt it went over well otherwise.


Jack, good question, and would such Spec Ops surrender as such?


I love Neal Cavuto and trust him to be fair. Now's the time to hear candidates answer hard questions and judge their responses and their equilibrium.


A few days ago someone mentioned a repeat of Bret Baier's interview with those brave contractors who risked their lives in Benghazi on 9/11. Anyway IIRC, one of them thinks that the powers to be feared another embarrassing Black Hawk Down scenario, basically calling it cowardice.


WH insiders in a recent article described BOzo's decision-making process. Basically, he listens until he's persuaded before doing anything, because "I'm not persuaded" is the kiss of death. When it comes to military action without a clear positive outcome, BOzo is never persuaded enough to act. His appearing in the situation room in golf togs shows the bin Laden death raid was undertaken without his knowledge or consent imo, i.e. until it was impossible for him to kill it without the cancellation becoming known.


This is very fun - outlining the Clinton's (both of them) imminent downfall:


Miss Marple


Agree with you about the bim Laden raid. I think there was a standing order to get bin Laden left over from Bush and it was never rescinded.

I think Panetta and Clinton used that order and therefore felt they could go ahead without his ok.

Some day I hope we find out what he said to Bush when he called him to notify him, because I would bet my house that it wasn't gracious.

buccaneer morgan

More spiking the football, no doubt, we know from accounts re Karnak farms, and other instances, they will wiff the ball if necessary.

Rick Ballard

"Illicit funds going into US real estate from fabulously wealthy foreigners whose wealth accumulation tactics might not hold up to the strictest of scrutiny?"

The ComuFascist model is supposed to be the wave of the future. There's more than a small chance the DoJ is setting the stage for the Chicom show trials which are sure to come as the 'miracle' charade collapses.

The cause of the collapse has to be running dog capitalist thieves, it can't be pig headed misallocation of resources via idiotic lending practices.

Sandy Daze

JIB @ Jack is Back (but On Alert)! | January 14, 2016 at 11:58 AM

Well, it is not surprising that some (one or more) of the crew members might have had additional training at jump school, probably because of an earlier assignment.

"SEAL support" sailors often have quite a few quals in order to be able to operate effectively with the SEAL unit they are assigned to.

These sailors were definitely NOT in a Special Operations unit, but it would be unsurprising that some of the sailors on those boats had previously been assigned to SpecOps units. Once you get the taste for small units, you don't want to be assigned to any other type of unit. So it is natural that a sailor so experienced, would seek out an opportunity to serve in a unit that was, (how to put it) a cousin to the Specops community.

"Small boats, go fast, have guns and can do cool stuff."
What's not to like?

But, given the relative autonomy of a small boat with a small (five man) crew, the Cluster Fudge that turned out to be this incident is extraordinary...

Old Lurker

Great link, Jane.

Asking the daughter to jump in also did not work for Team Clinton and I wonder what the burn rate is on their legal costs these days?

buccaneer morgan

Dewey cheatham and Howe offers a package deal, no doubt.

Old Lurker

Narc, can you imagine how fast one can spend money at W&C...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Another rock ribbed Republican who thinks we should vote for any quivering bowl of bread pudding that ceases even to be pudding should a Dem say 'boo' that the Reps nominate, now thinks it will destroy the party to vote for a guy who calls Dems what they are.
He repeats the same bizarre claim of so many others that a few years sucking up bribes and dodging votes at the state and federal level somehow prepares one to govern while running a multi billion dollar business doesn't.
By his reasoning Jimmy Carter, a proud Navy vet and accomplished governor was better qualified than say Jack Welch...or the Shamwow guy for that matter.
What happened to those endless squawks that a failure to vote for McCain or Romney was a vote for Barry?

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!


They were also wearing desert camo in the videos but the jump wing uniform was Navy blue camo? Also there is what appears to be a rank insignia of Lt., so its the commanding officer Lt. Fantastic?

An ex-spec op support or even speculatively a SEAL (its in the realm of possibility since everything else is beyond mission weird) doesn't resist and is over armed compared to the IRGC vessels?

This is getting more fascinating than Benghazi without lost lives. But when its all settled and done don't be surprised to see the NSC and WH lawyers somehow involved.

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!


Sandy Daze

It was a camo of sorts, the Navy went crazy a few years ago and came up with not only the blue camo (guaranteed to blend in with the water if you go overboard) and a second lighter green camo. I think it is the latter that they were wearing, and the blue camo a spare, something in the sea bag.


Looks like Toronto-Ted might have some explaining to do about some dodgy Financial dealings.


Miss Marple


Wehner's loser column was much-discussed on Fox this morning.

Excuse me, but what expertise does Wehner have other than being a speech-writer for W? (And not that good a one, might I say.)

Who the heck is HE? Boy that made me mad.


bill bennett house trained puppy, well perhaps he needs a refresher lesson, latimer ar least learns from his errors,


still some of the better analysis. adams is dogbert I'm convinced,



it must have seemed logical in his head, before it became pixels,


Jeff Dobbs

Anyone pay attention to Scott Adams' (dilbert) posts leading up to the new year?

Just curious. If you didn't, don't ask why.

Another Bob

(carrying over from last thread)

Thanks Mr. Daze.

I'm not questioning the capability of the boats and personnel to make the trip. I'm wondering why.

A freedom of navigation point can be made with say, a frigate, no? Why small craft?

Rick Ballard

Filing deadlines for the primaries in 31 states will have passed in on January 31. The Torricelli maneuver doesn't appear particularly feasible for Red Squaw or SloJo.


ah, Rick you insist on believing the truth, or the law matters a farthing, back to Room 101 for you,


I know I have vestigial reservations on this score,


which the Cardassian work out room, is enabling me to deal with,

Miss Marple



no one saw the coincidence here,



if you don't know the players, or the plays,


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