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January 06, 2016




Not to worry. The Iranians will get things straightened out for the Norks.

I still say on day one the new President should sink their fleet.


Yes, but the Mongol hordes didn't have a billion man army, then again what really holds the loyalty of such an institution to the nation together,


The last sentence in that NYT's article is great.

"They might want to hurry. Last week, Elementz Nutrition voluntarily dissolved and closed its doors."

Right after the Al Jazeera report was released, the whole damn company closed it's doors. Yeah, nothing to see there, move along. That common thread might just unravel.




you might not want to be near grayson's scales, when he sheds his skin,

Dave (in MA)

I think Grayson holds the Guinness record for most punchable face.


and Geraldo, you want to revise and extend those remarks now,

jimmyk on iPhone

Taranto's BOTWT had what seems to be a reasonable primer on Cruz and citizenship issues:


Jim Miller

Gus - Here's the NYT op-ed I mentioned.


I thought Taranto did a great job on it, too, jimmyk


Who's getting near Grayso ?




well it's a start:



well he grieves in his own way:



It is interesting, jimmyk, but it starts with a glaring error:

Cruz birtherism is different from Obama birtherism in that the former is based on an unadjudicated legal claim whereas the latter rests on a false factual claim. Obama’s birth in the U.S. is a sufficient condition to make him a natural-born citizen. Because of the circumstances of his birth, it is also a necessary condition, as we explained in 2009. The Cruz case raises the legal question of whether it is a necessary condition for every would-be president.

The overwhelming amount of cases presented to the courts were of the 2 US parents, born on US soil variety.

It is disingenuous of Taranto to create a false premise just so he has an argument.

Later he writes:

Duggin agrees with Trump, at least in part, on the consequences of a Cruz election: “It’s going to happen. There will be lawsuits.” That’s hard to dispute—there were lawsuits about Obama’s birthplace, too.

Again he is trying to blur what the argument has been all along. That is certainly what it has been here the whole time.

I would like to take this moment to point out that the subject matter is topical and has been linked by various well regarded JOMers with zero repercussions against them or their opinions. My opinion, as presented, was both brief and courteous.

I would also like to point out that the subject matter is being discussed by radio show hosts and political writers, so they find some bit of it compelling enough to engage.

Please keep that in mind when running me down is the best that can be contributed to the subject matter.

Dave (in MA)

I don't know WTF they're jabbering about but my main takeaway was that OZZY's wife kicked a black man.


Grayson = Backpfeifengesicht

Did I get the spelling right, Frau?


Hussein Jr. was CRYING. He was CRYING.



there are law suits or ethics complaints filed whether they have merit or not, if a candidate is in office, like walker or if they were aspiring like the huntress, to another office, they will find corruptible officials to say and or do anything, and those same officials will be promoted, regaled, for their inaction to prevent said actions or proactive action for,

Captain Hate on the iPad

Anyone voting for Grayson should be deported.


Narciso. True. Scott Walker is as honest and real as it gets. The LEFT is insane.


Deported sounds harsh. Sail out a hundred miles and throw them overboard is much more humane. Plus more organic...


so there is a remnant of due process still around,



on a lighter note,


Captain Hate on the iPad

Levin: Slick in 1994 with his Nork deal to cease making nukes sounded exactly like 404 on Iran.


they even have the same lead negotiator, Wendy Sherman, who has got us in deep.


It's almost like the Dems WANT some nutcase country to nuke a US city. Atomic atonement against aggressive American antecedent. Ah...


Nice alliteration Lyle

Captain Hate on the iPad

Levin is praising Paul Ryan for taking a positive step through budget reconciliation to repeal 404Care and defunding Planned Genocide. It will be vetoed but it's a necessary first step and Ryan deserves credit for doing so.


Capn. It's a start. Send the Bill to O'Fukwad, and let the BASTARD veto. Obama is then ON RECORD.
Fight. Capn'. You and I would FIGHT.


In an interview Wednesday on Phoenix radio station 550 KFYI's Chris Merill Show, McCain said he "doesn't know" whether Cruz's birth in Canada makes him eligible to be president. Cruz, whose father was born in Cuba, asserts that he is a U.S. citizen because his mother was an American. McCain added that he was born on a U.S. military base, which he said is not the same as being born in Canada.

"That's different from being born on foreign soil. I think there is a question. I'm not a constitutional scholar on that, but I think it's worth looking into. I don't think it's illegitimate to look into it."

Asked if the Supreme Court might have to weigh in on the "natural born citizen" issue, McCain said, "It may be, that may be the case."


Wonder what Thomas would say this time.

Now they wanna look at it.

Miss Marple

Good morning,all!

Miss Marple


Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 12m12 minutes ago

It was a very wise move that Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship 18 months ago. Senator John McCain is certainly no friend of Ted!


Not sure whether extinct or just moved to North America, but Bigfoot a victim of climate change. Granted, that was the 100,000 year retroactive impact of carbon today... but the interesting part is there were 10' apes in China back then.

Miss Marple


Denis McDonough is apparently looking ahead to employment after the White House, so we get this long article about his background and management style.

There is some interesting stuff, but this also seems to blame all of the big problems Obama has had/created with various chiefs of staff, including McDonough.

James D.

I shouldn't read Politico articles first thing in the morning (or any time, I guess), because the only thing I took away from the piece is that I'd like to see nearly everyone named in it, including the authors, tried and executed for treason.

Good morning, everybody :)

Miss Marple


Miss Marple


James D

MM @ 8:01

I would pay a lot of money to see someone ask Obama at his "Town Hall Meeting" tonight:

"Mr. President, how do you feel about the fact that your former chief of staff and mayor of your hometown, paid $5 million to cover up a video of one of his police officers shooting a helpless young black man in the back?"

Miss Marple

James D.,

You will never hear it.

Just like you will never hear the question, "Now that Cologne, Germany has had mass sexual assaults on German women by immigrants from Syria, shouldn't we pause before admitting large groups of these people into the United States?"

James D

Oh, I know, MM.

If the GOP were smart, they'd have their campaign people asking these questions on FB and Twitter. And creating cute little memes to be shared and go viral (just as the Dems regularly do)

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter



Jeff Dobbs


Vice President Biden said Wednesday he regrets not running for president in 2016, but stressed it was ultimately the right call.

“I regret it every day but it was the right decision for my family and for me and I plan on staying deeply involved,” he said in an interview with Hartford, Conn., NBC affiliate WVIT.
But after road testing his campaign message and holding dozens of meetings with advisers and family members, he chose not to run, saying it was too late to mount a viable campaign.
“I believed I could win, but that's not enough. I know myself. And I know it takes time,” he said.

Biden has yet to endorse a candidate in the Democratic presidential primary, which pits former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D).

He regrets not getting in. He didn't get in only because it was too late - but he's sure he could have won. Oh, and he's not endorsing anyone yet.

Biden just might be dipping his toe back in the water to see if there just might be a Draft Biden moment.

Old Lurker

"If the GOP were smart..."

Reading past that qualifier is, of course, a waste of time.


Dow Futures down 400 points and Oil down another $2.50. Soros says it is 2008 all over again.



Old Lurker

Biden-Warren at the last minute is still a viable Toricelli type scheme, and the Clinton's have been paid in advance for playing their roles. Obama has the button for all of that in his hand.


"If the GOP were smart" they would not be flushing money down the crapper on JEB ads.



I don't understand this at all. Why are we housing anyone? Why don't we send every illegal back to their home country IMMEDIATELY.

We need deportation hubs that operate airplanes 24-7-365. Everyone here illegally goes back immediately. We can give them info on how to apply to come legally...but that is it. No interviews or staying a few days or ANYTHING....just straight back home.

Any country that won't take back their citizens will have U.S. aid cut off.


I know people will say it isn't the GOP, it is a JEB superpac.

What is the difference??

Miss Marple


So, is that comment by Soros an assessment or an attempt to panic the market further.

Old Lurker

I don't ever recall Soros doing anything but for his own gain, MM.


MissM, end zone dance

Jeff Dobbs



But the leaked police report, published in Bild newspaper and Spiegel, a news magazine, claims that one of those involved told officers: “I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.”

Another tore up his residence permit before the eyes of police, and told them: “You can’t do anything to me, I can get a new one tomorrow.”

A local newspaper reported that fifteen asylum-seekers from Syria and Afghanistan were briefly held by police on New Year's Eve in connection with the sex attacks but were released.

The Express newspaper quoted an unnamed police officer who said his squad had detained several people who had "only been in Germany for a few weeks".

"Of these people, 14 were from Syria and one was from Afghanistan. That's the truth. Although it hurts," he said.

They came there for "love".


OL-- like everything else, this will be different in both cause and effect than the 2008 crisis. If you can stand it, I have one bit of good news about those differences.

Miss Marple


Old Lurker

Besides being much broker as a country, NK, and having shot up most of the traditional ammunition the Feds have?

Captain Hate on the iPad

McRINO is as dumb as a stump but he's probably acting all mavericky for his MFM friends by questioning Cruz's eligibility which Levin, a much smarter person, says is 100% legit. McCain:Grayson::Frick:Frack

Miss Marple


This is worth giving a look just for the illustration.

Old Lurker

Was Monica sitting out here on the ledge when she wrote that? Sure sounds familiar to me!

Good one, MM.


The Crowley link is great.

I'd add too that I am tired of American citizens being slandered & demonized.

Miss Marple

You know, I hear a lot about how terrible the "Trumpkins" (dismissive and insulting name coined by the perfectionist right) are, but I am having a hard time with the perfectionist right's attitude not just about Trump, but about his supporters.

I do not see a path to winning, regardless of who the nominee is, if a large number of possible voters choose to stay home because they have been insulted.

No one expects Trump to win Iowa, which seems to have become all-important despite their last two winners being the powerhouses Huckabee and Santorum. Yet we are going to be treated by numerous nasty victory laps by people who just want to rub the Trump people's noses in the mud.

There are two groups of elitists in our party: one is the group centered in DC and who want the gravy train continued.

The other is the group of conservative writers and activists who cannot stand any sort of deviation from their beliefs.

This morning one was on Twitter criticizing Mark Levin, who although he thinks Cruz can legally run for president, wasn't sufficiently insulting to Trump's opinion.

They are just as bad about enforcing groupthink as some on the left. I find it highly insulting and the bad feelings are going to linger if they don't cool it.


Every culture is great except our own.
Citizens of other countries are painted as saints...while Americans are accused of being racists, bigots, homophobes, Islamaphobes, flat earthers, misogynists, etc.

Centralcal on iPad

Thanks for the Crowley link, MM - I think? My gawd what a nightmare website the Washington Times is! Whoever designed that should be executed immediately.


Marco Rubio’s ‘high-heeled booties’ mocked by Ted Cruz’s campaign


jimmyk on iPhone

Don't go to the Crowley link on an iPhone. When I do I get some malware popup that forces me to close down the tab.

Incidentally, had a great meetup with DrJ in Berkeley Tues night. Was traveling back east and catching up, and didn't have a chance to post about it. He and I have overlapped in Michigan and Rochester before ending up on opposite ends of the continent, but we had a lot to talk about. He is every bit as smart and engaging as you'd expect from his contributions here.


jimmyk meets DrJ?.... BIG brains at that meet up.


Centralcal, very well put.A real horror of a website. What are they thinking?


This is something...pagar linked it on FB - Truck driver desecrates veterans’ graves

another link - http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2016/01/05/trucker-accused-of-driving-over-gravesites-at-abraham-lincoln-national-cemetery/

Faraz Namdari is the truck driver.

Centralcal on iPad

Jimmyk I did it from my iPad - so many ads, pop-ups, etc. made it impossible (almost) to navigate or read the article. A really nasty website unlike any other news sites I frequent.

Old Lurker

Interesting about Wash Times.

I read it on a PC running Chrome with Ad Blocker & Norton installed and it works perfectly for me.

Go figure.

Old Lurker

CC, I have that same problem on several sites (lucianne eg) on my iPad. Some are so bad I just leave Flash turned off all the time in the Safari settings. But then you have to turn it back on to post at JOM which is why I rarely post after cocktail hour.


BTW, NK and Centralcal, it's no better from a laptop.

Dave (in MA)

Damned Moonies.


How about a leftist citizenship test for all the citizens of other countries flowing into America....

Do you think driving a car can change the climate?

Are you willing to forgo a car, AC, heat, & lighting to save earth?

Do you think men dressed as women should be allowed in women-only areas?

Do you think men should be able to marry men?...or women marry women?

Do you think mothers should legally be able to kill their babies if they want?

Do you think laws & rules should vary depending on skin color?

Are you willing to only vote for the Democrat Party?

If the immigrants don't answer the questions correctly, then they shouldn't be allowed in American. America is already full of racists, bigots, homophobes, science deniers, etc....we don't need more.

Captain Hate on the iPad

This morning one was on Twitter criticizing Mark Levin, who although he thinks Cruz can legally run for president, wasn't sufficiently insulting to Trump's opinion.

Levin doesn't dislike Trump because he's come on his show and hasn't dodged questions. That doesn't mean he agrees with him on everything.

Miss Marple

Sorry about the Washington Times site. I am running on Firefox with a new ad blocker and had no problems, so wasn't aware when I linked it.



"Two years before the public learned of Hillary Clinton’s private server, the State Department gave an “inaccurate and incomplete” response about her email use when it told an outside group that it had no documents about Clinton’s email accounts beyond her government address,..."


MissM -- what ad blocker are you using with FF? Thanks.


"... the State Department inspector general, Steve Linick, indicated that his work is not done.

His office is preparing an additional report that could touch even more directly on Clinton’s conduct — examining the use of personal email and its effect on the department’s compliance with its duty to preserve records."

I can't understand why employees at State haven't been fired for not preserving records.


Firing is for peons outside the beltway cocoon.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I understand.

The Twitter person was angry that Levin didn't eviscerate Trump, but merely disagreed. He mocked Levin as being cowardly.

Miss Marple


ublock. Here is the link for Firefox:


Very quick installation and once in, I have had no problems.

James D

Two years before the public learned of Hillary Clinton’s private server, the State Department gave an “inaccurate and incomplete” response about her email use

When Scooter Libby, and Martha Stewart, and many, many other people, gave "inaccurate and incomplete responses" to federal investigators, they got charged with perjury, convicted, and spent time in federal prison.

Funny how that only applies to some people.

Jeff Dobbs

"... the State Department inspector general, Steve Linick, indicated that his work is not done.

REMINDER: Linick was nominated as Department of State IG a few months after Hillary stepped down. Prior to that, there was no permanent, Senate-confirmed IG for the entire time she was there. The guy that was there as interim/acting IG was a a "career member of the Foreign Service" a designation that prevented him from ever becoming a serving IG, and he was a long-standing Patrick Kennedy crony.

Texas Liberty Gal

I find it interesting that Drudge has nothing on his page about Trump's claims about Cruz's citizenship


speaking of jimmyk, this popped up in my email today:


I too enjoyed our time. We had a rambling discussion that touched family/kids, careers, grant funding, some politics, and discussion about some JOMers. In the last, I don't think any ears should burn.

And my Cioppino was outstanding! jimmyk's braised short ribs looked pretty good too.

Rick Ballard


Perhaps the cry of the loon resonates at a frequency Drudge is unable to hear?

Miss Marple

I think I will absent myself for a while and get some work done.


Truck driver Faraz Namdari..... I wonder what his beef was.

Or is that pork?


Former federal prosecutor says Hillary could be indicted in the next 60 days as the FBI compiles 'overwhelming' evidence against her



Karl Rove in this morning's WSJ says she won't be charged with anything. This may be the only thing Rove writes about this year (ok, any year) that we can trust him on.

Jack is Back (but On Alert)!

My "Surprise Meter" just redlined.

6 Big Cities See Hiring Fade After Big Minimum Wage Hikes.


Captain Hate on the iPad

I don't doubt that the evidence is overwhelming on multiple fronts. 404 surely hates Rodham for having run against him in 2008. Between him and Comey, they may pull Lynch's strings into making the USS Pantsuit have the barnacles scraped off her keel in dry dock instead of campaigning.

Rick Ballard

It would be extraordinarily entertaining to see referrals for prosecution to JustUs coming from the IG-DNI, IG-State and the FBI. The IGs have statutory authority to refer on the basis of their own investigation, there is no requirement the FBI be involved.

My preference would be a referral by the IG-DNI followed by the FBI with the IG-State adding the cherry on top.

Dave (in MA)

Rocco | January 07, 2016 at 11:27 AM, The problem with hoping for that to pan out is: the FBI will still be reporting to Loretta Lynch right up until the time the Little Rock P-Hound's wife is getting sworn in by Roberts.

Man Tran


Just now caught up from a couple days ago. Re the tribe: all here for the last couple weeks. DIL and little Miss Charming are heading home tomorrow to go back to school. MTJr holing up and writing for a few weeks in solitude.

Did you ever get to chat with your XBox nephew?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm having a hard time figuring out why factions of the GOP brain trust detest Trump so.

He does not appear to be a libertarian type or overly likely to go all paleo on social issues.
So other than he's outside their control why does the GOPe fear him so much since it seems likely he's not going to dislodge them?

Nor does he appear to be to the left of either McCain or Romney and in fact appears to be somewhat to the right of both.
So why do conservative pundits who complained some about both but in the end supported and cheered them on, especially Romney, go batshit crazy at the mere mention of Trump's name?

Is it the outsider angle and they're afraid he'll bring in people they don't know or control to DC?
The kewl kids angle and they think Trump is going to eat his fantastic peas with his fabulous, just amazing, butter knife and yugely embarrass them?
That he's unelectable? (the guys who brought us Bob Dole, McCain and Romney suddenly know who is electable?)

From here it looks mostly like some blue haired Beacon Hill Brahmin when her debutante granddaughter's date to the cotillion drives up in a 32 Ford Highboy roadster and hops out with a ducktail and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve and a Southy accent.


I'm not sure Hil email case can play out like that, Dave. For all the "Nothing.Is.Going.To.Happen" folks, it sure looks like something has to happen. I'm not talking an indictment of HRC, but when this much classified data is exposed, somebody has to be found to do something wrong. They're well past the point of figuring that out, and dragging it out will (I have to believe) lead to various leaks of just how bad this is.

Dave (in MA)

A Southie guy would never decked out like an extra from American Graffiti, and he'd probably either have a 15 year old beater or take the T. ;)

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