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January 24, 2016



Dance for me boy!!! Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha. Dance dimwit dance!!


that would appear to be a geometric increase,


looking at eight year intervals,

Texas Liberty Gal

derwill. Debate on Thursday is looking to be very important!!!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I don't know what kinds of safeguards the Microsoft folks plan to use --

Ha-HA! OMG I needed a good laugh. Thanks Jim.
I'm guessing their usual safeguards; updates a few months after various thieves steal all their clients information revealing once again that open barndoors do generally need a guard of some sort.




Gus takes main stage.


before the skydragon came, we didn't tremble in fear,


Every few months? Word is the only Microsoft product I use but I think I get weekly security updates about Office.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I don't know if there's some history here with Truthbetold that I don't know about, but jeez.--

Yeah, he is kinda bat shit crazy.
Other than that he's fine.



Let me guess. You hold a PhD as well


passive aggressive or aggresive passive,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Merkel: Anti-Semitism more widespread than we imagined...after we imported a million Arabs who hate Jews.



Not buying what Trump is selling is bat shit crazy in your opinion?


and they can't find 68% of them, daddy at one point you thought of moving to Koln, no,


Ig, I stumbled upon this Free Republic debate and skipped forward to this page:


Is that the same Cbolt of JOM fame? He is really doing some damage to Cruz, IMO.

You might find the info he links interesting.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Every few months?-

No, I said a few months after the breach.
Since there are several new breaches per day the flood of updates seems current.

Unfortunately, there are apparently only so many little Dutch programmers willing to put their finger in a dyke hole.



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Not buying what Trump is selling is bat shit crazy in your opinion?--

You established your bat shit bona fides long before Teh Donald was even a gleam in cheerleader's eye.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Being forced to smile and endure supporting a blow dried loser like Romney was a miserable experience and I'll shovel shit before I pretend otherwise. I'm sure he's a good person but so are lots of other people that shouldn't be running for president. He wouldn't even defend his wife against some two bit whore insulting her for dealing with having MS by horse riding. I'm sure the high paid consultants told Mitt to stay on message and not aim both barrels at Hilary Rosen and force the JEF to have to defend her. That worked about as well as that idiot Dukakis saying he wouldn't wish the death penalty for somebody who hypothetically raped his wife, which probably sent Kitty deeper in the bottle.

People like that lose to clowns like 404 and make people pine for a candidate with a perceivable pulse. The closest we've had to a good candidate since Reagan was GWB seeming like a regular guy compared to the two foppish oafs he ran against. Enough of pretending otherwise.

We have a chance to get it right this time but I'm not sure we will.


Iggy, are you buying what Trump is selling?


importing millions of Arabs and labeling produce grown in Israel. How dumb must you be to think that you atone for murering 6 million Jews by importing millions of Jew hating Arabs?


compare how little information apuzzo and mazzetti were able to clean, for Carlos Slims, the only new information was the name of the operation, with what kyle orton did, all from public records,


Capt, I think our best chance to get it right this time was Walker. But that ship has already sailed.


Iggy, it's not a trick question. Are you buying what Trump is selling?




Not nearly as tricky as "who are you voting for, TBT?"


I told you what I think of Trump. Your turn

Captain Hate on the iPad

derwill, I was extremely upset at how poorly Walker did in such a short period of time but all my hopes weren't on him. There are still candidates I could readily support, including Rubio.


yes the Landons, Deweys maybe Wilkie was the exception, they were good men, but not up to the challenge that confronting roosevelt and truman

Captain Hate on the iPad

Nytol for me too, since the goads seem to be back.


Yeah, yeah...

You told me of one person you weren't voting for...

How silly of me. Please return to your normal blasting of people who don't answer questions.


Goodnight all.

Before I nod off I'm going to read some more of Cboldts comments and links. Cruz has a problem. A real problem. His only defense is to argue standing.


Iggy, tell me one of the top candidates you won't vote for.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I didn't find Cboldt's comments or cites convincing re Cruz.
To equate a statute that defines who acquires citizenship at birth with naturalization seems cockeyed at best.


It was in the SCOTUS cases he cites, Ig. He nails Cruz as naturalized. With authority.

I went to the beginning of the thread.

I won't belabor this. Just an FYI.

Goodnight Iggy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Iggy, tell me one of the top candidates you won't vote for.--

Hillary Clinton. She's ugly as homemade soap.

--Iggy, tell me one of the top retards you won't communicate with anymore--

Truthbetold. He's bat shit crazy.

--Iggy, are you buying what Trump is selling?--

I have made many comments regarding Trump over the last few months taking almost every position possible regarding the man and getting both supporters and detractors of his upset with me.
You are welcome to peruse the archives at your leisure to determine whether I'm in the market for The Don's wares or, in the alternative, for a small stipend I will gather them in a bundle for you so you can glean some of my wisdom from them in small doses or all at once. Cash up front of course.
While you consider your options I will retire to my boudoir; that ear hair isn't going to trim itself.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I read them. I don't consider them to be saying what he's saying they're saying.



I think the only top candidates folks here won't vote for are pretty much Hillary and Bernie.


"This tells me that if Trump does win in Iowa now, with that kind of turnout, then all the conventional wisdom about his electability or lack thereof in the general should probably be thrown out the window."

Assuming he wins big, by bringing in a lot of new voters, that would certainly send everybody back to their calculators. I do think that some real world poll testing (insofar as Iowa, NH & SC represent the real world) will be enormously helpful at this point. That said, however, this has been shaping up as a sui generis election almost from the outset, even before the shockwaves from San Bernardino (and the chaos in Europe) irrevocably shifted the narrative.


Naciso's 11:17 is honestly jaw dropping:
Merkel: Anti-Semitism more widespread than we imagined

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for “intensive action” against anti-Semitism on Saturday, urging vigilance particularly when dealing with young people from countries “where hatred of Israel and anti-Semitism is widespread.”

“Anti-Semitism is more widespread than we imagined. And that is why we must act intensively against it,” Merkel, who on Monday will inaugurate an exhibition in Berlin titled “The Art of the Holocaust,” said in her weekly video podcast.

She must have one hell of an impoverished imagination.

So just to reiterate, she invites in a million Islam's and is stunned to find out that they engage in mass rape of young Western women, and now she's stunned to find out that those same million Islam's hate Jews.

I'm scared to death to learn what she'll find out about 'em next.



I hope it is at least used in a campaign ad against her.

Goodnight for real.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--this has been shaping up as a sui generis election--

I'm not sure what that means but I love it when JM talks dirty.
Have you ever sung this ABBA song in the shower; "Ljuva sextital"?

I better put a "just kidding" disclaimer on that before I get myself in trouble.



The biggest problem on the left is that they always end up believing the propaganda they put out -- even if they initially realize they're fudging the truth. Alas, they are all too rarely faced with a reality that they find they can't deny.

Jeff Dobbs

The good news is, I'm home. Finally.

Due to reasons related to getting the best deal on mrs hit and run's flight to Punta Cana, she and I were returning on different flights. I went through Charlotte and she went through Miami.

She was landing in Greensboro at 8:55 PM and I at 9:08 PM. So we weren't gonna get to hold hands on the plane...I mean, a little upsetting, but not like opening your fridge and seeing the milk's gone bad kind of upsetting.

So we headed to the aeropuerto. On the way we got a text saying my flight was delayed. And by the time we arrived at the aeropuerto, there had been four changes to my flight. The last one was that the flight would land in Charlotte 1 minute after the flight to Greensboro would be taking off.

Not gonna make that flight.

Tried to change flights to get on hers through Miami. No dice. Turns out there was one more flight to Greensboro after my original one, so I got on that one. Only it was going to be landing at 11:55 PM.

Here's the thing. We were both dropped off at the airport - and didn't have a car there - and mrs hit and run's parents didn't want to drive in the icy conditions.

mrs hit and run could wait 3 hours in the airport for me, and we would cab it together - or she could cab it home and then come get me. Or her favorite option, she cabs it home then I cabs it home.

She lands - and decides to cab it. Greensboro has a central taxi service where you sign up and wait for the next available car. When mrs hit and run's turn came - they loaded her and five other guys into a van. And off they went. And went. And went. And went. With mrs hit and run being the last one to get dropped off. The guy before her was being driven to Burlington. If you don't know your NC geography, Burlington is half way to Raleigh from Greenboro.


So I land at 11:45 - turn my phone back on and have five texts from her....."ordered a cab"..."cab is here"...."five other guys"...this guy is going to Burlington! WTF!"...."i'm not crying but i want to".

I called her as the plane was taxiing and she was not even home yet. She said she would come get me as soon as she could.

She ordered the cab at 9:20, got in the van at 9:51, and got home around 12:15.

Two and a half hour cab ride for what is at most a 20 minute drive from the airport to our house.

As Chesterson said...An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ears are pink and smooth, the trolls appear to be tucked in under their bridges and all's right with the world...well, it will be once the SMOD gets here.
So I guess I'll retire too; visions of million dollar blogging contracts, because clarice is my agent, dancing in my head.


LOL, Ignatz! Whatever you're imagining is sure to be far more entertaining than whatever it is I might have meant. In fact, I'm kinda wishing I hadn't googled "Ljuva sextital."



I expect I'll be feeling your pain. Tomorrow. Unless I actually manage to get a head start on the likely chaos at La Guardia. Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound. I hear that a lot of the triad has been encased in ice.


daddy at one point you thought of moving to Koln, no,

Yep, Narciso, but Momma said she'd rather stay put and that was fine by me. In retrospect, it was a blessing.

On Merkle, I think a new video could be made, based on that one of Adolf Hitler as his assistants tell him the War is lost, except this time do it with Angela Merkel instead of Adolf, and have them advising her on the "success" of her "Welcome Islamic Refugee's" program:

Merkel: So how's my "Let In A Million Muslims" Policy working?

Anonymous General: Uhhh, there's been a slight problem Chancellor Merkel.

Merkel: Problem, what problem? Aren't they extremely happy to be in Germany? They should be well on the way to becoming productive German citizens and learning the language by now.

Anonymous General: Uhhh, Chancelor Merkel, they're refusing to learn Deutsch.

Merkel: What? But they have to learn Deutsch in order to become proper German citizens so they can share our culture and our values.

Anonymous General: Uhhh, Chancellor Merkel, they say they don't want to share our Culture or our values.

Merkel: Well obviously you're not trying hard enough! Take them to our Spas and our Swimming pools and show them our wonderful German infrastructure. That'll do the trick.

Anonymous General: Uhhh, Chancellor Merkel, they've been banned from our Spas and Swimming pools because they masturbate in the Spas and shit in the Swimming Pools.

Merkel: What? So take them out for a nice meal of Schweinhocks and Pilsner so they'll know how fabulous our food is.

Anonymous General: Uhhh, Chancellor Merkel, their Islamic beliefs cause them to refuse to eat Pork or drink our beer.

Merkel:What? How come I wasn't informed about this Islamic belief? Well, take them out to our big platz's around our famous Cathedrals on Festival Nights and let them see how friendly and pretty our German women are. Surely that'll work!

Anonymous General: Uhhh, Chancellor Merkel, we did that on New Years Eve and they engaged in their Islamic practice of committing mass rape and sexual assault of thousands of young German women.

Merkel: What? How come I didn't know about that Islamic practice? Well tell our girls in the mean time to dress more conservatively in future. Thankfully our Police put a stop to that bad activity quick, right?

Anonymous General: Uhhh, Chancellor Merkel, they overwhelmed our meager Police Forces by the thousands.

Merkel: What? Well tell them what our Laws are and that they must respect them for everyone's benefit.

Anonymous General:Uhhh, Chancelor Merkel, we have but they say they are not subject to German Laws, only to their Islamic Laws.

Merkel: What? But how can they not respect the Laws of others? Haven't they lived in peace with others, like the Jews for example, for thousands of years back wherever it is they came from?

Anonymous General: Uhhh, Chancellor Merkel, they are ferociously Anti-Semitic and want to annihilate the Jews.

Merkel: What? How come I wasn't told about their Anti-Semitism? This is unimaginable. Well, I guess we better round them all up and explain things to them very simply all over again. No masturbating in our Spas. No shitting in our Swimming Pools. No refusing to learn our Language. No refusing to eat our food. No mass raping of our women. No beating up our Police. No refusing to obey our Laws. And no Anti-Semitism. Now get out there and round them all up and tell them to become productive German citizens.

Anonymous General: Uhhh, Chancellor Merkel...

Merkel: What is it now?

Anonymous General: Uhhh, we've lost track of 688,000 of them.


Classic Daddy. It'd be funny if it weren't true, but sadly....

Miss Marple


Sheer genius! You should get a guest appearance on Ignatz's million-dollar blog once a week!

Miss Marple

Good morning, all!


A Cruz Super PAC has attacked Terry Branstad.

This seems to me to be counter-productive, since Branstad's approval numbers in Iowa are at 64/19, and he's a fixture in Iowa politics.

So, here are the choices:

1. This group "Courageous Conservatives" is insane.
2. The group is really a Trump Super PAC in disguise.
3. Cruz's numbers are plummeting and they want to make an plausible excuse for his loss.

Jack is on his Back!

Bravo Zulu, daddy.

Good to wake up. Now back to sleeeeeeep


Miss M, maybe they think it wins them states other than Iowa.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple


I fail to see how that will help them when the ads are only running in Iowa, as I read the story.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Good morning to all.

Great post, Daddy @04:03AM.

In keeping with that theme.


While Obama wants to bring them here.

Sandy Daze

BZ, daddy


Miss Marple

ABC reporting Governor Perry will endorse Cruz. Not a surprise.

Miss Marple


It's not that they love Trump, just that they think he's not as bad for their re-election chances as Cruz is.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple



Love that, Hit!

Miss Marple





Claimsbetold, you'd do better if you'd quote Trump's actual words when he supposedly promised to increase ethanol at the pump. All his speeches go over the same platform and that's not in it. He did say from the start that Iowa couldn't be won without supporting the Ethanol industry, which Cruz eventually realized later, and had to flipflop on his hard line.

Stefan Molyneux documents many of the untruths about what Trump has actually said:

The Untruth About Donald Trump


James D.

People like that lose to clowns like 404 and make people pine for a candidate with a perceivable pulse.


Yet another reason that it's the failure of any of the other candidates, or the RNC generally, to fight that has given Trump the opportunity and the audience he has. It really, truly is not complicated.

Obviously his personal history, his media skills, etc allow him to do things differently than the other candidates (at least so far), but any of the candidates could have raised, for example, Bill's sordid history of sexual predation. Any of them could have took it to Hillary with both barrels:

"If you don't remember the 1990's, google the words 'Bimbo eruption.' That's what Hillary used to call it when her husband seduced and used and then threw away young girls, and then she went in and trashed them in the press. Girls right out of school, girls who worked for them. Hillary stands there and talks about a War on women, and I guess she should know, since she was the secret police in her husband's one-man war on any young woman who crossed his path. "

And, yes, I know, it wasn't really Hillary who used the term Bimbo eruptions, but that makes it even better, because you'd have the fact checkers noting that it was actually her TAXPAYER-PAID employee who used the term and carried out her orders to destroy Bill's discarded women.

Miss Marple



You can learn about Trump's ground game by going to his campaign web page. The good news is that if you sign up to get involved you won't be hit with high pressure spam every day begging for donations.

If he's a con man, then he's conned his kids too, and they must be con artists too, because they speak with great love and respect for him and for what an inspiration he's been in their lives.


Derwill, books will be written about how he's run his campaign, breaking so many rules. One of the key elements is keeping his supporters engaged day by day (his live streamed rallies have thousands of viewers) and another is making it fun, even though he's dead serious about winning. Pretend swearing in ceremonies are not his style.


MM, I read the Byron York article you posted last night. My pre-coffee brain cells perked up,because there is a quote from someone about Trump not sending mass mailings. I think I mentioned that my brother received a Christmas card from Trump. I love my baby brother,but I really doubt he was the only voter in NH who received the card.
I think the real surprise in NH is going to be crazy Uncle Bernie with a yuge win.

Miss Marple


I have been fascinated by his campaign since reading his book "Art of the Deal" this summer. I wanted to see how he thinks and since it was written well before he considered running for the presidency, I thought it would be a good way to judge him.

The "ground game" thing is very interesting to me. For years and years, as long as I have been watching politics (which goes back to my high school dayas in the 60's), the general platform for Iowa has been a large organization who can get people to go caucus. That organizational framework has remained unchanged since the 70's.

We now have computers and smartphones. Is it really necessary to have call banks? Is it really necessary to have campaign people driving all over Iowa? Is it really necessary to have multiiple campaign offices with volunteers running around with clipboards? I don't know, and I guess we will find out next week.

It just seems to me that from reading his book, Trump pays a lot of attention to detail, and recognizes in small things signs of larger trends.

For example, he can judge the effectiveness of staff by looking at how full wastebaskets are. (He likes clean hotels, which is why I thought it was funny his compliment to the Holiday Inn was that it was "very clean.")

He also doesn't like wasting his money. So apparently a large staff is something he doesn't think is necessary.

He's also competitive, and doesn't like to lose.

I have to think he has figured out a way to get voters tot he caucuses without the traditional model.

So, we will see.



And I thought being denied my seat on a United Embrear145 Friday night sucked.

Last one to get to the departure gate. They let me walk out the jetway right to the threshold of the plane but not board.

I was told they had a weight concern, having taken on additional fuel, worried about IFR reserves. Pilot was feverishly running the numbers and shaking his head.

I knew I was screwed. Not only did I not get on, but they kicked 2 guys off.

Took the next flight, and of course there was zero weather between ORD and CMH. Visual approach.

Was in bed by 2 am.

Miss Marple


Zoolander goes after Leonardo.

At least Zoolander stands up for Canadians.



Embraer's products are spawn of the Devil. So are Bombardier's.

Texas Liberty Gal

MM - So evidently if Cruz fights back its bad but when Trump fights back you like it because it shows hes a fighter. I'm confused.

Miss Marple


That reminds me that the Christmas of 2000 I got a Christmas card from George Bush and family, photo taken at governor's mansion.

That card and mailing were done before he knew whether or not he had won the election.

I was gobsmacked.

Those Christmas cards mean a lot more than people think. I still have mine, along with the White House Christmas cards I received.


Trump fights Cruz.

Cruz fights Iowans.

Miss Marple

Texas Liberty Gal,

If you are talking about the attack ads against Governor Branstad, I simply don't think it's a good idea. According to my Twitter feed, some supporters of Cruz do not think so, either.

My opinion doesn't affect anything, and we will just have to see if it's a winning strategy or not. My personal opinion is that Branstad has been in office a long time and is very well liked in Iowa. I don't think Iowa GOP voters will like their governor being attacked, but I could be wrong.


Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

It's time for Ted Cruz to either settle his problem with the FACT that he was born in Canada and was a citizen of Canada, or get out of race


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Phyllis Schlafly: National Review Is Not the Authority on Conservatism


by JULIA HAHN23 Jan 2016Washington D.C.1107

Living legend and conservative heroine Phyllis Schlafly slammed National Review for their efforts to take down GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump.

On Friday’s program of The Laura Ingraham Show, Schlafly declared, “I don’t recognize National Review as the authority on conservatism.” Schlafly blasted National Review for being more eager to fight Donald Trump than they are to fight the Republican donor-class, whom Schlafly calls the Kingmakers.

Schlafly said:

National Review is not the authentic conservative. You know, Bill Buckley was for giving away the Panama Canal, which was an enormous issue with conservatives. And in ten years they never wrote a single article about the Equal Rights Amendment, so they were no help against that. So I don’t recognize National Review as the authority on conservatism.

The 91 year-old Phyllis Schlafly helped launch the conservative movement and has been active in politics for more than one-fourth of American history.

In the interview, Schlafly explained that the problem with National Review is “just that they don’t want to fight the Establishment. And the Establishment– the people I call the Kingmakers– have been picking our candidates for so many years and they’ve given us a whole bunch of losers. And I think people want a fighter, and they also want to deal with the immigration problem. We don’t want to turn out like Germany. I thought the Germans were tough, but they’ve caved in to let people come in.”



Boy would I like to take that back.

Sorry. :-(


SNOW: Maguire has a blower? doesn't he have kids? My wife and I have 2 snowblowers, both Arms-Srong models which run on Norwegian Steam. I know we don't live in a manshe like Maguire, but still.

Our little town had 15" of snow. Saturday evening and Sunday morning shovelings did the trick nicely. Bright sun yesterday even obviated the need for salt on the driveway and walks. Got into the City on the train today, and it was SNOWMAGEDDON, 30" in Brooklyn-Queens-Manhattan. Wow. the slush will be knee deep by wednesday.


You had me until you starting parsing floats


I was stringing you along, danoso.


Your "Merkel in the bunker" is inspired and much appreciated, daddy.

Old Lurker

I found an extra ) on line 47, TK.

That might be your problem.


Robert Traconski analyses the chances of winning the nomination and then the election of Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Rubio is my current favorite because winning the election and serving as at least mostly-conservative is job 1. Trump might win, but wouldn't function as even moderately conservative. Cruz can't and won't win a natonal election imo, so end of story. Rubio is the only conservative candidate with a chance of winning, but Jeb! is doing all he maliciously can to deny him the opportunity.


from TK's Jack Cashill link -

"“Now, I don’t understand, um, the ambassador to Libya killed in an attack on the consulate in Benghazi,” he asked Obama. “Is this an act of war? Are we at war now? What happens here?”

“Here’s what happened,” Obama answered. “You had a video that was released by somebody who lives here, sort of a shadowy character who made an extremely offensive video directed at … at Muhammad and Islam.”

Letterman’s shocked response deserves its own plaque on the crowded walls of the left’s Hall of Blame: “Making fun of the Prophet Muhammad!”

This is the same David Letterman who a year later would say of Pope Francis, “And I’m telling you if there’s anything the kids can’t get enough of, it’s a 76-year-old virgin. Come on! World Youth Day. Or as the Vatican calls it, salute to altar boys.”

“Making fun of the Prophet Muhammad,” affirmed a wounded Obama. “And so, this caused great offense in much of the Muslim world.”"

Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2016/01/how-david-letterman-enabled-the-benghazi-lie/#FwOgwabOf1kpIYXu.99

It would be cool if a reporter, even one lousy reporter, ever asked President Obama specifics about the night of Benghazi.

from Claudia Rosett - 13 Hours in Benghazi, and the Still-Missing White House Timeline



Nice meetup yesterday with jmh and rse on the uws. Missed sbw and mrs sbw.

Here's why I said to mrs k we should look at Hillsdale:

Harvard University workshop to teach students how to have anal sex

UChicago Sex Week includes love enchantments, ‘sexual pain’ workshop, BDSM tutorials

Add to this all the insanity about rape, and it's clear that students are mentally ill, and university administrations should be tarred, feathered, and run out of town.


Good morning all! If you haven't seen this yet, I hope it will brighten your morning as it did mine:

Conservative artist Sabo crashes Bernie Sanders' art expo in L.A.


jimmyk-- how much snow on the UWS? what was Southern Belle rse's reaction?

Miss Marple


That missing Obama timeline is the elephant in the room. I noticed the misdirection and evasiveness about where he was right away, and iti's only gotten worse.

We now have all sorts of emails, messages, testimony, etc. but NO ONE has asked (to my knowledge) where he was or what he was doing.

He was in a meeting at some point early in the evening, and then...................ON A PLANE TO A FUNDRAISER IN VEGAS!!

So we got a whole bunch of useless caterwauling about the fundraiser trip from the GOP, but no one asks the $64,000 question.

For example, if he was secretly off the White House premises and incommunicado due to some sort of creepy activity, was the fact that no help came because no one felt like they could order rescue flights to go in? What part did Valerie Jarrett play? Did she order a stand down pretending it was from Obama?

I have many questions about this and I think the country needs to know.


MissM-- I still think Obummer was on Reggie Love time at the WH and then in LV.


from Claudia Rosett link -

"The attacks began about 9:45 P.M. in Benghazi, and went on intermittently all night, with the deadly mortar assault coming at about 5:15 A.M. It took another five hours, and then some, before the last of the survivors, assembled at the airport, along with the bodies of the four dead Americans, were flown out of Benghazi -- not by American forces, but aboard a Libyan C-130 military cargo plane."...

"That brings me back to the matter of the film, "13 Hours," and why it is so good. It is good because it depicts, in ways that any audience can understand, the hell that was unleashed against those Americans in Benghazi. It is good because it it clarifies, graphically, that what took place was a planned terrorist assault (viewers can decide for themselves how that squared with Obama's claims of a receding tide of war, and al Qaeda on the run). It is good because it shows the folly of pitting wishful diplomacy against murderous realities.

At core, "13 Hours" is a movie about the vital human business of keeping faith, of doing what's right -- who did, and who did not. This film shows how, in the face of folly from on high, and the deadly results on the ground, a small band of American warriors saw what had to be done, and did it. They stepped up to keep faith with themselves and their fellow Americans -- ..."

This bit really gets me..."the survivors, assembled at the airport, along with the bodies of the four dead Americans, were flown out of Benghazi -- not by American forces, but aboard a Libyan C-130 military cargo plane."


NK, they say 25". As usual, much ado about nothing. Life is mostly back to normal.


There is no way an informed conservative would support Donald Trump against Ted Cruz. Absolutely no way:



. . . and instead of fighting NYC snow and public transport, Mrs. sbw and I puttered around the house catching up on things we should have done weeks ago.


My husband came in from walking Jess & said the bike paths have been plowed (according to a neighbor).
Our STREET hasn't been plowed, but the bike path has been.

Mired in nonsense.....


Popular vote in last 6 elections went to: Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Bush, Obama, Obama

In what universe does Cruz win the election? Is the electorate more conservative now? Are there fewer Dems or gimmiecats of all political persuasions? Fewer illegal votes to be cast?


Conservative artist Sabo crashes Bernie Sanders' art expo in L.A.

Hah! THat's great Porchlight.

I like his "Jihad Free Zone" posters too - http://www.theamericanmirror.com/jihad-free-zone-signs-appear-around-southern-california/

Miss Marple


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