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January 24, 2016



Early retirement. Simply buy them out and send them home.

Unless the buyout exceeds the NPV of their lifetime pension cost, healthcare costs and any COLA going forward, none of them would take it. That would be a sizable lump sum, BTW.


...so now I have Verizon FIOS and the old DVD which we had, plus now Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Prime all plugged into a TV which knows my WiFi password.

Good grief, OL. What if the ChiCom's start hacking our remote controls so that all we get is CNN, MSNBC, and The View!!!

Ai yi yi!

Miss Marple


This actually is interesting to watch, and explains the democrat caucuses. Smart move by Bernie.

I think the Republican caucuses are run differently, but I am not sure. Anyhow, this explains the dem caucuses.


I don't have to. Do you think the Chinese invented the "Climate Change Hoax"?

And, do you think that is a real stance against it?

Thomas Collins

As long as it's not Rachel Maddow all the time, daddy. If the ChiComs are successful at that, I'll be surrendering and kowtowing to Emperor Xi in no time flat!


JiB do not take Dr OL's quack medicine advice..and get better soon.


The Republican ones are more orerly--the Democrat ones are based on the Zimbabwe workers-farmers meetins--last ones up win.


Aww, you stopped your search.

Didn't like what you found?


Everything I have ever posted here has been extolling conservative values.

Except this bit of ad hominem, followed by or this.

You are quit prolific with ad hominem tbt.


Apparently Bernie Sanders is "Yearning" for you to lick him.

James D.

OL @ 4:02

That story is horrifying, but not at all surprising.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Taking IV antibiotic of the super kind. Can't remember name but seems to be working according to review of the cultures.--



Breaking News: China figures out how to create new Democrat voters



Don't need to. Do you realize how stupid that is?


You again?


That is what Palin was hoping for when she said that steel sharpens steel

I've taken one knife and used it to sharpen another knife by swiping the edges against each other.


Texas nails it. I don't think ideology, like liberal vs. conservative, or "true" conservative vs. whatever is going to matter a hill of beans in this election, if it ever did. In fact, it's possible that even party ID might not matter as much. I think this election is going to be a contest between those who are making a living off the status quo and want it to go on, and an abused, shrinking, and desperate middle class who looks at our government and all the satellites that suck off it--like the CofC, the big banks, the civil service workers, the unions, Wall Street, the judicial system, the media, the welfare class, the think tanks, etc, and sees nothing but corruption and incompetence as far as the eye can see and on every level from a White House that leaves Americans to die in Libya, to a weather service that can't even measure a snow fall, to a city council that chooses to spend money on "civic art" instead of a decaying sewer system.

So when NR says Trump isn't a "true" conservative, or when a bunch of congress critters say that Cruz doesn't play well with others, it's falling on deaf ears. The guy who owns the mechanic shop on the corner isn't politically ideological. All he knows is that the economy sucks, taxes are killing him, he's in debt up to his eyeballs, and he's got two kids he'd like to send to a university that costs $100,000 a year. He's the guy who wonders why the only health insurance policy he can afford has a $10,000 deductible, when the illegal alien family next door not only gets their health care for free, but an Obamaphone, subsidized housing, and food stamps all on his dime. He's the guy who is told he's a racist if he worries that some "properly vetted" Syrian is going to blow up the mall when his wife is there shopping.

IOW, he's the guy who wants the goddamn trains to run on time--which is, historically, as we all know, how you get the rise of populism and the danger of demagoguery. And that brings up an interesting question: If a status quo person, be it Hillary, or Biden, or one of GOPe favorites, or even Rubio wins the election, is the anger and fear and frustration that is fueling the popularity of the outsider candidates going to just fade away? Or will four more years of corruption and incompetence just fan the flames higher?

And then what happens?


Glenn Beck is a 9-11 Truther: http://youtu.be/faGSTQdONEk


JiB -- so good to hear from you! And so very good to hear that you are seem to be finally on the right track.

I happen to have an intimate acquaintance with the heperin lock and temporary one floor living, and I predict that you will not only survive but flourish! Trust this battle hardened veteran!

P.S. Don't be shy -- milk it for all you can!

Jack is Back!


Yeah Vanco now onto something else. Got my new pick today for all the upcoming IV's. Interesting procedure.


And then what happens?

A cold civil war gets hot.


Thomas Collins:

"But I can't help but be disheartened by the fact that so many of my friends and family are still all in for The Hill."

"Disheartened" captures it exactly. Just this week 3 people I know who normally vote Republican said they'd probably vote for Hillary -- and expressed a certain amount of shock when I said I'd vote for Trump if he were the nominee.


A hot civil war or a Hugo Chavez.

Or one preceded by the other. In either order.

Beasts of England

That is one scary anecdote, JMHanes. Maybe they'll vote for Bloomberg instead!!

Art in Newport


Ace comes out against Rubio and for Cruz or Trump

Here's Why I Am So Absolutely Opposed to Marco Rubio

Miss Marple

Well, all I can say is that I think it depends on your circle of friends. I know what mine say, but I also know that I have a friend in North Carolina who swears she and her friends will not vote for Trump because "he's destroying our Republican party."

This is partially emotional for ALL parties on both sides. I think a lot depends on how much you have been hit by the Obama economy,, whether you care about immigration, and whether you accept the positions of people like National Review.

Lots of variables. If you are a white blue collar worker, you are probably more attracted to Trump. If you are a professional who worries about things like taxes, you probably gravitate to Cruz or Rubio.

No way to figure how it would break down in a general election. Trump (if he's the nominee) would have to do the greatest selling effort of his life.


JiB! We missed you. Even a major round of anti-biotics is no picnic, but I'm glad to hear that at least they'll be letting you head home soon.





"That would be a sizable lump sum, BTW."

Compared to what they spend on our behalf?



James D.

Totally OT, the latest audiobook from my book series just went up for sale today (this is book #9, and I did a little bit of a "ripped from the headlines" thing for this one - the villain is not-at-all-loosely based on Eliot Spitzer).


I had a new narrator for this one (the previous narrator couldn't work on it), but she did a great job, I think.



Any workable ideas on how to eliminate a few agencies, short of rope and lampposts?



Captain Hate on the iPad

Best wishes JiB; infections acquired at health care facilities are an increasing problem (that's what happened to you, no?).

It would be a great day for the GOP if they'd tell the Gas Chamber of Kommerce to take a hike. This election should be against people who think the economy is just ducky and everybody else.



Oh my goodness...:(

"Instead, Daleiden was indicted for “prohibition of the purchase and sale of human organs.” He and Merritt were both indicted for “tampering with a governmental record.”"

and this -

"Earlier this month, the national organization went on the offensive against Daleiden by filing a lawsuit in federal court accusing the Center for Medical Progress of unlawful behavior ranging from secret taping to trespassing."

Planned Parenthood & the abortion industry can to anything they want. Anything. They are a protected, taxpayer funded, multimillion dollar industry.
It is sickening....


can *do* anything they want.


an old tweet -

Brant Hansen @branthansen

Genuinely wondering if there was *anything* ‪#‎PlannedParenthood‬ could do that would cause supporters to say, "OK, I need to re-think this..."


James D, congratulations and good luck.Unfortunately my stack of unread books keeps growing. I thought I'd get caught up while snowbound but survival tactics ate up my time.


new fred.


What else would you expect from a grand jury in Houston Texas? What is wrong with you? You live in a cave? Black lives are the only lives that matter.

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