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January 26, 2016


Cecil Turner

First time she's been warm?

Captain Hate on the iPad

The Omen must have dispatched one of her multiple assistants to teach Granny how to take selfies. Rarely have the Crime Family salaries been put to such legal good use.


Tyrell corporation not cyberdyne.


Chozick wrote that toasting planet Hillary piece, that apparently was swallowed up by a singularity.

Captain Hate on the iPad

her husband's 560 page memoir of a lifetime of sexual predation.

The Cliff Notes summary.

Cecil Turner

Nice smile, though.

Jeff Dobbs

Facing a rougher-than-expected battle in the Democratic primary campaign, Mrs. Clinton seems to be drawing on a new spunkiness in her final push before the caucuses in Iowa on Monday


She then displayed a breezy, agreeable manner making her way down the rope line. “How are you?” she said, stretching the “you” out for several syllables


Mrs. Clinton rarely tells jokes, but she does occasionally rhyme. “No bank is too big to fail, and no executive is too powerful to jail” is a favorite.

She's a poet!

And the closing line in the article:

Mrs. Clinton asked, “Want a selfie?”

How warm is that!

Hillary has won the Chozick vote. The only question, has Chozick won a place in the Hillary administration?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Can a cyborg have a drinking problem?


Stroll? what happened to that thirty extra pound waddle?


Well data was known to imbibe, so just possibly.

Republicans absent.

All photos lately on the media just glow. Bernie's simmer.

Don't take my Kodachrome away.

Being shopped by photo into contention. Heh, perhaps a flash in the pan.


Jeff-since I had so much fun in the JOM NYC meetup I am headed up your way in late February.

I really hope the weather behaves this time.

See @ Judy's, no doubt elsewhere soon.

Let skylarkin' chilurker know there's a nice new paper about climate and vulcanism, per an author named Tolstoy.

James D.

I love the way this "objective news story" is written. Nothing but fawning over Hillary in every line.

Rick Ballard

Warm? The CPU fan is failing.


Will do Kim.


Cruz doubling down on "NY values".

Cha, cha, chacha chat.

TNX, h.

Jeff Dobbs



Seattle, Washington and New York City, NY - January 26, 2016

Carnival Corporation & plc today is announcing the sale of its subsidiary Holland America Line to businessman and investor Donald J. Trump for an undisclosed amount. Operating since 1873, Holland America Line today serves as one of the largest cruise operators in the world with a fleet of 13 world-class ships.

President and CEO of Carnival Corporation Arnold W. Donald says this is the culmination of several days of intense negotiations, and one which will serve the interests of both parties. "We may not have wanted to divest this part of our business, but I have to say, Mr. Trump is an amazing negotiator and there is no question this transaction positions us for greater success in the future."

Mr. Trump released the following statement: "I am very pleased with this transaction. It is a fantastic deal, an absolutely terrific deal. I want to thank Mr. Donald - who has a great last name, I must say - for the way he and his team gave me exactly what I want. And what I want is not only a cruise line - but this cruise line. As my first act as owner of Holland American, I am canceling the contract with National Review and their 2016 post-election cruise, and writing a new one in which they will pay double. Further I will assume control of the agenda and speakers, and anyone involved in their "special issue" will be disinvited. I assume they will object, in which case I will take them to court and tie them up in litigation for years. My second act will be to rename the company Trump Cruise Lines and paint my name in very large gold letters on each ship."

The acquisition remains subject to customary closing conditions.

Statements in this announcement may constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 as amended and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as amended. These statements may involve risks and uncertainties. More information about potential factors that could affect the company's business and financial results is included in the filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


I guess this year's post election cruise will not be on Holland.

She's lavish with praise, generally, not always without error.

I like the way it resolves the 41K, 100K clock.

It brings volcanic CO2 into play, as well as a host of other factors including biome fertilization and albedo. Judy calls it a gamechanger @ judithcurry.com

A polyglot.

Ah, sailed from Le Havre to New York on the Rotterdam in 1965, A most marvelous voyage, wondrous crowd.

Grandie ran libraries, bookshops on German lines to the Americas. I'm too young to remember him.

Dave (in MA)

This is what Marvin Minsky left us with?


Jay Cost has a very interesting piece on the convoluted vote-counting rules in the Republican contests:
"Something like this could develop on the GOP side this year. Midwestern voters could be more important than Southern voters; voters in Democratic states or districts could be more valuable than voters in Republican states or districts; and participants in low-turnout caucuses could have more influence than primary voters. As the GOP goes about selecting its nominee, the rules will matter — perhaps a lot."

MM may be wrong this time about her vote in IN coming too late to mean anything.



Old Lurker

Waiting for a morning report from JiB....

Fascinatin'  all the hatin'.

There are more than the usual crosscurrents of appeal in this election, no matter how the present matrix of four works out in the months ahead.

Herbis, verbis et mineralis.

ID the bug, ensure levels of the correct drug at the right place long enough and he'll be alright. He seems in good hands, at a decent joint.


Kim's link for the lurker


Yes that was a vunderful deal, kind of a slow motion Mattel.

Old Lurker

I will await Kim's translation into English for the rest of us...


Its not the skydragon, it's neptunes forge.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Sucking up to the high rollers; and the Repukes wonder why they keep getting rolled. Maybe it's time to sit out an election.


TX hero suspended from school. Golden opportunity for Trump or Cruz to champion him before "clock boy" BOzo.


OL,I think Kim meant that Jack's cultures haven't pinpointed the bug that caused the infection. I'm concerned,but will think only good thoughts.

Old Lurker

Marlene, I was referring to the Judith Curry linked paper...too many big words in it for me!


Yes the top men are going brechtian, but trump does seem to be burning those circuitbreakers down.


Ted Cruz on John Boehner




jimmyk on iPhone

Reposted from the old thread:
More on what happens to that shakedown money that the DoJ extorts:


Ironic that the left complains about the lack of criminal prosecutions, as if they are not the big beneficiaries

Old Lurker

Mrs. OL had a bout with MRSA in a joint following an operation on her foot several years ago. We became expert very quickly with the need to ID the bug and, exactly as Kim says, deliver the right drug to the right place for the right amount of time to nuke the damn thing. In her case it worked out fine, but it took several years of "clean" blood tests before the medical system would accept her as MRSA free when they treated her for things.

Therefore my interest in JiB's saga.


The real Ted Cruz



Every thing is slight of hsnd, the pea presided over flint like a basenghi, but that story is slight of hand.


Is not told, and Snyder galls on his word.


Why This Former Trump Fan Doesn’t Support Him Anymore


Jack is Back

Trump showing how he can deal with top Israeli-American Jewish business interests. Can't wait to see the improvements since lately there have been issues. Just think the reaction if he had got Cunard in the same deal as they debate banning him in the UK.

Looking to get out today or tomorrow for home stay PT and continued Antibiotic IV's. Will be bringing in someone to help. All silver bells in a 50 mile radius have been confiscated under decree of Empress Mrs.JiB.

3 weeks of antibiotics. All cultures still negative.

Old Lurker

Great Jack.

Sorry about the silver bells.

Now that she has gutted your FL house, Mrs. JiB can outfit the NY place for an aging old man, right?



Have a bedroom on the ground floor?

If not, renting a hospital bed is pretty easy.


glad to hear it Jack. I prayed for you in church, and as I was doing so, it occurred to me, that, a, I have no idea what you look like, what your last name is, what hospital you were in, and why I cared, but somehow Our Lord sorted it out anyway.

Old Lurker

Assuming I would live forever, when I designed our MD house in 1976, we made no allowances at all about accessibility for us as we aged.

Ooops. Now we are old. Who knew that would happen?

When we designed the Nantucket house, which is called an "upside down house" where the important rooms and Master BR are on the top floor to maximize ocean views, we built in an elevator shaft to serve all three floors for future use. In the meantime I have three big closets that just happen to line up on top of each other, and have unusual structural engineering and fire ratings to make it easy when that time comes.

No silver bells allowed there either, which is why I offered to FedEx mine to JiB.

Old Lurker

No problem, Peter. God knows because he lurks here at JOM.


JiB, keep taking those probiotics. Have your wife bring them in from home. Don't ask, don't tell.
May want to throw back a kombucha or two a day as well. The ginger ones are my favorite.

Were you ever febrile?
White blood count elevated?

Keep getting better.

Old Lurker

"Were you ever febrile?"

Is that what those blue pills they advertise on TV are for?

Cecil Turner

As my first act as owner of Holland American, I am canceling the contract with National Review and their 2016 post-election cruise, and writing a new one in which they will pay double.

Heh. If you're not getting this from Onion or People's Cube, you probably ought to consider contributing.


as of 10:36 this threas is INSTALANCHED




BTW-- Hilligula is now so fat, she looks like an Umpalumpah

Rick Ballard

A case of Corona every four hours will do that.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- Maybe she could give a lecture on potential lithium shortages..... --

So, she's bipolar.
That explains the flying lamps, among other things.

Wiki notes the following side effects of lithium use;
"Common side effects include increased urination, shakiness of the hands, and increased thirst."

That explains getting back late to the debate stage, the stroke symptoms and the drinking, among other things.

The first seriously mentally ill, alcoholic woman prezzy. A threefer.

Beasts of England

Bravo, Jeff!! And welcome back!


When Clinton is forced to step aside health will be the stated reason.

Comanche Voter

Getting warm in Iowa? Hey Hillary is a granma now and her menopausal hot flashes are a thing of the distant past.

Dave (in MA)

In FB sidebar, too good to check, "Tom DeLay: Former Congressman Says He Has Been Informed That FBI Is Ready to Indict Hillary Clinton"


I noticed this from the NYT article:

Mrs. Clinton does not rouse large crowds the way Mr. Sanders does. One of her largest events yet, a get-out-the-caucus rally in West Des Moines on Sunday, attracted 900 people. Instead, she tries to impress her crowds, made up mostly of older women and their husbands, by appearing prepared and knowledgeable about local dynamics.

Reminds me of Jeb's "Happy to be in sixth place." She don't need no steenkin' crowds! Quality not quantity!

And isn't "older women and their husbands" kind of strange phrasing? Why not "older couples" or "older men and their wives"?

Jack is Back

They provide probiotics and yoghurt as part of the full protocol. I am going to a local rehab not home. Sorry for confusion


I'm trying to think how much one's life must suck to be a husband dragged to a Hillary event by the Mrs.

Miss Marple

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 24m24 minutes ago

Why doesn't phony @bobvanderplaats tell his followers all the times he asked for him and his family to stay at my hotels-didn't like paying
6 retweets 16 likes


From the increased size of her waist it seems they must have enlarged the coal bunkers to give her extended range at full power.


Trump really is a punk. No class.


"The first seriously mentally ill, alcoholic woman prezzy. A threefer."

Iggy, I was almost ready to say you forgot bi-sexual, but then remembered Zero had that locked down.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

How the Stupid Party Earned Its Name.
Will be interesting to see others reactions to the piece.
To me seemed to be some truth to it but mostly misguided and insulting.


coal bunkers? or some kind of torpedo belt armor.


Buckeye-- bi-sexual? I thought Obummer was just gay, no? The kids had be be some form of remote insemination. Had to be.


NK, do the kids look like Rev Wright?



Do you view that tweet as a positive for Trump?


"They provide probiotics and yoghurt as part of the full protocol. I am going to a local rehab not home. Sorry for confusion."


One of my buddies had a similar live-in, short-term stint in a rehab facility. He got lucky, his "drill sergeant" was a 20 something beauty with a great personality.

Could happen;)

Old Lurker

And, Buckeye, there is no evidence she likes men either.

Cecil Turner

Will be interesting to see others reactions to the piece.

Good piece. Convinced me not to read the book, saving substantial time and irritation.


OL/henry-- as she is a dude, A REALLY BIG DUDE, I don't think Rev Wright was involved it had to be remote. Had to be, I mean... c'mon.


I skimmed that one, Ig. "Insulting" pegs it.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"appearing prepared and knowledgeable about local dynamics."

But apparently not about Benghazi.


IMO, the chances of Hillary "appearing prepared and knowledgeable" about any subject are ZERO.


GA legislator to college presidents: No due process protections for students, no GA money for you.


Voice simulation programmers need to tidy that one up, pagar. That doesn't even make sense.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The guy whose job it was to provide the Chinese politburo with the numbers it wanted to hear, regardless of reality, sacked for providing the politburo the numbers it wanted to hear, regardless of reality.
Confucius say; when in Peking, duck.


To me seemed to be some truth to it but mostly misguided and insulting.

Yeah, I had a similar reaction. Reagan should be the model, not the intelleckshewals like George Will or even Buckley. Boning up on ideas has a role (Reagan did that), but it can't be the beall and end-all. Rely on basic principles, not bow-tied prigs.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

"You Cannot Possibly Succeed, Ha, Ha".
Xi may be calling Putin for some phone numbers re those foreign assassination jobs.
Soros may find out just how Open Societies really work.
Couldn't happen to a nicer creep.

Captain Hate on the iPad

To me seemed to be some truth to it but mostly misguided and insulting.

The "conservative" who wrote the book appears on the Intern Killer so he's probably a Brooks think alike crossed with aspiring to be a cooch hound like Condit. As CT said, good vetting by The Weekly Standard.

Miss Marple


Not particularly, although I don't know what VanderPlaat did to provoke him. I imagine it will b a wash between Vanderplaat being insulted by Trump and Governor Bransttad being ticked off by Cruz.

I assume Vanderplaat did ask for free rooms.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent demonstration that;
1. Past performance is no guarantee of future results and,
2. Being right once is often dumb luck;
John Paulson using personal assets to secure line of credit after betting heavily on Greece and Puerto Rico.

Rick Ballard

At least there's a fair chance the Chinese book cooker will be executed in public. Our numbers fudgers operate in too safe an environment.

I wonder who will be taking bullets at the PBOC?


I'm dancing for you!!!

Miss Marple


It seems to me that these "conservative intellectuals" weren't above taking money to appear on Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham's show, or any of the others.

I found it insulting, and apparently a less-strident version of Kevin Williamson's article on how we all are a bunch of illiterate boobs.

Funny how some of the same attitudes come out in 2 articles almost back to back.

I am starting to think maybe I am no longer the conservative I thought I was. At least they are all telling me that.


What I find interesting is that Hillary was Party Girl while SoS jetting down to Colombia to do the cumbia and doing the Soweto Shake when down in South Africa, usually with a drink in her hand. Since when has a SoS acted in such a manner?

And yet she comes off as Howard Hughes when she meets regular people. Someone wrote that when she speaks she doesn't mingle, and she's a complete stiff at meet n greets the rare times she does them.

There something very off about her. It can even be seen in the goofy pictures taken when she was on Capitol Hill as a staffer.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Giant bank urges central bankers to end QE lest it further crush commodities and even drive stocks lower.
Of course it is a giant German bank and they're talking to the EUnuchs but still...


I would guess that Paulson was not literally betting heavily on Greece and Puerto Rico, but on US and ECB bailouts thereof.


for your reading list today:http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2015/09/07/an-open-letter-to-jonah-goldberg-re-the-gop-and-donald-trump/

Miss Marple

Jerry Falwell, Jr. just announced he is endorsing Donald Trump.


matt lewis employed adam brinkley, who was the one who discovered the huntress, but he has drifted toward brooksianism, in the last seven years,


From the Steyn piece on NRO vs Trump, linked by Miss Marple:

You have to be over 50 to have voted for Reagan, and a supposed "movement" can't dine out on one guy forever, can it? What else you got?
Amen to that. I remember when the beatification of Reagan began with tacking his name onto Washington National Airport. That was back when the Weekly Standard owned the Reagan rights. I never actually thought he was even that great a communicator; his press conferences made me nervous, because I was always afraid he'd screw something up. Apparently I'm the only person in America who felt that way.

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