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January 03, 2016


Jim Eagle

Hail to the Redskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the Warpath
Fight for Old DC

Colt McCoy on a deep pass for a TD. Now 31-14 in Cowboy land.


Saudis kick Iranian diplomats out of the kingdom.


I'm sure Barack blames the Iran Saudi kerfluffle (now with beheadings!) on the Crusades. Societies don't overnight completely erase things that happened 6-700 years ago. (Or whenever the Crusades were).

Captain Hate on the iPad

They started over a thousand years ago and 404's knowledge of them could easily fit in a thimble.

Beasts of England

The Sheriff's a {{{bong-g-g}}}.

Jim Eagle


If I was Obama and the State Dept. I sure would be worried about the Saudi-Iran kerfuffle. I lived near Qatif (twice), once at Ras Tanura and then at Al-Khobar. Have driven through it on the way from Damman to Ras Tanura many times. It is a hotbed of bad actors (shia) and they used to have security issues there all the time. Saudi national guard are the police there and at times diverted us to Rt. 95, the main carriageway but longer.

I have no doubt that the Persian menance will make hay out of the executions and this could get ugly. Jubail is just up the road and the major industrial center of the sandbox.

James D.

So Rex Ryan knocks the Jets out of the playoffs. Wow.

James D.

And the Giants end yet another miserable season with a loss to the loathsome Eagles. They couldn't manage one more win for Coughlin.

I wonder if they'll trade some draft picks to the Saints for the rights to Sean Payton. Seems like the kind of bonehead move that Jerry Reese (the one who really ought to be fired) likes to make so it wouldn't surprise me.


Maron in TM's Obama/Maron excerpt is Marc Maron.

Here's a bit from Marc Maron from 2011 -

MARC MARON, COMEDIAN: I don't want to be crass but I just hope that Marcus Bachmann takes all that, you know, rage that comes from repression and denial and brings it into the bedroom with her. I hope he f--ks her angrily because, because that's how I would. And I've thought about it. I just…

[Laughter and applause]

MARON: …It's a political statement I'm trying to make.

SAVAGE: Just so we get, just so you don’t get charges of sexism, because only Michele Bachmann was involved, I sometimes think about f--king the s--t out of Rick Santorum.

[Laughter and applause]

SAVAGE: Because I think…

MARON: I’m with you.

SAVAGE: …he needs it. So, it’s not, it's not just women we’re talking about f--king. Like, let's bone that Santorum boy.

MARON: Alright. Let’s video it.

SAVAGE: I’m up for whipping up some santorum in Santorum

- See more at: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2011/07/16/real-time-guests-discuss-having-violent-hate-sex-michele-bachmann-and#sthash.UL4fa6Z1.dpuf

The President of the United States went on Marc Maron's radio show & talked about how Americans are racists.
No problem with Maron & the actual filth he spews.

Comanche Voter

What I love about the Obama years is all the racial healing he's managed to do. [Sarc.]


Congrats to the Dolphins and their fans. I think their interim coach did a hell of a job.


The entire UNITED STATES of AMERICA is a recruiting video for the JAYY VEEEEEEEEEEE.

The MFM are going to get attacked at some point, but they won't learn.

James D.

Gus, they've BEEN attacked! ISIS has bejeaded reporters. Iran's holding a WaPo reporter for over a year now. And their hero Obama sits on his hands while their friends and colleagues are tortired and mirdered by savages. They continue to carry water for the man who controls the most powerful military in the history of mankind but won't lift a finger to save their coworkers.

There is no reaching these people and no educating them. To hell with them all.

James D.

Sorry about all the misspellings, I'm on my iPhone


JiB, I saw a tweet this morning about unrest in Qatif as the start of the end of the Sauds... From your post it sounds like it will be ugly there for a while. At a minimum.


Jack is Back, do you think that the billions that Iran got in the Kerry deal will make them more aggressive toward SA than if they didn't have those funds?


James. As I walked away to finish my CHILI, I realized that the MFM had been attacked already. In fact James Foley went to Marquette University here in Milwaukee and he was beheaded ON CAMERA.
Cheerleader, its like Planned Death Hut, the money is fungible. Iran will promise not to spend THAT MONEY on terror.


James, Trump says that before Kerry even started negotiating he should have said "no talks until we have the prisoners back." If Iran said no to that, then the U.S. should have doubled the sanctions. If that had been done the prisoners would be back now. His theme is always that the U.S. gets the short end of the stick in every deal it makes and things just can't go on like that.


With Trump, one has to read between the lines a little..


Someone should put a link to Tom Maguire's Free Advice on Trump's twitter.

Jim Eagle

The Persian menance doesn't need money to make a mess. The last 10 years they are proverbially dead broke but it hasn't stopped them from making evil around the world, has it?

Qatif is a huge shia community in the middle of a Sunni (wahabi) country. And it is across the gulf from Iran where it gets all its support. Everyone knows its Iran's access to the Arabian peninsula. Lots of smuggling goes on there.



Max Boot weighs in on the Saudi/Iran kerfuffle.


I just wanted to commend you on an excellent article today
I agree that if you write it we will read it
A clear explanation of what has been happening

Jim Eagle


I think maybe @realDonaldTrump has read the advice:

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 2h2 hours ago
Iran, with all of the money and all else given to them by Obama, has wanted a way to take over Saudi Arabia & their oil. THEY JUST FOUND IT!


Obama and Kerry are clowns. Obama relates to the Iranian Muzz and the ferret runs Obama's operations. Kerry is just a fucking clown. Dumb as a box of hammers.


The problem with the Saudis is that the royal family has been paying off the radicals and funding radical islamists all around the world. Can we say those chickens are coming home to roost?


Only if chicken is halal. Thanks for the link Glasater.


So true
In my lifetime I have never seen the Arab world in such disarray
Obama fiddles while the world burns and beheads people
It is like living in the Dark Ages

Rick Ballard

The US Treasury has not released Iran's money being held under sanctions and sanctions will not be lifted until the IAEA certifies Iran's compliance with the JCPOA mandate.

Aside from that, every bit of the twitterspout generated is absolutely as true as everything else generated.


No problem. Obama should send out the head of NASA for a Mooozlim outreach.


Greetings from San Francisco. Seems to me if the Moslem world is fighting each other, that's not all bad, is it? I suppose I agree with Boot that we should align with SA, if we have to pick sides, but maybe we can just watch for a while.


Rick, hasn't the U.S. released 11.9 Billion to Iran already??


Halal, heh Henry!!

Have this great friend who is getting on in years who always maintained that if it came to pass of a world wide catastrophe it would begin in Africa.

What with ISIS and the other radicals carving up the Northern part of that continent I'm kinda thinking she was prescient.



Excellent column today -- if nothing else, the whole Trump campaign has certainly become a vastly more interesting phenomenon than I'd ever have expected. It's fascinating to watch media types trying to explain him. I frankly don't know why anyone in their right minds thought the war on women meme was going to work for Hillary. The gender card didn't get her anywhere against Obama, and she never even got to see what Republicans would do with it. Perhaps the latter is why someone at Politico could write the following with, one presumes, a straight face:

Until this week, it seemingly was a settled question. Bill Clinton’s soaring popularity suggested the public had come to terms with the messier aspects of his private conduct — the Monica Lewinsky scandal and other personal peccadilloes — and an unspoken consensus had formed around the notion that the former president’s behavior wasn’t germane to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.
I wonder how many rewrites that paragraph went through! I'm not sure who was supposed to be a party to this gentleman's agreement, but I suspect the principals consist of Hill & Bill. The idea of Bill back in the White House with time on his hands [y'all can just fill in your dirty joke of choice], gives me the…. shoot this stuff really does want to write itself, but I'm not gonna go there.

Frau Quark

JMH - just suppose Camille Cosby were running for higher office.

As for sending out the head of NASA, all I can say is, "The galaxy, ad infinitum."

Sandy Daze

I think Max Boot's analysis is muddled, his apologia for KSA is hard to stomach. Yet, he gets to the right conclusion, even if via confused - - at best - - reasoning.

An example, the whabbi outreach & prostelization across the world... From American prisons to mosques in the darkest corners (some may recall images I payed from South Sudan, where KSA money paid for the "church - mosque") KSA had conducted a strategic campaign of is lamination, here, there, and everywhere in between.

An alignment with KSA as a matter of expediency against the persian menace may be necessary, but we should be under NO illusions.

As insty just recalled, too bad the Kissinger quote cannot be applied :

“It’s a pity they both can’t lose.”

from http://www.nationalreview.com/article/292496/its-pity-somebody-has-win-andrew-c-mccarthy

Rick Ballard


There have been funds transferred for humanitarian purposes (primarily payments to vendors for food and medicine) but actual sanction money cannot be legally released until the IAEA certification is generated.

Beasts of England

'Messier aspects' is a phrase I would have avoided when describing the Lewinsky affair.


JMHanes and Frau
You guys are really something today!
Keep the posts coming

Sandy Daze

lamination s/b islamization
(on hand - held)

other errors too, sorry.

Jim Eagle

We didn't seem to have a problem aligning with Stalin and the Soviet Union to defeat the Nazis. So, what are your objections in re doing the same with the Saudi's?

The Saudis as a sanctioning government did not blow up the Marine Barracks in Beirut, or The Khobar Towers or the Embassy takeover in Tehran or any of the other acts of terror around the world. And if you bring up 911 and the number of Saudi citizens involved there is no credible evidence it was sponsored by the Saudi government.

The fact we capitulated to the Iranians on their nuclear program may be the most significant diplomatic mistake in the history of mankind. If they get the bomb, unlike the NORKS and Pakis, they will use it; Flat guaranteed.


I am thrilled Hil and Bill will not get a pass for their reprehensible actions

Sandy Daze

Was that for me, JIB?

'cause, I thought I answered that question...


other personal peccadilloes —

Isn't that "nice" phrasing. IF you are a college age frat. guy you are a RAPIST...but Bill Clinton has "personal peccadilloes".

Jim Eagle


Never even saw your post since I didn't refresh. No, it was for a general reaction I have seen about working with the Saudis. If we didn't have their cooperation during GW1, Kuwait would still be occupied and we would have more than worries about oil transport logistics trough the straits of Hormuz.

I agree with you. But we have no other alternative except to become Paulians and just turn our back on Israel and the middle east. Irresponsible in my opinion.


Spengler on the Saudi-Iran dust up:http://atimes.com/2016/01/saudi-arabia-in-policy-hell/

Thanks, JMH. whatever happens with Trump he's changed the ground game with both the media and Hillary IMO.


Also courtesy of Clarice's column, I checked out the NYTimes Analysis of Trump's demographics:

[Trump's] geographic pattern of support is not just about demographics — educational attainment, for example. It is not necessarily the typical pattern for a populist, either. In fact, it’s almost the exact opposite of Ross Perot’s support in 1992, which was strongest in the West and New England, and weakest in the South and industrial North. [So far, so good.]

But it is still a familiar pattern. It is similar to a map of the tendency toward racism by region, according to measures like the prevalence of Google searches for racial slurs and racist jokes, or scores on implicit association tests. [WTF???]

I am so sick of this kind of gratuitous racist profiling. These are his comparison maps:

Trump Strengths photo Trump-Strength_zpsdx4gejlz.jpg

Race Searching photo Race-Search_zpsld3zrcbk.jpg

Yeah there are some familiar patterns there, but Tump's voter base ain't it. I did a little mapping of my own, using just the high intensity segments of each spectrum. The bright magenta is where the racist jokes overlap with Trump's most enthusiastic supporters, in orange. Call the pale pink unaffiliated racists.

Overlap photo Crossover2_zpst7hdg9mv.jpg

Looking at the racists on their own, you've got the racist vote in turquoise, and the racist Trump vote in orange. Looks to me like about half of 'em like him and half of 'em don't. Which is not how this narrative is supposed work, is it?

Race Vote photo Race-Vote_zpsa0amtt40.jpg

Racism in Nevada is apparently a mid-spectrum phenom, but it's not cooperating either:
Nevada photo Nevada_zpsutvlwfgt.jpg

Then there's the confluence of the Mississippi and the Ohio Rivers, which is virtually flooded with racists:
River Race photo River-Race_zpsdrbebmyg.jpg

We're bound to find some Trump voters there:
Trump River photo River-Trump_zpsony3lzzl.jpg


Sometimes it's a long, long way from "familiar" to statistically significant. I'm not even sure how far down the correlation road Cohn's maps get him.

I do love maps though….


Your characterization of Kerry is unfair to boxes of hammers everywhere.


I guess Kerry's a genius dealmaker then


Very nice, jmh.

Murbling mirth o'er dearth of earth.

Don't know much about cartography. But I do know magenta screams. And I ooh la la la the red; must've hit his head.


It looks like Iran and the Saudi's are at war. Next move will be for the Saudi's to get nukes. Will Obama support Iran and feed them all that money?

This probably will not end well.

(And if you have already discussed this, I apologize.)


I love maps too, JMH and here's a link you most likely are familiar with but may not be well known to those who frequent JOM:

Brilliant Maps

Your island, no?

Never apologize, Jane; if you think it we should hear it.


I believe you missed the point. However you characterize Kerry, it is unfair to the subject of the comparison. He is beneath everything afaic. Excepting 404 of course.

And what's happened in the seven years of Obama, Clinton and Kerry?

There has long been a Sunni Bomba. In a nation saturated with Saudi funded madrassahs. Said Bomba possibly under tenuous US control.

Between Oxus and Jumna.

There's also little love lost between Pakis and Persians, see the borderlands, conflicted Afghanis.

Beasts of England

Nice overlays, JMHanes!! The confirmation-bias garbage generated by The Times never ceases to amaze. There are at least three more methodological errors in their approach, but I'll be damned if I'll give those libtards the satisfaction of my deconstruction.

Something tells me that their bubble remains unaware that being called a racist no longer moves the needle. First we kill the MFM.

That's an Arnold Toynbee book from 1961

g., family members have degrees from Clark. We all love maps.

Jim Eagle

Those maps are relevant only if they can vote over the internet.


about 20 years, there was a Cockburn piece, re some aspects of the Kingdom's nuclear program, came from a dissident diplomat, Khillawi was his name, there have been other sources, that suggests they got nuclear capable missiles from the Chinese

jimmyk on iPhone

Nice work, JMH. Another big problem with these maps is that they don't provide any clue about the actual numbers of people in the geographic areas. You can have wide swaths of shaded areas that have a few thousand people, and tiny dots that have millions. That's why those national election maps are always 90% red, even when the D wins.

Jim Eagle


Hard to keep a nuclear program secret. Everyone knows Israel has one even though they adamantly deny it every time. Especially in the sand box where everyone knows everthing and Arabs love thato talk and brag. Based purely on that cultural signature, I doubt they have anything approaching nuclear outside what is needed for medicine.


Per Insty, the MeffingM wants to call the Bundy clan "terrorists." I trust no one here is surprised...


Thanks, kim : )


Great maps, JMH, so they show the same disdain, for Trump voters as with Forza Italia, UKIP and Front Nationale,

the most interesting bit about that tape, was the
somali 'deradicalization' worker, who ended up radicalized, and a member of Al Shabaab, ht Patrick Poole,

Beasts of England

Welp, I wasn't gonna do this, but: there's simply no way to ascertain if the same people doing the 'racist' searches as supporting Trump; searching for (their definition of) 'racist' jokes may or may not be related to being a racist; and how was the data normalized (distribution of internet access) - a few of those lighter shades in Mississippi just ain't right.

It's an asinine slur by the Dancing Chimps.


And I must register my deep disappointment with this board's utter nonchalance about the end of the world looming just 24 days away per ManBearPig. Eschatology just ain't what it used to be, huh? :)

Rick Ballard


Great job on the maps. The overemphasis on blue collar white male support is what struck me as most puerile about the "analysis". Trump's support is somewhat wider, if no deeper, than Cohn's comfort food for NYT subscribers suggests.

His point about the historical turnout weakness of that demographic is correct and if "this time it's no different", then SEC Super Tuesday will be the end of the road.



If the world ends before my hiatus is up, I am going to be ticked.


Well, I can understand Beasts' indifference. His Tide will have won the final Natty so he can die a happy man! :)


well I have jury duty tomorrow,

Jim Eagle

Since we are a maps thread, here is a very interesting map from Patterico. You guys out west probably all know about this but it is revealing to the rest of us. Holy Moly.


Plus as a prosecutor he gives his version of the ranchers case. Not trying to counter Iggy but just presenting another opinion even though they may be the same.


You take your chances with a diffident hiatus from here, Appalled...


Who committed more rapes?.

Duke Lacrosse team.
Bill Clinton?


Jack, frankly I'm surprised the Fed's share in ID isn't greater being that we're the seventh largest state geographically with a ton of wilderness area.

Beasts of England

If I died right now I'd be pretty darned pleased. It's the only way this hangover is gonna subside. I blame a girl... :)

Frau Quark

Janet @ 5:49 - BJ still holds the master class Rapist/Dirty Old Man title.

lyle, I'm prepared. My latest batch of blackberry brandy will be ready for that date with fate.
Will algore disappear in a puff of schtunk as his sacral chakra blows?

James D.

From what I've read about the Oregon situation (the Patterico link meshes with what I remember reading previously), it seems clear to me that the government's conduct is outrageous, and the only people who should be facing jail time are the BLM people involved, and the prosecutors.


More rapes than the entire Duke Lacrosse team.

Rodham should be so proud.


JOM should create a go fund me to raise $'s for Iggy to go and defend the Hammonds, JIB.


We can only hope, Frau!

Your present state sounds like mine yesterday, BoE. Mrs. lyle made braised short ribs in the slow cooker for New Years Day. Mr. lyle went deep into a mag of '04 Brunello. I really had planned on skiing yesterday but couldn't muster the energy. Something tells me my involvement with a "girl" differed considerably...

Beasts of England

Homemade blackberry brandy? That's pretty groovy, Frau!

Beasts of England

I shoulda had the short ribs, lyle. ;)


here's a short precis re Mena, as Man Tran suggested,


It appears someone asked Shrillery about Jaunita Broaderick at the town hall thing. She can't even vet her props anymore.


I generally don't spend much time paying attention to Biden, but when is the last time he spoke publicly? Was it after Beau's death?

Jim Eagle

We have a winery here in Southampton (you are reading that right) that makes a superb Blueberry Port. It is served in the First Class Lounge of British Airways at JFK. Comes from Duck Walk Vineyards, Water Mill.

It is what we serve at any dinners we host. Superb.



Life is full of choices, BoE...

Might have to snag some of that port, Jack. I envision a killer reduction to accompany roast pork.

say yes to the blue dress

Juanita Broderick, whodat?? Is she Juan Williams wife or something???

Frau Brombeere

It's a slacker's recipe, Beasts. Nothing fancy. Strictly medicinal. (I'm too cheap to buy a bottle of Echte Kroatzbeere.)

Hold up, lyle. A little detail about the braised short ribs, please.

Frau Brombeere

JiB - from your link:
"Blackberry Fruit Wine ~ Special Case Pricing $99.00

Made from blackberry’s "

Why retired teachers drink!

Jim Eagle

Oh, oh. Looks like Denver is number one seed. Thanks for the American Pie video, Rocco:)


now this is too awkward to put into any narrative,
so they left it out,



Frau, red wine, beef stock, onions, garlic (I added some more while the missus was out), generous worstchestshire (sp?), S&P on the trimmed ribs, bay leaf. Marinated overnight. Browned the ribs and tossed everything into a slow cooker for 8 hrs. Defatted the broth and thickened a tad more with corn starch slurry. Heavenly. Brussel sprout gratinee.


did he get the Quai D'Orsay handbook on protocols,




Looks like most of the Fed land in Florida is the Ocala National Forest.

About 25 years ago we were driving through at night on the way to visit grandma and grandpa and almost hit a black bear.


a generally balanced account, considering the source,


zero proof

HGH you taste so good.

Man Tran


You question from the other thread:

If you go into the comments under your column and sort by best, there were several back and forths from a couple commenters just a few comments down about Mena. There was a reference to a couple of books written, one in '94 and one earlier about the whole coke bidness and Mena, as well as alluding to Slick and maybe the previous Gov. being involved. Some wag suggested that papa Bush might have had a hand in it when he was at the CIA.

Love those conspiracies as long as you treat it as a fun fiction with the hope that it might be true.

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