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January 21, 2016



(d) Go big or go home

Sandy Daze

You mean, boris, go YUUUUUUUGE ?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That restraining order casts my favorite Don McLean song in a new light;
Everybody Loves Me Baby; What's the Matter With You?

Sandy Daze

I think it will be Trump - Cruz on the ticket
Sarah at energy
Ben at Surgeon General/HHS
Chris at Attorney General
Marco at SecState
John at Homeland Security
Jeb at Interior
Carley at Defense
Rick at EPA
Mike at something else


Sandy, there IS no EPA, nor EDUCATION dept.


things that make you go hm, national review along with salem, was going to cosponsor a debate with telemundo in February?


Sandy, I want Bolton at State. A bunch of the others it doesn't matter because they should be just shuttered. Interior should be given to an auctioneer who can sell off federal land, use the proceeds to pay off the national debt.


All in all, I opt (b) for reasons a few of which are currently set forth at National Review. There are more, but that's enough to start with.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Captain Hare;


well he does have a sense of the absurd, which is a requirement for living on Ceti Alpha 6,


are you kidding me:


Dave (in MA)

Is this the Brady thread?



ah yes, it wouldn't be Goodell night football without a moment like that,


well it is over a hundred years old,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The insanity of the world;
The original Iranian hostages were finally compensated for Iran taking them hostage.......with money from a French bank, while we're giving Iran, the hostage takers, $100 billion.


Ig, Obama is insane. He and Jarrett are seriously INSANE. They are emotionally and psychologically DISTURBED. What they believe and percieve as America's interests are truly bizarre and INSANE.


well Paribas are weasels, they were part of the oil for food program, but still,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Did Barry [and the Rock Hyrax] give Iran a Hellfire via Cuba?
The story is bizarre and not too believable any other way.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

To sleep, perchance to kick a pooch off the bed.


IG, who knows what lies and deceit Obama and Jarrett have done. It is clear that Obama has an alliance with Iran for some DADDY DIDN'T LOVE ME reason.
Obama is a sick freak.


"Clear Difference" Ad - Cruz on Immigration...


David M

I'm not sure it's exactly accurate to say the United States is giving Iran $100 billion. It's true that Iran can access money that was previously frozen by sanctions, but they are literally withdrawing their own money from banks in Asia.


Looks like it's going to be ugly here---ice.
"Wintery mix" started some time after midnight, it's 29, so unless this heads north soon--yuck.

Think I'll head in early--less chance of somebody hitting me.


It's as if he's figured out what every single one-issue voter group wants and promised it to them...


(not that this is not a HUGE issue to me as well)

Jack is on his Back!


Did you say ice? I crave ice 24/7. Can't get enough of it. Now in addition to kung-foo fighting the knee infection I have a simple phlebitis on the calf desiring regular warm compresses and a daily aspirin.

But it's the infection. Looks like it's going to take a while. Can't get the swelling down. Bummer.

Tom Bowler

Sorry to hear about your knee, JiB. Hope you can fight off the infection soon.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

I can't predict what will happen in the next week. I think it unseemly to laugh at Trump supporters and I just dropped a long-time follow on Twitter because he called Trump-followers idiots, visigoths, and vandals (hyperbole much?).

I find what the National Review did quite destructive (and also ridiculous since they put Glenn Beck in there, the same guy who VOTED FOR OBAMA in reality and who put out a fake Trump tweet).

News this morning is that the RNC dropped them from the debate they were supposed to participate in with Telemundo (and rightfully so since they are no longer able to pretend they are in any way impartial).

Listened to early NPR stuff this morning and they were interviewing some financial guy over in Davos. He, of course, supports Bush. He likes Donald Trump personally but feels that "in politics you have to have someone who is expertienced in politics."

This is exactly what's wrong. Our politicians have set themselves up as separate from the rest of the country, and only those "experienced" (admitted to the club) are supposed to be involved. This is completely 180 from how the country's government was supposed to be run.

Now I will go see if I can find some links for news.

Miss Marple

Duck Dynasty hedging their bets:


(Phil endorsed Cruz)


Saw a link on Drudge saying W will campaign in SC. Had to think for a minute as to who he'd be there for. Ol' Jeb isn't gone, but he's forgotten (at least with me)

Miss Marple


I cannot see how it will do Jeb any good.

Furthermore, I am disappointed that W, who has kept out of things through the past 8 years (like his brother) now resurfaces for Jeb.

The presidency is not a family business.


What the heck are you guys doing over here? Grrr.

Reposting my last:

“I would rather be governed editorialized at by the first 100 people in the Boston telephone directory than by the 100 people on the faculty of Harvard University staff of The National Review."

G'nite already@#$


Saw a link on Drudge saying W will campaign in SC. Had to think for a minute as to who he'd be there for.

Ha! Danoso:)

Tom Bowler

The presidency is not a family business.

I agree that it shouldn't be, MM, but it sure seems as if our governing elite have been trying very hard to make themselves into a present day aristocracy. The tax code and campaign finance law help them succeed at it.

Miss Marple

Tom Bowler,

You are right. I, for one, am not in the mood to listen to them.

James D.

MM said this in the last thread:

I am totally PO'd at National Review, who are so damn arrogant that they cannot see why people are upset.

It captures the reason for Trump's support, and the willingness of those supporters to ignore his faults and flaws, perfectly.

When they haven't been ignored by DC (both parties), they've been patronized, swindled and endlessly lied to.

Of course people are ready for.someone to take a wrecking ball to the whole lot of them (or at least someone who says he will).


dansco--me too!!!Jeb is a non-entity.

He does look different though, as noted--more pulled together, not as slumpy.

He needs new glass frames though, as he still look like Elizabeth Warren in the ones he's wearing. She had them first.

Miss Marple

James D.,

Much of that NRO thing is about how Trump will be "bad for conservatism."

MY position is that I want the country to survive. Those who put conservatism above the country are no better than the GOPe who put their office-holding above the country.

I am quite tired of people telling me how I must think, whether it's John McCain or George Will.

I am in a bad mood this morning. Fair warning to all!

Miss Marple


(A)Nuther Bub

I applaud National Review for its courage in publishing its latest issue. It must have been an agonizing decision -- easier and safer not to go forward with it than to do it. They are putting their country first. (As you may have seen in this morning's news, NR was immediately disinvited by Reince from participating in the upcoming Houston debate. There will be more retribution to follow, particularly if Trump emerges as the nominee).

The writers of the various against-Trump pieces, if you haven't read them yet, include Thomas Sowell, Andy McCarthy, Dana Loesch, and Katie Pavlich among a dozen or so others. To dismiss them as RINOs or "establishment" is absurd, in my opinion, as is calling into question the conservative bona fides of such patriotic writers as Jay Nordlinger, Kevin Williamson, David French, Charles Cooke, John O'Sullivan and the other brilliant editors of and contributors to National Review.

Jeff Dobbs

Greetings from Punta Cana. What a fantastic week! mrs hit and run arrived on Wednesday and we've been tearing it up ever since.


Off to the beach....c-ya later.


Saw a link on Drudge saying W will campaign in SC. Had to think for a minute as to who he'd be there for.

Ha. Me, too, danoso!


A(B), I just don't see it that way.

Jack is on his Back!


Totally agree. He is the Teflon chameleon but no one outside of him has tapped into the anger, frustration and despair like he has. It's almost like had this figured out from the get go. All others including Cruz are part of the existing political system and marriage of campaign funding, crony capitalism, media complicity, can kicking and inside the beltway contempt.

He is the anti status quo. He is also exposing that the Conservative sewer has their own olafactory issue.

Miss Marple


I don't dismiss them, but I think this was an obvious attempt to throw their weight to defeat Trump.

While some of the people on there are long-time conservatives, I notice that there are also people like Glenn Beck who has a grudge against ANY GOP front-runner, and who actually voted for Obama and made a big deal about it. At various times Beck went after G.W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney.

Dana Loesch spent the entire 2012 primary season trashing Romney to the point that I am sure it cost him votes. (Her show is carried here and I was well aware of it.)

It's fine for NRO to take this position, but now they are acting like martyrs and what did they expect?

Plus I don't think it's courageous, particularly. They will gain some readers and get their names in the news and not a one of them will lose their jobs.

Also, they are acting this morning like they made some sort of brave sacrifice about being told they are off the debate. What I think is that they didn't expect the RNC to enforce their rule about not backing or attacking a candidate and were blindsided. A true sacrifice would have been if they had withdrawn BEFORE they published that article.


Was there a special NR edition about our country being overrun by illegals, our open borders, & visa lawlessness?

Was there a special NR edition about the slandering of millions of American citizens in the tea party/smaller government movement? Americans targeted by the federal government?

What?...no special edition about those things?...but there is a SPECIAL edition about Trump??

Miss Marple




Good Morning! Re: Don McLean,his mugshot has been on the Bangor Daily website since his arrest. He lives in Camden. He released a statement saying 2015 was a "difficult" year for his family.

Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) will host a Hillary fundraiser on Monday in Portland. Julian Castro will attend. He is considered one of Hillary's top choices for VP.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Seconding "Bingo"





(A)Nuther Bub

I believe there have been "special editions" about most or all of the issues you named, Janet, if you would allow me to define special edition as the cover and the central internal focus on a troublesome political or social policy. (I'm in Georgia right now and my back issues of NR are stashed at our Hawaii house.)

Seems to me that most JOMers would have been astonished if a year or two ago I would have forecast that the frontrunner for the Republican party POTUS nomination this year would be a fellow who was an avid pro-choicer -- up to and through the 3rd trimester -- who fervently backed Kelo, who hung out mainly with bigwig Dems and handed huge sums to them, who praised Pelosi and Reid for their greatness,and voiced his support of Obama's SCOTUS appointees. And who today still extols an overwhelmingly large federal government as long as he's the head of it.

If Trump becomes the president I pray I've judged him too harshly, and that he stands by what he (sometimes) claims are his positions that we favor. It's possible, and I will admit my wrong if that happens. I fear, though, that he's a Caucasian Obama -- someone who will be a quisling to his now fervent followers. Those of us who examined Obama's history and relationships knew what was coming. Same is true now re Trump, alas.


I fear, though, that he's a Caucasian Obama



A(B), I don't think the issue in this particular discussion is so much Trump's candidacy as it is NR's credibility in coming out against it in this manner.

In my view, the GOP leadership has abandoned Republican voters and thus created the opening Trump has exploited so expertly. NR can't seem to figure this out, nor understand out why voters are angry about it. And their tone is overwhelmingly condescending and snobbish toward those voters. This in particular is inexcusable, and I doubt WFB would have approved.


Even though I prefer several other candidates to Trump, and acknowledge his liberal positions over the years, I don't think the NR issue comes off well. For one thing, it's obviously very negative. Given that it's only January it seems bizarrely premature. Why not an informative issue on the strengths (and weaknesses) of each candidate? Let readers draw their own conclusions. Ganging up on Trump like this has a kind of nasty, groupthink tone that I find distasteful.


Of course an "Against Hillary" issue, assembling all of her horrible qualities, criminal actions, and policy positions, would have been fine. But this issue gives fodder to the MSM's schadenfreude over Republican divisiveness, and takes further attention away from the Democrats' big problems.


Let's see, does Obama love America? Is Obama a hard working kind of fellow? Did Obama create enormous wealth and put thousands to work before running for office? I can see some similarities, but "Caucasian Obama" is not only facile, it entirely misses the reason for Trump's appeal.

If the GOP cannot figure out a way to connect with average Americans, people like Trump are going to do it for them.


Are most JOMers astonished that being a "birther" hasn't had any detrimental effect on Trump?

Two years ago we were told the issue was a death nail.


In terms of Trump's followers potentially abandoning him - I only wish that were the case with Obama. Sure, he's lost some people, but he still enjoys a 43% approval rating. Of course this is because the media works for him, but still.

Centralcal on iPad

I so agree, Jimmyk. It's as if they have this gigantic fire hose aimed at Trump, thinking he's the fire, but all the while the fire that is raging is what is around him - Repubican, conservative voters who have damned well had enough of their politicians' empty promises and spineless inaction about what matters most to them.


Amen to Porch's & jimmyk's comments.

I prefer several other candidates to Trump,

Me too. Cruz is my favorite.


Amen to cc's comment too.

buccaneer morgan

I recall a similar symposium on healthcare, and krauthammer's contribution.


Why did NR act now? It's because we're only about 5 weeks from Super Tuesday on March 1. Primary Schedule
Once the Trump tsunami gets going in NH on Feb. 9, Rick Lowry et al certainly can't stop it.


I like Cruz, too. I'm happy to have been able to vote for him. I just don't know if he has enough appeal to win.

Also, presidents do have to negotiate now and then, and he hasn't shown a lot of willingness or ability to do that. When he's taking on the Dems or their GOP enablers, it's nice to have a firebrand, but behind the scenes you've got to build coalitions. Not sure he's got it in him.


Obama didn't build coalitions.
A radical leftist true-believer was a-okay for the Dem. party. No problem for the MFM.

I want someone that loves America, our founding principles, & all Americans.


If the DNC were savvy, they'd have a covert Operation Cruz encouraging their minions to register as Rs to vote for Cruz in the primaries and help him become the nominee. None of those on the last debate stage would lose the election by a wider margin than Cruz imo.

(A)Nuther Bub

Porch, almost every article in National Review's columns for the past several months, (as have podcasts by the magazine's writers), discusses the author's awareness of and sympathy with conservative voters' anger and despair with the Republicans they elected in good faith. They don't see Trump as the answer, however. They see him as a man who likely will bring conservatives as much anger and despair as Obama has wrought, based on his history. Whether or not my reference was facile, "I will make America great again," is as without depth or revelation as "Hope and Change." He appears disinterested in learning the details of U.S. policy, or even definitions related to its allies and interests. "Putin will love me; everyone does because I'm great," (not verbatim, but not far from it either) falls a bit short in gaining my confidence.

Okay, I'm done. If your trust in him is warranted and I'm wrong, nothing would make me happier.

Centralcal on iPad

I am for Cruz. Which is probably the kiss of death, since I have a lousy track record when it comes to liking a candidate - they drop out or lose the primary and I am always stuck with whomever is still standing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'm not sure it's exactly accurate to say the United States is giving Iran $100 billion. It's true that Iran can access money that was previously frozen by sanctions, but they are literally withdrawing their own money from banks in Asia.--

A criminal, terrorist state had ill gotten gains frozen because of its criminality and terrorism. Now, while it continues its criminality and terrorism it is being allowed to access those ill gotten gains.
Murderous dictators don't have "their own money".

Moreover the US should have repudiated the criminally [there's that word again] insane Algiers Accords which Jimmuh Carter and Warren Christopher negotiated and Reagan affirmed long ago. That $100 billion would have been quite useful for the thousands of US servicemen (and their families) killed and maimed by Iranian IEDs in Iraq.


Ig, thanks for the Hellfire link.

Cecil Turner

If the GOP cannot figure out a way to connect with average Americans, people like Trump are going to do it for them.

I see a lot of anecdotals like this, but the polling data tells a completely different story. Trump may have some "average guys" in his support base, but there's nothing average about his support. I'm going to post the most recent poll from RCP (this one NBC/WSJ), because it seems to reflect a trend.

Trump is by far the most polarizing figure: 58% of respondents rate Trump negative (11%) or very negative (47%) as opposed to 29% positive. And yet he's the first choice of 33% of Republicans, followed by Cruz at 20% and Rubio at 13%. He loses to Cruz in the primary, 51-43 (beats Rubio 52-45). In the head to head matchups with HC, Cruz and Rubio are stat dead heats, Trump loses by 10.

Analysis: Trump has a very motivated core support group (they'll stand in freezing basements in the Iowa caucus for as long as it takes); he has an additional group bringing him to about 50% of the GOP who'd support him, and most of the rest of the electorate hates him. If he has significant crossover support, it is offset >2:1 by party defections. I don't know if he can win the primary . . . but if he does, he'll be a disaster.

Cecil Turner

Did Barry [and the Rock Hyrax] give Iran a Hellfire via Cuba?

The Hellfire is a 30 year old missile (I lazed for 'em back in the first Gulf War). This was a training missile (some electronics, no motor, sits on aircraft rack and simulates actual missile responses to aircraft delivery system). As security lapses go, this one is minor.

Tom Bowler

As you may have seen in this morning's news, NR was immediately disinvited by Reince from participating in the upcoming Houston debate.

(A)NB, I think this was a necessary move by the RNC. I fear a Trump 3rd party run more than I fear a Trump presidency.

It's interesting to watch the GOP establishment with their knickers all in a twist because they really don't like Cruz and their choices are boiling down to Cruz vs. Trump. Voter preferences, of course, are a non-factor in their calculations.

But the GOP establishment has contentedly stood by, ceding authority to the executive bureaucracy, much of which is now revealed as a criminal enterprise. They seem disinterested in changing that.

new lurker

I think this was a bad move by NR. Why didn't they just write an editorial supporting one candidate? Doing this to Trump will only make Trump supporters "dig in their heels." BTW, my husband stopped his subscription to NR a few months ago after having subscribed for years. He said he just didn't read it.


I am having trouble envisioning Trump giving speeches that are written and delivered pretty much verbatim as a president must as every word is on the record and pondered over.

Captain Hate on the iPad

So did I miss the attack of the towel folders?


Hear Hear AB,

Make your reservations for the November cruise. It's gonna be a doozy!


I see it all as a matter of trust. Can Trump be described as an "old fashioned" liberal - i.e., one who believes passionately in protecting the liberty of all Americans to pursue their own personal interests - with a strong, capable military to protect that liberty from the encroachment of enemies, or is he just a "great" liar who craves attention, prestige and respect and will do anything to get it.

Tom Bowler

I stand corrected. At least somebody in Congress is interested in curbing the power of the federal bureaucracy - Mike Lee. As reported at National Review (of all places).

He picks up a 400-page pile, only a few inches tall. It comprises all of the laws Congress passed in 2014. The second stack — over 80,000 pages, around eleven feet high — he can’t hold. It’s the 2014 federal register, which contains all federal regulations to date.

“This should give you a sense of the problem.”

Beasts of England

What Janet said at 7:53. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Rick Ballard


I'm having trouble imagining Obama in whiteface completing consecutive sentences. I suppose we could watch his reality show to see if he ever managed to stick to a script for more than a line but I can't summon the actual interest necessary to endure the mindless drivel.


Seems a little foolish to publish a special issue dedicated to trashing a candidate you've paved the way for by supporting one bad deal after another by the bipartisan beltway bandits.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Not to mention, Rick, that Slick never stuck to a script in his highly disorganized terms in office; on the way to delivering extremely forgettable utterances as befits a "wildly popular" president who never attained 50% of the popular vote.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Could some of you NR acolytes direct me to the edition from four years ago of hand wringing over the prospect of having Romney as a candidate? Thanks in advance.

buccaneer morgan

They were all for him, if memory serves, they were on the couches over newt.


I kinda liked Ishtar--thought it was funny, actually.

buccaneer morgan

Yes you even did a pieces about it,re recent events some years ago.


The NRO piece will only help the Donald out here in "we are sick and tired and not going to take it anymore" land.

It is most telling, that their condescending Hate for Sarah Palin, has sent them over the edge. She really represents the people over the establishment of D.C., the media and the grassroot /s 'consultant class of candidates that promise one thing and NEVER deliver.

And this, sadly; includes Cruz.

There are reasons, strategic and a few personal why she chose Donald Trump. Ted is very aware of why..and he will not publicly demean her, now...just let his consultants and paid followers throw shade, lots of shade.

Sarah has helped more conservatives get elected than any access/addicted ?conservative writer, media mouthpiece for the establishment.
She helped attain the majorities in the legislative branch. Worked hard for many who shunned her afterwards and then abetted the parody of people who fear her strength.

If Trump has 1/10th of her strength to get up and fight after being abandoned to the wolves; and is willing to embrace her leadership and ability to take away the spotlight and hear her message: Fight for our Republic for which it stands: well, he shows promise.

The NobodyReadsObtuse 'special issue' is INSANITY...do the same thing over and over again (i.e. ignore,offend the forgotten man,woman) and trying to propagandize the voter the status quo is the way to go. Uh,NO

Methinks some crony parasites are very worried about their jobs, muchless, their relevance in today's politics.

But, hey..there's always the "how can these people not be in jail" or Lenin candidate, vying for their vote and Fox News airtime /s


Thanks for that, glenda. I learn so much reading the different ways JOMers view things. I've never been a big Palin fan, but see why so many are. I hope we'll all chime in during this pivotal election season and not fear we might get jumped if we do.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Tammy Bruce is throat slashing the towel folders' selective outrage which has been nonexistent as the RINOs stumped for amnesty and bailouts.

Cecil Turner

I was in Alaska throughout most of her tenure as Governor, and was a strong supporter of Palin back in the day. She held the oil companies' feet to the fire (especially on a natural gas pipeline--a huge issue for the interior); sadly, much if not most of her work was dismantled by follow-on dysfunction after the 2008 election. That was back when she was against things like ethanol subsidies though:

DILLSBURG, Pa. -- Asked Tuesday whether she supports the federal subsidy of ethanol, an always critical issue in the presidential nominating cycle, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went one step further and called for the elimination of all energy subsidies.

"I think that all of our energy subsidies need to be relooked at today and eliminated," Palin told RCP during a quick stop at a coffee shop in this picturesque town tucked into the south-central Pennsylvania countryside. "And we need to make sure that we're investing and allowing our businesses to invest in reliable energy products right now that aren't going to necessitate subsidies because, bottom line, we can't afford it."

Not sure if she's lost that principle entirely, or merely mislaid it.


I wish forcing Congress critters to wear their sponsors' logos was legal.

Cecil Turner

Carp Deb, you almost ruined my new keyboard. Thanks for the chuckle.


Cecil T: she has not mislaid nor lost 1 tiny bit of principle..on energy, life, Israel,the military, her faith.

Nor, would she ever make fun of anyone who WORKS for their supper, honestly...or rely on the sardonic wit of a teenager to make a point.

buccaneer morgan

No it was dismantled by governor Parnell with contributions by persilly and Elton her nazguls up north.


Rush Limbaugh made the best point today about what's happening. IT'S NOT ABOUT TRUMP! That's why the attacks against him don't work. Trump is a symbol - rather than a person - of the change in direction that people want. They oppose the Democrats who have become the party of bat-shit crazy fringes. They oppose the Republicans who are afraid of defending ordinary Americans, especially white heterosexual males out of fear of being accused of racism. Trump has come along, self-funding, unaffiliated, fearlessly breaking all the taboos. He's the revolt against all the things that people in flyover country hate. And he scares the crap out of every member of the oh-so-polite Republican establishment.

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