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January 09, 2016



probably daddy, and we let them leave the country and come back at will, so much for no fly lists,


Daddy, the mother fucker who shot the Philadelphia Police officer, did so in the name of ISLAM. That prick was not a refugee, he was a disaffected OBAMITE.

The Police acted STUPIDLY.


I got confused trying to catch up. Were you saying Sean Penn is the best player in the nfl and Aaron Rodgers is a pile of scat or do I have that backward? Hahaha.
Should be fun in Phoenix.


down the rabbit hole, we go,




Tom Bowler

Did you read the Wallander series or watch them on Netflix. There are two on Netflix. One is Masterpiece Theatre and the other is Swedish with subtitles. All of them are very good. Love Netflix. You can watch The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo in Swedish with subtitles.

Dave (in MA)

WT actual F?!

The Martian won th Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy.

Is it also in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize?


Looking at my company weather page at 09:15 local tonight I see that it says current temp here is 39F.

That's great as it means I can wear shorts while taking the dogs out for the short nighttime break. And for interesting comparison, it also tells me some other current temps:

Memphis: 20F
Indy: 8F
Ft Worth: 28F

How you guys handle living in those cold locations beats me.


Hilarious. Republicans are torn between a billionaire who ass raped his wife and doesn't know a single thing about running a country and a man whose claim to fame is attempting to destroy America for Facebook likes.

No one is going to tell you this because they're way too nice but......as a political entity you've literally put a shotgun in your fucking mouth and blown what little brains you have out!!!!

You fucked yourself.

Now excuse me while I go back to irish politics where cunts know how to cut your face off for a fuckin vote....ie:actual real politics.

Dave (in MA)

RIP David Bowie.


The MSM's probably welcoming Bowie's passing, since now they can have something to blab about to occupy their enforced silence on the mass rapes in Europe.


The Cologne Sex Assault Cases on New Years Eve has now topped 500 incidents,
and as a result the Austrian police chief warns women not to leave home alone in wake of Cologne sex attacks.

Our Brave New World just got a lot less un-Brave.


Was there ever a question they wouldn't?

Emails Show Hillary Clinton’s Top Aides Gushed Over Sean Penn

“I am just so friggin proud of you,” Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, wrote in an April 26, 2012 email seemingly sent to Penn’s account.



-4. Last year this would be a heat wave. But I will wear long pants today (not shorts like those whacky Alaskans).

Sandy Daze

We're at 5, in zip 49242

But, the wx guesses forecasted a low of 15.

I see we are now under winterstorm watch, 4"-9" tonight through tomorrow.

Good morning.


Increasingly, it seems that the veil has been lifted from Bill Bennett's eyes.

For a guy who was formerly Secretary of the Department of Education, it seems to me that it took an extraordinarily long time for him to come around. But, at least he has.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

Down to 6 right now in Indy.

BBC covered David Bowie's death (and not one mention of Cologne last night) and they even interviewed the daughter of his lead guitar player, who hardly knew Bowie.

Lots of air time filled with not talking about Cologne.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple


"Focus on the present and the future," Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said. "Doing what he did, was it appropriate? Heck no, it wasn’t. You know, of course it wasn’t. But that’s long gone. Bill Clinton’s not running for president. Hillary Clinton is.”
Squish quotes from Kasich and Christie, too, indicating they would fold in a debate just like Romney.

Miss Marple

Just thought you all should know that White House staff is super-busy this morning:

Valerie Jarrett ‏@vj44 4m4 minutes ago

Congrats @ladygaga on your incredible achievement! #GoldenGlobes
0 retweets 2 likes

Dave (in MA)
For a guy who was formerly Secretary of the Department of Education, it seems to me that it took an extraordinarily long time for him to come around. But, at least he has.
In what sense?
James D

MM's link @ 7:38 provides yet another example of why Trump is currently leading the Republican race.

The Dems are doubling down on their dishonest "war on women" garbage, and Hillary stands up there and says "every accuser must be believed."

Why the heck is her enabling of her husband's loathsome behavior off-limits? She led the efforts to trash his victims for decades, why on Earth would the GOP want to let her off the hook for that?


JMH-let's do plan on walking the High Line. It is close to where I will be for multiple hours several days and I had wanted to walk it.

My family can be somewhat concerned about my tendency for independence so company would be good. "mom, don't get mugged, please."

When the Diva and I were up in NYC last spring and she insisted on the Natural History museum, we walked back along and then through the park. I was trying to show her how to navigate via the various memorable hotels visible over the tree tops.

sbw-your wife sounds like the kind of principal keeping academics in place in a few islands. Hooray.

Sandy Daze

Dave ?

Mr Bennett now seems to take the threat of unconstrained refugee resettlement more and more seriously. His turn seemed to come with San Bernardino. Not that he was not bothered previously, but there now seems to be a different tone to his comments.

Mr Bennett had always talked about "good will" but more recently he makes comments suggesting he no longer believes (if he ever did) that 44 is operating from a position of good will forward America.

I might be putting too much into listening to the tea leaves. But, I have this sense that Mr Bennett had hardened.

He also, on another topic, seems to have moved from the disbelief in the legitimacy of a DJT campaign to a serious consideration of the man and positions.

These are all shadings of interpretation, I admit, but after years of listening to his Morning in America show, I detect a different tone.

Maybe it is me, projecting my beliefs. But, I've been hard over against those who wish us /US ill all my life, so for me it is nothing new.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Tom Bowler, Just wanted you to know I finished Meet Me in Milmo late last night and really enjoyed it.
I certainly didn't have the ending figured our correctly. Thanks for the recommendation.
Will be looking into getting more of the books.



NK, where does Steve King fit on the Nativist Scale?

Sandy Daze

As to the former Secretary comment, or is only to contrast that clearly Mr Bennett is a smart guy, and has earned and honorary degrees from dozens of institutions of academic excellence.

But all the time we learn about smarty guys (and gals) who can't see beyond the nose on their face.

Me Bennett still sports common core, and strongly supports speaker ryan.

Sandy Daze

And, he was, in my view, disappointingly dismissive of the Huntress. When she was maligned by the socialists after sainted gabby was shot, Mr Bennett would quickly dismiss callers etc.

I stopped listening then, for a year or more, so disappointed in his behavior was I.

Captain Hate on the iPad

but after years of listening to his Morning in America show

Years of screaming "would you please get to the point?"


From the NY Post--- I definitely want to see this coming weekend. The Book is excellent in laying out factually what happened on the ground and the extraordinary heroism of this small group of contractors. The book implies that up the chain of command cowardice took place, but they have no way to know that for a fact. The fact is that they are (were in the case of 2) heroes and they were left behind by the chain of command. http://nypost.com/2016/01/09/we-were-left-behind-the-benghazi-soldiers-tell-all/



buccaneer morgan

Yes I've lost patience with his recycled pap, some years ago.


Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

Why does @ThisWeekABC w/ @GStephanopoulos allow a hater & racist like @tavissmiley to waste good airtime? @ABC can do much better than him!

Cecil Turner

Me Bennett still sports common core, and strongly supports speaker ryan.

I thought from your first comment that he was having a change of heart on common core. I accept from people's opinion whom I respect (particularly rse) that it's a deeply flawed program; but gotta admit the explanations as to why have been flying well over my head.

buccaneer morgan

Its second generation educational malware, with roots in Soviet behavioral theory as rse has explained.

Dave (in MA)

The Boston market lost the station that was carrying Bennett 8 years ago when they went to a Spanish Christian music format.
Back in September another station switched formats and began running the Salem lineup with Bennett, but the reception is a little iffy when I'm on the road at that time (which I usually am). [ For a bit of trivia, it's the station that fired DJ George Carlin in '59 when he borrowed the station's news van to go to NYC in search of weed and left the station unable to cover a prison break at Walpole.]
My main recollection of Bennett is that, although he certainly falls on the right side of the political spectrum, he's not really one to vociferously take a strong stand on anything--the anti-Levin. And he has the musical tastes of a teenaged girl of the mid 1950s.

buccaneer morgan

It can't ever work as advertised, it's not supposed to.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Teeing off on an obvious retard like Tavis Smiley is the type of thing that the GOPe never even remotely considers despite the fact that many honest libs consider him an affirmative action embarrassment who PBS will never be rid of.


Common Core is essentially a False Flag operation in order to change the nature of American education and also transition the US to a Planned economy implemented at the state and local level.

People who have dealt with Bennett during the 80s and 90s consider him to be the consummate whore for money. I understand his wife is quite nice though.

I got a chain of emails yesterday and this morning looking back on the current applicability of comments in a 1988 Ed Week article. Veterans remain angry about the homeschool families lured into using K12 online programs and not appreciating how much data was being captured about their child.

Cecil Turner

I got the indoctrination over education stuff, but AFAICT the folks who are not implementing it are using another set of standards drawn up by somebody else, which seems to be just a different set of similar problems.

buccaneer morgan

Well we did discover he had a serious gambling habit, back in the 90s.

Cecil Turner

He can apparently afford it. I've always found him rather sensible (though he's not available locally and I haven't listened to him recently). I am interested in what the CC alternative is (and why Bennett supports CC), but it's probably not worth a lot of effort to bring me up to speed.

buccaneer morgan

He really thinks it's about educational standards it's not, and like-minded players have cooptef the review panels.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Whatever happened to a traditional concept of education where learning how to think was stressed instead of feeling good about nothing? Bennett should intuitively understand that.


Hah, Dave, speaking of George Carlin, it's always contemporaneous to watch his video of how well the earth will endure our temporary occupation.

Dave (in MA)

A favorite Carlin piece was his anti-golf rant.


Trump Headquarters in Littleton MA was vandalized and not a peep from our Co-Exist bumper sticker brigade. With a link to Howie Carr's latest on the sidebar.


Dave (in MA)

Rocco, I was shocked to see that reported on the Globe*'s web site.

*-the paper which, for the second Sunday in a row, had to be delivered by crews of reporters and editors because the distribution company that they hired to deliver the paper more cheaply than the past one isn't getting the job done.


Dave, they used to give away free Sunday editions at different locations throughout the state. I used to refuse one every Sunday morning in front of one of the Dunkin Donuts in Acton.


The Free Beacon has been doing some of the most significant investigative reporting on Hillary in the business. That whole business of "sparking Palestinian protests" is simply astonishing at every level! It wasn't a Sid Blumenthal scheme, either, it was coming from our Ambassador to Israel, at the time. Jeez. If anyone is wondering why the name Thomas Pickering rings a bell, guess where he turned up:

Testifying... in front of the House Oversight Committee, Ambassador and former Chairman of the Benghazi Accountability Review Board [ARB] Thomas Pickering said he was proud of report produced by the ARB that has been described as a "whitewash.

"I am aware that no report will ever be perfect. But I am proud of this one which has always been seen by many as clear, cogent and very hard hitting - as it should be," Pickering said. "I feel that this report is still on the mark, free of cover up and political tilt, and will personally welcome anything new which sheds light on what happened that helps us to protect American lives and property in the future."

Pickering said during his investigation of the Benghazi attack more than 100 people were interviewed, not one of them was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Pickering also said the ARB was not a "gotcha, investigative" panel. It was also revealed members of the ARB regularly briefed Clinton and her closed advisors on the status of their probe and that the ARB showed Clinton the report before it was released.

Accountability. Right.


Oops. Wrong thread.

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