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January 31, 2016



So the difference is the level of college debt hanging over Bern voters heads?

Jack is Back (but in Rehab )

Today the Rehab center first gave me Newsday but then said I was to read the NYT instead. How's that for being pigeonholed. Too lucid for NewsDay.

First time I have read a NYT's in over 10 years. MoDo also has her take on The Donald. Surprised he hasn't hit on her in the past. She is comfortable with him and her interview just shows he doesn't roll over no matter how insensitive he can be.

Evidently he listens to some opinions including Newt.

Beasts of England

henry for the win!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The economic picture is better than it was in 2012...--

Not for the vast middle which is at best stagnant and more likely in decline.
And to ignore the increasingly invasive and Tammany Hall nature of government at all levels is to miss the source of the anger as is not taking into account the intentional racial tension and coincidental crime which Barry and co have with malice and forethought ratcheted up.
The disrespect in which we're held worldwide linked with the middle class in disarray and the increasingly open corruption favoring the connected and the indolent has increased every year this crew of agents provocateurs have been provoking the hell out of things.

new lurker

FWIW, I talked to the head of The Dem Party in Ga. today at my small church (he dates the owner/publisher of our small newspaper here.) He said he wasn't "going for the Bern" and would be voting for Hillary as would his four sons who really like Bern but will vote for the Hilster. I asked him why on earth Dems would vote for someone dishonest, and he asked "how dishonest?" So, the Dems will all vote for Hillary not matter what is said about her IMO.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--how dishonest?--


They should do a college educated breakdown by major.


Heh, ProT.

Rick Ballard

Geography is more important than major. The credentialed moron programs in Blue Hells are simple reinforcement of K-12 indoctrination. Devaluation of the credential plays a part as well. A STEM degree is an insufficient ward against progressive fascism, as a cursory look at Silicon Valley demonstrates.


Sarah Palin's PAC burning through cash



The major may determine employability and the extent to which the person responding to the poll is overwhelmed by unrepayable school debt.


Douthat does prove orwell's maxim about intellectuals.

Captain Hate

Moving on, in 2004 Howard Dean managed a progressive mini-insurgency that collapsed in Iowa.

That was when he did the infamous "Yeeaarrgghh" scream of lunacy, no?

Man Tran

Sheesh, took a day and a half to catch up after a whirlwind trip to Houston last week.

In no particular order:

SU carbs - one of my best pals when I went off to Tempe Normal was an ex-tuner from the Houston BMC dealership. We put together a three car team of H Prod. Bugeyes. We called it Team Id after the comic strip. He was the Wizard. My car was the only one that was driven to the track and it was one of the fastest around in the events I could afford to run in. (Couldn't compete in the full up SCCA events until you were 21.). I reached the point that I could use the little jet wrench on my keychain to run the mixture up or down just by the way it sounded on a particular day. (These were the little 1-1/8" babies that needed polishing to get better than 1HP/cube out of those pea shooters.) Had sets of needles all calibrated to shape the power curve for a particular event. Fun way to convert engineering book larnin' into practice. Later, did a Sr. Design project on increasing the dynamic range of Bosch EFI by developing a bimodal pressure rail, which I found out later was also done by Porsche subsequently.

Spent Thursday walking track with some guys from around the country. One fellow was from St Louis and worked with the steel workers there. He said the union office was Trump hdqrs! Nary a dissenter in sight.

Tried to wave at Lyle and EiB when I diverted to BOI for fuel Friday. The winds were fierce and when I got down to 8k, they had me running along the foothills along the east side of the valley and left me to be pummeled by severe turbulence for about 20 min. Ugh.

Jack is Back (but in Rehab )

Wonder who is holding his beer tighter right now; Buckeye or CH?

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

A substantial cohort of those "angry" Republican voters (not necessarily the Trump cohort) who "settled" for Romney in 2012 were the same voters who gave the Republicans a House majority in 2010 and a Senate majority in 2014. Romney (and those 2014 Republican senators) were voted for with the promise that the Republicans would put the brakes on Obama and govern conservatively. That promise has been repeatedly broken and the promise breakers are chiding the voters.
Yes, there is anger out there.

Captain Hate

I'm gripping harder. The Terps look like lackadaisical trash. Props to Thad Matta for making better halftime adjustments no matter what happens.

Beasts of England

Congrats on your track times, Man Tran!! Those have to be great fun around the track!


Captain Hate -

Indeed he did.

Also Ron Paul's (Loon-Ceti Alpha 7) supporters made lots of noise as well (and he did do well in Iowa).

Comanche Voter

None so blind as those who will not see. Economy today has lowest percentage of people in the workforce (as a percent of the total population) in some 45 years. Yeah the economy is doing great.


ManTran--your report re the steelworkers, seems in line with the picture in other unionshttp://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/news/donald-trump-in-atlantic-city-jackpot-or-crackpot/article_7ae16c2c-3d14-11e5-aa3b-5b415c6c45e9.html

Jack is Back (but in Rehab )


Ever do any SCCA events back east. One of my roomates on my first powerplant project was an ME grad out of Swarthmore who owned and raced a Brabham F2. Our house was a one story 4 bedroom (3 injuneers and one payroll guy). Never saw him race but he kept the body on sawhorses in the carport along wi.th seat/fuel tank. Tires piled up 6 high in the corner of the living room, the engine and trans on the kitchen table. We all ate out a lot.

He crashed in Limestone one Saturday and we heard about on the local radio. Called the hospital and got Sister Mary Kathy on the phone who was fit to be tied since he had checked himself out with 3 degree burns on his arms and hands. When he pulled in it was a charred mess.

Got our kitchen table back though.

Cecil Turner

I'm gripping harder.

Look out, that's a recipe for a hook. [Just sayin']

Miss Marple



Well, at least it wasn't embarrassing this time. Terps have the talent.


Speaking of college graduates and majors....

"“That shows you how people are thinking on this campus,” Isaac Bloodworth, a sixth-semester puppetry major , said. “The white portion of the University of Connecticut is probably not ready for it. You have people who are going to go against it because they are just racist and they see this as a form of segregation or that we’re getting better things than they are.”"



Glad to see GA is well-represented here. Is there a bigger state contingent of JOM regulars?


CT, I met a Doctor yesterday, a family practice physician. He was telling me about the cost he incurred sending 3 daughters to major universities, including Notre Dame. The issue of LIBTARDS and COLLEGE DEBT came up. I mentioned that no one forced these "children" to take hundreds of thousands in loans, any more than he was forced to pay 4-6 years on his Lexus or 30 years on his home. He disagreed. I asked him why someone ELSE should pay for SOMEONE ELSE'S kid to learn LIBTARD CLAP TRAP.
He didn't have an answer. Another Rodham/Sanders dim bulb ready for plucking.
UCONN is absurd.

Man Tran


I played in AZ and CA, but had buds who played in the Midwest and NE. The most active guy ran a Formula Ford for a lot of years. Buckeye probably knows him. I ran my German issue 635 with the Porsches at Mid-Ohio driver schools just to be ornery. ;)

BTW the FF guy used to pit next to PL Newman when he was first getting his racing game on. He mom and dad would hang around and bs with PL like he was just folks. No hero stuff.

Captain Hate

Well, at least it wasn't embarrassing this time. Terps have the talent.

They also had the zebras giving them the ball after reviewing the play where the ball was clearly off Trimble. Not sure why you have replay if it doesn't correct a situation like that. After enduring Carolina refs in the ACC there's no satisfaction I can take in that.

Jim Miller

This is probably relevant: Trump is Number 1!

In Gallup's unfavorability, for all presidential candidates, since they began asking that question in 1992.

60 percent unfavorable, -27 net.

I think 65 is within his reach, and would give him a record that should last for years. 70 may be possible, if he continues campaigning as Donald Trump.

Miss Marple

Jim Miller,

Unfavorables change as a candidate starts winning.

Also, I think a lot of voters don't particularly like him but see him as a weapon.

It's a weird year, so we might as well just watch and see what happens.

new lurker

Jim, I thought Gallup had stopped polling??

Jim Miller

I thought that Douthat column was a miss, that he was trying out an explanation that didn't really work.

And that he made a mistake by not asking whether Obama might have something to do with those feelings.

That said, I think Douthat often has interesting -- and sometimes insightful -- things to say, and that occasionally he is quite bold -- especially for a token cultural conservative working for the NYT.


Gus, I guess in retrpospect I was very lucky. As a girl and the oldest, I was told by my dad that if I wanted to go to college it would have to be on full scholarships, because my brothers were right behind me and as boys they would be entitled to whatever resources they had. (This was 1959 -- pretty ordinary stuff.) I wound up winning 6 or 7 academic scholarships, including 2 full tuition, and a NYS regents scholarship that picked up all my room and board. First bro finessed the situation by getting into the Naval Academy.

No Ivy League degree and no regrets.

(I realized may years later that my dad was laying down a challenge.)

Jim Miller

Here's a question for those who follow the stock market: Was Krugman's sell signal -- when he put out that column about the Obama "boom" a few months ago -- well timed?

(In the past, when I was paying more attention to such things, I had come to the tentative conclusion that Krugman was a good negative indicator -- and good negative indicators are just as useful as positive indicators.)


Jim Miller, I totally agree about the Douthat column. Our TomM beat him like a gong!

Can you tell that I have had 2 glasses of wine?

Jim Miller

new lurker - Gallup is not polling primaries (or caucuses), but they are doing national polls.

Go to my site for a link to the Gallup post, which has more data.


My dad told my sisters and I the same thing wrt a college education
Guess who graduated first with a college degree and a masters to boot
We all went on scholarship and worked at times 3 jobs at a time to get through
And yes it really was a challenge he laid down

James D.

The economic picture is better than it was in 2012, when Republican primary voters settled for Mitt Romney and an incumbent president was re-elected pretty easily. (In both Iowa and New Hampshire, the unemployment rate is currently under 4 percent.) The foreign policy picture is grim in certain ways, but America isn’t trapped in a casualty-heavy quagmire the way we were in 2004

Douthat is an ass.

What he describes is not how tens of millions of people are living. It's a perfect example of the DC bubble, and a perfect explanation of why there is so much anger out there.


Me too, maryrose! LOL. And you're right about our dads. Mine had a way of translating anything we couldn't do for lack of money into some other kind of adventure or challenge. Thus we never knew how financially strapped we were.


Jim Miller-

iirc someone Larry Kudlow interviewed on his show had a Krugman Contrarian Indicator. can't remember the name though ...


wanted to get your take on the Cruz Iowa mailer. any insight.


also if Trump is doing something new why have Rep voter registrations in Iowa declined from 2012?


Does that mean Cruz is doing nothing new as well?


JiB -- just going back to catch up on this thread. My first "real" job was as an under-aged carrier girl for Newsday. LOL! I was supposed to be 14, but my younger brother, who was legal, decided he didn't want the job, and I took it over, sub rosa.

Good times!


OT (is that possible?)

I have 2 nieces who are pregnant. One just returned from a cruise and the other was scheduled to go to Mexico next week but has changed that to Key Biscayne because of the Zika virus.

Is it true that DDT could wipe out the Zika virus?

Is DDT something that can be manufactured at this point?


Jane, can't help with data, but that is scary. I hope they get some answers soon.

Sorry about the OT -- I'm in NH and this primary codswallop is driving me nuts :-(


if Trump were whipping turnout it would have shown up in the voter registration numbers. the decline is steeper on the Dem side of the ledger.


I had an article just a few days ago (can't find it now) that said that rep registrations were way up in Iowa. It's buried somewhere on my FB feed. What I get for posting so damn much stuff.


"Is DDT something that can be manufactured at this point?"

It's legal for use in Africa to combat malaria. I hope it becomes legal again in the US before there's a bedbug in every nook and cranny in the nation.

Jim Miller

Jane - DDT is still used in other countries, often for nets over beds. (The World Health Organization officially approves its use.)

I'm not sure how effective it would be in those areas, since some mosquitoes have developed resistance against it.

The mosquito to really be worried about is "Aedes aegypti", which carries many nasty diseases -- and likes to live around people.

Possibly useful info: About 4 out of 5 people who are infected with Zika have no noticeable symptoms at the time.


How long has he been doing this?

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is infusing his closing argument to Iowans with Biblical references as his campaign visits some of the state's conservative strongholds.

Cruz has made courting Iowa's evangelical Christians a cornerstone of his campaign and he has long tapped the Bible in his stump speech.
At a stop Saturday at Darrell's Place in Hamlin, Iowa, Cruz urged his supporters to "awaken the body of Christ that we may pull back from the abyss."

Co-opting veterans is one thing, but co-opting the body of Christ? I'm sorry, but that's a bridge too far in my book. It kills me, but I'm liking Cruz less and less, as he starts doing more and more of the stuff I had admired him for avoiding.

I keep thinking maybe I should skip this campaign and just go back to my epic Korean historical sagas. If anybody is tempted to join me, Warrior Baekk Dong Soo is a fun place to start. Don't worry if you don't understand what the hell is going on in Episode #1. Speaking of TV diplomacy, Erdogan eyes expanding Turkey influence on Latin America tour

In a sign of its growing soft power, Turkey's soap operas are taking Latin American countries by storm, prompting TV executives across the continent to start importing Turkish series to a region more used to exporting its own "telenovelas".

This reverses the long-held trend of Turkey banking on Latin American prime time soap operas.

The model here is, in fact, Korean Hallyu, an officially assisted phenom which is "argued to be the only example of a cultural power 'that threatens the dominance of American culture.'” You know you're a star when your YouTube video tops 2 ½ BILLION views. Not my personal fav, but hey.

Jim Miller

The Wikipedia article on A. aegypti has a map showing where it is found, or, to put it another way, areas women of child bearing age might want to avoid for now, if possible.


Rubio is now on Greta doing his usual rant against Obama and acts surprised that Hussein went to executive order wrt immigration
I would feel better if Rubio just said one time and maybe he has I was wrong and stupid to trust Schumer and the Gang of Eight crew
I won't be so gullible again
It is the only point with him I have trouble with in this primary
It is like Obama's Spread the wealth around and you did t build that comments.


Evangelicals believe the world is going to hell in a handbasket because people no longer read the bible or revere their faith or religion
Embracing religion can give many of them solace and comfort


Hey if Trump can advertise the Bible his mother gave him then what Cruz is doing is tame by comparison

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

IMO, the unemployment rate is Iowa is much higher than 4%. I base my statement on reports from family and friends. I don't know how the count is reached but I suspect there are a lot of people who are working part time who want to be working full time.


Have your relatives pack lots of deet, Jane. And have them get this to spray their clothing withhttp://www.amazon.com/Repel-Permethrin-Repellent-6-5-Ounce-HG-94127/dp/B00AA8WX52/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8

DDT is still manufactured--Most African countries cannot afford to use it according to UN protocols.I'm sure the cruise ships are using some insecticide--the big issue is ashore.


About 4 out of 5 people who are infected with Zika have no noticeable symptoms at the time.


It's the pregnant women who appear to be at the greatest risk.

James D.

Rich @ 6:24

I hate it, but I can see why it works.

At my last job, we did something kind of similar for one of our clients (grassroots lobbying organization). We didn't use names, though, just addresses. Basically it said on the envelope, "Neighborhood Petition Drive" and listed several other nearby addresses to the recipient on the envelope, with the suggestion that those people all were members, so they should join up, too. It worked pretty well.


yes, they broadcast at least two tales, whose fault is fatmagul, and a variation on 'a thousand and one nights, involving an architect of all things,

that link, in your post is dead, but why is there only one faith, allowed to proselytize, and others
are discouraged from doing so,


Trump's not pushing his religion on anyone, but he does say he loves the Bible, especially the one his mother gave him when he was eight years. And that he loves Christianity and Christmas. I'd say that's pretty mild compared to conflating politics with the body of Christ. I believe Christ himself made a separation between the two.

Right now he's on a livestream in Iowa with Jerry Falwell Jr. but there are no prayers or religious things going on, only a discussion of America's problems and potential solutions. Jerry is a very impressive guy.

Sarah Palin's going to be in IA tomorrow stumping for the Trump.


Sorry about the dead link: Bible prominent in final Cruz pitches to voters .

My comment certainly has nothing to do with what is "allowed" or not "allowed" by whoever is supposedly doing the allowing. People can do whatever they have the guts to do.

Jim Miller

Jane - That 4 out of 5 is important for two reasons: First, it makes it easy for the virus to hitch a ride back here, or anywhere else there might be those mosquitoes.

Second, a pregnant woman may be infected on a trip -- and not even know she ever had the virus.

Incidentally, there is some evidence that the virus may also cause the Guillain-Barre syndrome.



You think it is impressive for a christian to endorse a man who would not ban partial birth abortion and quotes "two corinthians"?


well it's more a rhetorical point on my part, the first series is an interesting glimpse at Erdogan's turkey, even the first version was in 1986,


Here's the data Stephanie broken down by county and year all the way back to 2000.


One can change party affiliation on the same day, so it is possible that thousands of Democrats (sort of like those PUMAS appalled by Obama) could show up for Trump (just like the PUMAS showing up for McCain and Romney). Obama carried the state in 2012 by about 90 thousand votes.

Centralcal on iPad

Isn't Ted's father, Rafael, a Pastor?


yes, he is, the reason why the Hawkeye Cauci should stop inflicting enemy action on us, he won the state through the ploughshares peace pledge,


but of course, he would pick them,



so it is possible that thousands of Democrats (sort of like those PUMAS appalled by Obama) could show up for Trump

Savvy Dems would show up for Cruz to help HC in the general.


bob dole says bob dole,



Thanks for all the zika info.

So do all of you Trump supporters support universal health care, like he does?

Miss Marple

You can register when you show up at the caucus, that very night. SO the numbers of registrations this year means zip if (and it's a big IF) Trump has motivated the disaffected who haven't registered and have never gone to caucus.

It also would allow democrats to register as GOP and vote as well.

Trump will not let anyone into his campaign headquarters, so no one really knows who is working in there.

Ivanka gave a talk on YouTube about how to vote in the GOP caucus, which is simply a secret ballot on paper, unlike the democrat peer pressure thing.

My considered opinion is that no one knows what will happen.

Plus there is a storm coming.


"awaken the body of Christ that we may pull back from the abyss."

body of Christ = Christians

JOMers have argued that it was the fault of Bible believing Christians not voting that caused Romney to lose....
...or those stupid old Bible-thumping social conservatives not voting because the Republican candidate supported abortion.

All Cruz is doing is appealing to Christians to participate.

Man Tran


Funny you mentioned Guillain-Barre syndrome. A friend contracted it a few weeks ago. Thought he'd had a stroke. Then find out that a close mutual friend's mother died of it a long time ago. Strange how such a rare disease will pop up like that.

BTW, don't think the first one was travelling in the suspect territory, but will check.

Miss Marple


No, but he won't get that trough Congress. The GOP, suddenly energized by having to oppose Donald Trump instead of Obama , will oppose it and actually figure something out.


zaphod was able to game the system in Iowa and Nevada, but contested primaries were something else again, which makes for the mystery of how he got nominated, he won one southern state, out of the scores of primaries and that was it,


No more deals



No, but he won't get that trough Congress.

I wouldn't depend on that.

Do you support the expansion of eminent domain?

Rick Ballard

"All Cruz is doing is appealing to Christians to participate."

First Corinthians 12 is pretty familiar to anyone who has ever been involved in Bible study (light or heavy). The "body of Christ" just ain't that difficult to decipher.

v27- Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.


I realized something this morning that I'm still muddling over in my brain (and am not quite sure I can articulate).

I saw a post on Facebook where Obama is visiting his first Mosque, and it is one tied to terrorism - a big Muslim Brotherhood outfit.

And a lot of things fell into place. Obama's Muslim heritage has always had an impact on him, and he seems to have adopted the fight against the Jews. And since he doesn't think much of this country, it is sort of the perfect direction for him to take. Jews are bad, Christians are bad, and Muslims have a better way - or something like that.

(It's clear I can't articulate what I'm trying to say)


There were pics of the inside of Trump's campaign HQ in Iowa on Thurs or Friday. Full of young people on the phones. Saw the pics myself.

I find it interesting how stuff gets buried that I have seen and the rumors of no HQ and stuff get spread. Kinda like how Fred Thompson was a lazy campaigner and other such BS that is floating around.

Be careful which of the memes that you give creedence.

Jim Miller

Here's a link to the CDC Zika site, which has links to many kinds of information.

BTW, if you are at all interested in the subject, you might want to look at the article I linked to yesterday, on the family of doctors that discovered the Zika-microcephaly connection.


and that was how we ended uo with mccain, who had all the animus of a trees sloth, just like the driveby CPI (Soros) hit, on the Huntress,

Jim Miller

Man Tran - Hope your friend recovers; that's a nasty, nasty syndrome.

Guillain-Barre syndrome has, as I understand it, a number of known causes -- but I am not a cdoctor, don't even lay one on TV.


I am also pretty pissed at not only the Trumpers spreading lies about Cruz, but there is a lot of BS about Trump and Rubio that the Cruzers are spreading and the Rubios are also spreading a bunch of BS. I tried to fight it on the web for a while, but each is convinced that what they know is true and that uh hun Trump did so do x or Cruz believes y that it is fruitless to combat it.

BTW anyone else heard anything about an exec order 13752 that O supposedly signed today that limits gun owners to three guns? The conspiracy sites are full of it but as usual all seem to be circular reporting it. The freepers also have it, but there is NO reporting of it on any creditable website.

It does no one any favors to report stuff that is either lies or that is unsubstantiated. A game of telephone is more authentic. This stuff only serves to convince those watching the BS fly that some people should be kept away from their computers for the duration of election season.


By Odin's Hammer, that makes me mad,

Rick Ballard

Odin's Hammer - great ring name. Where does he wrestle?


ABC news is reporting on that EO.


A prime example of what I'm talking about is all the oh shiny eleventy!!!!!!1!1! reporting that Trump used an already set up foundation to funnel the money for his vets thing and that OMG!!!!! he didn't have a direct link to the vets causes or something that wouldn't line Trumps pockets (as if it wasn't going to be audited to make sure the money was spent wisely).

Hello! it was set up in two days and he's already had some pressers with some of the vets groups with those nice big lottery sized check presentations that for some reason (wonder why?) aren't getting any MSM press.

Nothing like reporting by insinuation that dirty stuff is going on. And some of the Cruzers Rubiots are the worst at it. Enough so that I've backed out of a few Cruz groups after trying to correct the record (with the pics and everything).

It is doing a big disservice to the candidates, IMO. I'm about ready to ditch em all ago go full SMOD.

Miss Marple


I agree 100%. I seriously doubt anyone knows what is going to happen. Like you, I saw something about Trump's campaign site a few days ago, but it was quick and I don't know if it was recent or something else.

Most of Cruz's speaking to evangelical stuff is doing what he thinks will strike a chord with the, which is why Huckabee did so well in those areas. It doesn't bother me much, although it doesn't attract me. He does get carried away with it sometimes, but again, that's only my reaction.

As far as Trump's record, I already explained what I think. He posted an eloquent explanation of his support to the Pro-Life cause and explained why he had changed his mind. It was in the Washington Examiner, I believe.


look at the typeface, gentlejim, it's lowercase,


Jim, same spoof site. The giveaway is the ".co"


Limit of 3 guns with mandatory registration. There are exceptions. I'm giving this one the proverbial snowball's chance.


I just saw that. Thnx



Here at home I use a Lemon Eucalyptus based repellent (like Repel), because it's far more effective than any of the other alternatives to DEET (which I don't like to use on an everyday basis).

When in malarial mosquito territory, however, I always use a DEET based repellent applied to the skin. In addition to spraying your own clothing, per Clarice's suggestion, there are a number off companies which now sell what I presume to be permethrin infused repellent clothing -- although that is not a substitute for DEET repellent applied to the body. I spray it on and wipe it down for complete coverage, before I get dressed, and then wear loose, long sleeved tops, and full length pants. Down in South Georgia, the mosquitoes were so vicious they could bite you through a pair of tight jeans. There are plenty of really light weight fabrics out there now, so covering up that way is not nearly as uncomfortable in steamy climates as you might think. I wear a hat with a brim over the back of my neck as well as the face, to help guard against ticks and assorted other falling insects. Do not wear anything black!! Black is primo mosquito camouflage. I wouldn't even use a black backpack, although I think Permethrin sprays work on synthetic fabrics now. I set my old one down in an open (paved) courtyard in Merida (Mexico) a couple of times, and when I picked it back up, a veritable cloud of mosquitoes would swarm into the air. I always throw a few foil wrapped repellent towelettes in my purse or pack. Although standing water is mosquito breeding ground, the damp, dark, leaf debris in the woods is a favorite habitat.


newer fred.

Miss Marple

I was just going to say the same thing. It's a spoof site. One would think ABC would file an action about it, but I guess the more confusion the merrier.

I cannot say how much I dislike the fake stuff and the lies and the twisting and the edited videos and such.

Oh, here's Frank Luntz, he who would be King-Maker.

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