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January 20, 2016


James D

Jane @ 11:57

Do we know who they are? And would any of them pass even a minimal background check that was conducted honestly?

Cecil Turner

Apparently only 6 people have SAP clearance.

Huh? There are more than 6 SAPs. I have no idea how many have clearance, but it's got to be in the thousands.

Jack is Back (but On Alert with his Percocet and Prune Juice )

Mercer has always been a mercurial genius up there in Feynman territory. His drum beat is more Brubeck than Krupa.


Re blacks supporting Trump, blacks watch much more tv than whites, especially black youth, and are much more likely to have a tv in their room than whites, which is surprising. Maybe that affects the much higher black truancy and high school drop-out rates too as black teens are up late watching tv or on their "devices". Trump has been on tv weekly the past 14 yrs. iirc.

nova lurker


Cecil got to it but the term means "special access program". We had a foretaste of it during that first dump a few months ago when some sat data was found to have ben summarized in an email


there are probably thousands of programs with that level of classification.

Miss Marple


Arthur Robinson exists. I have heard of him.

What it paints a picture of to me is a man who has eclectic interests and money to burn, so shoots some cash to weirdos on the off chance they are on to something.

Miss Marple

Dow currently -540.

Fun times!

Rick Ballard

The removal of central bank puts and anticipation of their reinstallation is making for a very orderly transition from deck to life boat.

So far.

jimmyk on iPhone

"That Bloomberg article on Mercer was so canted and full of misleading innuendo"

Yes, hence my invocation of Jane Mayer and Dark Money. It's as if they can't fathom that a sane and intelligent person can sincerely be pro-life, anti-gay marriage, pro free market, etc.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Off topic---
from Jimmy at 10AM
" The thing about online is that it you won't likely see it unless you're looking for it."


"1. Panama
This Central American gem tops the retirement haven list, thanks to safety, stability, friendliness, First World amenities and facilities, and enticing incentives aimed at attracting foreign retirees."
You'll get more for your money in Panama than you would get with this house,


"Tucked away in a small courtyard in the middle of Stockholm is this sweet 28 square meter home (which translates to roughly 300 square feet)."

"If you want to see more photos of the house, check out this realtor's website, where it is listed for sale for 2.45 SEK (or about 295,000 USD)."


"now that allows them to get away,"

Ha, Narciso. Pepper spray goes too easy on those Davos bozos.

nova lurker

how about another possibility-ME sovereign wealth funds selling assets and the TBTF "money centers" front running them? KSA was doing so this summer and if Reckless is looking to ascend the throne he'll need the walking around money.

James D

It's as if they can't fathom that a sane and intelligent person can sincerely be pro-life, anti-gay marriage, pro free market, etc.

They can't.

Not even being snarky here. Go to any lefty site. By definition if you're pro-life, anti-gay marriage, pro-2nd amendment, pro free market, etc. you are either insane, an idiot, or unredeemably evil (or all of the above).


Those are exactly the categories of people Gov. Cuomo clearly stated had no place in NY.


I've gotten the full treatment on lefty sites as James D describes. Have gotten so I just laugh at them..at times. Drives them nutz.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Jane,I think Cecil Turner is correct. If my memory is correct the clearances were subject specific.So a person might have a SAP clearance and be allowed to see certain things but not be cleared to see others.

Rick Ballard

nova lurker,

Why can't it just be recognition of central banks idiology (policy made by idiots) decisions? How does any investor (as distinguished from algo driven trader) discern the actual value of a chimera?

Miss Marple


Beasts of England

SAP is a program-specific clearance. You're read-in to that particular program. Even when you're read-in to the specific program, you still must have need-to-know to access different aspects of the program.* I'd guess - but don't know - that there are a few hundred ongoing SAPs.

*Let's say you're read-in to a SAP bomber program and your specialty is composites. All you'll know is about the composite aspects of that bomber. You can't walk down the hall and peruse the avionics documents or anything else, because you wouldn't have the need-to-know. And if a composite guy asked an avionics question, they'd be immediately challenged. That's a red flag.


Thanks, Beasts - that's really helpful. I'm completely ignorant about these things. If only we had a free press (well, a free press that was interested in Voxplaining Dem scandals).

Man Tran

A pal and I both worked on the Glomar Explorer. He was given the task of analyzing the loads on some big mechanism without any description of what it was supposed to interact with. He was given some dimensions and polar moments, etc. Figured it had to be a sub. Damn near got arrested suggesting that to the project leader.

Sandy Daze

BoE's explanation is correct, not that he needs to be validated, just thought I'd chip in.

I'll add that SAP programs may or may not contain "SCI" information, i.e. "Sensitive Compartmented Information." "SCI" information requires handling inside a "SCIF," a "Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility." More often than not a location which handles SAP information will also be a location which handles SCI information, and thus, in practice, the SAP info will be handled inside SCIF spaces.

There has been a tremendous proliferation of codewords (designation for unique SCI information) and SAPs. As well, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of cleared individuals and a relative inflation across the board of clearance levels.

That is, what was once classified "Confidential" is now "Secret." (I think the "Confidential" level classification may actually have been done away with.) What was Secret in a number of cases became "Secret/SAP" or Top Secret, or Top Secret/SAP.

Similarly, those holding clearances were increased in number and found that positions which had previously required only a "Confidential" level clearance, now required something much more.


Thank you, Sandy Daze!

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