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January 25, 2016


Miss Marple


Black Tap milkshakes was just featured on Fox and Friends. Gadzooks! Way too much sugar and money for me, but very impressive looking!


This latest news is incredibly disheartening.

It is like we are not allowed to win.

Iraq abandoned.

State's marriage laws & State's constitution amendments that took years to get done to protect marriage.... overturned by a court.

Go through the long hard process of nominating a true conservative here in Virginia....only to have him abandoned by his own party.

Film the abortion industry selling baby eyes,hearts, arms, brains,....& the citizens that catch them are prosecuted.


The U of WI admitted to buying the baby parts in question yesterday.


SCOTUS takes a case, agrees "established by the state" means exactly that, but doesn't give a s***, stating it means whatever the ruling class prefers it means. F it all.

Miss Marple


Video of Hillary's coughing fit at the dem town hall last night. It goes on for a solid minute.

Miss Marple

Here's Pataki on Fox endorsing Marco Rubio.

Miss Marple


National Review Goes Full-Snob

Highlights of some of Kevin Williamson's quotes from his latest article, where he accuses Trump supporters of being illiterate.

jimmyk on iPhone

More on what happens to that shakedown money that the DoJ extorts:


Ironic that the left complains about the lack of criminal prosecutions, as if they are not the big beneficiaries.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Face facts: Several state investigations in conservative states also have cleared Planned Parenthood. The truth you don't want to admit to is that PP does not sell body parts, and Daleiden's videos are a hoax. --

The only fact that needs facing is our Herodian society has decided selling baby parts is perfectly fine; you've just relabeled it charging an extraction/service fee so you can pretend they're not in the human recycling business.

Watching PP execs sitting at lunch describing the fees they charge for various baby organs and how they can extract them whole to preserve their value and then labeling it a hoax is something Orwell didn't have the imagine to dream up and Mengele didn't have the gall to assert.

Cecil Turner

Video of Hillary's coughing fit at the dem town hall last night. It goes on for a solid minute.

Ah, a reason to vote for Hillary! Who's her VP pick?

Texas Liberty Gal

Have any of you heard of an organization called "40 Days for Life". Our church has become involved. Starting Feb. 9th (1st day of Lent) we will go to the PP in Plano at 6:00 pm and pray for 1 hour every day thru Lent. Here's a link to their FB page.



Hi Texas Liberty Gal,

Our church has been involved in 40 Days for Life for years. I did the weekly prayer sessions for about 4 years each Lent at the clinic closest to my house, and then that clinic closed after the new legislation went through (thank you God).

We now only have one PP in Austin, and it's well-covered by the folks who were previously praying at the other clinics. I just can't fit it into my work schedule anymore.

But I recommend it. In my experience, it was peaceful, prayerful, and we had some success stories. It is nothing like it is portrayed in the media. Literally people standing and praying quietly, maybe holding a sign or two, calling out to women things like "you have options!" Nothing aggressive, not in the least.

Selfishly, I appreciated the chance to pray for a solid hour without interruptions. It was good for me, too.


Maybe Hil has a lung disease


Porch and Texas
We have a PP right by my house
People have been praying there for about 15 years

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