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February 12, 2016


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Practicality is a very far thing from calculating and mendacious.

Sandy Daze

Hello how are you?
It's so typical of me to talk about myself, I'm sorry
I hope that you're well
Did you ever make it out of that town
Where nothing ever happened?


holy fox butterfield, the ant eater, doesn't consider why college has gotten more expensive?


that's what doc brown sounds like, from the pink panther strips,

Thomas Collins

I think this should be the theme song for any Dem running for POTUS. My favorite political rock song. Not enough Boomers absorbed its conservative Burkean message.


Miss Marple

My favorite part of the debate is where Bernie said that a college degree is equivalent to what a high school degree was 100 years ago.

That means that either high schools were way more advanced in 1916, or college has been dumbed down.

Either way, it's not a ringing endorsement for the current educational model.

Miss Marple



an interesting factoid, the rumble in Hanover, was 60.000 fewer voters for Red Queen and Doc Brown since 2008, whereas the GOP had 44,000 more voters,


I think I saw that in the journal,


To me the significance of Iowa/NH is total and distribution of vote totals.Vote totals in Repub primaries up, down in Dems. We'll see how Dems of darker skin hue turnout in SC and Supe Tues.


oh wonderful they got the band back together, no costello, the dumpy one who was sliming marco,



some one didn't get the memo,



If you haven't seen this Cruz ad, well, here you go:



We also will no longer have to look at poor fashion in the White House, so there's that.

Posted by: Miss Marple | February 12, 2016 at 11:11 AM

Yes, Yes, Yes, MM

 photo 371d4da2-4ca1-49fd-9b00-c7bdd0647651_zpsrbxvk7jj.jpg

 photo images_zpsufjbavcf.jpg

Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
My favorite part of the debate is where Bernie said that a college degree is equivalent to what a high school degree was 100 years ago.

50-60 years ago...

And that free education of extraordinary accomplishment was from first grade to 12th grade. The world has changed. This is 2016. In many ways, a college degree today is equivalent to what a high school degree was 50, 60 years ago.

It's not an argument about how much knowledge one has by obtaining the degree - it's an argument of what salary or wage one can expect if one holds the degree.

In some ways, perhaps many ways, it's actually true. It's stupid - I need my degree to perform the duties of my job as much as I needed that 17th beer in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl (i was trying to keep up beers for Broncos points).

I loved my time in college (I mean, I met mrs hit and run!), but my degree is so far removed from what I actually do - and yet, having a degree - any degree - is a checkbox on the hiring process, as well as the salary review process.

That of course doesn't mean that college should be free.

But it sure as hell should be a lot cheaper if one measures its worth in terms of what one learns or skills he develops by getting one. And it should be viewed as a hell of a lot cheaper than that by those who use it as a measure of a person's qualifications for most jobs, especially when dealing with social sciences degrees (like mine!).


MarkO, That commercial at 1:27pm is a must see. HaHa

Good for Cruz


College tuition is a ripoff today. it is a lightning rod because it is so expensive and often the non skills based majors do not have a very good path to a job.

Massive bureaucratic bloat and foolish programs increase the demand for space and suck up cash.

The information economy is about automating an streamlining and cost cutting. It has put a lot of people out of work.

All of those graduates in pan gender studies are playing candy crush when they are not working their 32 hours at Starbucks. My nose bleeds.


Well, I guess this is a way to bury the Tomah VA thing... Rep Moore as an exemplar of "health"?

BTW, Walker made sure there is no WI ACA Exchange, did not go Kasich on medicare expansion, kicked a bunch of people off of BadgerCare to get all poor people on it -- these people being single adults / no children who then have to go to the ACA for insurance coverage. Thus the "success" of ACA here. Rep Moore, and Mayor Barrett, fought that every step of the way. Since the prize is a visit from Obama, maybe some local youths can carjack the lot of them when he gets in town.

James D

yet, having a degree - any degree - is a checkbox on the hiring process, as well as the salary review process.

This right here is a huge (yuge?) problem. And, yet again, something we can lay at the feet of the progs.

In their efforts to make hiring "fairer" they made it much harder for employers to evaluate potential employees, so employers resort to requiring that box to be checked as an initial screening tool - whether or not a degree has any bearing on ability to do the job.

Beasts of England

A little birdie told me that the

May be getting a new QB
can't really reveal my source
Can't say his name either
although I don't care
really not a Jets fan
really not an NFL fan
or any pro sports
not except golf

Old Lurker

Awww who knew there was a new thread?

Cross posting this for Iggy:

Hey Iggy. So you disrespected my punk ass ATV the other day.

OK. Maybe this one works better for you:



Perhaps owing to insufficient scouring of digital and other repositories of information, I have not yet seen mooted the conjecture that Hillary Clinton's running mate will be Michelle Obama. It strikes me that such an arrangement would be less agreeable to the Clintons, but would be difficult to reject as it would present electoral advantages.


so they won the norridge city council again,

hey elliot how have you beem:



Wasn't Cat Stevens on the no fly list for having ties to terrorists?

Janet S.

That Cruz ad is really good. It needs to be all over the TV world...not just online or on political shows.




Hi. Elliott! Air kiss..air kiss.

Dave (in MA)

Beasts of England
I thought
you were
somebody else
for a minute there

Jeff Dobbs

Ed at Hot Air points to this tweet about the Cruz ad:

Matthew Continetti
‏@continetti Matthew Continetti Retweeted Morning Joe
And another great @tedcruz ad. Who is doing his media? Deserves a raise.
6:10 AM - 12 Feb 2016

Remember this from November?


(that made poor mandy patinkin have the sadz)

I wouldn't be surprised if Ted came up with the idea on his own......

Jeff Dobbs

Greetings, Elliott.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's not amphibious, OL.

I mean it would be ok if you had a Normandy hedgerow you wanted to remove to get at some Nazi tanks but what if you wanted to go duck hunting in Chesapeake Bay?


Jeff-- that's possible, remember Cruz was a Princeton debate wiz. I have also wondered if that LA poster of Cruz was... ya know.... an actual photo of him with his shirt off.


the Normandy bocage.... M4 Sherman burial mounds.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hillary and Michelle?
They'd have the painful intercourse and PMS vote sewn up.

Howdy Elliott.


IG!!! PLS!!!


Beasts, you were right about Sundays and Lent. There are 46 days between Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday (Lent ends on Holy Thursday), six of which are Sundays leaving 40 Days of Lent. Sunday is the day on which Our Lord rose and are to be celebrated as a day resurrection for our sins. Friday is the day we honor his death for our sins, therefore a day of penance. Sundays are Solemnities and here is what the Code of Cannon Law states...

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Can. 1251 Abstinence from meat, or from some other food as determined by the Episcopal Conference, is to be observed on all Fridays, unless a solemnity should fall on a Friday. Abstinence and fasting are to be observed on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.


With that said, Sunday can't get here quick enough for me, I'm having caffeine withdrawal with a tremendous headache, which I'll also offer up to God in reparation for my sins.

Old Lurker

That video made it look like it might float Iggy.

Maybe it was just shallow water.

Thomas Collins

Welcome back, Elliott! Have you been lurking, or have you been secretly running the Michelle for Veep campaign? If you are, you're aiming too low. I say Michelle/Evan Bayh is more likely than (Over The) Hill/Michelle.

If Michelle wins, one thing is for sure: Her "nutritious" school lunch food will be nowhere to be seen at the inauguration!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Said it had "greater wading depth" than previously, OL.
If it has a maximum wading depth then it isn't floating.

Old Lurker

"Episcopal Conference"

There's your problem right there, Rocco.

Nothing with the word "Episcopal" means anything constant anymore.


I know, I know, I'm just punking my own church, not the event of the Catholic Church back in the day that you cite.

Thomas Collins

C'mon BOE! Share it! RGIII? Colin Kaepernick? Garoppolo? Brady? Don't tell me Peyton wants to finish his career in NJ!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--IG!!! PLS!!!--

You can't turn on a TV without being deluged with solicitations for products treating both.

Old Lurker

Well then I just won't get that one Iggy. Back to the big wheel tonka toy. (Kids still vote yes; wife's absolute veto right still in effect.)


Henry Tudor might reconsider, what's he wrought when he split from the Church,


I miss those. I basically watch sports so I see the Blue Pill/Ciallis adverts.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Was there a price on the Russky Big Wheel, OL?
Didn't look like there was much to it. Gotta be less than a milspec Swedish tracked rig.

Old Lurker

Narc, did you see that story the other day opining that H8's mental changes and moods stemmed from several concussive head injuries? I though that was interesting. If true, then boy did a few knocks on the noggin alter the course of history!

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. a retired colonel with 29 years of experience in the US Army Reserve, argues that Senator Ted Cruz entered the United States illegally as a child in 1974. His parents failed to file a CRBA form which is required by US law. Ted’s parents did not fill out the required form until 1986.

It would be nice if the Cruz camp cleared this up for Republican voters.


So much for "the facts are simple."

Old Lurker

It was $65K and for that you only get a 44hp diesel.


The One Weird Trick of the Trump and Sanders Campaigns


Captain Hate on the iPhone

Have Rodham's organ grinders started playing "Don't Stop Thinking About Tommorow" yet? Like I couldn't hate that dipshit tune any more...


ah this tidbit,


Captain Hate on the iPhone

Not to be confused with "Tomorrow".

Cecil Turner

Don't see this article linked, and it is on point:

Federal Student Aid, Not Faculty Salaries, Is Primary Driver Of Escalating Tuition
Higher education's critics tend to blame high prices on overpaid professors or fancy climbing walls. At public colleges, lobbyists tend to blame reductions in state support. But a new study places the blame elsewhere: the ready availability of federal student aid.
Combined with Krauthammer's latest, it's a ready antidote to wishful thinking. (H/T Instapundit for both.)

Thomas Collins

Tanks, schmanks. This would be my vanity purchase.


Dave (in MA)

Today Feb 12
Sun giving way to clouds
21° Lo 12°

Sat Feb 13
A snow squall in the morning
15° Lo -7°

Sun Feb 14
Mostly sunny and very cold
12° Lo -7°

Thought Jane might like this weekend forecast from her old haunts.
I'm having caffeine withdrawal with a tremendous headache, which I'll also offer up to God in reparation for my sins.
You should have tapered off gradually. If I skip a day I have such a bad headache I can't see straight.


Thanks for all your good wishes. I have been avoiding the campaign coverage as much as possible.

Yes, TC, I am aiming too low. I'm convinced she would be a more appealing compromise candidate among Democrats than the current Vice President. Perhaps this could all be taken care of by executive order at 11:59 a.m. EST on January 20, 2017? Or should it be done before the Congress confirms the electoral college result?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If you want a friend, get yourself a gun;
This is the Ballard I was asking Rick about the other day.

Cecil Turner

OK. Maybe this one works better for you:

Cool link. With all the info pop ups on that page, I was surprised they didn't explain the bundle of pipes on the back. Got a brief from the Desert Rats ops guy back in DS. They call it a fascine, and just dump the bundle in an anti-tank ditch (many of their vehicles carry 'em, so you can dump multiple loads if needed), then just drive across it. Never saw it actually work, but . . .

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--His parents failed to file a CRBA form which is required by US law.--

It's not even required now, let alone 40 years ago when he entered.



Cecil Turner

Tanks, schmanks.

Is a martial Philistine a thing? If not, it oughta be.

James D

Federal Student Aid, Not Faculty Salaries, Is Primary Driver Of Escalating Tuition

It'd be nice if the R candidates made this argument. It's so basic, you could make it clear even to the L-est of LIV's:

"If you owned a business, and the government came and said they were giving out free money to anyone who used it to buy your product, you'd raise prices, wouldn't you? You'd be an idiot not to.

Well, that's what the government has done with student loans. If you've got a pulse and you can write your name on the top of a college application, the government will give you $15,000 per year in student loans, with no credit check or anything else. So of course the schools raise tuition, so everybody has to take a loan out to pay it, and guess who gets stuck with the bill when the kids can't pay those loans back?"


So Lurch's 'mission accomplished' isn't exactly that, much of the vipsers got together again for volodya with the founder of answer, for reasons not made clear,


Hey Elliott! It's great to see you.

Thanks for the weather report Dave! It's 75 and sunny today - after a week long cold spell which was just rude, all things considered.

Windows open, sleeves have been cut!

Cecil Turner

You're right James D. Simple and persuasive.


OL, we have more than enough problems of our own for me to point fingers at other denominations.


this last offering,





Jeff Dobbs

new thread

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Grayson is such a lowlife that even the Searchlight Pederast and Exercise Band Expert considers him scum. MOAR PLEEZ!

Btw, that kollidge tuition article looks like a bunch of spurious correlations that nobody really agrees on.

Beasts of England

I already shared it, TC. Check the margin...

Beasts of England

Well, Rocco, it wasn't me who was right, it was my ex. And I should have known, she's never been wrong. :)


Very sad that I will forevermore associate a great Cat Stevens song with Hillary Clinton...

Tom Maguire
...the conjecture that Hillary Clinton's running mate will be Michelle Obama.

Hillary sharing the spotlight with a woman who, based on her whinging, can't wait to leave the spotlight and collect her $10 million book deal?

Bill and Barry as First and Second Spouse?

If there is a merciful God in heaven it won't happen.

Tom Maguire
Very sad that I will forevermore associate a great Cat Stevens song with Hillary Clinton...

Well, the first cut is the deepest, so maybe it won't be as painful when Bernie adopts "Back in the USSR".

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