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February 05, 2016


Tom Maguire

Re Goldberge and:

J. Goldberg makes a good point:

My problem with Sanders is that he’s ultimately a coward. He talks a great game about being dedicated to a “political revolution,” but he is utterly unwilling to employ the means required to achieve the ends desired.

For instance, Sanders is happy to denounce the political system as corrupt, but refuses -- save by innuendo -- to connect the corruption of the political system to the corruption of House Clinton.

I liked it and then flip-flopped. My objection - Goldberg is almost proposing a "Bernie has to destroy the party in order to capture it" strategy.

If Sanders drops the gloves and trashes Hillary personally, does he win the nomination but leave the Dem party so bitter and divided that he has no shot at all in November?

Or can he beat Hillary with a mostly high road campaign after which the party might actually unite behind him and give him a snowballs chance in November come, well, November?

I wouldn't pound the table and insist Sanders is going about this the wrong way. All the cool kids in the media are ready to switch sides any day now, and they will trash Hillary with or without him.


The Democratic front runner is a human being so vile that only people who are blinded by her gender can actually support her. She is such an unattractive candidate that apparently she is now running neck and neck with a 75 year old socialist who doesn't have the brains God gave to a duck.

So how can the Republicans once again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory(in the tradition of Dole, McCain & Romney)?

The answer to that question is Marco Rubio. Yet another opportunistic, career politician wannabe of which the American People are sick and tired.

He can't win people, period.


The Sanders/Trump/Bloomberg poll you link should have a "Kill Myself" option after "Don't Know."

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