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February 25, 2016





It occurs to me that with Romney demanding that Trump show us his 'Taxes,' Trump should show up at his next rally with a dump truck loaded with cash to show us his 'taxes.'


there were 1,000 omissions of tax liability by contributors to Spectre, if memory serves,

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

(re-post from the old thread)

A crooked Trump will most likely give me what I want in Government rather then a Socialist/Communist, or another politician Republican.
Posted by: Stephanie | February 25, 2016 at 11:30 PM

Stephanie - Any idea what your friend wants in government?

Did she say how she figures that someone like Trump, who denies he's done/said the things he's been proven and/or quoted/recorded as doing/saying, could *possibly* be counted on to do what he *now* says he is in favor of doing?


Romney should have bet $10,000 on what's in Trumps taxes. Remember how cool he looked when he was getting all Daddy Warbucks at Perry in a debate.

 a friend

Might whoever posts a new thread consider in future politely sliding back to the previous thread and posting a comment advising us poor whipsawed "Tail-end Charlies" hanging around dead threads that there's a new fricken' thread?

All's I'm saying TM and Jeff, is it might be a shame to wake up one morning with a horses head in your bed.


If this was happening to any other political figure, they would have been denied bail and would have been facing pretrial motions,


I'm still hoping some intrepid reporter asks Cruz if he or Hedi ever went to a Hillary/Goldman affair.

Or if the know people who did.

I wouldn't mind a little hearsay.


...if they...


So the debate discussion is over? What does that mean?


Remember The Alamo!

Besides those, are their any others words that can be made from the letters in "Alamo?"


lo and behold, there are!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If Lindsey Graham were shot on the floor of the Senate and the trial were held anywhere else, they'd give the guy a gold watch and a cookie.


So the debate discussion is over?

It is for me MarkO, since I'm busy trying to saw off this horse's head.

It's tough trying to keep all the blood from getting into the Fedex packaging:(


it is curious about from here to eternity, the film whose role they allude to in the godfather,


If Lindsey Graham were shot on the floor of the Senate they'd have to see if the bullet passed thru John McCain lying beneath him.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Texas Liberty Gal

I was at a Dallas Stars game during the debate so was following it on twitter. Amazing how different opinons on twitter were compared to comments here. On twitter - Rubio took it to Donald-Rubio came off good-Donald came off bad. Cruz had good debate but didn't take it to Trump as well as Rubio did. Wolf did everything he could to rescue Trump everytime he got in trouble. Rubio & Cruz helped themselves - Donald got hurt but won't matter to his mind controlled followers

Jeff Dobbs

All's I'm saying TM and Jeff

I post "new thread" perhaps more than anyone else here.

I always say "new thread" when I am the one who put up the new thread.

I haven't put up a new thread in 3 months (literally, Sunday will mark 3 months since I've put up a new thread).


truth apparently is not a defense,



daddy, I truly did laugh out loud.


I gave up putting up new threads for Lent


I usually put up a 'new fred' for the new thread.

Don't know why I started the new fred thing, but it's how I read it now.


No idea what that dude thinks Donald is gonna do for him, but I guess he was trying to say that if we gotta elect thieves and crooks they might as well be our theives and crooks cause maybe the other guys (dems) will get screwed for once.


it's the wrong lizard theory from the hitchhiker's guide, so marco was going back about something that happened 36 years ago, before Lech Walesa led his solidarity strike,


the usual wurlitzer without details was going on in the twitter about this,


so another felon, goes on a rampage,


better keeps guns away from the law abiding.


After tonights Debate all's I can say is:
"Go Scott Walker!"


the two minute hate must continue,



well it was always meant as a fig leaf,



My take on Wretchard's latest is that there might not be an EU left for Britain to Brexit from:

The Return of the Nations


If Rs have a brokered convention, will they draft Scott Walker? Rick Perry? Heck, I'' even take Huckabee.
If that's the case, we need to have them all stay in for the duration. That may mean sending Ben Carson some money.

I'm thinking since Dr. Carson is still in, that is why--God must want a brokered convention. He told a friend back in September he was in because it was what he felt God wanted him to do, and he would stay til he felt differently.

Jeff Dobbs

I can think of no plausible scenario in which the likelihood of Hillary or even Bernie winning in November is greater than one that includes a brokered R convention.


Rubio impressed this pjmedia fellow:


JiB, THANK YOU for giving me the bug's name! I really, really wanted to know, and had given up ever having that information. I had no idea what a struggle a joint infection could be. Figured once they had the proper antibiotic,after three days of it IV all would be well, other than having five and a half more weeks IV to go. I am so sorry you have been so debilitated by this, and shall keep you on my prayer list.

IRT the speculation about my cryptic comment yesterday with the post on the importance of NARRATIVE (and its delivery) came to the correct conclusion: my husband sent the post to me. It is from a scientist whose
mission is to improve the narrative of space exploration (I think).
He, LIKE Scott Adams, writes clearly on the topic and gives insight into
what one could call PERSUASION.

(Sorry about caps; I've been unsuccessful in past using the italicizer thing here.)


"Brokered convention" besides opening for electoral failure in Peoria back in the day, is the GOPe's last firewall of doom. The campaign consultants last gasp to keep their snouts in the elections trough.

Miss Marple

Good moring!

I saw something yesterday about Perry being open to be drafted at the convention.

After reading Wretchard's column above, I am beginning to think the convention will sort of resemble Europe, in other words, a disintegrating mess brought on by a bunch of feckless bureaucrats who had no idea about the Pandora's box they opened.


Brokered conventions for both parties was the topic of the day Wednesday on one of the segments of The Diane Rehm Show. The "journalists" who made up the panel were beside themselves with the possibility---from the aspect of the opportunity for covering said event(s), not the good of the nation, which one of them made clear.


Rubio turning on Trump for self repeating was a near miss -- no points for saying you too. He needed to call the Donald a lesser version of a robot, a "string pull doll." Pull string "loser". pull string "yuuuge". etc. that would set a narrative.

Miss Marple

I check things like this and read them, but the vagaries of the reporting on financial stuff is mostly a mystery to me. This seems to provide evidence that things are not going as swimmingly as the White House pretends:



MissM, they only have to cook 8 more months of numbers to get past the election.

Jeff Dobbs


Which reminds me....One year ago today, we had this...



And you know what? It happened! It really, really happened! Jane got to have drinks with Dave. And a half dozen other JOMers last June.

Of course, that was back when Jane was a fellow Masshole. She's abandoned Dave since then. She insists it wasn't a direct result of having met him.

Beasts of England

Happy Birthday, Dave (in MA)!!

Jack is Back! (Barely)

Happy Birthday Dave (inMA).

Miss Marple

Happy Birthday, Dave(inMA) !

Beasts of England

I'm going through the debate transcript - did they not ask Jeb a single question all night?

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

anonamom - You can do the italicizing thing, I'm sure of it.

The characters at the bottom of the commenting box have half of the info you need:
(You can use HTML tags like 'b' and 'i' to style your text.) [Had to change the b, and i, inside the <> to avoid formatting them.]

Just put the double arrows <> *immediately* before the first word, and after the last word, that you want to either bold, or italicize.
Then put the letter b, or i, inside the first <>; then put a forward-slash followed by the letter b, or i, inside the ending <>, like /b, or /i.

So, putting the word 'italics' in italics would look like this:

< x >italics< /x > (Except you would use an 'i' instead of the 'x', and there would not be any open spaces between the < i > .)


Happy birthday, Dave (in MA)! Ledge cocktails are calling your name. :)

Jeff Dobbs

Sarah Hoyt at Insty:

THIS ALMOST MAKES A VOTE FOR TRUMP PALATABLE. IF I BELIEVED SHARPTON: Al Sharpton might ‘get out of here’ if Trump wins.

Trump just went up 10 points in the polls. Thanks, Al!

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

anonamom - Forgot to mention that you can play around with trying out the HTML tags in the comment box, and use the preview function to see how well it works for you.

Hope this helps.

Captain Hate

Wednesday on one of the segments of The Diane Rehm Show. The "journalists" who made up the panel were beside themselves with the possibility---from the aspect of the opportunity for covering said event(s), not the good of the nation, which one of them made clear.

Ugh, how can you endure the prattling of such third rate intellects with speaking tics? It's always about them striving to fill their empty lives with something other than a real accomplishment.

Miss Marple

I see NBC had a story up on Twitter about Weightwatchers shares falling despite Oprah.

I think it should have read because Oprah, myself.

I had a friend who quit using their app because every time it opened there was Oprah staring at her. LOL!

Sorry I don't have a link; the NBC site link returned a 404. I figure Oprah threatened them or something.

Captain Hate

Does Orca still shill for the JEF or have her bean counters given her a heads up on how many of her audience were driven away by that?


Happy Birthday, Dave

Miss Marple

I don't know, Captain Hate. Since she self-segregated by moving to her own cable channel, I never accidentally run across her the way I sometimes did.

She is one of my many example's of JEF's merde touch on businesses, sports teams, and celebrities.

I have fond memories of her waddling into Copenhagen thinking she could get the Olympics for Chicago. In a gold lame dress, no less, like she was the empress or something. I think Michelle had on some glitzy number, too.

They did not make a good impression on the old European aristos who populate so much of the Olympic committee.

"Chicago's out? Chicago's out?"



Happy and Healthy B-Day Dave(inMa)


new thread.

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