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February 22, 2016



Apple is not the only tech company in trouble over personal privacy. Microsoft and Twitter also banging heads with the FBI and in lawsuits over data requests (no subpoenas).

(For those keeping score Microsoft is a direct competitor of mine, Twitter is an SJW hellhole. They may have a point here along with Apple).




What's this "might have persuaded me right years ago" carp? You VOTED for the fraud. And spare me the McCain diatribe. I get it.

Old Lurker

I spoke with a dear friend today who is very connected to GOP Congressional Members/Leaders. Her comment was how universally they all hate hate hate Ted Cruz down there on the Hill.

I asked if that was a bug or a feature and she was stunned by my question. She really was.

daddy on the FBI secure iPhone

Miss M that was a great point about the frugality of the Trumpsters as observed by Newts Atlanta Campaine veteran friend. That obviously impressed Newt. I also like how Newt said that when huge numbers in the country are voting for somebody other than whoever the RNC/GOPe is advocating for, then it is time to try to understand why they are voting that way as opposed to lecturing them---that then fed right in to the comment where the GOPe big shot said because of the Partial Birth Abortion issue he would not vote for Trump as Prez, prompting Newt's rejoinder of "So how would a President Hillary or President Bernie be any better?" Then Hannity interrupted Newt who was on a roll. Grrrrrrrrr




"...and while Wisconsin is not as big as Ohio or Florida, it's still a swing state."

And it would be nice for Trump to carry at least one state. Of course, like fellow Democrats George McGovern and Al Gore, he won't be carrying his own state.

Old Lurker

"that was a great point about the frugality of the Trumpsters"

We had a revered professor in B School who had retired after running a mega company for decades and in retirement came to teach a class to us. He had a list of "rules", the first two of which were something like:

1. You will either master the numbers, or the numbers will master you.

2. NEVER run out of money or credit.

He went on to say he thought we would all "learn" these and his others from him in our class, but that we would not LEARN them for real until we forgot them in real life once or twice.

Trump learned both of those things the hard way, and I suspect will never forget them again.


" I spend tons of time in the kitchen. "

I do almost all the cooking at our house, though mrs. hrt does the baking.


WI is a long shot. It is Red in off years and April "non-partisan" elections get purple (WI SC elections). But very blue in Pres election years. Walker on the ticket will not change that anymore than Ryan on the ticket did.

Sandy Daze

Hey Jack, if you are still about, thank you for the link to
A Salutary Corrective in Scalia’s Funeral

For those who might have missed it earlier, the piece Jack linked and relinked above is a "review" of sorts from the bench.
Fr. Mark A. Pilon is a (one thinks, retired) priest who has a very well-considered opinion of the Homily delivered by Father Scalia, contrasting same with the change in homiletics over the last 50+ years.

The Homily in consideration can be viewed here.


henry, otoh voter ID should help.


Clarice, it should cut down on bus driver OT pay in Illinois. :)


Miss Marple

Just in case you haven't already read it, there was a fun story in the WSJ on Feb. 10, "The Man Who Lets Trump be Trump" about Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager. It gets into how the campaign operates and how it spends money.

The archive link gets behind the paywall.



But very blue in Pres election years.

Obama won Wisconsin 53-46 in 2012, but W barely lost in 2000 and 2004, by a few thousand votes, fractions of a percent.

Unless it's trending blue I would say it's in play in this election.


No Appalled, he's offering specific goals that he outlines in every speech. They are all concrete, practical, achievable and measurable goals, nothing hopey-changey at all. Some of them, like border security already have the laws on the books but the political class has neglected to enforce the laws. The first thing he's going to do on day one is get rid of gun free zones on military bases.


>>>he's offering specific goals that he outlines in every speech<<<

“I would end Obamacare and replace it with something terrific, for far less money for the country and for the people,”

It's going to be YUGE! and TERRIFIC!!


new thread of course since I haven't caught up on any of the others.


I agree, jimmyk--and when you realize the unions shot their wad on three elections unsuccessfully trying to dump Walker, the union membership is down and there is now voter ID, I think it is definitely in play.

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