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February 10, 2016


jimmyk on iPhone


jimmyk on iPhone

If Trump were the R nominee and Bloomberg were in the race, Trump would win NY and PA.


But Tom....Bloomberg is a Republican. Right??

daddy on iPad

Jim Webb or mike Bloomberg? No contest. Go Nader!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Perhaps T. Coddington Van Voorhees VII could balance the ticket as the more redneck, outsider type of Veep for the blooming idiot.

jimmyk on iPhone

A feel-good story about a guy with a concealed carry permit saving a woman's life. Hoping the rumor that he was fired is false.


(The story is badly written, but you get the gist.)


Jimmy, the story would indicate that KNIVES are BAD and GUNS are good,
The KNIFE IS EVIL, and the GUN CAME TO SAVE the day!!

Do cops carry knives??


"That Pastafarian lives (or lived) in my town. Never seen him around."

Stephanie - I think you would remember him! Las Vegas is welcome to have him - one less nut in Ga.


From Tantaros:

National Review’s “conservatism”: when a Brit tells an American she should support a Canadian for President.”



hahaha... if bloomberg enters the race that about insures that the Democrats will be crippled by splitting the vote... which assures Trump will win the WH in Nov.

...if you can't tell yet... hillary won't be much of a match against Trump, and neither will a Socialist (bernie sanders). Southern States hate socialism and communism with a passion.

the GOP needs to stop trying to derail Trump... he's the only one resonating with the average americans. and the more attacks on him (especially by leftards... the more he gains...)

that strategy would work with a weak candidate like Romney, Rubio, or Ted Cruz... but it won't work on Trump at all.


Its kinda like the evils of capitalism versus the evils of socialism isn't YourMaster..


It's not like he had to call on his 90 year old mom or over $35 million in spending to get to 4th place in NH.

Now Brookings says Jeb's Student Loan Plan should outlive his campaign. http://www.brookings.edu/research/reports/2016/02/11-jeb-bush-student-loan-plan-chingos

That's conservative now? When Brookings loves your public policy ideas?

No thanks.

Supposedly his pappy thank-you-noted his way to the White House.

A la recherche.

Over at Watts Up I just corrected a usually lovely commenter who had confused Sandy Berger and Scooter Libby. Ah, sweet memory.

Captain Hate

National Review’s “conservatism”: when a Brit tells an American she should support a Canadian for President.”

When towel folders play badass. The inability to confront the source of the problem is what's most bothersome and at least say "we know that you don't trust us because of how we've been lying bastards in the past" and then have a token purge of some high exposure loser like Rove. But they don't do that and then resort to this type of effete blackmail along with the now mandatory insults to anybody tired of having the football pulled away. Fortunately Tantaros's cuteness and awesome gams will keep her in Ailes good grace.

Captain Hate

And furthermore:


And Bloomberg should die in a fire.


Bloomberg left office and went to work for both the UN and the Clinton Global Initiative on its C40 urban initiatives.

His philanthropy is behind What Works Cities pushing the idea that societies can be planned using data generated by the Internet of Things and imposed at the local level.

Extra large soft drink regulation does not begin to describe his dirigiste hubris.

per requisite need.

Heh, centrally planned means there is a head to cut off.


They don't have enough to telephone books for him to sit on and be seen behind the Resolute Desk. (Heh, digital phone books won't help).

Miss Marple

Good morning, everyone!

Jeff Dobbs


Miss you around here.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple

This caught my eye because I shipped a Ronald McDonald doll to Thailand. File this in the "weird stuff going on in the world that we don't ever hear about" file:



MM - that is indeed weird and rather sad as it shows they are seeking to fill a need in their lives.

"they refused to put the dolls in their check-in luggage or in the overhead compartment. They wanted to buy seats for them.
Last month the airline Thai Smile made headlines by allowing this. But there was a quick change of heart after a consultation with air safety officials. It turns out that the inanimate luk thep are luggage after all, and must be stowed as such. So Mananya says she will no longer fly."

Captain Hate

HB DoT; hope all is well.

So the Lynch mob at JustUs continues the assault on Ferguson. Isn't there an opposition party that could have a say in this?

Miss Marple


Yes it is rather sad. Plus such a strange custom with odd details, like the dolls preferring red fizzy drinks.

By the way, thank you for your kind words of encouragement last night. I saw them this morning when I was catching up.


Happy B-Day DoT!!! Bravo Zulu on a life well -lived to date, and many more.


Good Morning! MM,that is one strange story!
Some dolls have been given botox injections?
MM,I think about you when I drive by the many consignment shops in Florida. I think when an elderly person dies,a relative from up north sells a house or condo and the contents are given to Goodwill or a consignment shop. There are probably good "finds" in those shops.

Captain Hate

Levin stated last night that the GOP has a choice of whether to remake itself as a populist/socialist party or a constitutional party. He's being increasingly critical of Trump particularly an odd statement that as more candidates leave the race he has "the ability to change into whatever he wants to be".


"So the Lynch mob at JustUs continues the assault on Ferguson. Isn't there an opposition party that could have a say in this?"

Why complain about Beyonce hammering on the police?

Loretta Lynch is a hundred times more effective.

Hmmm. Do you think Loretta would look hawt in black leather?


MM, I may be joining you. Something is up with my niece, and today's the day I shall call my brother and offer to take her on. I called her out on her drama set ups years ago, and we've gotten along just fine since then. Kids need love, but they need boundaries too. I can see you know that well from your comment about structure. Yes, yes, yes. I have a feeling you have no problem with being the adult in the room!

They also need good food, not those bars with fifteen ingredients that came from the chem lab. Lots of data showing that brain inflamation and raging blood sugar levels are not good for mental health. Vitamin D and fish oil too.

Rocco--no coffee???? I thought about that, for about half a second. Impossible. So no booze instead.

Here's an article about what the fasting and abstaining is really about--

Miss Marple

"Has the ability to change into whatever he wants to be."

Would that be like saying "no new taxes" and then raising them? How about running as a conservative and then falling into line with Mitch McConnell? How about running on killing Obamacare and then doing nothing? How about being outraged about Planned Parenthood and then funding it?

Excuse me if I am not particularly worried if Trump has the possibility to change. I have been trained by the GOP to expect it.


CaptH-- why is Levin's statement odd, much less particularly odd? I bet it turns out to be very astute.


MissM-- obamacare was completely repealed by the Congress. Then vetoed.

Miss Marple


Miss Marple

Yes, NK, but only this year. And only after Ryan realized voters wanted them to at least make the attempt. Why wasn't this done multiple times, beginning the year after we won the majority?

Captain Hate

The statement was by Trump about being able to change (I should've quoted it more accurately as "I have the ability to change into whatever I want to be") which I found odd in that it signals that what he's been running on so far might be subject to change.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

That might be taken from his response to "acting presidential." I believe I heard him say something about as he gets closer to the nomination he can change the way he speaks.

I did notice in his post-New Hampshire interview he seemed a bit more serious and less bombastic.


MM and Anonamom

Admire your willingness to step up. Mrs. Buckeye and I cared for one of her second cousin's children years ago. In this case because the mother was having psychological issues.

The little girl, a toodler at the time, wasn't being abused but was being neglected. We cared for her about 6 months. She was same age as Buckeyette, so the little girls thought it was great, 24/7 playmate.

After getting "better", mother and daughter were reunited. Mom moved with daughter to west coast and we lost touch decades ago.

I often wonder about the little girl.


MissM-- no, 2015 was the first year McConnell was Senate Majority Leader and able to manipulate a reconciliation vote to repeal in the Senate. Stubborn things those facts.

Captain Hate

Excuse me if I am not particularly worried if Trump has the possibility to change. I have been trained by the GOP to expect it.

There is the problem that the cheerleaders want to quietly go away. I might be mistaken but on the Fox Sunday gab show only Michael Needham brings this up.

Miss Marple


Thank you for the mention of brain inflammation and sugar, as well as Vitamin D.

Granddaughter is not an outdoorsy type, preferring music and books. I think she might be Vitamin D deficient due to that. I will add a dose of vitamins with breakfast, as well as a breakfast of higher protein as opposed to chocolate chip waffles (her personal favorite - gag).

Rick Ballard

It's very easy to change when there is absolutely no foundation, no structure and no fasteners involved. ELECT THE BLOB! and hope you like the change which comes with every breeze.

He wants to keep Common Core though.

For the moment.


Trump-- or you can apply Occam's Razor and conclude that Trump will merely continue to say whatever he thinks will get him votes under changed electoral circumstances, as we all continue to have no idea what Trump would do with the power.... apart from he will do whatever is best for Trump.That is beyond contestation.

Miss Marple


OK, you are right about that.

Maybe I need more fish oil!

Old Lurker

Before i even go back to read the over-nights, I wanted to be first to link the story below and acknowledge that Rick Ballard was the first to predict this several years back. Some times you just have to look ahead when making stock purchases.



Miss Marple

My vote isn't until May. I do appreciate how you guys point out how naive and gullible I am. I will keep your comments in mind as the Indiana primary approaches.


Amazing how the left prioritizes, DA Chisolm would rather John Doe conseervatives than stop human trafficking, or stop car theft (Milwaukee is leading the tables now), or do any normal DA kind of anti crime stuff.

Captain Hate

Oh for God's sake, the 2014 ballots were barely counted before McConnell burbled out a pledge that there wouldn't be a government shutdown, making everybody who believed the campaign pledges to fight Obama feel sold out.

Miss Marple


James D

In my email box this morning, besides the usual begging for money from the remaining R candidates, was a letter from "Goodie Professional Practices, Inc". It's a warning about the declining value of my nonexistent dental practice (I somehow got on a mailing list to be sold dental office supplies and so forth):

Our somber forecast for 2016 is that the value of your practice will go down. We further forecast your income will also go down this year.

Well over 50% of US Dentists have already experienced this pattern. And we see these two trends continuing into the future.

We have a strong basis for these predictions.
Think Physicians, Pharmacists, Hardware Stores, Independent Grocers. Speak with every Physician and Pharmacist you know about their experience.

The picture is clear.

The good news is that we have strategies to prevent this decline. And these strategies do not include better marketing, better staff production or better purchasing by you.

We have tools to help you decide when to sell and to whom.

If your practice does not fall in this category, please do not be offended.

It is likely just a matter of months when this will apply to you.

In the meantime Enjoy!

I especially like the ominous note at the end.

Captain Hate

I would again like to thank the Uniparty for only permitting two states to have a full slate of candidates to vote for. I'm sure the founders would be aghast at this yet the party swells sit on their dead asses and wonder why people hate them.

People are freaking out over a clip of Trump today saying that he would keep Common Core.

But, if you look at it in context, it’s clear that he just misspoke. Here’s a longer clip:...


Miss Marple


Of course, there is some hinky thing in the GOP convention rules, too, but Mr. Geraghty isn't discussing that right now, because he thinks that rule will stop Trump.

Miss Marple

Here's a discussion of how the convention votes could be manipulated:



Can GOP Superdelegates Stop Trump ... answer seems to be "no" as each state only has 3 R superdelegates, and they must vote for the nominee that won their state.

Bob E

"Levin stated last night..."

Is it true that the son of Levin's fiancee works for the Cruz campaign? I guess either Levin badmouths Trump or no access to that sweet, sweet coochie.

Miss Marple


Jeb says Trump would be worse than Obama.


Im sure he's worse for Jeb!, but what about the rest of us?

Captain Hate

Miss Marple's 8:51 is a good read, especially how the R$ people screwed around with the rules to keep the Ronulans from crashing the coronation.


Meanwhile,back in Maine,the Waterville police chief said it is time for residents to arm themselves after an elderly woman was brutally attacked in her home. He said it is time to have a conversation with seniors about being able to protect themselves.


I agree. Very insightful article, MM. Super Tuesday is less important now, and later contests like your IN may be pivotal.

Miss Marple

Since we were discussing 1968 a day or two ago, here's something else that was going on in 1968:



CH, Sippy's short circuit wasn't my #1 pick for the most telling moment of the NH Debate. Trump explaining the stacked audience as he was booed was conformation of what I had suspected. The audience is as out of touch with America as their preferred candidates are, but people like Magpie pretend they are a perfect slice of the demographic.

Selected, not elected.

I wonder what the makeup of the SC debate audience will be?


The Dems have a debate pander fest in Milwaukee tonight. Any predictions?


predictions? == shouting, violence pandering Dem pols have to flee and scurry off of the stage?.... OK I am projecting what I hope happens.


So Hillary's aides are now screwed too.

Yippee! Will they screw her or take the fall?


Jane... right now its hang on for the pardon.

Jeff Dobbs

new thread.


Jane-- of course the answer is will the DoJ prosecute these crimes? Can you imagine what a special counsel like andy mccarthy would do? he's line the witnesses up, play them off each other to make the best plea deal and nail the whole Clinton hierarchy, Hilligula, BJ, Huma,Mills, Sid Vicious Blumenthal the lot. The weaker Hilligula and BJ look politically in primaries, the more likely ValJar shoots the moon and appoints a SC to convene a grand jury.


Ten minutes with me can get any candidate who actually wants to understand Common Core as opposed to the faux talking points up to speed.

But the faux talking points are so useful. For more reasons why there is today's post as I finally have shaken off the seasonal crud, I hope.


Leave it to bo to be running neuroscience research out of the National Intelligence Office. Still tracks back to John Holdren though.

MM-good of you to take granddaughter in. The world is a hard place for people who are atypical.

Years ago a Buckhead private school mom said to me that "I must not care about what people think about me." I said "i don't, but I am more tactful than to say that to someone's face."

Sometimes the different drummer plays far better music.


Marlene, I'm not opposed to that, but you can imagine the number of dutiful middle aged children who are going to be shot by their fuzzy headed octogenarian parents if they start keeping a gun on their nightstands...


@rse: dirigiste - Thank you! A new word for me today! And perfect usage in the context!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Excuse me if I am not particularly worried if Trump has the possibility to change. I have been trained by the GOP to expect it.--

I'm curious what the conservative response to this is in a general election context.
Conservatives were not exactly enthusiastic about Romney or McCain but there was nowhere near the vitriol reserved for Trump even though his actual policy positions are seemingly somewhat more conventionally conservative than either of theirs.
I have no idea how Trump would govern but the fact is he might govern more conservatively than we think. There was effectively zero chance of that with either of the other two.

Captain Hate

Sometimes the different drummer plays far better music


But, oh, my, the lost one.

Well, Early Bird, we can take comfort that the damage will not be in the genes, just as the lowered North Korean intelligence from childhood malnutrition is not in the genes. One generation will suffice to heal.

Tom Maguire

Miss Marple - depending on how far down the road with mood and nutrition you want to go, The Mood Cure relates the amino acids found in our diet to their use as neurotransmitters in the brain.

With today's eating habits it is very easy to develop some undesirable deficiencies, as I discovered when I went dairy-free.

More detailed excerpts here. Just something to think about.


"Cruciferous vegetables—So named for their cross-shaped blossoms, these vegetables include cauliflower, cabbage, collards, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, turnips, and rutabaga. These thyroid-suppressing veggies also contain indoles, dithiothiones, and other chemicals that activate enzymes that destroy carcinogens, so don't eliminate them, just don't eat them daily."

Well, that's certainly advice I can gladly follow.

Tom Maguire
The Dems have a debate pander fest in Milwaukee tonight. Any predictions?

My prediction is... pain.

OK, ask me another. Hillary has to go even more negative because she is a one trick pony with no real vision of her own. Anyway, Sanders will always be able to promise shinier unicorns that fly higher than Hillary's, so she is stuck there.

Her whole "It's My Turn" approach hasn't really caught fire. My fly on the wall said that some of her advisors liked "Don't be a schnook, take a second look and vote for the crook" but it might be too long for bumper stickers. As to "A Future You Can Believe In - In Leavenworth", well, maybe after a disastrous Super Tuesday.

I cannot wait for tonight. If Cruz could just get a pirated version of the Sanders Sincerity Emulator this race would be over.

Tom Maguire
Will they screw her or take the fall?

That is conventional thinking, where prosecutors do a "roll-up", cutting deals with the underlings to get the big fish.

I have no doubt that at crunch time the DoJ sleuths will execute the rarely-seen "roll-down", where Hillary gets immunity to testify against her staff, they get immunity to testify against their underlings, and - voila - a retired secretary and a guy who died last year end up indicted.

I am thinking about that drug company where the DoJ nailed every exec except the billionaire Dem donor owner (Wyss) who ruled with an iron fist. Forbes.


"Better the devil you know than the devil you don't" - Vote HC


It would be fun to hear someone ask Hillary for the results of her GS speech "status" check.

My curiosity was also piqued by the wording in a stat quoted by Janet the other day:

Since 2013 Bill Clinton has been paid $26.6 million for 94 speeches; Hillary's grand total is slightly less: $21.7 million for 92 private appearances.
Wonder what the contract for a "private appearance" looks like.


26.6 for 94 v 21.7 for 92...

that is where her panties get bunched about the proverbial war on women and her desire to deliver some justice to those evil corporations.

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