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February 14, 2016



We are so screwed.



Miss Marple

Why can't McConnell gavel the Senate into session today?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

"A republic, if you can keep it..."

That just became a lot bigger "if".

Beasts of England

The clock starts fresh each hour for the libtards. Precedent, schmecedent. Forward!!


TC, the Canning pdf is chock full of comments dissing Scalia.

I will read it in it's entirety tonight.

Captain Hate

Chris Wallace repeated the Reagan election year appointment crap with no context and Rubio whiffed on setting him straight. It probably won't hurt Marco but it was a missed opportunity.

Old Lurker

Yall can quibble all you want about GOP candidates.

If Obama gets to replace Scalia this year with a Holder, it will not matter who wins what in November.

We already face an almost insurmountable task to correct our fiscal nightmare; facing a 5:4 or 6:3 SCOTUS will make that impossible, the frog will be long cooked before any party can correct a Socialist Court, and by then our debt will be piled so high we will never recover.

Welcome to my Ledge. How do you like my decorating?


Supposedly Janet Napolitano and some chick from the 9th circuit are the moron's choices.

He can pound sand.

Captain Hate

Article V, OL; our only way out.


FLASHBACK: 1st POTUS In History To Have Voted To Filibuster A SCOTUS Nominee Now Hopes for Clean Process…

In January 2006, then-Sen. Obama joined 24 colleagues in a futile effort led by Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to filibuster the Supreme Court nomination of now-Justice Samuel Alito.


Obama gets bitten in the ass.

Miss Marple

I am heading out to mass. It's cold, and I would rather stay home, but I need to pray.

Back this afternoon.


Obama always wins, Jane.

Captain Hate

I don't understand why Napolitano's name is being mentioned, and by that I don't mean that I'm saying it isn't being mentioned. She doesn't strike me as any more than an unlikeable leftist apparatchik as dull as a butter knife. I would imagine if you could force some donks to tell the truth they'd agree with me.


CH, not like that is a change from O's prior Supreme nominations.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, an Art V solution with changes going back to enough GOP states for ratification might work.

Or else just split the place up into two or three new countries and be done with it.

The line forms at the back of the diving board.


OL-I hear Baby Max has lunch plans today.


If Napalitano gets it, it will be to appease the hags who are going to be irate when ValJar allows Lynch to indict HRC.


>>>Welcome to my Ledge. How do you like my decorating?

Posted by: Old Lurker | February 14, 2016 at 11:18 AM<<<

Love what you have done with the Ledge OL.

Captain Hate

OL, with as many states are under R control there couldn't be a better time for one. The founding fathers would be embarrassed that we haven't already used the one escape clause provided, without which the Constitution would never have been ratified.

Old Lurker

RSE, I'm a little ahead of you in the grandchild department, but that sure is what depresses you and me both about the road we are traveling.

Old Lurker

I hear you, Cap'n.

Janet S.

for those (like me) that didn't see Obama's Scalia announcement. It is only 3 min. or so. - http://constitutionrising.com/archives/26059

from the get go - trouble with the word "justice"

14 sec - "presidents on the bench"...

It was like he was reading the statement for the first time....hadn't even read over it before going on camera.

Then this near the end...

around 2:20 - "a fair hearing in a timely vote"

Hah! Like all the FOIA requests!

Cecil Turner

Marijuana use torpedoed a SCOTUS nom? Those were the days . . .


something unseemly about all the political talk regarding Justice Scalia (especially coming from the President). The so called great orator couldn't spend maybe 3 minutes eulogizing the man and leave the cesspool of DC politics behind.


A lovely glimpse of Justice Scalia:



OL-one of the things that is so telling about the work I do is when people who know any or all of my own children ask me why I care given that clearly none of them are at risk.

Just this political campaign shows us what happens when voters have been targeted via education to be aggressively manipulated and blissfully unaware of the issue buttons that have been created.

Plus your grandchildren and mine ultimately have access to the proven immunization--being a fluent phonetic reader of lots of good books, especially if that is also interspersed with travel and real conversations with adults.

That's why Luria decades ago and Michael Cole and Sylvia Scribner later had so much interest in non-literate cultures. It's why Luria got so excited when he discovered that preliterate cultures cannot 'see' optical illusions.


Hello everyone from sunny Captiva Florida. Nursing a case of bronchitis and so glad I am not in the deep freeze of New York. Miss Marple, glad you are seeing the light about Trump, and stopped reading Rove's book, however giving it to Good Will was a mistake, don't you have a cocktail table with a short leg that needs to be buttressed?
The misinformation will be flying left and right about the SCOTUS appointment, and I am sure ValJar has a list of willing and able nominees excited to give meaning to FDR's second bill of rights.

Daddy, I have never been to NZ, but I have been regaled by a neighbor who happens to be a Brit who spent a semester there while in college. Lots of stories of home grown weed, and beautiful drives in the countryside.


I waiting for the new Republic of Texas to be formed. Others will follow. After the last SC decision on Obamacare that seems like the only remedy. The rule of law is dead.


Sean davis, did provide some of the context. With dems one has to bow down, with repubs not a scintilla of deference.


At this point I can't imagine an Article V convention being anything more than a crap sandwich.

We will get more restrictions on us and less on Government.


OL-if you want to really have fun as a grandparent it is important to have a collection of fun to read classics from Bill Peet like Jethro and Joel were a Troll and How Droofus the Dragon Lost his Head.

There are the Dorrie the Little Witch books by Patricia Coombs that are so good people pay the library fine because they go for $50 used. There are the Piggins books by Jane Yolen.

There was also this kids book called Doctor Rabbit that my kids cried about when I said it had to go back to the library. There really are kids picture books where the stories are so enjoyable that it is a pleasure to the adult reading aloud. Bill Peet was a Disney cartoonist so the pictures are quite intricate.

When my son was older he still laughed when he read the Eloise books about the Plaza hotel.

Rick Ballard


I'm curious as to whether the premise of "cannot 'see' optical illusions" might suggest Birfertroofer Trump should be encouraged to lead his followers into the Third Party wilderness. His core demographic is notable for Democrat leanings as well as not showing up to vote regularly.

Captain Hate

We will get more restrictions on us and less on Government.

You can believe what you want but if states are pushing this, chances are they want the Feds to butt out of how people want to live their lives.


In addition to all the other reasons mentioned, Kennedy was confirmed in an "election year" only in the most technical sense.

He was confirmed on February 3, 1988, on just the 34th day of the "election year". That was still nearly a week before any voting for President of any kind had taken place.

In contrast, any vote to confirm Scalia's successor will not take place until well into the primaries.

There is very little precedent for THAT.

pagar a bacon,  country ham and sausage supporter


pagar a bacon,  country ham and sausage supporter

Over at FB

FTA: The inspector general made recommendations to the administration for resolving the discrepancies and correcting its death records, but the agency disagreed.
“The recommendations would create a significant manual and labor-intensive workload and provide no benefit to the administration of our programs,” Social Security management said in a response to the review, The Washington Post reported.
Apparently fraud helps the Democrats so they will never correct it. Why aren't there administrators going to jail over this?


Well, if the Dems tip the balance on SCOTUS, a concventoion of the states will not matter. They will just throw it out.

This hope for some "super convention" when we cannot even responsibly rule ourselves in the current system is just magical thinking.

A nation that will reelect Obama or even consider Hillary crafting a new constitution?

A risible notion.

Frau Trauer

anonamom, thank you for the link; I write this with tears of gratitude for Antonin Scalia's life.

This was a good man. It is so rare for a man of this quality to gain the high level of influence and power that he did in his lifetime.

Lord Acton had a dictum that power tends to corrupt. What I saw that day was the rare exception. Power did not corrupt this man. He remained true to himself and true to his principles.

How unusual: a public figure in his position he never stopped being a good, even great, person.

May his beautiful soul now rest in God’s loving care.

Frau Trauer

Sotomayor was in 'Cleoville recently speaking (ka-ching!) to eager female activists-in-training. She reminded the *invited* women folk to remain true to their communities and not forget their roots. They needed to help others in The Climb as they had been helped.

Gaia help us if another self-identifying Wise-anybody is nominated. One is embarrassing and destructive enough.


Thank you so much for that link, anonamom.


Funny that Ginsburg was scuttled for marijuana use and yet we have President Choom holding office today...

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