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February 22, 2016



We are 100 delegates into a 1200 delegate competition.

This is why I don't by the mope theory.



Captain Hate

as an "originalist" his "good friend" Scalia would have agreed that Congress has no business delaying action on the President's Supreme Court nominees in an election year.

Article 3 says nothing about the timing of confirming justices; nor does it even say how many justices there should be, which began as 6.

Dave (in MA)

Comrade Bernie got himself the all important Penis von Lesbian endorsement.


Capn' I see absolutely no reason to argue with a LIBTARD vis a vis the SCOTUS. The Democrats have done as they please when in POWER There is ZERO debate about that. They rammed PORK-U-LUS down America's throat 4 weeks into Obama's reign of terror. Changed rules and rammed Obamacare down our throats on Christmas Eve. On and on and on and on and on and on. Denied FOIA requests, IRS SCANDAL, FAST and FURIOUS, BENGHAZI, Rodhams server, SEC STATE'S family foundation taking MILLIONS AND MILLLLIONS from foreign govts, on and on and on.

Why would the GOP play by their rules or be nice??


Schumer says it doesn't matter what the Dems said int he past about late int he term nominations. HEH--What a shmuck.

Miss Marple


CDC forgot to convert feet to meters.

Our massive federal bureaucracy in action.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Classless grifter cracks joke about dead guy.

Beasts of England

Welp, I tried, but I couldn't decipher the Penis von Lesbian reference. Maybe a need the Platinum Membership...


Shocker miss marple maybe it really is the aliens.

Miss Marple


There are days when I think those lizard people talked about on Coast to Coast are plausible.


Yes they went into all matter of alchemy as a kicker, right now supergirl is more scientifically based.


Clarice, my response to Schumer, would be, "it doesn't matter what YOU SAY NOW".


In other news, jeffrey sterling piped up on red queen, asking reasonably why do you give her a pass.

Captain Hate

CDC forgot to convert feet to meters.

Those numbnuts have really been unmasked in the last seven years. Does anybody here trust them?

BB Key

Iggy @ 9:41

No Eulogies = NO Attendance , good call by the Family


As a reminder, he leaked the Clinton era fustercluck, which probably have the mullahs five more years of advances.

Captain Hate

I heard a local sports talk guy, not exactly a source of rock solid conservatism, point out that Rodham has gone for 89 days without answering a single reporter's question. I assume he's ignoring those incoming nerf projectiles in the "debates".


Obama has turned the OFFICE of the President, into a rude and snarky joke. The left has no class so they don't notice.



Miss Marple

Heading to bed.

Good night, everyone!


So I'm just wondering where is the apology to farage by all the Tommy come lately on brexit.


TK, if non-citizen voting takes place, and it is allowed, there will be a war at some point.

And of course,the GOP will be racists.


I thought there would be a war when a non-citizen was planted in the Oval Office.

Instead, the party of stupid tries similar tactics.


The Romans called it the social war, this sort of strife.


I must say, Donald Trump is a classy man. I completely understand the traction and the ATTRACTION to Trump, but the buffoonish narcissistic froth is way over the top. Anyone and everyone who dares challenge or confront Trump is trashed personally. Class. He's a truth teller and all who oppose him are lying liars of the first order.


Get ready for your skin to crawl, again, Danube would get that.


On this you and I agree
I also admire your Lenten restraint


I don't hate Trump. I'm watching him right now. But everything he says is vague and self serving.
He's going to hire a "smart" Attorney General, he's going to be the greatest JOBS President in history etc etc etc.

I'm going to win the Masters this year, and my Caddie will be smarter than the other "losers".

I think Trump is a capable guy, and he's not stupid, but I also think most of TRUMPS' hard core followers are not too bright.


There is no way Hussein gets his SC pick because
We Won


Maryrose, I think I've been quite clear in my admiration for you!! I don't always agree with you, but you are a WONDERFUL lady.


I purposely did not watch Hannity because he continues to shill for the Donald


Maryrose, Obama and the Dems can come along with "us", but they'll have to "ride in the back".
or more accurately.
{{ "They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back." .}}

President Back Seat, meet the Republican Senate.
McConnell should tell Obama that he has a PHONE and A PEN.


Hannity isn't too bright.


Here is when Hannity found out about Rubio.


4 years ago? I thought Trump started this over the weekend??


boatbuilder, I feel your anger and there is some pain in there as well.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio is scheduled to speak tonight at the Trump rally in Vegas.


Largest in Vegas history??

Arpaio and Trump together. Just the kind of buffoons the dim-bulbs flock to.


Btw. The Von Penis reference earlier??

DICK VAN DYKE is giving his support to Bernie Sanders. Penis VON DYKE, believes in fantasy. From his Bel Air or Beverly Hills geriatric home, Mister Dick has given COMMIES all of his ASSets in his soon to be opened and read WILL.

I am so tempted to use the F-BOMB.



If Scalia's good Constitutional buddy Zeke Emanuel really wanted to demonstrate that he cared about honoring the opinions of his good buddy Antonin, he might consider adopting Scalia's opinion that life begins many months prior to popping out of Hillary's voting unit.

Then Zeke could simply add on that extra 6 to 9 months of age to his own lifeline and he could then take his suicide pill that he's promised to take for the good of society 6 to 9 months prior to his currently planned 75th Birth Day.

On the other hand, now that we see we're back jabbering about Zeke's brother Rahm donating millions to an Anti-Trump outfit, I suppose it's time to admit that Rahm is not going to resign or be drummed out of office, regardless whatever BLM protesters in the Chicago streets might have been demanding.


I've decided to be a superdelegate from ID. Whimsy, actually.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--But everything he says is vague and self serving.
He's going to hire a "smart" Attorney General, he's going to be the greatest JOBS President in history etc etc etc.--

The weird thing is, other than the occasional "Two Corinthians" gaffe, when he does go into more detail he usually doesn't do half bad.
I think he sounds more ignorant than he is because he's got this patois he defaults to and because, like all narcissists he's insecure so he's afraid of making more gaffes.
It's unfortunate he is seldom called on it because it would accelerate the learning curve Newt was speaking of.

Frau Karpfen

GUS - I cannot stay long but the word you want is "carp" and it's perfect for lent!


Daddy, like ME, you are logical, AND, like ME, you are sick and (Lent) Gosh darned tired of silly disingenuous clowns like Rahm Emanuel who LIE 24/7 because their CULTURAL and OTHERWISE upbringing KNEW NO HONESTY.
The EMANUELS are DISHONEST BLOATED LIBTARDS. They were raised as SPECIAL, and have no concept of CHARACTER nor DECENCY. They have been BREAD to WIN, and to CASH IN.
RAHM and ZEKE are not honest, honorable nor moral.
They are disgusting self serving clowns.


Good night Frau. I love you.
Thanks for keeping me in line this Lent.!!!


Ignatz!! Another long term friend that I love and respect!! Ig, you know I love you, I'm sure.
Trump is NOT STUPID, he is also NOT NEARLY as bright as HALF OF US. And IG, by half of "us", I I think you know what I mean.
Trump is not our SOLUTION. Trump is not the SALVATION that America/We need. BUT, Trump may and could be the STOP GAP to HELL. Iggie, we are teetering on the EDGE, and A STOP GAP, could be useful.
Tell me where I am wrong.


Carp is a fish, and it's Lent.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I don't think Trump is what we need, but I increasingly believe he's what we're going to get.


On the internets, though, we spell it caRp...

Just sayin.

Captain Hate

I didn't even know Dick Van Lezzo was still alive. Maybe he's back on the sauce which is why he's backing Teh Bern. Or maybe just a senile coot.

Maybe I should give up cursing for Lent. I'll sleep on it

Captain Hate

Hmmm, does this get my aviator back?


Capn' How many libtards know or knew who DICK van DYKE.....IS/WAS. Who the FLOCK cares.
Is Mary Tyler Moore and her support of Rodham relevant???


Found the Newt/Hannity Podcast from earlier today.

Here's some very lengthy highlights and I'll add the links at the bottom if anyone wants to hear them. Newt may be smitten, but Newt strikes me as a guy who has done his homework on trying to figure out Donald Trump.

Hannity: You and I are watching the coverage on Saturday night...and the level of denial that seems to exist within Republican circles is bordering on spectacular in many ways.

Newt: Well it is. Look, we've got some very good candidates and I thought Trump was exactly right in his tone yesterday when he refused to claim victory and said 'look, it's gonna be a long way, these are smart guys, serious opponents', but I think he took the right tone. But what's amazing to me is the analysts looking at this stuff. Rubio is a very attractive person and is the new Establishment darling. He has this challenge that in Florida if you combine his vote and Bush's vote in the last poll, he is 11 points behind Trump. If you combine 'em!...Think about that. That's his Home State...Cruz is in a little bit better shape.
But you start with this idea that everywhere you look around the country---Massachusetts, a poll came out today...

Hannity: 24!

Newt: It's amazing. Trump has strength. He's the one person that's clearly a National candidate. Whether you like him or dislike him, that's a fact. And I do think it's interesting that there are a lot of people who, they want to reject Trump, but they also more importantly, want to reject the underlying message. The American people aren't voting for Donald Trump because they're in love with Donald Trump. They're voting for Donald Trump because they're convinced that Washington is now in such deep trouble that unless you get a very strong personality who will kick over the table and force real change that we're in real danger of losing the country. So there is an enormous base of intense support for Trump---of people who don't care about issues that used to matter---they care about are you willing to go in there and take on the Bureaucracy, take on Political Correctness, and fight to get this country back on track.


Hannity: There are 2 observations that you've made about Trump I think that are 'dead-on' accurate. One was if you really want to know Donald Trump and the thinking of Donald Trump, go read the book...(The Art of The deal)...Everything with him is a negotiation. Every single statement may seem to the Public to be "off the cuff." I don't think any of it is. And I don't think he's consulting with anybody either. I actually think that he is sitting there strategizing and treating every day of the campaign like it's a new negotiation with somebody else because I think that's the way his brain is wired.

Newt: Yeah. I think that's right, I think he listens...I think he absorbs information from a lot of people, but in the end he's the guy who synthesizes it. He's the guy who makes the judgement. By the way, I would add to your reading list a later book by Trump called "The Art of The Comeback," which in some ways reveals more about the underlying toughness of his personality, because he wrote "The Art Of The Deal" when he was a young guy on the way up, everything was working, it was all terrific. It's a great book and one I recommend highly, but "The Art of The ComeBack" starts in the early 1990's when he's got $970 million in personal guaranties, and the whole system is changing, we're at a War in Iraq, the economies tanking, and he's faced with a real crisis of survival. And "The Art of The Comeback" walks you through the kind of things he had to do to survive. It gives you a sense of how really tough this guy is...

Hannity: ...Here's what I want to know. You have not been as critical of Donald Trump and you've kind of been amused at the comments and how wrong quote "Establishment people are and the Punditry class is" and it seems like they don't get it and you do, and I don't think you're endorsing Trump as much as you're making observations based on your experience...tell us what you see that they don't see.

Newt: Yeah, as you clearly said, I don't endorse anybody. One of my closest friends is John Kasich of Ohio who I think has done an amazing job in Congress and as Governor. Uhhh, and I've known all these guys a long time, but I believe that the American People deserve the respect of the Talking Class, and when the American People start to move in large and unpredictable ways, it's our job to learn from them and it's not our job to lecture them. And I saw one so called Conservative who apparently announced this morning that he would never vote for Donald Trump because he cares so much about the Right To Life issues, and my question to him would be "OK, so you would vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders because you think they're better on Right To Life than Donald Trump?"

(A)Nuther Bub

"For the love of God, Open this Door! The real story of Germanwings Flight 9525."

Terrifying read, LUN. Daddy, have cockpit doors now been modified to prevent someone from locking all others out?



Nope. We still have the prevent entry mode. And you'll recall the pretty Opera singer in the back of that doomed plane with her newborn baby was the girl I posted here about, having had such a fun night with here and her friends, a few years prior at a Beer Hall in Cologne.

Very, very sad.


Here's the podcast and the last of my very long but incomplete transcription of Newt/Hannity, Starts at @16.5 minutes in if anyone wants to listen to all of it:

Hannity: I guess for some people, what it's come down to...everybody keeps going back to the positions Trump used to believe and have as a Businessman...so I guess for Conservatives who vote in primaries, some of them, and I understand the skepticism, some of them are saying, "I don't believe you're true to Conservatism and Conservative views, because of your past positions." So doesn't it come down to you believe "He has evolved, he has changed, or you think he hasn't?"

Newt: Well first of all, I think he is an unknown quantity. He's only been in Politics for 7 months as he himself points out regularly. The truth is we don't know what he'll be like as President because he doesn't know what he'll be like as President. Now having said that, the reason I think he's winning, despite that unknowability, is that he does have the "force of personality" that allows you to believe that if you think we need to kick over the table in Washington, this is the guy who's the most likely to kick over the table. There are other people who would manage the table in a more Conservative manner, and they would sort of marginally pull things in our direction, but this is a guy who would, and I may be wrong but my hunch is, that his Cabinet is going to be very different than you'd expect, that his whole approach is going to be different than you'd expect, and that he would be very aggressive and methodical in trying to change the Bureaucracy and change the City, and move us into a more modern, more effective country. That's what appeals to people, not any single issue.

Hannity:...What does a Donald Trump Presidency look like to you?

Newt: Well I think it looks dramatically different that anything we've seen in our lifetime....Look, I'm pretty comfortable with telling people he is not a traditional Conservative. If you want a traditional Conservative Ted Cruz is much closer to a traditional Conservative than Donald Trump.

Hannity: 100%, 100%!

Newt: ...But what he is, is he is an Anti-Left, Anti-PC, American Nationalist, who believes as a Business-Leader that Washington is so totally screwed up that it needs somebody who knows how to actually manage something. And I think that would be a terrific experiment because I do think the City's that screwed up. And I say this having a fairly long record of knowing about this City and working in this City, and as somebody who was former Speaker Of The House, and who has done as many things as I've done in Government, I say to you flatly we have to break out of the 1883 Civil Service Model, we have got to break out of the bureaucracies, we've got to recognize how sick for example the Veterans Administration is, and that ain't going to happen with somebody who tries to marginally improve things. It's going to take somebody who walks in the door and says we're going to change it until it works.

Hannity: Here's the next logical question then. You like it as an experiment. I know you, you're a professor at heart, an intellect, you've studied history more than anybody that I know, so the next logical question is, if Ted Cruz is that solid Reagan Conservative and people want a solid Reagan Conservative... because he changed the world for the better when he did it, why wouldn't then Conservatives go all the way in for Ted?

Newt: Well I think this is where Trump has messed everybody up. I can make a great case that John Kasich balanced the Federal Budget balanced the Federal Budget for 4 years, he helped pass Welfare Reform, he has been a great reform Governor of Ohio. You know, there are a lot of these guys with great records.

Here's the problem: "Trump is a physical force!"

I said one time that the reason people are hesitant to attack him is that he is the Grizzly Bear from the movie The Revenant." You said this yourself about "The Art of The Deal. This is a guy who knows how to build buildings inexpensively. This is a guy who knows how to run things efficiently. He runs a very complicated worldwide system. He knows how to delegate, how to recruit, how to keep track, and also 'How to Fire!'

A good friend of mine..Rena Casey(sp) just helped put together his rally down in Atlanta yesterday. They had a huge crowd, everybody was very excited, and she said working with the Trump people she was stunned at how methodically frugal they were. She's a Business woman who's been very successful. She's frugal. She said she thought she'd done a great job saving money until the Trump Team showed up and saved another 40 percent (laughs). Said it was amazing. Well if he brings that to Government, and he walks in the door and says we're going to fundamentally shake things up until it works. There's nobody else who can do that 'cause nobody else has the management background.

People in Washington care about the Policy, not implementation---but the great sickness in Washington is implementation.

Oh, what a moment.

Yah, daddy, I remember when it dawned on me that she had to be the one you had met.

Or Press Secretary.  I'm past promoting Trump for Press Secretary.

Heh, Newt angling for VP? We could do worse.


Hi Kim!

Whats the matter with those crazy Canucks?

First their Headline story said this:

POLL: Majority of Canadians don't believe 'climate change' caused by humans.

Now the Headline says this: Canadians divided over human role in climate change, study suggests

Oh well. I'm off to bed and hopefully they'll figure it out tomorrow. G'nite.

Extra!  Extra!  Get your latest propaganda here!

Heh, my comment over at Judy's was that co-author Erick couldn't have shown his bare bias more flagrantly than if he'd been a monkey at a zoo.

His comment was that he thought Canadians were less knowledgeable.

Captain Hate

Bob Dole and Kevin McCarthy are for Dondi? Nothing says GOPe like those two.

Old, Forgotten, Far Off Days.

We'd have ended in a better place had Dole won in '96. He was pre-empted by Clinton selling us down the river to the Chinese.

Captain Hate

Well yes, he was better than Slick; that's not exactly a stirring testimonial. But he ran a terrible campaign after we were assured by Top Men that only he could win.

Hors du Bombast.

Our 'free press' was, alas, also already in the tank for the Dems.



I don't understand why you say Mr. Trump is making it about personalities not about issues. It was Jeb! et al who blather incessantly about Mr. Trump not having the right temperament for the presidency, of him not being nice enough, a blowhard, a carnival barker, etc, etc.

In Jeb's suspension speech he talked about his own privileged personal story, growing up close to the presidency. It very pleasant personal history, but what did he say about the issues that Americans care about. His campaign floundered after he spent many millions of dollars on ads attacking Mr. Trump. Why did it flounder? Because Jeb! doesn't understand the issues that Americans care about.

There are youtube videos of Mr. Trump going back to the 80's, speaking about the issues American's care about on talk shows, in front of members of Congress, and at Republican conventions.

Mr. Trump's books "Time to Get Tough" and "Crippled America" are not personal autobiographies, they discuss issues.

His campaign web site features several policy papers, on the subjects of immigration, taxation and other issues that American's care about.

He is now speaking to Americans several times every week. Every time he speaks he addresses his core issues. That's basically all he talks about.

His issues are: weak borders, national security, the weakening of the military, the 19 trillion dollar debt, dysfunctional ObamaCare, the terrible treatment of veterans, the disaster that is common core, assault on the Second Amendment, free trade versus stupid trade, the assault on American culture aka not being able to say Merry Christmas.

It seems to me that he's doing a very good job of addressing the issues directly, consistently, honestly and courageously.

They are improvisable explosive political devices.

I could have liked Jeb, except on two issues important to me he is on the wrong side, climate and education. I note that Trump has been remarkably cagey about both of those issues.

Miss Marple

Late good morning.

Obama is going to make a statement about Guantanemo at 10:30 Eastern.


Trump IS an improvisable explosive device.

That is why so many people want to send him to Washington DC.

Miss Jane Marple


Captain Hate on the iPhone

When does the Rove News Channel start running "Wounded RINO" commercials where viewers are urged to send in donations to help Dondi deal with the post traumatic stress of having been associated with the Tea Party. You could have Uniparty stalwarts like Cheeto Crist, Mark Kirk and Miss Lindsey (Thad Cochran can't be trusted to not spank his monkey on the air) give testimonials to how with your help, Little Marco can put all that conservative nonsense so far in his past he can deny he used it to get elected while easily passing a polygraph. Finally the 8 PMer can pledge to donate a small share of Factor gear proceeds if you order by calling 1-800-THE-FOLK.

Miss Jane Marple


Made it in by changing my screen name and finding an old link and coming in that way!

I kept getting an error message that said it was in "read mode" and so my text couldn't be processed.


Glad to see that powerline story about the illegal aliens' vote. The DOJ needs a thorough housecleaning, but it cannot be done with a major change in Civil Service rules.

Miss Jane Marple

Captain Hate,

Dondi will get some votes from people who feel sorry for him.

I actually don't dislike him as much as I think he can be flim-flammed too easily.

Jeff Dobbs

I could have liked Jeb, except on two issues important to me he is on the wrong side, climate and education. I note that Trump has been remarkably cagey about both of those issues.

I don't think he's been cagey on Common Core at all. I think he's been direct and adamant that he will blow it up and return education to the locals.

Opposition to Common Core is perhaps the most underestimated strength of his appeal. Anyone who loudly and directly disparages Common Core is going to get A LOT of support - and there is no one else who is as loud or direct about the issue. No one else is even close.

When polls or exit polls come out, Education/Common Core is not one of the issues typically listed as a top concern...but I'd be willing to bet if someone asked about Common Core directly - it would poll as high or higher than just about any issue in terms of unanimity of opposition to it.

Miss Jane Marple


If one were negotiating (ahem) one could start out by demanding the end of civil service, then when the outcry got real hysterical, give a little bit and get rid of government unions.

Miss Jane Marple

Speaking of education, my granddaughter has NO homework all of this week, as they are doing nothing in class but preparing for the ISTEP test.

That's not how this is supposed to work. However, it's what is actually happening.


I guess the idea that Americans follow a lousy president with one as much his opposite as possible might hold true. Say what you will about Trump, he's a negotiator, while BHO is the worst to ever live. Chinese climate agreement, Iran nukes, you name it... and now he's going to give away Gitmo for nothing in return. This guy sucks.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Miss Marple, the Rove News Channel cheerleaders along with his refusal to honestly deal with his Gang of 8 complicity really bother me. As with Romney, I'd rather vote for his wife.


More on the EAC illegal alien voting case heard yesterday:http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/431752/noncitizen-voting-case-doj-rebuked


"civil service" is an antiquated idea that is like a viral infection.

Curses on my British ancestors that thought this crap was a good idea.

Probably something they learned from the Romans.


Test preparation is important and getting a good rest each night sans homework aids in better prepared students
You want an accurate read on student's abilities

Miss Jane Marple


I think the original idea was to keep the regular bureaucracy from being overturned every time there was a new administration.

What happened, though, was that the bureaucracy became a force unto itself, and increasingly is filled with big government types. Add in a union, and it's like there is really no control for the taxpayers.


Agree wholeheartedly captain


This is where I got off the train with the medici, the previous constructivist some might say obe system doesn't work it's like building a cabin with lumber liquidator wood, to use another anology.

Gq, I know it's part of the metro donde mast cabal, has trump in a comic supervillain category, with volodya, as Luther I would think Damien darkh but to each their own.


Well blame Chester a arthur, for that buckeye, ducking.


Its was supposed to be a counter to the spoils system, the stalwarts and Tammany hall, but clearly it doesn't work.


The lawyers at DOJ are not covered by a union. I don't think most of the professionals in govt are and they need to get booted first.

Miss Jane Marple


When I was in school we took the Iowa Tests or the Standord Achievement Tests. It took 2 days out of the week, and the instruction we got was to get a good night's sleep, how to fill out the little circles completely, and to bring 2 number 2 pencils.

The ISTEP has turned into a week-long production, with an additional week of prepping for test-taking. So the kids are losing 2 weeks of instructional time every year.

Furthermore, you cannot compare the test results to any other state's, because we made up our own test. As did many other states, all, in my opinion, to avoid comparison.

I would prefer they go back to the standardized tests which let you see how they were doing both within the school and in comparison to kids in other areas of the country.


Unless it's a knowledge not meme based system, as rse would tell you, it is loss.

Miss Jane Marple


Now that I didn't know. I thought all non-political appointees were union.

Miss Jane Marple

I think I had better get another cup of coffee. I am making too many typos.

James D

Interesting/appalling article about precisely which ratholes Jeb (and most of the other R's) threw vast sums of money into:


I've done business with some of the companies mentioned in the article in past jobs, and I can say that I have a very poor opinion of at least one of them based on how they treated one of our clients.

Texas Liberty Gal

Cap'n Pureheart.

What message is Carson getting out that the other candidates are not talking about????


Carson focused on the constitution and a renewal of the spirit, hence they took him down early with snark fact checkers and slander, some coming from our side.


I thought all non-political appointees were union.

At the federal level definitely not, but they still have all the civil service protections and perks.

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" is always going to be a problem. I think having job tenure limits could be one approach. Staggered terms, everyone out after say 7 years. Voluntarily give up 5th amendment right of refusal to testify before Congress.





Cap'n, lulz at your 8:28.

Jeff, I totally agree about Common Core. Opposition to it is bipartisan and fierce, just as with illegal immigration. Trump is no dummy, though his detractors try to paint him as one. His personality may be "polarizing," but his big issues are uniting.


BTW, radio silence on Iowahawk's Twitter feed since Saturday, which is unusual for him. He may be traveling, but with all these Twitter bans of conservatives, I wonder. Hope there's nothing wrong.

Old Lurker

If GOPe had a clue how much we hate them, they would signal their support for Trump and Cruz so their poster child could sail through to the nomination. How can having Bob Dole support you help anything in the real world?

Cecil Turner

I think the gang of eight stuff is overblown. In the first place, it's a complex issue and others (especially Cruz) have been misrepresenting Rubio's positions. In the second, Rubio's positions make a lot more sense than a fantasy wall paid for by selective taxation. In the third, Rubio appears to've learned a lesson after getting slow-rolled by Schumer . . . and that's all good.

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