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February 20, 2016



Good SC Primary Morning!

Up with a sick Diva and when Pope Che first started down this Marxist road we had a dispute at JOM on how much to be critical. I remember the point being made that no one would use these declared statements in the secular sphere. The Times defense shows that is wrong. Moreover, yesterday the Aspen Institute released a report wanting the US to make the City the point for meeting all needs a la Copenhagen.

It cites the pope as making this a matter where minds must be changed and values altered to get widespread acceptance of the obligation to meet the needs of all.

http://csreports.aspeninstitute.org/documents/CityAsPlatform.pdf is the report. The really good stuff is late in the report. MS involved as well as big blue. What a shocker.


Boatbuilder, Apple will assist in recovery if you go into one of their stores or you can call them on the phone. They will usually assist in retrieval one time for a loss of your music library. After that, you are on your own.

Been there, done that.


Good Morning! CNN just reported on a picture of Bernie being arrested at a protest back in the day. The Chicago Tribune has the picture.
More moonbat cred for Bernie!

Jeff Dobbs

I don't know, is this something?

Nate SilverVerified account
So now Cruz and Rubio have nearly caught up to Trump in Google searches in SC. Small sample but was predictive-ish indicator in IA & NH.
10:59 PM - 19 Feb 2016

::lunges:: Get back here, straw!

Miss Marple

Good morning!

I had "Left, Right and Center" on my NPR station after the BBC overnight coverage.

The Lefty guy, who works for MTV, made this big speech about how we shouldn't lionize a bigot and racist like Scalia, because of how much harm he did.

To Rich Lowry's credit, he spoke up and said he absolutely rejected the idea, that Scalia's questions about sending under-prepared kids to high-performing colleges is something that has been discussed in the social sciences for some time, and he would not accept that characterization of him at all.

Miss Marple

University of Wisconsin beclowning itself:


Jeff Dobbs

Well, it's not like he attempted to do something really vicious and dirty like . . . buying a bunch of donuts.


The Las Vegas Review-Journal on Friday reported a possible threat related to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after a man tried to place an obituary notice for the former secretary of state.

The man, who identified himself as Don Schubert, was asked to leave the newspaper building's lobby after he filled out a standard obituary form identifying the deceased as Hillary Rodham Clinton, and listing her date of death as Feb. 20, 2016, the date of Saturday's Democratic Party presidential caucuses. Previously he had called the newsroom to complain about the coin flips that determined the outcome of some Iowa caucuses last month.

The man was seen leaving the RJ parking lot in a maroon Toyota Prius bearing several Bernie Sanders campaign stickers. A security guard said he was also wearing a Sanders sticker on his shirt. The official Sanders campaign website lists "Don Schubert's House" in Long Beach, Calif., as the site of a volunteer phone bank.

Newspaper security officials reported Schubert to the Secret Service.

When reached by phone Friday night, Schubert said he had been called by a Secret Service agent. He said he told the agent the obituary attempt was done in "political humor," a predictive reference to Clinton losing Saturday's Nevada caucuses.

Schubert said the agent told him that he could be arrested, but the agency wasn't planning on doing so.

The Secret Service declined comment Friday evening. Neither the Sanders nor Clinton campaigns responded to requests for comment.


Twitter has inexplicably suspended R.S. McCain's account.


I guess it is now a safe(r) space for the tenderhearted lefties.

Miss Marple

This is why I had BBC on this morning. Cameron is having a cabinet meeting today and is also supposed to announce the date of the referendum:


BBC people were talking about Trump and had noticed that there are populist movements all over Europe plus UKIP in the UK.


Can anyone who wants to emigrate to Vatican City?

Jack is Back! (Barely)

Good morning JOM. Breaking radio silence today for this bit of very important news and wondering how our MFM will handle it and how our POTUS candidates will consider its import on our foreign policy:

Cameron calls for Brexit vote on June 23rd as his negotiations with the EU go nowhere.

Beleive me, in the UK and Europe this is a BIG DEAL. Lots of money involved in this vote.

p.s. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. They are working.

[I am barely awake due to a fitful night of knee and leg spasms, tremors and cramps].

Jeff Dobbs

This is the literal definition of "they'll tell us who they fear"

From that towering giant, Robert Reich...



Wonder if Google games the outcome by throttleing certain searches?

Would be their style.

Jeff Dobbs

Get well soon, Jack.

Miss Marple


Thanks for the information on the date of the referendum. When I was listening to BBC this morning, they didn't have the date yet.

I agree it's a big deal, and it's disgraceful that the US press has pretty much ignored it.

What is amazing to me is that the EU people have offered no conciliatory efforts, as far as I can tell from my limited information.

When my sister and I were in Canterbury and London 3 years ago, there were a lot of disparaging comments about the EU and their regulations from shopkeepers, tour guides, etc. Also immigration comments, which sort of got mixed together.

Glad you are starting to see some improvement. Hang in there! Prayers continue!

James D.

Insty quotes Clive Crook writing at NR:

When my wife and I bought some land in West Virginia and built a house there, many friends in Washington asked why we would ever do that. Jokes about guns, banjo music, in-breeding, people without teeth and so forth often followed. These Washington friends, in case you were wondering, are good people. They’d be offended by crass, cruel jokes about any other group. They deplore prejudice and keep an eye out for unconscious bias. More than a few object to the term, “illegal immigrant.” Yet somehow they feel the white working class has it coming.

Here's the thing. Maybe, if they are thoughtlessly bigoted against whole categories of their fellow citizens, of whose lives they know - and care to know - nothing at all, they aren't actually "good people."

I'm just saying.

Jack is Back! (Barely)

Best coverage is from the Daily Tory. Especially Michael Gove's statement. Of course, he is bucking for the PM role in a non-EU membership role for the UK but its hard to argue with his position on the incompentency of the EU.

As a regular visitor to the EU and one who still has a EU passport I could not agree more.


Jeff Dobbs

And maybe they're conscious about seeing prejudice against "illegal immigrants" and other minorities . . . because everyone else around them is. If push came to shove, and all of a sudden the cool kids were making crass, cruel jokes about blacks and gays and illegal immigrants, they'd be down with that too.


Fluke crook is writing in national review, he was the incinerate hack at the atlantic, not so many years ago.

Good news, jib, re Europe I think it could use a Francis urquart, a Cromwell in parliamentary garb.


JiB: leg spasms, tremors and cramps

Tegretol was a medicine that made my wife’s life tolerable and functional by stopping nerve and muscle spasms. She took it temporarily until other medication could do its work. Don’t know if it would be useful for you.


Gabapentin is another medicine, more commonly used, that might help calm the nerves.


Take good care of yourself jack. The media does not want to cover the vote for the same reason it does not show footage of Venezuela.

There must be no facts getting through that might cause people to appreciate the true consequences of the narrative being spun.


Re instapundit, my former fishwrap doesn't disappoint.


Much of West Virginia suffers from severe economic hardship and lack of education.

Like most inner cities in the "civilized" parts of the country.

Lots of places in "civilization" I would not walk at night.

I would walk anywhere in WV anytime of night.


Andrew marr, eu apologist and sky dragon worshipper wrote a very dark tale where ultimately brexit was authorized.


From the previous thtead, argentina has swung between the urbane classical liberalism of sarmiento and the autarchy of rosas, irigoyen and the colonels, Peron and kirshner.


Sorry the last was menem and kirshner.

Tom Bowler

These Washington friends, in case you were wondering, are good people. They’d be offended by crass, cruel jokes about any other group. They deplore prejudice and keep an eye out for unconscious bias. More than a few object to the term, “illegal immigrant.” Yet somehow they feel the white working class has it coming.

Progressive Privilege, the next big thing?


Yes it's the same sentiment the enarques the Oxbridge crowd and the ivies share, noticeably the wiser officials in hollandaise cabinet, valls and cazeneuve, are not in that mold.

Beasts of England

Good morning, JiB!!


Glad to see Jack report in sounding very cogent. Also, glad not to be a Brit or a Wisconsin resident after reading above.


Exclusive: On Eve of South Carolina Vote, Nation’s ICE Officers Detail How Marco Rubio Betrayed Them


Miss Marple

One thing that seems to permeate social interaction from Medieval times until today are the many and varied ways that people exhibit social class and signal their distance from the unwashed masses.

Long nails, for example, although now considered a female fashion statement, originally were an indicator that she didn't work with her hands, unlike washerwomen and scullery maids. The same was originally true of a pale complexion, indicating one wasn't out working in the fields. (Now of course, a tan indicates leisure to sit beside a pool or on the beach, so the meaning of one's skin tone has changed.)

As incomes and social mobility have made it easier to cross economic and class lines, signaling one's membership in the elite has transformed from cosmetic and fashion signals to subtler signals, like preference in foods and type of education and job classification. Coming from Appalachian stock adn working with one's hands is of course, not elite material so can be safely mocked.

An echo of this class consciousness can even be seen in attacks on Trump as a "short-fingered vulgarian." The signs of an aristocrat in older European times was supposedly long, elegant hands and a patrician nose. That insult to Trump is akin to the landed aristocracy of 19th century England sniffing,"He's of the merchant class, works in trade."

Jeff Dobbs

Augusta Chronicle poll out this morning putting Rubio only 3 points behind Trump.

Trump 27
Rubio 24
Cruz 19


Outlier? Or is the Marcomentum real?

This poll pushes Rubio ahead of Cruz in the RCP average, although the ARG poll with Cruz at 13 really sticks out like a sore thumb.


well one recalls, the same critique was made of farage, who was only public schoeol educated, in the uk sense, but was much more literate and articulate like steyn, then the usual conquistador coffee oxbridgians,


asl glenn lreynolds most succinctly put it, they have always been on the other side,



you know it's like there is no law they are willing to abide by,



not to mention that cold fusion reactor, didn't turn out so great,


note how in both batman and the avengers, this unalloyed good is not really that at all,


JIB, glad to hear you are able to post, and we are all wishing you a speedy recovery.
Something I wanted to share with my fellow JOMsters: Today is the 100th anniversary of my late father's birth. He was a remarkable man, fluent in several languages, an Army Lt. Colonel, a lawyer, a wonderful loving man. Oh, did I leave out that he loved to cook and made a mean martini? . I miss him as much today as I did when he passed away 28 years ago. I am so grateful that I was blessed with him as long as I was. I am sure he is standing in line to welcome Nino into paradise.


_peter, keep those thoughts alive. Pass ’em on. Thank you.


The Hill: "Obama and the first lady will visit Cuba March 21-22 and will also make a stop in Argentina. Obama said in his address that in addition to a meeting with Castro, he will speak with members of civil society and entrepreneurs."

March 21-22 is during the BOzo daughters' Spring Break, so this will likely be another vacay for the BOzos and their friends and family on the taxpayers' dime. Iirc early in his first term BOzo visited Rio without Michelle and had a marvelous time, promising to come back with Michelle. But then came news via Snowden that BOzo's NSA had accessed the new prez's calls/emails/etc., and his Rio dream was kaput, thank goodness. Same with Merkel, sparing us the exhorbitant cost of a BOzo friends and family getaway there. It's fitting that they're reduced to going to places like Cuba and Argentina, and I bet it galls MOzo no end.


well he'll mostly be pestering macri, and commiserating with cristina,



even a decent oligarch couldn't save it,


Random Catholic

Correct me if I am mistaken, but I believe that very few, if any, of the residents of the Vatican were born there.

I.e. it is truly a nation of immigrants, with 'citizenship' granted largely on their interpretation of merit.


How I Came To My Opinion On Donald Trump


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

How many Syrian refugees has the Pope let in?
If a flood of Mexicans entered the Vatican illegally would he let them stay?

When the first answer is > zero and the second is yes, then he still can't lecture us on who is a Christian because the job description for the very public job of president sometimes conflicts with our personal duties as Christians; that is why some things are Caesar's and some things are God's.


this was the odd snippet, I caught last night.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--p.s. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. They are working.

[I am barely awake due to a fitful night of knee and leg spasms, tremors and cramps].--

I would like the record to note I am not the one who prayed for a fitful night of knee and leg spasms, tremors and cramps.


I think some of the problems, in the mother church, happened when necessity, forced the fusion with the state, in order to fill the vaccuum of civil authority,


For those interested, an update on the illegal shenanigans in Baltimore's Freddie Gray case. If someone had told me there was a place in America where a defendant, facing a certain local retrial and a possible separate fed one, could be forced to testify under oath during a co-defendant's trial without being granted immunity from further prosecution, I wouldn't have believed it.


Shut Chris Wallace down! Ugh. Talk about bloviating.

Whoever regularly watches him on Sunday to post for us--I KNOW you have a place in heaven! God bless you.

Jeff Dobbs

Heh. Rubio slams breitbart.com as a conspiracy site...


Marco Rubio: Number one, that’s not true. And he’s not an ICE official he’s the head of a union. And it’s being reported on a website that’s not a credible source. It’s the same website Neil that said that you guys gave me the questions to the debate because one of the members of my staff…

Neil Cavuto: This was a Breitbart… So you don’t give them any credence?

Marco Rubio: We don’t eve credential them for our events… I literally don’t talk about the things they report because they’re basically conspiracy theories and often times manipulated. And that individual is not an ICE official he’s the head of a union.


peter - a lovely tribute to your father! Those of us with wonderful fathers have truly been blessed. As much as I miss my dad I know his heart would be broken over the state of this country he loved and fought for in WWII.


JIB - how great to wake up and have a post from you! We've all been worried. Seems they should be able to concoct some sort of drug cocktail that would eliminate those leg cramps and allow you to rest. I think sleep is one of the vital elements which allows our bodies to heal. Praying you can at least get in some good nap time today!

Captain Hate

Don't worry, Deb; I'm sure Loretta Lynch will justify the faith of all the Repukes who voted to confirm her by standing up for the rights of the accused.


MM - "That insult to Trump is akin to the landed aristocracy of 19th century England sniffing,"He's of the merchant class, works in trade."

Which GOPe do you visualize sniffing? I see several - Mitch McConnell is near the top of the list - I also imagine he is holding out his pinky finger.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Week in Pictures; Scalia Awesomeness Edition.


Another reason I hope Kasich survives SC to fight another day. Rubio still seems like a leaky vessel hopes-wise imo.

Miss Marple

I wonder if Callista Gingrich is singing in the choir today. I have seen her sining at the Basilica before.

Cecil Turner

Trump tells FAKE story about US Army General torturing and executing 49 Muslims with bullets dipped in 'pig's blood' as example of how best to deal with terrorism - and his audience laps it up

That was a bit odd. They seem to have a thing for using the word "torture" . . . and Teh Donald was actually correct on that point: no self-respecting Islamist would consider waterboarding more than a softening-up exercise. But the false Black Jack story is a bit off-putting. (And after recently reviewing his probably-perfectly-legal draft dodging and less than forthcoming explanations since, I'm less interested in his views on the moral dimension of warfare.)


Yet somehow they feel the white working class has it coming.

Right, because the white working class has the wrong politics and social attitudes. If they didn't, they would be lionized. Case in point is the white lefty folkies in the 50s and 60s revering white Woody Guthrie and all his white commie/union brethren.

White Christians, especially evangelicals, are ridiculed by progressives. Black evangelicals are not. Why the difference? Because progressives believe that black people can't be expected to know any better.

Same reason they tolerate/defend everything in low-income black communities that they excoriate in economically similar white communities: obesity, out of wedlock births, drug abuse, violence.

Cecil Turner

Because progressives believe that black people can't be expected to know any better.

Or it's because they reliably vote Dem.


Will we learn what O did today instead of attending the funeral? Are there any journalists with connections and curiosity?


Correct me if I am mistaken, but I believe that very few, if any, of the residents of the Vatican were born there.

The almost total absence of married, child-bearing women might have a little bit to do with that.

The Vatican may be sovereign but it is not a "nation" with "immigrants" in any normal sense of the words.

Miss Marple

Entrance hymn to the funeral mass:

Oh God Our Help in Ages Past

Miss Marple

O God, our help in ages past,
our hope for years to come,
our shelter from the stormy blast,
and our eternal home.

2. Under the shadow of thy throne,
still may we dwell secure;
sufficient is thine arm alone,
and our defense is sure.

3. Before the hills in order stood,
or earth received her frame,
from everlasting, thou art God,
to endless years the same.

4. A thousand ages, in thy sight,
are like an evening gone;
short as the watch that ends the night,
before the rising sun.

5. Time, like an ever rolling stream,
bears all who breathe away;
they fly forgotten, as a dream
dies at the opening day.

6. O God, our help in ages past,
our hope for years to come;
be thou our guide while life shall last,
and our eternal home.


Or it's because they reliably vote Dem.

That's true, but it isn't the entire reason. Even where both whites and blacks vote Dem, progressive attitudes toward both groups differ.

Jeff Dobbs

Nolte at Breitbart calls Rubio a liar.

Jeff Dobbs

Charlie Spiering is a White House correspondent at Breitbart:


One of my favorites, MM.

peter, I wish your father a happy birthday. Love the idea of he and Nino together. May it bring you comfort.

Beasts of England

Cheers to you and your father, _peter.


Thanks for the great reminiscing of your dad, Peter. My dad died at the ripe old age of 67 in '95. He was a retired Lt. Col in the Army and a true gentleman. I think he would be appalled and mortified as to what this country has now turned into--esp the military. RIP to both my and your father.

Miss Marple

Callista is in the back row of the choir.

Old Lurker

If my father and FIL came back to life and saw what we have done to the place, they would turn right around and go home to Heaven.


Thanks so much, MM.


Last spring my dad's cousin, who was more of a brother, suddenly died even though he was the healthiest of siblings and cousins. Funeral was more proseletyzing than what I am used to and the music was more loud than hymns.

Later I asked my mom if she could write down the hymns she would want at either my dad's or her funeral. I didn't want to be macabre and said so. It opened up a dialogue that she did have strong preferences and reminded her of how much my dad had liked what was done at a friend's etc. It will also help me later in dealing with siblings.

If your parents are elderly but sentient or you have your own vision, write it down. Have the conversation while you still can.


Would you mind sharing her hymn choices, rse? We'll be facing that too with two 93 yo parents who are now unable to offer their thoughts.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Rutgers students require group therapy after hearing a conservative speak.
I was going to add something sarcastic to humiliate them further but how can you top what they did to themselves?

Jeff Dobbs

Well, now there's a question...

Donald J. TrumpVerified account
I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad that he did not go!
10:42 AM - 20 Feb 2016


rse, I have MY funeral file already--I keep the programs from ones I attend with notes on readings and hymms.

Priest son Scalia giving a lovely homily.

Nine children and 36 grandchildren to carry on--a blessing to us all.

Rick Ballard


Rubio may have a pacing and fatigue problem. I was wondering about the possibility when he retreated to rote with Christie and the Breitbart exchange may be another example. It's not uncommon and his organ grinders should be scheduling down time if they are minimally competent.

Today's results will be an even better indicator than Iowa of the comparative strength of the GOTV operations of Cruz and Rubio. Rubio didn't put much money or effort into GOTV in Iowa but he is in South Carolina.


“A variety of different organizations and departments were present to listen, answer questions and show support” to the apparently weak and vulnerable students, who just a few days prior had disrupted Yiannopoulos’ event by smearing fake blood on their faces and chanting protest slogans. One student at the event told the Targum that they “broke down crying” after the event, while another reported that he felt “scared to walk around campus the next day.”

I think there's a monetary motive for these "cry babies" - get a diagnosis of PTSD for whatever and qualify for disability payments. That's actually happening in Baltimore where residents are supposedly so traumatized by the Freddie Gray riots and tje spectre of subsequent riots if/when any/all of the 6 bogus LE trials don't end in convictions that many have developed ptsd.

Beasts of England

Whether I agree with Trump's tweet or not, I relish in knowing that a narcissist such as BOzo can't help but read them. And that the Bubble Boy is confronted by opinions so divergent from those of his sycophants, brings me frabuous joyz.

Now Donald Trump is questioning Marco Rubio' eligibility for the presidency.
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I used this one to open Mrs Iggy's service and this one to close it.
IIRC Miss Marple had mentioned the first one in another context and the second was one of Mrs Iggy's favorites.

Jeff Dobbs

Today's results will be an even better indicator than Iowa of the comparative strength of the GOTV operations of Cruz and Rubio. Rubio didn't put much money or effort into GOTV in Iowa but he is in South Carolina.

Good point. If I were a betting man, I would bet that Cruz and Rubio tie with the exact same number of votes today, roughly 8-10 points behind Trump, because I am not a betting man.


Has Justice Thomas spoken yet?

Miss Marple

There will be nothing but high church hymns at my service. My son knows well my disdain for happy-clappy praise songs and 70's lame first efforts at Catholic hymns.

Excellent choices for both hymns, Iggy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Patterico on the iphone kerfuffle.


"the iCloud password was reset, not the iPhone passcode (4-digit PIN)". From the San Bernadino County Twitter. They also note the password was reset while they were working with the FBI, at the request of the FBI.

This should answer some of the questions posed at the end of the last thread.



Jane, Justice Thomas read one of the readings.

Eulogies are not supposed to be part of Catholic funeral Masses , and if they happen, it is at the end of Mass.

In the greeting, a Memorial on March 1 was mentioned.
Private family burial immediately after this Mass.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Gabriel Malor at the Federalist on the iphone kerfuffle.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

While he's at it could Tim Cook enable me to see and understand the OBD II code 6 faults in my pickup?


Ig, both rely on the magical "restricted to a single device" logic. Just because a judge orders it does not make it possible.

Beasts of England

Thankfully I belong to a liberal Episcopal church (redundant?) and my only requested musical interlude is to have five of my guitar slinger buddies take one verse each of 'The Weight'.


Watching the service, I see why BOzo opted out. There's a lot of "audience participation" in concert with the officiant, and no way BOzo the control freak could bear not knowing what to do or say while those around him do.

Miss Marple


Pope Benedict said the mass involves all of our senses, which includes the physical movement as well as responses, listening, taste (the communion) and scent (incense).

As a self-centeed type, he obviously wouldn't want to be where he isn't the center of attention (note how he made himself one at the Charleston funerals).

He wouldn't be allowed to get up there and perform "Amazing Grace" after giving an "all about me" eulogy.

Plus he might burst into flames.


Scalia's son, the priest, looks just like him. His strength is amazing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ig, both rely on the magical "restricted to a single device" logic.--

I need that explained better for me to understand it, henry.
If Apple does whatever it does to open the phone can't it keep that proprietary and remove it once the phone is cracked?
I'm not sure I get why it becomes quasi-public property.
If the FBI is given access to whatever is done to the phone and not just to the data on the phone then I get the concern, but can't Apple encrypt or otherwise cloak what they've done if they wish the FBI not to have access to that as well?
But sometimes it sounds like if Apple cracks the phone the mere existence of the method, even if it is entirely in Apple's hands means dissemination.
Isn't Apple already in possession of thousands of such proprietary secrets and codes?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Plus he might burst into flames.--


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