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February 21, 2016



Good Morning!

Just got to Miss Marple's Politico link from the previous thread on why JeB and his millions sank:

The entire premise of Bush’s candidacy, these insiders tell POLITICO, was an epic misread of a GOP base hostile to any establishment candidate, especially one with his baggage-weighted last name.


Reality? Colorado legalized a cure for that.


Rep Josh Chaffetz is on FOX saying he is pro-Rubio and starting the Establishment push for Marco:

Chaffetz: Be an aspirational candidate. Try to demonstrate that you're a Conservative. Show his record, because he is a Conservative, and as a Republican I want to put forth the most Conservative member we can possibly put up there that can win in November, and that is Marco Rubio.

The most "Conservative" guy out there is Cruz, not Rubio. That is abundantly evident. The most "Conservative" guy out there "that can win" is what Chaffetz is pushing, not the most "Conservative" member.


FOX, when they return from the Commercial break in 2 minutes, will do a segment on the Apple iPhone/FBI Court-Case dust-up. If anything strikes me of consequence I'll transcribe it.


"Reality? Colorado legalized a cure for that."

Hmmm, should I bring a bag of weed to The Ledge"?

Assuming it is in Colorado;)


Here's the opener graphic to the iPhone argument:

Maria Batiromo: Do you think if Apple were to just open up this one phone, that that would create a back door for others to have access to our information?

Max Levchin: (Co founder of Pay-Pal) If they hand the can opener, so to say, to the FBI, yes. If they don't presumably they can destroy the software the second they've used it once, but the precedent will have been set.


The 2 guests: David Schwartz (former Prosecutor) and Robert Schalk (Defense Attorney) Decent back and forth to the uninformed and uninitiated like me from the 2 guests. Both agree it is unprecedented in that it is being demanded of Apple that they create some new technology---one says there is no precedent for such a burdensome order, and the other says there is one somewhat ambiguous precedent for such a burdensome order.

Both guests appear to side with Apple.

Both say this should be cleared up by Congress generating some Laws as opposed to letting various Judges mull this over.


Congratulations to the FedEx car with driver Denny Hamlin winning the Daytona 500. Take a lap daddy.


In most legal cars you aren't required to produce what you don't have. Who knows anymore? We live in strange times. I think I side with Apple.


Legal cases

James D.

The entire premise of Bush’s candidacy, these insiders tell POLITICO, was an epic misread of a GOP base hostile to any establishment candidate, especially one with his baggage-weighted last name.

And every single one of the consultants and advisors who threw a couple of hundred million dollars down a rathole with their "epic misread" (while pocketing their 10% off the top, no doubt) will find no shortage of candidates to hire them this fall and in 2018 and future years as well.

The mafia could take lessons from these guys.


Doesn't Rubio have a 98 conservative rating? Close enough to perfect for me.

Jack is Back! (Barely)


I forget to address your question on where Daniel Hannan stood regarding the EU Referendum and Brexit: He and Farage are the original protagonists. In fact, they are a tag-team debating staple against the Euro weenies on British TV news programs. The literally clean the floor with them when it comes to why the UK should leave the EU.

He is the intellectual giant of Eurospepticism but now joined by Johnson and Gove. It will be a giant leap in belieability to come up with a credible counter team to them during the upcoming discussions.


Doesn't Rubio have a 98 conservative rating?


If Rubio's "Gang of 8" business only counts for a negative 2 percent, then I'm ready to vote for that strong New York Conservative, Chuck Schumer:)


How does the "conservative rating" score rescue of the ExIm Bank? Is it real, or a crony rating?



Ok. But I'm willing to vote for him anyway. I'm waffling back and forth on him or Cruz.


And my husband can't decide if he wants Trump or Kasich. That's like night and day. I don't get it.

Simply stupid

Conservatism is having a set of principles and sticking by them. Trump reminds me of the Groucho Marx joke of I have a set of principles and if you do not like those I have another set. He is not principle but has been able to gauge the pulse of every day Americans who have had it with political correctness and our elites telling us who we Are,that Global warming is real and that Islam is a rligion of peace.


A big part of that pulse:



daddy, you said it. Rubio is dead to me.
IVR though.


Sue-my husband liked cruz until I asked him how he felt about him preaching a sermon last sunday in sc.

It was why I asked steph and I too grew up Southern Baptist. The idea of a 7 figure income and no attempt whatsoever to tithe and not being called out on it by a pastor doesn't ring true.

The preaching seems tone deaf to how the broader audience would perceive it as well as Machiavellian in going after the evangelical vote. Migrating to trump may have been an attitude of "if we have to pick between two obnoxiously ambitious people, we want the one who has been most successful at it."


From Matt on the previous thread:

I read the Antarctic Sun this morning, which is published by the US research stations down there. There was an interesting article on one of the huge ice shelves that calved from the mainland @ 20,000 BC - 9,000BC. That is the blink of an eye in time.

Apparently the seas rose significantly. And so, at the end of the last Ice Age the seas rose. Another Captain Obvious moment. It has apparently happened numerous times in prehistory.


Just sitting here thinking, we know:

---The Bering Land Bridge opened and closed once, if not multiple times, over the last 50,000 years or so

---The first Aborigines arrived in Australia by 65,000 BC, and logic tells us it was by some variety of land bridge from New Guinea, now submerged

---We know that the isthmus of Panama was underwater for a very long time prior to it's last rising, which allowed North American predator species to cross over and eliminate the much slower giant ground sloths and Armadillo types, totally unprepared for such predators.

---We also have some evidence of the seas being low enough 20,000 some years back for the opening of a land bridge of some sort from southern Australia to Tasmania

Overall point simply jibing with what you mentioned. I suspect a decent paper could be put together seeing if there is global evidence of many of these land bridges rising and falling at the same time world wide. I imagine it'd show that to be the case, and if a decent popular Science book was done on it, I'd read it.


My husband actually likes all of the nominees left. Carson is his least favorite.


Candidates not nominees.

Beasts of England

Nothing left to cut:



Earlier watched some of the discussion on FOX's Howie Kurtz Show, and am now watching the Chris Wallace FOX Show replay, and they're discussing the Pope's comments on Trump.

What a shame that the Pope doesn't have the ability to broadcast exactly what he thinks about anything on the planet at any time, everywhere, in every possible human language. It is too bad he is simply a prisoner like all the rest of us to media mischaracterization, with no opportunity to set the record straight about his honest opinions:(

Miss Marple


I have begun to think that the Pope uses confusion to advance his cause (whatever it might be).

I quit following him on Twitter because it was mostly short statements telling me to DO something, usually something I am already doing. I don't need a scold.

The Holy Spirit was involved in his election, according to the tenets of the Church. I am assuming the Holy Spirit wants to know if we are paying attention.


this primary has been useful at the margins, but it's all been full of carp, speaking of the latter, HBO is re running 'Julianne's Bender'

the import of Bergoglio's comments were pretty clear, in so far that any of his statements are,
he pointed did not call out the 43 dissapearances on his jaunt through mexico,


re the events of september 11th, there's been enough time, to actually answer the notion of
how it happened to occur, along the argument I suggested last week,


Still playing catch-up from the previous thread, and I see the discussion on possible VP candidates should Trump win (i.e. Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, etc)

If Trump is the Nominee, it seems to me that the MSM will love to get whoever Trump selects as his running mate to spout opinions opposed to Trumps whenever possible, especially if there winds up being a VP Debate.

I don't see Kasich being able to keep his mouth shut about dumping on Trump in such a scenario. I think Cruz could, since they are on the same side of some of the Immigration stuff. Rubio to me is a question mark.

I don't see Trump picking Kasich for that reason, but if Trump did, do you guys think Kasich could actually bite his tongue? I don't.


Why just them? Why not Chris Christie? He did the dirty work in NH for a reason.

Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
I am assuming the Holy Spirit wants to know if we are paying attention.

Then you better go back and follow the Pope on Twitter again!

Miss Marple


Conventional wisdom would say Christie is a no because of being from the Northeast, where Trump is from.

I do not expect Trump to pick any of his competitors if he is the winner.

I think he would go outside the box: maybe Jeff Sessions, Sarah Palin, or Jerry Falwell, Jr.


much of this was the top men's doing, maybe they should have gotten behind rubio instead, and spared themselves some embarassment,



I have this quote from 1967.

“The wisest choice would be the one who would win. No sense running Mona Lisa in a beauty contest. I’d be for the most right, viable candidate who could win."

The question was Goldwater or Nixon.
The author?


Conventional wisdom and Trump in the same sentence don't compute. I'm predicting no one you named will be his choice.


I guess it would be Buckley, the other choices were scranton romney and rockefeller, three governors,


It is a great time to read comments at JOM!

Captain Hate

do you guys think Kasich could actually bite his tongue?

Hard to say because he's definitely not the same team player of 30 years ago as Ohio has found out the hard way. Still he'll be needing a new job shortly and that might be enough to curb his idiotic opinions, all of which are self serving.



Miss Marple



I follow enough Catholic priests and Vatican people that I know what's going on.

It's just the Pope's Twitter feed is nothing but orders, and simplistic ones at that.


Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex Feb 17

Earnings and capital are not more important than the human person, but should be at the service of the common good.
4,133 retweets 8,328 likes
Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex Feb 17

All of us must struggle so that work can become a reality of humanization and a positive future.


Willie "Duck Dynasty" Robertson - Trump fan, Christian, self-made success story, lovely family, positive name recognition, Southerner. The image of Willie sitting behind the prez during the State of the Union would get my vote.

Jack is Back! (Barely)

CH and Narc,

I have followed your previous discussions on POI wondering what it is about and now I know. Trapped here with only certain TV channels, one of which is WPIX in NYC, I am getting lots of POI repeats which are fascinating but completely baffling to me since I have no idea if I have come into the middle, beginning or currency of the series.

It is fun and can see how it can be addictive in a sense:)


well it is an arc type show, the two main characters, the spec operator and the tech mogul eventually are joined by the veteran detective, and
the investigative officer, but the last takes a while,


I don't require a tattoo, either.


I'm with Miss Marple. No tattoo required.

I think dying your hair "Trump blonde" for a week (or sporting a Trump wig) would get the point across just as well, plus it'd be a real conversation starter:)



Centralcal on iPad

God have mercy on ANYONE that has the dubious honor of being Trump's running mate (VP). I imagine as soon as the election is over, (Trump declared winner) the poor person (male or female) will be shipped off to an undisclosed destination (probably a remote Trump property) and never seen or heard from again.


Why just them? Why not Chris Christie?


I'm wide open to other candidates. Personally I'd be happy to see Trump ask somebody like General Jack Keane to be his potential VP, and I have no idea of his politics.

And Bolton for the UN.


And Leo Donofrio for SCOTUS.



If he wants a Cuban as hisVP, he could ask Mark to join him. 2 billionaires.

Captain Hate

Glad you're enjoying it, JiB; probably the best way to catch up is with DVDs or a streaming service to ensure you're getting episodes in sequence.

I just returned to the Zuckerberg POI site and there STILL isn't a start date for season 5. The site is somewhat annoying in the best of circumstances and now is worth than useless, particularly how they urge against negative comments about CBS which I regard as coin flips away from getting the premier burning building seats instead of the GOPe.


Bolton for Sec. of State.

Captain Hate

...worse than useless...


Only Fox's scheduling division re science fiction shows, is more contemptuous of their audience, they gave the hoffa treatment to Firefly, SAAB, and a whole host of other programs,



If nominee Trump picked Coach K as his VP I'd still vote for the sunuvabitch:)

At least they know how to win.


that's a high bar, daddy,

Beasts of England

Thinking about Kasich as a VP helping to deliver Ohio, I'm reminded of the PhotoShop after the 2000 election:

Welcome to Tennessee, home of Vice President Albert Gore, Jr.

And 34 electoral college votes for George W. Bush

Captain Hate

K was a Bobby Knight acolyte which means he scares the GOPe hacky sack players.


kremlinology is more straightforward,


Miss Marple

Other possible Trump VP choices:

Rudy Guiliani (probably a no-go since I think he's still in New York, unless he moves like Dick Cheney)

Mitch Daniels

Jack is Back! (Barely)

Why not Florida (Rubio as VP). More electoral college votes than Ohio plus you are competitive for the Hispanic vote even the illegal Hispanic vote.


This is the episode where Mr. Thornhill is introduced and they need to rescue the machine....I think that's what its about.

Captain Hate

Mr Thornhill is an interesting character of sorts.


!!!I'm caught up!!!

Off with the dogs now in nasty, nasty weather to get behind all over again.

Freezing rain and drizzle and I'm transferring my cleats to my heavy boots.


looks like we probably lost a local Army kid, foolishly hiking unprepared to Flattop and then on into the backwoods, since conditions here have turned out terrible: Anchorage soldier reported overdue from hike in Chugach

We're going to stay in the low country. Later.

Captain Hate

That episode must be from late in season two, I say without looking at the wiki list.


episode 21, 2nd season; I though thornhill was finch's partner, it was a false flag.

Captain Hate

I recently read a Weekly Standard article from last year which confirmed my prior opinion that Cheri Daniels nixed Mitch running for POTUS.


Maryrose told me the Pope isn't Marxist.

I beg to differ. Hat tip, Miss Marple.

""Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex Feb 17

Earnings and capital are not more important than the human person, but should be at the service of the common good.
4,133 retweets 8,328 likes
Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex Feb 17""

I'm sorry, I'm a devout Catholic, but Pope Karl Marx the first is nuts.
No poor can be fed without the MEANS to feed them. No sick can be healed without the Capital to house and treat them. Pope Francis needs to shut his pie hole on things he knows NOTHING ABOUT.

God bless the Pope, I am praying for him.


I guess Hillary too Mark. (Which sort of makes me sick)

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I am sure that is true. Cheri left Mitch and married a high school sweetheart, leaving him with the kids.

After a few years, she divoced the guy and asked to come back.

Mitch has never said much about it except to say some stories eventually have happy endings.

She was a very good supporter of the Indiana State Fair, but didn't bother anyone about cultural issues (and rightfully so).

given Trump's marital history and the fat that trump won't take crap off anyone, she might be persuaded. That's oly a "might" though.

Miss Marple

Rewrite because I didn't proofread:

Given Trump's marital history and the fact that Trump won't take crap off anyone, she might be persuaded. That's oly a "might" though.


well he does resemble pope leo x111, who was selected 10 years earlier then benedict or francis,

Jack is Back! (Barely)


Its the episode where Det. Carter is setup in a shooting by a bad cop who removes the perp's gun. Familiar? Also Finch is coerced into reseting the Machine and there is a shootout in an old library?, etc.

Sound familiar?

[Time for the Heperan shot and then dreamland]

Jack is Back! (Barely)


Captain Hate

I doubt that Trump could overcome her concerns that the Clinton Crime Family would dig up every piece of salacious dirt on her and broadcast it widely through their MFM co conspirators. It's a scummy bunch we're up against and the country clubbers are too conditioned to farming that crap out rather than confront it directly.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

Probably true.

For Ignatz:

Captain Hate

Yes, I've seen every episode multiple times. Some are more memorable than others but every one of them has something with which to remember it by.


Trump would pick Kim Kardashian for his VP.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Geez, that's two saws welded together. The nickname for a crosscut saw like that was "misery whip" and having used one a few times just to see what they were like I understand why there are never any old loggers in those old pics.

BTW jimmy, from the last thread, the instant I saw what the fool was up to I knew it was either going to be a face plant, perhaps a fatal one with the saw landing first, or a Wile E. Coyote reverse Acme catapult. I think he was lucky it was the latter.
Whenever I see someone doing something like that the only thing I can think of is,
"What did you think was going to happen?"
He should have been tied in the bucket of the excavator next to the tree.

Captain Hate

narc, here's a very small clip of a concert I was at last night if you can see it sans a Zuckerberg login. Two of my buds and I were between the camera and musicians:



then again considering where he lives,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hey TK, changed my filter and tranny fluid and put in a new set of plugs and went to my usual spot where it stumbles and seemed to run fine so I guess it was just the plugs. They weren't great but weren't awful either.
Less metal on the magnet than I figured there would be so I just replaced the oil in the pan.
Doing the plugs on those frickin 5.4 Fords is enough trouble for one afternoon.


Interesting tidbit..

Over on the Zuckerberg site, the Rubiots are suddenly all into scheming whether he would make an excellent VP pick... for Trump. They are not running around with joy that Rubio came in second and they are not scheming on whose votes they will pick up from Bush/Carson/Kasich. Says volumes.

Five stages of death and they have reached stage 3.

Miss Marple

I recommend reading narciso's link at 8:34, along with all of the comments.


Why not Florida (Rubio as VP). More electoral college votes than Ohio plus you are competitive for the Hispanic vote even the illegal Hispanic vote.


I agree. Might even rake in some votes on both sides of the aisle from Texas. Maybe California, too, although it's nut land out here.

OT/ I think the information coming out by drips on Benghazi and potential violations of numerous Federal laws with her server at home problems may make Hillary radioactive by the time of the convention. She narrowly won the Nevada caucuses and has not done well in the primaries to date.

Either this goes to an open convention so Joe Biden can step in, or the FBI will continue to drip, drip, drip out the information so that she gets the nomination and is mortally damaged by the election date. Hillary supporters are die hard, but she is rapidly losing any support among the independents (if she had much) and the middle. Bill won't do her much good; he's a shadow of the "man" he used to be. And Obama would rather see anyone else elected, the hatred between those two is so intense.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--From exit polls I infer that Cruz is not finding sufficient traction with evangelicals...--

Glenn Beck is a Mormon.
Evangelicals and Mormons do not play well together.
Beck does not help Cruz with Evangelicals.
The fact that Beck has multiple squirrels in his head is also unhelpful.

Beasts of England

I can't help but admire a group of people who would consider felling that tree. Imagine walking up to that monstrosity with a homemade saw and saying "No problem!".


yes, and they are chasing the same acorn,

talk about cracking the glass case, this is where they found tomasky and trebay,


Miss Marple


Given what you said, why is Cruz using Beck?

It really makes no sense, either from an evangelical point of view or from a big tent point of view.

Beck is driving people away, if you ask me.

Is Cruz this clueless about the thinking of evangelicals and the broader electorate? Is he playing some game we don't understand?

It's a mystery.

Make JOM Great Again

"Candidate who defended":
- Planned Parenthood (no to abortion funding)
- ObamaCare mandate (false; defended care for the indigent not forced insurance for all)
- Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq (technically Bush had others lie for him - wanted to finish the job HW started & in turn began the middle east disaster we now have, with an assist from Hillary & Barry )
- got in a scuffle with the Pope (nope, the commie Pope got in a scuffle with Trump; at least the Pope apologized the next day)

Who's a good "Republican"?
- the Canadian preacher, Roberts backer, H1B & TPA fan, Goldman Sachs lackey?
- the Cuban amnesty lover that sweats more than Nixon?
- the son of a mailman with Edward James Olmos face?
- the stabby surgeon from outer space?

Trump is looking pretty good.


Beck hates birthers. He probably promised Cruz some sort of protection. IIRC Beck was one of the first calls Cruz made when he threw his hat in the ring.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Given what you said, why is Cruz using Beck?--

Good Q, MM.
He would be vastly better served by Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins, Professor Erwin Corey, Kanye West, jus about anybody else.


Good news Ig!

I use a series of swivel sockets to make the job as pleasant as possible. It is still no fun.


I must say, that The Year That Killed Republican Consultants has not been a total waste.I don't see Kim K or Sarah as his running mate, but epect it will be some mind popping choice/


Having a topside creeper is a plus as well.

Miss Marple


It's a mystery.

I don't know what Cruz is doing and why he doesn't recalibrate his campaign.

I don't know why Trump doesn't make himself sound more presidential (he's quite capable of doing this).

I don't know why Rubio thinks he can win this, when he has little grass roots support.

I don't know why Kasich is still in this at all.

Think I will head to bed and listen to classical music and read.

Good night, everyone!


no it has had it's uses, the saws precariously balanced end to end is the perfect metaphor,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In the silver linings department, I figure if Trump gets elected and he doesn't pan out re his stated policies then it won't be any different than GHWB and W were and Dole, McCain and Romney woulda been.
After five blind date bow wows, what's one more?


I would have ordinarily avoided the anderson cooper townhalls, like supporating ebola, how's that for imagery, but it showed how he can dial down when needs must,


This looks very bad!!http://www.nationalreview.com/article/431676/obama-administration-enabling-noncitizen-voting

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Having a topside creeper is a plus as well.--

LOL. Was reading from the bottom up and thought that was another reference to Cruz or Rubio.

--I use a series of swivel sockets to make the job as pleasant as possible. It is still no fun.--

Wasn't as bad as I remember the last time I did it actually. Some guys take the injector rails off. I think they're nuts. All I've ever needed was one 3/8 drive swivel and a 1/4 one.

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