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February 13, 2016



Ann Coulter–Verified account ‏@AnnCoulter

1 year before 9/11, in debates, Bush EXPRESSLY DENOUNCED racial profiling of Arabs at airport security. http://bit.ly/1O8VTa2

6:56 PM - 13 Feb 2016


Byron York ‏@ByronYork

Trump: The war in Iraq was a disaster. Jeb: My mom is the strongest woman I know.


And to think TruthbeTold hates Trump.


Comanche Voter

Trump is full of more crap than a West Texas cattle feed yard.


How come the Slate link doesn't quote the part where Trump blamed Bush for 9/11?

Maybe because he didn't?


Apparently he was "powerfully booed" by the impartial audience.


well his imprecision damns him, TK, the main plotters, al midhar and al hamzi were living in san diego under their own names, since 2000. but Gorelick prevented the CIA from informing the bureau,


Trump's point seems pretty basic to me, narciso.

How do you say Bush kept the country safe when the attack happened during Bush's tenure?

A battle of semantics.

Trump claimed to have lost a great many friends, so this may be a little more personal to him.

Accusing Bush of lying to get us into Iraq is the bigger problem for Trump, IMO.


"TRUMP: How did he keep us safe when the World Trade Center -- the World -- excuse me. I lost hundreds of friends. The World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush. He kept us safe? That is not safe. That is not safe, Marco. That is not safe."


"Reign." Does Trump know he doesn't get a fabulous crown and a terrific scepter?


Trump was friends with at least 10% of the dead on 9/11?


No I don't think so, we didn't have the tools at the time, in fact we were flying blind, that july, they had moved the 6th fleet out of Bahrain, because they thought UNL would attack there,

they instituted the Patriot Act, to coordinate all data streams, aggressive interrogations to facilitate the collection of actionable intel,

2 Plus 2

"Trump was friends with at least 10%..."

Showing off those mad math skillz!

Kenny Bunkport

Sure, maybe W did not do anything to help prevent the attacks, but he did stand on the rubble afterwards and talk in a bullhorn. Oh, and then he got us involved in Iraq. You know the rest.


nazguls incoming, why did those details, so readily come to mind for me, without looking them up, of course you have dickerson's argument clinic, but that's a whole other kettle of fish,

Captain Hat

Fuck Trump; I used to work with someone who died on 9/11 going back into the towers to try and help people out. That worthless perv, Slick, and his witch Gorelick, were more complicit in 9/11 than GWB and that shouldn't even be a topic for debate.


2+2: it is a great power and a great responsibility.


yes, that's all on him, one can't fault someone like dickerson, 'returning to his vomit' I was up in st. augustine for much of the day, until I came home to the sad news about Scalia,


the wurlitzer is caught fibbing,


when they nabbed ksm's associates in the phillipines in 94, he already had considered attacking targets with planes,


reset anyone,


Manuel Transmission

Late night OT. Had a celebrity evening (given the small town). Dinner with Jonah's SIL then off to a Pink Floyd Tribute concert where we got to hang out with Steve Miller's ex. The guys (and gal) in the Pigs on the Wing group were blown away by the reception they got. Definitely was a decent concert. I guess I'll have to buy some CDs to duplicate the old vinyl on the shelf.

What CIA?

Lest we forget: Slam Dunk.


Bush left a stable government in Iraq. Obama claimed we won the war in Iraq. Obama the pull out the troops and left the weapons behind. He did not provide support to the government of Iraq and undermined the potential for stability. He called ISIS the JV team and did nothing as terrorists ran rampart in the middle east. Trump blames it all on Bush. What a great Republican!

pagar a bacon,  country ham and sausage supporter

Good Morning to all!
Once again Clarice has provided some great Sunday morning reading.


James D.

I am so glad I didn't watch the debate. How can the RNC not understand that they ALWAYS hurt their candidates, because that's the MSM's goal?

I realize they'll have to deal with the MSM perfidy in the general election, but allowing a jackass like John Dickerson to do what he did is not "toughening up" the candidates. It's more like using live hand grenades in a training exercise. Even the troops that "win" come back injured and bloodied.

James D.

The new book trailer poll is up. If you have a chance, please vote.



Miss Marple

Good morning.

Well, Trump is off my list so back to square one. That was a deal-breaker for me.

I assume I will be going to the polls with the enthusiasm of a visit to the dentist.


MM-if I can only convince you that Tom Brady is innocent my work will be done. :-)

Trump's great service has been to dismiss and puncture the pretensions and shibboleths of the "mainstream ". Had he done so here he would have gone a long way toward gaining the trust of doubters like me. Instead he proved that those doubts are well-founded.


After last night debate:

Can we shit can all these guys and start over?


I feel no better this morning than I did when I went to bed last night, though reading that MM has seen the light about Trump does cheer me a tad.
As did the St. Valentine's Day gift I received from my sweetheart.
Happy St. Valentine's Day to all.

My hope is that Justices Ginsburg and Kagan are forced in their sorrow over the loss of their dear friend Nino to examine the error of their activist Marxist ways and become textualists.

(I'm not naive, just extremely hopeful.)

Miss Marple

Well, sometimes you just have to admit you were wrong and suck it up. It's a shame, because those Trump voters will probably not migrate to another candidate, or worse, go to Sanders.

I STILL maintain that if the conservatives hadn't immediately gone for his throat (calling him a cancer) and had not gone after his supporters, he would probably not have gained so much traction.

Oh, well, events beyond my control. The debate last night does prove one thing, that the RNC needs to run the debates themselves in the primaries. They should be live streamed and put up on YouTube. If C-SPAN or a network wants to pick up the feed, that's fine. But they cannot provide moderators or have any control of the questioning.

Right now, all these primary debates are doing is providing sound bites for democrat ads and making me loathe everyone who is running.

Fondly I look back to Governor Walker, who had the sense to go home early. Maybe we could draft him, using democrat rules!

Miss Marple

Here is my concern about the remaining candidates:

I sincerely do not think Cruz, Bush, or Carson can win.

But the two who possibly could, Kasich and Rubio, will take the nomination as validation for their unacceptable ideas (Rubio on immigration, Kasich on his fraudulent Medicaid deal).

This is going to bother me until it's time for me to vote. Ugh.

daddy on iPad

Just landed, clicked on the headline that Scalia died, and have now read nothing but the first 20 comments on this thread.

I think I should have jumped ship in New Zealand:(


anonamom-I think both Kagan and Sotomayor will approve anything that leads to the fundamentally transformation of the US.

Sotomayor is on the Board of some ed company involved with that while sitting on scotus and rakes in the speaking fees from college campuses which treat her as if she is a trifecta of diversity checkoff attributes.



There's always Bali, daddy.

Centralcal on iPad

It is much easier to evaluate candidates when they aren't presented in farcical settings with agitators for questioners. Can't stand Trump, but right out of the gate, before he even said a full sentence, there was very loud and sustained booing. I think he was right in his accusation shouting back that the audience was loaded. And for the first segments this nonsense continued with other candidates.

I have had it with the dim-wit media mini-celebrities (in their news circles) being allowed to be ring masters of bizarro debates.

Miss Marple

Hi, daddy!

Be glad you were in the air and missed yesterday evening.

Disgusting debate and sad news about Scalia.

That Dickerson guy is a worthless dweeb. Not enough bad things can happen to him.

Miss Marple

Yesterday on Fox there was some democrat guy I had never seen before and he was talking about how the democrat debates were about serious issues and thoughtful, while the GOP debates were all just yelling and personal attacks. This was of course said in a smug attitude.

I cannot understand how almost all of the candidates got into the mind set that they had to score cheap shots. The only one who stayed out of it was Carson.


Good Morning! The Republicans have town halls on CNN this week,another opportunity for gotcha questions.
The news is so discouraging.

Thomas Collins

I don't have a sour or dour view of yesterday's debate. I think that the candidates have decided that there will only be room for two candidates besides Trump after South Carolina, and they were trying to knock each other off. Trump's remarks about GWB won't sink his campaign immediately, but the SS Trump will be taking on enough water so that his chances to get more than 50 percent of the delegates will quickly approach zero.

Thomas Collins

I would say that Rubio needed to dispel his image as a robot, and he did that very well. I think Rubio helped himself the most in the debate.

Sandy  ن  Daze

Reposted from a previous thread:

Clarice, thank you for pieces.

Charles Murray, in both a AEI essay from a couple days ago (previously linked) and a live-streamed presentation he gave on Thursday points to the rise of the administrative state as being the reason America is post-constitutional. He traces this to several FDR SCOTUS decisions, e.g. Social Security.

He said he was optimistic that the course could be adjusted, but IIRC never totally turned back. In his view, it will be a generational struggle requiring patient, consistent, and firm response from the right.

Such a response is exemplified in your tireless efforts.

Thank you for all of your continued work, here, fb, Pieces, and all the other things you do to support and defend America, which we never know about.

God Bless you, Clarice.

Miss Marple

Thomas Collins,

I don't think it helped anyone to see them taking cheap shots at each other. It may be that there are only two left after South Carolina, but they will have damaged themselves in the process.

Rubio did get rid of the robot mem, I will agree.


My goodness, Sandy--thank you very much.

Thomas Collins

Trump's bloviating poses a bigger problem for the other candidates than this or that moderator. And although Trump has sealed his fate as someone who isn't getting the nomination, he'll retain enough support to keep going for awhile.

The circus atmosphere was amusing last year. It's not so amusing now.

Janet S.

A huge AMEN to Centralcal's 7:53!

and James D's - It's more like using live hand grenades in a training exercise. Even the troops that "win" come back injured and bloodied.


I think you place too much weight on these4 dumb debates--I doubt there was a big audience or that it will have much impact frankly..I think Trump's remarks re Bush may hel0 him the general should he get the nomination--thanks to Bush's utter failure to even try to refute the idiotic "Bush lied" lie.

Miss Marple


That's a good point. Why is it that I am still defending him when he won't do it himself?

My more serious concern with Trump is that he seems to me to not have the temperament. Of course, looking at that hot mess last night, almost none of them seemed to.

You are probably right that the debate audience was not large. Someone said NASCAR was on in South Carolina so that probably kept local viewing down.

All in all, though, it was a depressing thing to watch. And that Dickerson guy seems to me to get worse every time he oozes onto my TV screen.


If you don't watch--I don't--viewership is down, ad revenue is down, and will have less of this nonsense. Just saying.

Miss Marple


I went over and read your Pieces. I somehow think chipping away at the Administrative state is not going to be something people understand until they are personally affected by it.

If Senators routinely got audited by the IRS, if their vacation homes were confiscated by the BLM, if the EPA dumped toxic waste in their local stream in a ham-handed effort to do a clean-up, maybe they would pay more attention.

Beasts of England

"We have nothing to fear with Barack Obama in the White House."

-- John McCain

Captain Hat

thanks to Bush's utter failure to even try to refute the idiotic "Bush lied" lie.

Wasn't that a strategy of Teh Architect?

daddy on iPad


It is rare at my age to have the opportunity to land anywhere new. Last time was probably Bangalore some 5 years back.

Today however was New Zealand. Had never been there before. Came in from Honolulu 8 hours north and was gifted with a beautiful clear blue sky offering a million miles of visibility.

Spectacular. Gorgeous green mountains and valleys and islands and lakes, then we passed low over scattered farm houses dotted upon emmense green fields of bewitching rural beauty. Seriously stupendous viewing, and as always when it's a new place and the sun is out you can hardly pay attention to driving due to the distractions of the amazing beauty surrounding you.

From 15,000 feet descending It most definitely lives up to the accolades and expectations. Supremely gorgeous. Wow!

I've only get 4 years left in this business, so my guess is that this is the last "new place" I'll encounter, but if I do encounter another I can't imagine that it'll top todays arrival into Auckland.


Miss Marple


I have always wanted to visit New Zealand, going back to when I read Ngaio Marsh mysteries when I was in my 20's. The glimpses of the landscape through the prism of the Lord of the Rings movies was just amazing.

Do you get to stay there very long, or is it just an overnight?

Beasts of England

We also have nothing to fear with Hillary Clinton in the White House. Because, if BHO gets a justice in before the end of his term, Hillary could easily get to appoint replacements for two of the remaining four right-leaning judges if she makes it two terms. So, what's that: 7-2?

What could go wrong?

Beasts of England

Sounds gorgeous, daddy!!



Today's Pieces is spectacular. I hope Insty links it.

I truly hope last night's performance tanks trump altho expecting the electorate to have the wisdom of MM is probably a long shot.

The man is an uninformed unmitigated ass.


Jane, that's on his good days.


I agree with Clarice that the debates don't matter that much in terms of the general. All the squabbling inevitably is forgotten after the convention. I do think individual nominees can be helped or hurt, though.

Trump's nonsense about Bush lying in this debate is not that big a surprise. He'd already come close to saying it before. He did cross a line though, I think because all the other lines he's crossed haven't hurt him. This one probably will, though, especially in SC.

Beasts of England

Regardless of his many failures, George W was an incredible leader when it mattered to so many Americans. No way that Trump survives that attack.


From your lips Beasts!

Jeff Dobbs

We went to New Zealand in 2000. I was there on business and mrs hit and run came along. The training I was doing was in Auckland for 3 days, then we spent the rest of the week traveling on the South Island. Queenstown to Te Anau to Milford Sounds is one of my favorite places on earth.


Well you had 'destroy the gop' Dickerson presiding over the ceremony, so what could go wrong, we were searching for the pony.

Captain Hat

Bush's unwillingness to refute the lies, which began when Karen Hughes left the administration and nobody was left that would hector him to do what he didn't want to do, has had a lasting impact that could have been avoided.


I have an old friend who lives in N Z and I should go one day soon. I think this summer will be my last trip to Eruopt. It's basically gone IMO.

Captain Hate

How much money did the RNC pocket from last night's dog and pony show?

Jeff Dobbs

The new book trailer poll is up. If you have a chance, please vote.

Oh thanks for pointing that out! Last week the new poll came out at the stroke of midnight tonight...

Ah, and I see you are now on the top of the list.


daddy on iPad

Miss M,

We only got to sit on the deck for about 2 hours in Auckland, then did the thousand mile follow on leg to Sydney,Australia. Bummer that I didn't get to do Kiwi-land, but now we get 2 days off in Sydney, so no complaining. Oh well, glad I missed the horrid debate, and will be interesting now to see if McConnell has the stones to weather the incoming. If nothing else, I am happy to see him taking incoming s ***. He deserves it.

Miss Marple

I bought Karl Rove's book right after it came out. Very boring, and read more like an essay on "why you should hire me to run your campaign."

Two things I noticed:

1. He gave very little attention to the Florida recount. (This, of course, was because he "smart strategy" had contributed to the closeness of the race.)

2. He flat-out said that it was his advice to not answer the charges that "Bush lied." He said on balance that was probably a mistake, but he had advised Bush to ignore it.

This is when my eyeballs shot out lightning bolts and I quit reading the book. I also gave the book to Goodwill.

pagar a bacon,  country ham and sausage supporter

from Sandy Daze, @08:22
I'm reposting too.
Clarice, I second every word Sandy Daze said!

Jeff Dobbs

Wait. How come Know Your Enemy is not on the list? That was the book we were battling against.

Here's the old poll - which seems to still be open...

And here's the new poll:

Soulless is new in this poll?

Know Your Enemy was second with 31% and The Chronicles was third at 16% - and neither made it to this round, while The Donor and Do Not Resuscitate at 1% and Starlight Wishes at 2% did make it to this round?

I'm confused.

Trump just flew a plane into his own skyscraper.

Somebody should tell Trump about Berger and the importance of what he stole.


Dude on FNC Just said a recess is not needed fir a recess appt to SCOTUS? "Obama can make a recess appt today or tomorrow." This is supposed to be a legal expert. Is he ringt?

Old Lurker

I have tasked my contractor with implementing an immediate major expansion of my Ledge so we can accommodate my friends out here. I also asked him to pile up sharp rocks under the diving board for when Holder joins SCOTUS.

Historians will record that 2016 was a point of inflection for the USA, one way or another.

Captain Hate

Rove News Sunday has Monkeyboy on the panel. Why not a homeless person?


This is supposed to be a legal expert.

Apparently the Senate is in recess now. But someone was saying last night that the vacancy has to occur prior to a recess for the appointment to be allowed, so I don't think he's right.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I saw Monkeyboy was on CNN this week, too.

Maybe they're passing him around like a charity-case relative.

"It's your turn to have Aunt Maude stay for a week."


Well a canopy at least.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

Thank you for reporting on Rove News Sunday, because I cannot stand to watch more news today.

Beasts of England

The Ledge™ has a diving board? Damn that's fancy...

Captain Hate

Little Marco keeps banging away on the "lies" by Ted Cruz about Ben Carson.


daddy-I had a grandfather who literally travelled all over the world. When I was growing up he and his wife either went on safari or around the world every year and I have postcards from places it is difficult to imagine being a tourist to today like afghanistan, iran, or uganda (that post card was written while a herd of elephants blocked the roadway).

He consistently said New Zealand and Lake Louse in canada were the two most beautiful places in the world. He also went to antarctica when he was 90.

Of course some law school classmates whose son was an exchange student in New Zealand last year discovered that even an advanced purchase round trip ticket was about $1800 now. They decided not to visit him.

Old Lurker

Yes, there is a diving board. Also roll down clear plastic curtains for when the weather gets bad so Narc is happy.


But someone was saying last night that the vacancy has to occur prior to a recess for the appointment to be allowed, so I don't think he's right.

That was me. I was going off memory and some quick searches of the result of Noel Canning.

Today I put my mechanic hat back on.

Captain Hate

Marco has a nice laundry list of foreign policy initiatives in the Senate. Very well prepared on this and addressing draft questions.

Miss Marple

Brit Hume just posted this on Twitter; link goes to the Washington Post's front page headline of Scalia's death:


"Supreme Court conservative dismayed liberals"

Captain Hate

Sounds like the Bezos Daily Worker. Was Jen Rubin happy?


I predict that Obama attempts to make an appointment tomorrow. Certainly by Wednesday, even if it is not appropriate for the "recess" next week.

I also predict he will get away with it.

Remember also that is is quite possible that the Demos get back the senate this year.

Grim times for the nation.

I do not think the vast majority of the electorate has any idea what this means. I think that Murry's take on it is beyond them.

They know something is very wrong, but they do not know why,

When the balance tips on the SCOTUS, Christians and conservatives, indeed anyone who attempts to stand in the way of the Democrats, will literally be criminalized.

This is something the Murry cannot see: the Left are actively trying to dissolve our civilization, and yes it is a conspiracy. It is not some cumulative effects of legislature that gives us "the bureaucratic state", but rather that that state is a organ and front of the Left. It is most patently and emphatically not "the welfare state" that is our primary foe. This is only one of their tools.

Middle aged conservative and "moderate pundits, specifically those from the elites, apparently cannot see this; they cannot see that their Democrat "colleagues: are their mortal enemy.

He is also being pollyannish about "rolling it back"; he does not understand who and what he is fighting, how the nation has changed and how much more it will change in the future. While all of this is mostly new to the American experience, it is not to at all in the broader world. They experience there does not bode well for a reversal--even a partial one.

Ww are now--right now--at the crossroads.

Most likely we cannot turn back.

Ultimately his is why spectacles such as this last debate where the Left has thoroughly manipulated the GOP are so gruesomely pathetic.

The GOP has no idea what this turning point actually means. If they did, they would present a common front and speak to what is left of decency, intelligence and patriotism--what Murry calls "The American Creed"--in the electorate.

Instead we are seeing what happened the last two times: The media is picking the GOP candidate We can assume that that candidate will lose, and losing to HIllary Clinton is a low standard indeed.

Janet S.

Somebody should tell Trump about Berger and the importance of what he stole.

Great comment.

Miss Marple


This is a surprising and good article by Cass Sunstein.

Wanna bet?


Janet S.

"Supreme Court conservative dismayed liberals"

The MFM prism.


What, a foreign born SC nominee? Have the Birchers been asked about that?

Captain Hate

George Will: Scalia's opinions were written for future law students. The Senate should not and will not confirm any 404 nominee. Monkeyboy: this ideological warfare is perfect for a presidential campaign. Kristen Soltis Anderson: 404s two appointees replaced squishes so this is an ideological BFD. Juan gives a laundry list of lib losers for the JEF to choose from, none of which are Lynch, whom I don't think will be the nominee, including that idiot Janet Napolitano.



Thomas Collins

My reading of Canning is that the vacancy need not arise during the recess.

Maybe I should check.

Not sure foreign born. Point guard to Danny Manning.


I did check. One of O's flood the DC Circuit appointees, former staff guy in Obama's solicitors office.

les nessman

I've long thought that Trump really didn't want to be POTUS, because he wouldn't want to give up being a billionaire developer.
After leading in the polls for so many months he eventually thought "oh shit, they are actually taking me seriously and I could end up being the nominee. I better self-sabotage before this gets out of hand."

But lately I've thought that maybe he is ready to turn the Trump empire over to his kids, who seem competent and able to handle it.

Then he makes these idiotic 'Bush lied' statements and I don't know what he is trying to do. I do know he is not helping the GOP, regardless if it's the RINOs, Tea Partiers or conservatives. None of them are being helped.

I'm still not convinced he's not a Democrat.

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