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February 07, 2016


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hmm, just got a call on Friday from an ATF guy who wants to inspect my books for the first time in 35? years of being a dealer.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

We seem to know what reduces "gun violence", [which is an idiotic phrase] and what doesn't.
Yet Barry and company seem bent on doing the thing we know doesn't work [gun control] and ending the thing that does [throwing criminals in jail and keeping them there].

Old Lurker

Silly you, Iggy.

It is not about reducing gun violence as most people think of it. It is about reducing violence by us against them, with guns.

Beasts of England

Good luck, Ig. And while I don't doubt that you keep meticulous records, there's really no upside to any interaction with the Feds. Ugh.

Old Lurker

Tell them is snowed one day last week in DC so you need an one month extension.


Maguire's en fuego with posts!

Ig-- Melinda Romanov would say there is no mere coincidence between you online comments and the ATF audit.


Good luck on the inspection. Is it possible that you upset or annoyed another ffl unwittingly? When my brother had his ffl another local ffl started dropping dimes to ATF after my brother made a sale of 5 shotguns to a local pd. The other guy had sold them all of their guns since the last ice age.

Frau Lederhelm

I want what Mr. Maguire is drinking. I left my great football comment (heh!) two threads back. :-/

Iggy, make sure they spell "Ratzkywatzky" *incorrectly* and you can use it to your advantage. Channel your inner Bugs Bunny.


Frau are you telling me that my Bugs Bunny is supposed to be inner? I'm an ultra maroon.

Old Lurker

Tell them your records were lost in this fire in Overland, Montana.

Seems to work for the VA:


Old Lurker

Overland, Missouri.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Comment at PJMedia after a generally favorable story on Rubio by Roger Simon;

"Rubio's circuits have now all been fried. We must now all support Jeb once again.
- GOPe Borg HQ"


Tell them is snowed one day last week in DC so you need an one month extension.

Hah! Too funny, OL!!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Unlikely Gentlejim.
I just use it as a hobby thing for buying guns to make stocks for and to get a dealer discount on custom gun parts.
I've got maybe 80 guns bought and sold with my FFL in 30 years of making stocks.

Frau Galvanische Kette

Gentlejim - nothing wrong with any of that.

I thought Hillary! already had the "Resistance is futile"* crowd.

*Georg Ohm is not amused


Boy, this is sickening - http://nypost.com/2016/02/07/obama-bullied-bank-to-pay-racial-settlement-without-proof-report/

"...a massive government extortion and shakedown operation."


"the A.T.F., an agency that has suffered from… years of scandals.…"

This is going to come as a great shock to readers of the New York Times!

Can't wait for their update on the White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force (yes, that's its official name). Obama is obviously more serious about this endeavor; just look at the high-test membership list. The Secretary of Defense must be thrilled to have curing cancer added to his portfolio. Oh wait, the Prez says that Force members can assign their duties to any full time employee in their respective departments….


Heh, jmh. Shows you there's no need to have executive experience to be CinC

Jeff Dobbs

Overland, Missouri.


Montana, Missouri - all those rubes in flyover country look the same to you coastal elites.


In really important news, it seems that three (count 'em!) beer trucks/semis got stuck on Jones street in San Francisco. Not used to the steep streets, I guess...



Hillary's alien comments make sense now in light of the White House Cancer Moonshot Task Force. Is it coincidence that exactly nine months after the UFO crashed in Roswell NM, she was born?

Miss Marple

My dad's records were lost in that Overland fire.

Two Bronze Stars and no records of anything left except the few scraps I found in their big box of photos and important papers.

I would have liked to have the written commendations for those. All I have is the general saying his second commendation was changed from a Silver Star to a Bronze Star because it was "more appropriate." ( I think it was because he was enlisted rather thanan officer, but since I don't have any proof of what he did, only family stories, no one will ever know.)

Rick Ballard

I see in the sidebar that Clinton has Steinem and Albright out Shaming for the Shrew. That's not going to work on a demographic which is rather upset about the actual cost of free birth control. They can't see a doctor because the deductible is too high and they still get a BOzocare bill every month.

It's been a wonderful educational experience for most women under forty.

Agent J

Jeff @ 4:23pm.

An that is the way we like it.


Puppy Bowl is on Animal Planet, people!

Heading over to some friends for the Sooper Bole. Smoked some salmon yesterday to bring as an app. The hosts have an enviable wine cellar, I might add...

Miss Marple


My bautician was mad as hell and still is about it. From the very beginning she saw it as a way to extort money from her.

As she said to me, "I pay cash for my doctor visits and get a discount. NOW I will have to go ahead and pay cash WITHOUT a discount until I reach my deductible, which I won't unless I am in a car wreck or something, PLUS I have to pay expensive premiums!"

Most beauty salon people are self-employed. They rent what is called booth space in the salons and are responsible for their own taxes and insurance and such.

She will vote GOP if she has to crawl to the polls.


at Insty - HILLARYCRONES: Old Women Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright Scold Young Women Backing Bernie Sanders.

It's kinda funny really. Feminists didn't want men telling them what to do...but now some random old women are bossing women around & telling women what is acceptable to believe.

Miss Marple

Gloria Steinem is a nitwit and always has been. Albright is just plain creepy. Neither of them appeal to the younger crowd at all.

I am with you Janet. Most of the young gals see them as the female equivalent of "old man yells at clouds."

Miss Marple

Good news! The Obama interview is over and it's safe to turn on CBS!



FTR, I haven't--yet--started yelling at clouds. ;)


Taking a stab in the dark that your hairdresser voted for 404 in 08 and is now living what many here predicted.


Gloria Steinem thinks Mohammad's first wife was in real estate.
Madeleine Albright was the mentor for Susan "blame a YouTube video" Rice & she hired Sandy Berger, a man who stole & destroyed national security documents.


Miss Marple


I don't think so. She is pretty conservative for a young gal. Also, she has a brother who is an art major and all liberal and he drives her crazy.

Plus, every time I go in I catch her and my manicurist up on political stuff.

The manicurist is a member of NRA and absolutely despises Obama.

It's good to live in my conservative area!

Rick Ballard

I can't imagine Clinton's organ grinders signing off on Shaming for the Shrew at this point. She did poorly with the F<50 demographic in Iowa but they should wait and recheck the demographic in New Hampshire before hitting the panic button.

Alternatively - the Iowa results confirmed internal polling regarding the breadth and depth of the ABH vote and it's going to be hair on fire until after South Carolina.


Almost all the gals in the shop where I get my haircut carry according to my gal who's the owner. She doesn't carry but I've taken her to the range to get the hang of a pistol she got when her hubs died three years ago. Weird death. Body surfing off the CA coast and simply never came home. Assumed heart attack and drowned. 50ish.

Sandy  ن  Daze

BTW, new thread.


Love to hear one of those reporters following Shrillary and her hag posse Maddie a couple of question.

Be nice to know what she thinks she could have done to screw up the NORK "treaty" any worse?

Does she think the NORKs will pedal any of those nukes to the Persians?

Comanche Voter

Well the New Lightworker is sort of like a cowbird. He gets all wee wee'd up, lands in your nest or in your face, craps all over the place and then flies away, having accomplished nothing more than stinking up the joint. As they say down in Texas, one of Obama's vaunted "initiatives" doesn't mean as much as a popcorn poot in a windstorm.


Most female I meet who small business owners or have a trade, and that are not in the Vampire Economy hate Hillary, and often dislike the Democrats. It may just be that she and the other fellow female politicians have not earned their money and have not done much for them rather than deep political understanding, but there it is nonetheless.

I imagine it is worse once you get off the coastal areas.

Rick Ballard

Miss Marple,

The polling back in May which I use to check demographic splits showed a very definite demarcation for women at the college/no college division. It wasn't as wide as the Iowa exit polls showed but it was there. Using Steinem and Albright as shamers may indicate a problem that hasn't made itself apparent yet.

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