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February 23, 2016



well they are both armed with kris knives,



he ran out of borsht,


(A)Nuther Bub

I know you were goofing, Beasts. None of us should buy that style of glasses, no matter what.

Hard for me to see what is "disgraceful" about his column ("screed") though, but perhaps I'm blinded because it's close to what I'd write if I had his talent and audience. Others I admire here -- daddy, glasater, Miss Marple, for starts -- see it another way, I know. For me, though, I can't find anything in Walsh's piece that isn't backed up by looking at Trump's life, associates,"deals," and his own words. He's the sort of man who, if running as a "D" instead of an "R," would incite our scorn. And he should be running as a "D" because that's who he is.


re that piece on the other thread,


not just some guy commenting on a case, dispassionately


the odd thing is we have allowed such unscrupulous figure, mike castle, thad cochran, to settle in under out banner, ridiculing any oppositions as racist, idiots, corrupt well you know the drill,


So Matt Walsh is not only a self-proclaimed professional truth sayer, but a self-proclaimed radical thinker.

This Matt Walsh page has even better plaudits:

Matt Walsh is a young married blogger, father of twins, and talk radio host. His radio program, "The Matt Walsh Show", can be heard live from 3 – 6 P. M. (EST) on 630 AM over WLAP in Lexington, Kentucky and on the internet at http://www.wlap.com/pages/MattWalsh.html. <>b>Matt's brilliantly-written commentary originates on his website, The Matt Walsh Blog.

According to google searches, he used to work for the Blaze, may still, and the Huff Post, may still.

Hopefully in 2 minutes we'll know if we've turned the nation into a despotism or not.

I'm betting on despotism by 18 points.

Go Ted!


Despotism it is!!!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

All true Rango, but if wishes were horses Democrats would get kicked in the head.

I wish Alan West was running. I wish Ted Cruz didn't have the effect he does on so many. I wish zombie Reagan would pop up out of his grave, eat Hillary's brain and then snack on SloJoe's little peanut on the way to a remake of Night of the Living Dead at the WH, starring Barry and Michelle as a couple of expired extras. But not too likely, right?

The effect the goon Trump would have is unpredictable. Unfortunately the effect the other two maggots will have is probably very predictable. And so we cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the goon.

Jeff Dobbs

Trump gets the call at 12:00:30

Beasts of England

I really don't care what he says about Trump, because I'm not a Trump supporter, (A)Nuther Bub. But I do care when he disparages Trump supporters, because I'd like them to vote 'R', regardless of the eventual candidate, to defeat Hillary.


he misunderstand political incorrectness, trump is called 'hater in chief' Esquire, supervillain on a par with volodya and blatter GQ, I'm sure other publications have been suitably verklempt, early on before the muslim ban, he was being compared to Earl Warren, and the internments, FDR was not brought up in this context,


of course, maybe because they misunderestimate his formula, disaffected democrats, some republicans
perhaps a smattering of tea party elements, you can only hit side of the pyramid, with that scattershot screed,




she would be right at home in east germany, like hildegarde lange,


don't be pitching that racist carp TK,


I just noticed the "pro white" in the header.

This is a huge error on my part.

I apologize.


On FOX Business the very cute Jo Ling Kent reports that according to the Repub Entrance polling, Trump wins the Hispanic Vote with 41% .

Rubio is number 2 in Hispanic votes, followed by Cruz in 3rd.


Check out Drudge and if anyone can snag a screen shot...


Matt Walsh: I’m just telling it like it is here, friend. I’m telling you what’s on my mind. I’m being completely and painfully honest with you. I don’t believe your anger. I think you want a spectacle, not a solution. A celebrity, not a statesman. A circus performer, not a leader. I think you want to be entertained.

Newt Gingrich: I do think it's interesting that there are a lot of people who, they want to reject Trump, but they also more importantly, want to reject the underlying message. The American people aren't voting for Donald Trump because they're in love with Donald Trump. They're voting for Donald Trump because they're convinced that Washington is now in such deep trouble that unless you get a very strong personality who will kick over the table and force real change that we're in real danger of losing the country.

They can't both be right.


this was the dialogue,



I recognized the "cuckservative" as used at VoxDay. I really blew it using that site.



Also from FOX Businesses Jo Ling Kent, reporting on more Entrance poll data:

Another very interesting thing to come out of the Entrance Poll Data is The Supreme Court Nomination Process. Of those who say it plays a very important part roll for who they choose in Nevada caucuses, Trump wins that portion, 44%, to Rubio 26%, Cruz 22%, so you see Trump pulling ahead in a lot of categories.


every event seems to throw more coal into the fire,


you know there's a point where you are no longer indispensable, yamani eventually found that out,


Jeff Dobbs

Aha! Cruz won an actual county. Lincoln County just north of Clark County (Vegas). 45% to 29% for Trump. Oh, sure, he got 127 votes for the win, so it's a tiny county......but when you're left grasping at straws, you take what you can get.


GW got so much grief from his Harriet Meiers nomination she withdrew her name. So there is a precedent here.


so maeve reston, yes one of those, who embarassed herself on cnn, tree falling in an empty forest,
says ignore the hispanic voter totals in the cauci,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I've been through Lincoln County.
It's so remote the semis are doing 100mph.

Dave (in MA)

Stephanie, dailypundit has a screen shot.

Beasts of England

Welp, Lincoln County was the bellwether caucus. Comeback kid!!™





so that wachowski film starts to make sense, no it doesn't


simply stupid

The issue with Trump is what TC wrote in last post he will not undo many of Obama 's Executive orders. We would want to know the real story about the IRS scandal, Fast & Furious and Bengahzi and put in place mechanisms to halt the rise of an imperial presidency with Obama shoving the IRAN Nuke deal by insisting it is not a treaty.

The DOJ advocating for illegal aliens like it did yesterday, the money spent by EPA in cahoots with the Sierra Club to kill fossil fuels and not supporting DOMA and letting the whole gay marriage nonsense to erupt has to stop and Trump will do none of that.

It was interesting that when announced his candidacy he had saliva drooling from the side of his mouth and he seemed like a rabid dog. He has touched into the Pavlovian dog nature of our society and that is why he is currently on top.
With the common Core underpinnings that RSE comments on our society has the patience of a two year old and can not see the consequences of their actions.

Also Obama has reduce the Presidency to a reality show like the selfie commercial for the State of the Union so why not elect a reality TV show host who acts like a bully rather than pajama boy or Momma jeans and keeps getting rolled by Vlad and IRAN.


Thanks, Dave.

For VP nominees... why are we all supposing that he's going to select from the candidates? ISTM that his out of the box campaign might select an out of the box VP nominee. I'm still hoping Cruz, but that seems less likely with all the rancor lately.


and for a stark raving peek,


Jeff Dobbs

So, delegates awarded tonight are going to be something like Trump 13, Rubio 8, Cruz 7.

Of course, delegate count means nothing. It's all about the mo-mo of Trump getting another win to fuel him going into the SEC primary.


For Steph.. I don't think I can do a hot link for you:



yes their concern is palpable,


Jeff Dobbs



Actually, Trump said "they all" left Nevada - which obviously includes Cruz, but he didn't single out Cruz by name.

Dave (in MA)



More Jo Ling Kent.

Trump actually won across all Education levels as well, so in the Nevada GOP Caucus he's dominated all Education levels...


like the OCP ceo at the end of robocop,



Jeff Dobbs

Trump, listing off all the groups he won: "We won the poorly educated, we love the poorly educated."


He just said he loves both the highly educated and the poorly educated, daddy.

He really emphasized his love fot the poorly educated.

Maybe we are getting duped.


well the uncredentialed would be the proper way of putting it, these twitterborg that emerge from their cuckoons, can't be considered educated,


Actually, Trump said "they all" left Nevada - which obviously includes Cruz, but he didn't single out Cruz by name.

Yes, but it was actually true of the others, but false for Cruz.


Awaiting the victory speech, Cavuto tells us that "like Elvis, Trump is in the Building!"

Heeeeeeeeeer's Johnny Donny!


ISTM that his out of the box campaign might select an out of the box VP nominee. I'm still hoping Cruz, but that seems less likely with all the rancor lately.

Not granting him the nomination yet, but if he did, I'd hope for Walker. Or Fiorina. Or Allen West.


Somebody introducing Ted. He starts by saying the country needs a Hispanic president.

Now Beck.


Trump certainly sounds positive. I think he is really enjoying giving the speech. He is relaxed and comfortable and is doing a very nice job praising his 2 sons standing next to him and they certainly seem to be happily enjoying it and comfortable in their skins as well.

"46% with the Hispanics. Number 1 with the Hispanics! I'm really happy about that


Beck blames the media. Betrayals everywhere.

He could use a couple more days of fasting.


It looks like he stole the clothes off of Alfred Hitchcock's corpse.




It's fun watching his 2 sons exchanging knowing smiles and chuckles as Trump hits various points.

I have to admire him for how he raised those kids.

If he loses the Election lets put him in charge of some Federal Department to teach parents how to raise smart, respectful children.


yes, he does start to resemble mchale's manque of him on the x files,


Can't we all just get along.



Jeff Dobbs

Federal Department to teach parents how to raise smart, respectful children

Yike. Maybe call it the Department of It Takes A Village?

Let's not give the feds any semblance of power over raising kids, mmmkay?


Beck is still prattling.


"Ted Cruz! The first Hispanic President of The United States!!"

Yeah, that is what the voters want.

Jeff Dobbs

Alright, Cruz is up - start the stopwatches at 1:18.


About 30 people in the audience.


Maybe 50.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--and Trump will do none of that--

Half the people think they know he'll do everything he says and the other half thinks they know he won't do any of it.
Guess that certainty about what's going to happen is how Vegas stays in business.


He looks a little like Lord Farquaad.


The Phil Silvers guy behind him looks like he is going to faint.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Beck again?
He couldn't even get Cruz past third in a heavily mormon state.
Ted, is not showing very good judgment in bouncing that bumpkin on his knee at every whistle-stop.

Jeff Dobbs

And done at 1:27. Cruz speaks for only 9 minutes.

A miracle!


Rubio camp also introduced a so-called "Nevada Truth Squad" email for supporters to message in the event they witness any untoward behavior.


Truth Squad?

Now I am reminded of Obama's campaign.


Did Sippy give a speech?


Let's not give the feds any semblance of power over raising kids, mmmkay?

Just jokin' Jeffrey-san, just jokin.'

Boy, watching the regular FOX Channel replay,and noticing very little jubilation on the faces of AB Stoddard and Charles somebody. An interesting contrast.

Over on FOX Business it was Cavuto and Charles Payne and Kennedy and the daffingly cute Jo Ling Kent,
and they were all laughing and smiling and having a ball as the numbers came in and the speeches started.

Over here on the regular FOX channel watching the hour ago replay, chaired now by Megyn and Brett, it is coming across much more like an analytical discussion of some math problem at a wake. Where's the giddy banter?


Thanks glasater!

The power went out and the cable went down. No thunder no lightning, but no cable and no TV. Probably some ass that can't drive in the rain. It's back now.


I was thinking of a VP candidate that wasn't a pol. Totally outside the box.


^^ obviously back now. Duh. ;)


Narciso, Thank you for linking Rush Limbaugh's conversation with the caller today about the danger our country is in from the direction the Democrats have been taking us for the past few decades. As I read it, I got tears in my eyes because I believe, every bit as fervently as Rush, that our country will never be the land we loved and love if we don't stop the invasion of illegals, as well as other horrors (socialism, the rot in our schools and colleges, disrespect for our laws and constitution--the list goes on and on.)

As for the people who complain about Trump or even Cruz, I wish each one would stop and ask themselves 'and you think Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders will bring some sanity to Washington?' No, good heavens, they're socialists, the worst of the worst.

I've read so many comments on jom denigrating Trump, and I'll think can't these people see the alternatives? No one, and that includes Rubio, Kasich, Carson, Sanders, and Clinton (I don't include Cruz because I keep hoping he would be a good constitutional president) will be an improvement on Trump. I don't like him, but he was the only man to step forward and openly complain about the tidal wave of illegals. I don't care if any one can point to something he said years ago about immigration. People can change their minds. People can see that a trickle has grown to a flood, a flood has grown to a tidal wave, and that wave has swollen to a tsunami that has swamped our nation--bringing in tens of millions of new socialist voters and these illegals are being welcomed by the corrupt Democratic politicians in Washington, sanctuary cities, and every red state across our nation for one thing and one thing only--to continue the Democrats stranglehold on our policies. There's not a week goes by that I don't read that more and more "children" are crossing our southern border.

Probably very few of you lived through the scariest and worst of the Cold War. I did. I remember people fleeing East Germany and being shot because they wanted freedom. Bernie Sanders wants a government like the governments that ran those countries behind the Iron Curtain. Hillary Clinton wants to use our country like her personal bank account. She's now even met with four black mothers, including Trayvon Martin's mother, who all complain we're a racist society and she claims to agree with them.

We now have had primaries in four states, many strong candidates (Perry, Walker, Fiorina, Christie) have dropped out -- who are we left with? The GOPe Rubio and Cruz and Trump. I will not include Kasich in the list because he's turned Democratic Lite.

Take your pick of those three men who are leading the Republican field. That's all you've got. And as far as the people who ask "do you think Trump will really deliver on his promises?", I will say maybe, maybe not, but I sure as hell know for certain Sanders and Clinton will, and Rubio is a marshmallow in the Democrat's march to legalize the illegals already here and/or marching toward us as far as voting rights.


oh boy


Narciso, you take back that Notre Dame disrespect at 11:19.
F O R D H A M does not spell the Catholic university in South Bend.

Whatever happened to cathy f?


Here's a far more respectful take on Trump supporters, which lays the blame where it belongs.

Remember how wrong that post election GOP "analysis" seemed? I didn't read too much detail about it, but it wasn't a failure of pandering that lost that election, or by doing more (hear me Dondi) will the GOP one.



oh, boy, what?!


Joan, 4:40---me too. Exactly as written. I believe my path is virtually identical to Ig's of the past month or so as well.

I pray for this country, the world, multiple times a day. I NEVER have done that before. My hope is that Ted Cruz (flawed, yes, like us all) becomes president, but I am fully prepared to support Donald Trump if he becomes the nominee.

I am grateful for having Newt Gingrich's words of the other day daddy--thank you for the transcript, as I would definitely be on the ledge with OL et. al. otherwise. If we can come and go at will, I'm ready to join them this evening for cocktails.



Morning Joan.

Rush's 3rd Hour to day was terrific. His passionate take, like Newts, is another brutal but honest rebuttal to the opinions of Matt Walsh, that people aren't really angry about what's happening but are instead voting for Trump not for change but for entertainment value. Dead wrong, and demeaning and dismissive as well.


I hear you, Joan. Sounds like you're feeling what we're all feeling.

Jeff Dobbs

So waking up this morning - the delegate count from last night looks like it's Trump 12, Rubio 5, Cruz 5.

There are a total of 30 delegates to be awarded, and by my math the above shows 22. Not sure about the other 8 (yet, no coffee has passed my lips at this point).

Rubio beat Cruz by 2.5 points, 23.9 to 21.4 - but we have the reverse of SC....Cruz won two counties and Rubio did not win any.

I think Trump's percentage exceeded my expectation by 3-4 points, but other than that, everything really stayed in line with the narrative of the race as it currently stands...Trump dominant, Rubio getting out ahead of Cruz because Cruz has been forced on the defensive by his own campaign's actions and the double-barrel shouts of "LIAR!" and DIRTY TRICKS!" by both Trump and Rubio (and Carson's willingness to play along as the long aggrieved poor little abused candidate).

Where will all of the attacks be trained this week? Cruz at Rubio and Rubio at Cruz? Or does one or the other unleash some fire power at Trump? Does Trump step up his Rubio attacks at the now confirmed bigger threat to him?

Does Cruz have a chance anywhere but Texas? Will we see Rubio compete for, you know, an actual win for the first time in any state?

Tom Bowler

Well, one thing we might say in Trump's favor: he might be willing to negotiate with a Republican congress. That's something that hasn't happened in eight years.

Further, contrary to what Walsh says, people are not looking for a circus. We're looking for somebody who is willing to kick the table over, not somebody to tinker around the edges. In my opinion the best guy for that is still Cruz.

I'm very much put off by Rubio and his relentless attacks on Cruz. He will succeed only in electing Hillary who will complete the government's transformation into a full fledged criminal enterprise.

When that happens, illegal immigration will be legalized and non-citizen voters will keep the Democrats in power for decades. Whenever public opinion appears to turn against the Democrats we can expect a surge at the borders as a fresh crop of voters flood into our sanctuary cities -- if sanctuary cities are even necessary anymore.


Thanks, narciso, for that excellent Rush transcript. I don't know if he's endorsed anyone, but he doesn't seem to be a Rubio fan. Re Cruz, the NV results confirm my settled belief that he's unelectable.


Experts. This is nonsense.


"Wisconsin's shortage of skilled workers has been well documented and has led training the next generation to be a focal point of Gov. Scott Walker."

So there are so many skilled job openings that WI needs to import workers? Sounds like WI under Gov. Walker is thriving.

Captain Hate

Again for all the whiners about Trump, where is your anger for the GOP and its cheerleaders for having created the situations leading to his success? Insulting his supporters instead of looking at the brainiacs who responded to Eric Cantor's defeat by putting Kevin McCarthy in his place displays an inability to analyze the situation. And giving the MFM, including the great Fox, the license to create reality shows with your candidates playing bit parts while the party abdicates all control, guaranteed that it would turn into a freak show where none of the issues that should be scrutinized will be mentioned.


2 months ago I was firmly intending to vote for Cruz in the primary. Assuming he hasn't bailed, probably still will.

Although I have been impressed with Trump's campaign and relish seeing the GOPe get their teeth kicked in, lots of uncertainty with the guy.

As much as I agree with Cruz on ideology, and am confident his SCOTUS picks would be much to my liking, as a candidate he has been very disappointing.

Dude needs to learn that nobody gives a shit that he was the smartest kid in the class. They sure don't want to be reminded everytime he opens his mouth.

As good as Trump is in reading people, Cruz is bad. The spectacle with Glen Beck last night demonstrates just how bad.

Excuse me while I crawl back out on The Ledge

Miss Jane Marple

Good morning!

Well, the local radio host, Tony Katz, is sort of stunned by the Nevada results. Most of his call-in guests come from the usual conservative columnists, so I figure I will avoid listening today because we will get a bunch of "Trump isn't conservative" ruminations and I KNOW that.

anonamom, thank you for that excellent article about the conservative movement being completely out of touch with the working class.

Laura Ingraham has discussed this many times. She believes that immigration and globalization have been done without any concern for the American worker, and that this is the root of Trump's popularity. I agree.

Next up is the debate on Thursday. It's Cruz's home state, the audience will be stacked with donors again, and Fox, Brett Baier and Megyn Kelly are in charge.

We will see how this goes. If Trump can stand up to all of that without blowing his stack we will at least know he's cool under pressure.


Capn, the GOP is more divided than ever. Trump has traction because of the CRAPTASTIC job the GOP has done.
The Republican party is NOT CONSERVATIVE. A very large portion of America is tired of having to choose between Commies/Criminals and weak kneed distrustful phonies like Boehner and McConnell. We've been getting CRAPPED on by the left for over 7 years, and the GOP has done NOTHING. America is not waiting for the GOP to help us anymore. The GOP is dead.

Miss Jane Marple

Debates reminds me. Does anyone remember the Bush-Gore debate where they had Gore sort of made-up like Reagan, even to the modified pompadour?

The reason I thought of this was that there was a little flap about the lighting. The lights were set too cool which would have made Bush look very pale; the Bush people caught it and had them changed.

But Gore had been made up for the cooler lighting (no doubt in cahoots with the network) so his make-up looked a little weird, which made me laugh.


I think the only problem with Cruz is he's working the wrong branch of govt - his mind thinks Judicial , not legislative or executive. Love to see him on the SC, or as AG (OK, I suppose that's still executive branch ...)


I hope Carson bows out gracefully before the debate.

Jeff Dobbs

Dude needs to learn that nobody gives a shit that he was the smartest kid in the class. They sure don't want to be reminded everytime he opens his mouth.

And that's a perception many share - not anything Cruz ever says directly. Versus Trump who almost never fails to actually mention specifically just how smart he is, how he went to the best schools, how his opponents are dummies.

I mean, I get that he operates on his own plane and gets away with stuff others get called on even when they do those things less than half of what Trump does.

Nevertheless it's frustrating that Cruz is known as Mr. Throw My Smarts in Your Face for not saying anything and Trump is Mr. Tell It Like It Is for doing so "everytime he opens his mouth".

Ah well, perception and narrative drive opinion more than reality.

Miss Jane Marple

One thing that amazes me is that so many people assumed Cruz or Rubio would take the Hispanic vote in Nevada.

Hello! Cruz and Rubio or of CUBAN descent, while the Hispanics in Nevada are MEXICAN.
These are not the same groups, any more than Canadians and South African whites.

Also, Trump is a big employer in Las Vegas, but I assume a fairly good one, or we would have heard about his sweat shop tactics or something.

Miss Jane Marple


It's not WHAT they say, it's HOW they say it.

Miss Jane Marple


Beasts of England

Nobody thinks Trump is the smartest guy in the room - not even Trump. Cruz can't help but be condescending. And it's rubbing off on a lot of his supporters.


"and Carson's willingness to play along as the long aggrieved poor little abused candidate"

Cruz & his supporters sure dislike the black candidate. I wonder why?

Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
It's not WHAT they say, it's HOW they say it.

HAH! For me HOW Trump tells everyone how smart he is is condescending and "look at me aren't I magnificient!" in ways Cruz could only dream of. I mean, at least that's MY perception.

See, that's why I used the word "perception". You put 13 random people in a room, you may well have 13 different perceptions of HOW someone said something.

But that's also why I said it is a "perception many share". I'm not saying it's not widely shared, nor that it's not a problem for Cruz.

But I should at least be allowed to note the double standard.

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