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February 23, 2016



henry-that narrative is in preparation for the Qualifications Framework I called attention to in my book coupled to civil rights laws wanting employers to justify disproportionality.

Interestingly enough, after I called attention to QF's and Competency and polytechism for all, the uS is calling this initiative Connected Credentials now. The links are to QFs though.

Sounds like I have company on the Least Worst candidate. Steph-they blew up the Peach Pundit site over trump and now its commenters who deplored the RINO terms are now openly pursuing their full-time careers as lobbyists.

That's part of the anger that is fueling trump's supporters. Think of the categories he is sweeping.

Why can't Cruz see how badly beck hurts him? Has he been told he needs him somehow to carry teaxs?

Anyone see a state rubio can carry on March 1?

In Georgia anyone can vote in the republican primary so that should help trump. At this point how many people begin to vote a certain way because it has become a movement?

Will be interesting to see what my oldest says and I know red thinks trump is a joke. the diva says she is voting for 'granny' and thinks it's funny.


After a fine night's sleep, it occurs to me the establishment thinks Trump is preparing to overrun Rock Ridge. His supporters then are:

I want you to round up every vicious criminal and gunslinger in the west. Take this down.
[Taggart looks for a pen and paper while Hedley talks]
Hedley Lamarr: I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists.

The problem is DC is not Rock Ridge.


rse, "diversity" can't write code. People can. If I staffed completely with Asians, it would be the wrong diversity. The more they keep pushing that crap, the more Trump kicking over tables appeals to me. (Though I will never respect or like Trump).



It's not WHAT they say, it's HOW they say it."

Beat me to it MM.

When Trump brags about being smart, his supporters understand that he is combatting the dissing from the elites.

When Cruz opens his mouth, he reminds you of the kid in class that droned on forever, every little fact that he knows gets put on display so that he can remind you of how little you know and therefore make himself feel better.



Held yesterday and now officially promoting the Two-Generation solution. I have those Casey and Aspen materials and those are two generations of current illegals they intend to have you support in every respect. I know janet will be thrilled to know the Va Governor's wife was a speaker.


"... and Methodists" lol

Even better hearing Harvey Corman say it

Jeff Dobbs

Cruz & his supporters sure dislike the black candidate. I wonder why?

Heh, coming from the supporter of a guy who called Carson's life story crap, who said he was pathological (hint, hint, like a child molester), who questioned his abilities as a doctor, who questioned his faith, etc.

Yes, yes, someone sure dislikes "the black candidate". Only Cruz supporters would just say candidate and not play the race card. I wonder why?


henry-but there's a chance with his background he can understand why this will not work.

There's a chance if someone like me explains the facts impeding why 'return to the locals' or vouchers cannot work at present, he will hear. I have been at way too many aei, cato, and heritage luncheons or breakfast to believe they will let facts get in the way. They too want to govern, but with private providers but government dictated terms. Calling that free enterprise is risable to me.

Why is it cruz never learned people can tolerate extremely bright people far better if they can learn some self-deprecating humor?

That is what made scalia so special.


It's posts like this that make Iggy so special:

"All true Rango, but if wishes were horses Democrats would get kicked in the head.

I wish Alan West was running. I wish Ted Cruz didn't have the effect he does on so many. I wish zombie Reagan would pop up out of his grave, eat Hillary's brain and then snack on SloJoe's little peanut on the way to a remake of Night of the Living Dead at the WH, starring Barry and Michelle as a couple of expired extras. But not too likely, right?

The effect the goon Trump would have is unpredictable. Unfortunately the effect the other two maggots will have is probably very predictable. And so we cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the goon."


So,Hillary wonders why there is different standard for her and every time accusations are hurled,it turns out to be nothing. Poor woman,she is so misunderstood.


For those wondering about the terror felt about Trump.

1. The people aren't always right or wise. The genius of Democracy is supposed to be that there are ample chances to self-correct. Given the current administration's love of the Presidential edict, and Trump's own perceived personality, there may be no good way to self-correct, if Trump proves to be Mussolini rather than Berlusconi.

2. There really is a lot at stake this time -- not just the Presidency but Congress and the Supreme Court. Is this when you want the Incredible Hulk to show up with an indiscriminate smash?

3. There is nothing in Trump's history that suggests the people will get what they want out of Trump, unless all they want is a hot first lady and twitter antics.

The GOP's elites failed because they listened to the donor class rather than their electoral support. Trump is the consequence. Somehow I think it will be the people rather than the elites that will suffer for it.

Miss Jane Marple


It seems to me that this strategy that "if only one or the other would drop out, the remaining guy could beat Trump" is what is causing this. Both Cruz and Rubio are convinced that they will be the last man standing.

Neithr is likely to drop out because this is it for their political careers. Rubio is leaving the Senate when his term is up, and he has zilch prospects for anything back in Florida.

Cruz may continue in the Senate but he definitely isn't on the leadership path, so will just be a thorn in McConnell's side (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

So, both guys will keep on until one runs out of money. If it's Cruz that leaves first, his voters will probably go to Trump over Rubio because of bad blood.

If it's Rubio who drops out, I can't see them going to Cruz as much as staying out of the primary vote.

I think Trump is going to be the nominee unless something completely strange happens, which, in this year, might happen.

Jack is Back! (Barely)

Trumpology hits PMQ in the UK:

"Put on a proper suit, do up your tie and sing the National Anthem"

[Things DJT would say if he was the UK PM].


Keep wondering when Cruz, Rubio and Truemp's mothers will be included?


Two things that he said that are delicious (even if he doesn't do them):

He will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

He will put that ridiculous Clinton woman in jail.



This is the 'state-sponsored' nonsense taxpayers and philanthropies are funding. People will supply goods because you want to start a restaurant and hopefully they will get 'fair compensation'.


http://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2016-01/documents/small_town_econ_dev_tool_010516.pdf is the EPA telling small towns and cities how they can pursue economic devt .

How would they know?


Reactions here are as I expected.

What a great Morning!


Reince Priebus is on CNN. He is defensive and angry about being asked about Trump. He is sputtering.

Jane,we have a tornado watch here,be alert.

James D

HAH! For me HOW Trump tells everyone how smart he is is condescending and "look at me aren't I magnificient!" in ways Cruz could only dream of. I mean, at least that's MY perception.

Trump gets away with it, I think, because he's already been in the public eye for 30 years. People know his schtick, for good or ill.

Cruz is still a relative newcomer on the national scene, and the general public narrative on him is still being formed. So the perception of him as somebody who makes sure to tell everyone he's the smartest guy in the room hurts him a lot more than anything Trump does hurts Trump.



Attrition is his strategy.


Saw it Marlene. Seems to be clearing up a little, calm before the storm. Thanks!

James D

The GOP's elites failed because they listened to the donor class rather than their electoral support.

Go back and look at the WashPost article yesterday about where all the GOP consultant money went, and there's another answer for why Trump is doing so well, and it has nothing to do with voter anger or even about actual positions on any issues:

Jeb! gave $125 million+ to the same people who blew upwards of half a billion dollars on Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign and somehow managed to let their man get branded as an animal abuser by a guy who bragged about eating dogs.

Ben Carson's given those same folks $37 million.

Scott Walker sank however much money into the same guys, and allowed then to neuter his message and destroy his campaign before it even began.


Rick Ballard

I don't see why racist vermin should be criticized for linking to a racist vermin site dedicated to supporting Trump. Trump's appeal to racist vermin is well noted, as his father's marching with the Klan and Fascists in the 20's will be as well noted as 'women in binders' and dog crates were in '12. I doubt that it will receive the attention that his appearance as a witness in the class action fraud suit against him wrt Trump University will receive (not to be confused with the New York AG's fraud suit against Trump University - that's a separate court case) but his very real support among racist vermin will be pounded rather incessantly.


I agree with you completely regarding Matt Walsh. Those with minimal proficiency in reading comprehension might want to petition TM as to what his intent in linking and posting Matt's diatribe could possibly mean.

Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
I think Trump is going to be the nominee unless something completely strange happens, which, in this year, might happen.

I will still vote for Cruz on Mar 15, assuming he's still in. But I completely agree.

In the DABDA model, I think I am finally going to move past the first D. I think I will probably just go ahead skip A and B altogether. I'm not sure there will be enough evidence for me to actually get to the second A unless/until after he is sworn in in January.

If, heaven forfend, Trump were to lose in the general* - I won't have any desire or energy to say I told you so, so we can all have that not to look forward to. yay. If he wins and becomes the sum of all (conservatives') fears, I'll probably be out for blood and vengence and retribution and . . . I'm just kidding.

*I would only vote for him because I am in a battleground state and yes, he is much preferable to Hillary or the Bern. If I lived in Texas, I would have no problem voting for a small party candidate or abstaining as a pointless exercise of my non-support in a way that would not affect the outcome of the election. If he is the nominee I will be all Go Trump Go in all my public commenting - both online and in whatever that thing some people call "real life" is.


In defense of Cruz, how smart could he be since he didn't know he entered the Senate as a dual-citizen and had to have that fact pointed out by a reporter?


The air is nice out here.


Tough Questions


Beasts of England

Did someone say condescending?


Racist verim?

Har har!!!

You must be done chuckling about the links TM included because they were part of the original article.

How is your Trumpache feeling? Seems like you are bleeding out of your whatever this morning.

(Take the Cecil deal)


So Carlos slims sort of sidesteps the pax volodya, dreams a riker less island and makes excuses for solon and Chuck 'snapper organs'schumer. No publication dares speak of the Spanish cell.

Did they legalize pot in ny state?


Its our hosts Socratic streak.


Anti-Trump ad above is from Our Principles PAC ..

Breitbart: "A former Mitt Romney staffer, Katie Packer Gage, founded Our Principles PAC that spent $3.5 million attempting, yet failing, to take down GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina."


Why can't Cruz see how badly beck hurts him? Has he been told he needs him somehow to carry teaxs?

The Beck thing and the over-the-top preachiness are what bother me most about Cruz. If he is listening to some consultant who is telling him that's the way to win evangelicals, then he is badly misreading the electorate.

I also think that many of Cruz's supporters are so blinded by TDS that they are overlooking what would be extremely distasteful to them if it were being done by a Huckabee or a Santorum.



It's a video. What does it matter where it came from?

Is that your defense for what Trump said? Really?


narciso, your 8:56 takes the cryptic cake. :)


I read Matt Walsh regularly and I usually agree with him, though I can also perceive the self-righteousness that annoys a lot of people. He is very conservative and not Pajama Boy at all. But I think he's absolutely wrong about Trump supporters.



Where is he wrong?


narciso, your 8:56 takes the cryptic cake. :)
Thank you! Although I try to read any threads I miss - I often see posts like that and wonder ?????? But that's ok, I just read what I do understand and move along. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)


TBT, he's wrong that Trump supporters aren't genuinely angry, and he's wrong that they merely want to be entertained. For starters.

Rick Ballard


What leads you to believe North Carolina will be a battle ground state by November? The LIVs are not even currently engaged and the overall negatives for Trump aren't improving. TM's formulation of Now I suspect I'll hesitate until I am sure Matt Walsh is nowhere around. But I'll still never vote for another Clinton. seems more appropriate.


Proving how bad my eyesight's gotten, I actually thought the pic posted was Pajama Boy. Looked just like him to me.


Momto2, that's our Jackson. :) There is a glossary somewhere. Carlos Slim's is the NYT. Solon (of Scranton) is Biden.

Captain Hate

Reince Priebus is on CNN. He is defensive and angry about being asked about Trump. He is sputtering.

He's fortunate I'm not asking the questions.


narciso, not Jackson. That's my fiendish Kindle autocorrect at work.


I would pay to see that, CH.



If I read TM's post correctly, he is rooting for Rubio somewhat tepidly. (Oddly, that's about where I am right now.) It is clear he is IVR. (As is Rubio, by the way).

Three days ago the Democrats held their caucus primary election in Nevada.  Approximately 12,000 Democrats turned out on Saturday to vote in the caucus.

Last night, a Tuesday evening,  75,000+ Republicans showed up to caucus. That’s six times as many people turned out for the Republican caucus than the Democrat caucus three days earlier. Who has the enthusiasm?

In 2012 approximately 36,000 Republicans participated in the primary caucus.  Last night more than double the 2012 amount came out to caucus/vote (75,000).  Who has the enthusiasm?

In South Carolina the turnout for the Republican primary vote increased more than 20% over the 2012 primary turnout.  More than 132,000 more Republican voters than 2012.  (2012 Turnout 608,000 -vs- 2016 Turnout 740,000 – LINK).

Last night, again in Nevada, more than 35,000 people voted for Donald Trump and he won going away with 46% of the vote.  That means three times more people voted for Donald Trump than voted three days earlier for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders combined.

Those are the stats, but that is not the whole story.

Look closely again at this graphic:...


The Chick-fil-A crowd has arrived.


I believe you did read TM post correctly.

Did you read my comment correctly?



Old Lurker

First to Ananomom...yes of course we can all come and go on the Ledge, or else I would just jump now to be done with it. Even John Galt hoped that they would be able to return to the world once the sickness had cleared.

Second, I hate to add even more depressing news, but you do have to pay attention to small hints about what our enemies within are planning. Today WaPo had three stories coincidentally on facing pages so you could read them all at once.

#1 was the predictable voice of doom if Britain throws off the Brussels Yoke and attempts to row away from the Titanic.

#2 was huge in my opinion. We know that the Fed started out as a vehicle to ensure a stable currency in sufficient quantities. Then that task got muddied when it was handed the dual objection of "growing the economy" while also controlling inflation. Yesterday Dem Reps on the Hill began advocating that in addition to "growing the economy with reasonable inflation", they insist that the Fed also give weight to the plight of the unemployed among subsets of the population (BLM afterall).

Do you need a map to see where THAT will take us?

The #3 was an opinion piece ridiculing Ted Cruz for wondering if somehow re-linking to the value of gold might provide help getting us back to fiscal sanity. The writer ranted "what does the middle class family care about the price of gold?"

Cocktails at 6pm. Be there or be square.

Beasts of England

Very true, TK. I was just trying to find some other details: Romney had 16,486 votes in 2012; Trump had 34,531 last night. That's like a 20% increase!! ;)


Wish I could vote after this week's debate, but it must be this morning. My spirit tells me Kasich, but my mind tells me Rubio. Nothing's telling me Trump or Cruz.


In the article they point out that Rubio had about the same amount of votes as Romney.

So fans of feckless are still pulling levers.

It is the previously silent group that is making a wake.

Miss Jane Marple

Trump is bringing in new voters.

Apparently a lot of people do not think they are the right sort. At least that's my take on it.


Translating put in has won in syria, imposing a Roman style peace, the times entertains the crazy notions of deblasio's Madame defarge, getting did of riker's prison. And a big story relevant to club gitmo disappears.

Captain Hate

I would pay to see that, CH.

He's in the process of squandering what should be a landslide against two of the worst candidates of my lifetime by letting the MFM, which he knows is the enemy, turn the process into a juvenile food fight in which nothing intelligent is discussed. He should be repeatedly grilled on that until he resigns and drops a dime on the Gas Chamber on the way out.


Another notion re Gitmo--shoot the prisoners--they aren't after all covered by the Geneva Convention:http://www.nationalreview.com/article/431807/guantanamo-bay-detainees-why-not-shoot-them

Miss Jane Marple



The Fiona glennane solution.

Can't breathe!  Can't breathe!  Ah, that's better.

Sometimes, about all I get is the humour, and that 8:56 did find me face down in cake.


"Cocktails at 6pm. Be there or be square."

Think I will be hammered way before then :)

Miss Jane Marple


I remain convinced the whole point of this Gitmo kabuki is to allow 404 a way to give the base back to Castro.

I think he would shoot them in a heartbeat if he thought he could blame it on the GOP and then would send the military out of there and hand the keys over.

I also think he might do what a genius strategist said here yesterday (and I am sorry I forgot who) that he might get Castro to accept all those prisoners and then in gratitude we give Cuba the facilities.

I expect by December we will not have a naval base there.

Way up high, in Guantanamero Tree.

The Cuban Miss Y'all Crisis.


If you were scratching your head over Beck last night, you should hear him today.

Ran a quick errand and radio in the car was tuned to his show.

The apocalypse is right around the corner, currency will fail and Trump's brown shirts are going to have a piece of anybody he doesn't like...


Miss Jane:

I doubt the GOPe will have any problem embracing the Donald. A crony capitalist is something they understand pretty well, and they have an Ap for that.

The thing is whether you will feel like embracing him in June, 2017.

Jeff Dobbs

sundance, sundance, sundance....

Three days ago the Democrats held their caucus primary election in Nevada. Approximately 12,000 Democrats turned out on Saturday to vote in the caucus.

Last night, a Tuesday evening, 75,000+ Republicans showed up to caucus. That’s six times as many people turned out for the Republican caucus than the Democrat caucus three days earlier. Who has the enthusiasm?

It's confusing - the way the Dems count their votes. Heck, in Iowa they refused to release numbers on the actual vote (probably because it would show Bernie actually getting more popular votes than Hillary), and instead only showed ~1,400 "state delegate equivalents".

So here's the way one would arrive at "approximately 12,000 Democrats"...

"County convention delegates" is the confusing part. It is not a count of people who voted. What if we actually went in search of how many people actually voted in the Nevada caucus for the Dems?


Associated Press
Monday, Feb. 22, 2016 | 5:15 p.m.

Officials say about 84,000 Nevada Democrats participated in Saturday's caucuses, which is nearly 30 percent fewer than in 2008.

Yes, Ds are down and Rs are up. Good! But that's not six times as many Rs than Ds now is it?

Old Lurker

BTW the good news in WaPo was how McConnell has lined up Rep support in writing for no SCOTUS hearing no way, and he has promised no recess at any time the rest of the year.

(You Roberts Rules guys will have to game what happens in the few weeks before inaugeration and after the constitution start date of the next session of congress.)


It is striking how the red queen/doc brown has gotten more selective lately.

Miss Jane Marple

Bill Hemmer says word is that Trump is going on a 25-day, 25 cities tour. They are trying to nail down if this is correct.

Let's have a casino in Havana.  Card counters recruited.

Heh, Appalled; updating Roloxes and searching for some old rolling page ones lying about there somewhere.

I expect both he and they will adapt; perhaps strike a deah, eh?

Jeff Dobbs

What leads you to believe North Carolina will be a battle ground state by November?

Dangit. I had written something up, put it on the clipboard to refresh, went and did something else (putting yet another thing on the clipboard) and lost what I had written.

But suffice it to say, it had a lot to do with whipping* blacks and women. Based upon many of our past conversations, especially around Hagan's loss in 2014.

Anyway, I think R and D will both have 43-44% locked in no matter who is the candidate on either side. The rest really comes down to who comes out and who stays at home. McCrory helped R turnout in 2012...Burr won't have that effect this year.

*to vote


I doubt the GOPe will have any problem embracing the Donald. A crony capitalist is something they understand pretty well, and they have an Ap for that

Geez, Appalled..

Rick Ballard


I believe the process involved in recess can be halted by filibuster. A Democrat majority could change the Senate rules, of course. The election of Clinton would obviate any necessity to do so.

Old Lurker

The election of Clinton will obviate a whole bunch of things, Rick.

Captain Hate

Botulism FTW:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I believe my path is virtually identical to Ig's of the past month or so as well.--

You must be dizzy too then because I've turned more corners than Pacman.

Jeff Dobbs

Ghosts are chasing you, Ig. Eat more fruit.

Sums to zero or thereabouts your servant.

'obliviate', 'obviate', at this point, what difference does it make?


I don't think the GOPe will embrace Teh Donald unless they find a way to control him.

Not much chance of that.

Now Marionette Marco is an entirely different kettle of fish.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Not sure if this is a good or bad sign but I got all of narc's 8:56 except for the Spanish cell bit.

No field of the cloth of gold, yet.

I dunno, I think you're missing something Appalled pointed out, with deft enough snark; there is a lot of common ground.

Miss Jane Marple


Too late for him to get donors and have a shot at the presidency, though.

'Tain't Francis I mean; that paynim pamperer, so less, the emperor.

OK, someone fotochop him into that portrait.


Good catch on the delegates, Jeff.

Old Lurker

Where Buckeye at 10:17 explains exactly why Trump supporters support him...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Whoever said Cruz belongs in the Judiciary was on to something.
He's still my first pick because of his policies but I just can't see him overcoming his personality. If you're going to spend a fortune trying to become pres why not hire a coach to let you know people want to be talked to, not talked down to.
He's like one of those animatronic NASA guys they used to have at Space Mountain who is doomed to try and educate the masses in perpetuity with the same lecture as they ride on by looking for an astronaut or anybody besides these doofus robots in the lab coats.

Actually he's probably best suited to be a law professor. Maybe he and Barry could open their own constitutional law shop after all this is over; The Defiant Ones....of course Barry would have to take Ted's classes to get qualified.

Jeff Dobbs

Good for Perry. I fully endorse what ever punishment JamesD. comes up with for the prosecutors who went after him.

Tom Maguire

I ask -- in all seriousness -- just what are the arguments FOR Trump?

He's not Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Works for me. And This One Weird Trick could get Trump elected - all the reasons that National Review and other conservatives are freaking out about Trump, mainly, he is a conservative of convenience for the next few months - will actually become a positive in the general election when working class Dems defect in droves to vote for the moderate Republican who "gets them".

But to say that since there is no "true" conservative the Republicans may as well nominate a Johnny-come-lately who is a left-of-center New Yorker (pardon the redundancy) on every issue except taxes and immigration seems like a strange way to tell the establishment that we need to nominate real conservatives.

Walsh is right that Trump was born and bred an establishment guy and will promptly find his home there.


Cruz not POTUS? I think he'd make a fine Atty Gen to clean out the institutional corruption at the DoJ and Fed agencies filled with Dem operatives and union thugs, .....same thing actually.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--2. There really is a lot at stake this time -- not just the Presidency but Congress and the Supreme Court. Is this when you want the Incredible Hulk to show up with an indiscriminate smash?--

There are maybe two or three people here for whom Trump is their first pick so who are you even talking to?
The discussion is largely, if our first or second choice is not the nominee, who will vote for Trump if he is and what would he do if elected.

Given that, I think most here would definitely prefer to hear Teh Donald say "Trump Smash" to Hillary or Sanders say "Bend over, I'll drive".
I suspect a majority of voters would also, come November.

James D

I fully endorse what ever punishment JamesD. comes up with for the prosecutors who went after him.

I think "skinned alive and fed to starving, rabid dogs" is kind of an appropriate one-size-fits-all approach for so many elected/appointed officials. It's definitely my go-to choice in this case.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Walsh is right that Trump was born and bred an establishment guy and will promptly find his home there.--

That doesn't strike me as true.
Trump is the new money rich kid with his insecure little nose pressed up against the country club glass watching the old money establishment spring cotillion he wasn't invited to and couldn't buy his way into.

He's Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack. Why do you think he bought all those golf courses?

Old Lurker

I'm OK with the skinning alive part, James, but feeding them to the dogs is a bit too fast for me.

Captain Hate

Add me to my fellow ledge dweller's endorsement of my fellow Ahian's description of the appeal of Trump. After watching Henny Penny Ayotte and Dondi's rapid transition to Beltway insiders after campaigning on just the opposite, those two need to listen to "Won't Get Fooled Again" like it's a David Caruso career retrospective.

Miss Jane Marple

All of those new voters in the Nevada Caucus for the GOP coupled with the lack of voters for the dems, makes me wonder how many people switched parties to vote for Trump.

I am hearing a lot about how Trump can't win in the fall, but this is from looking at statistics and assuming nothing changes.

Things that could change the direction of the electorate:

More terrorist attacks by Muslims, particularly in the US
Another controversial death caused by an illegal immigrant
Endorsements by unions heads for Trump, particularly UMW and Teamsters
Support from sections of Hollywood (there are Trump supporters out there, unbelievable as it seems)
Support by veterans' groups
More scandals from Hillary's crowd
Bernie being cut out of the nomination

etc. etc.

Those unfavorables can change.


TomM/Ig-- what will I do in November Trump v. Dem? I will vote Trump, and throw up in my mouth.... a lot.

Walsh?-- why should anyone give a rat's ass what he thinks. Is Walsh engaged to a TomM relative, and this is clickbait? Besides Walsh doesn't know that Trump is an 'establishment' guy. Trump is for Trump, and Trump alone. I've watched him work for 30+years, I have no idea what he'll with the power do, and neither does Walsh or anyone else.

Tom Maguire



Let me fix their Auto-translate problem:


Tom Maguire
Ghosts are chasing you, Ig. Eat more fruit.

Careful, Ig!


We are electing a Commander-in-Chief. Trump is running for Kardashian-in-Chief. These are not the same thing.

Jeff Dobbs

Yeah, Cruz on the Supreme Court. Well, we know that everyone in the Senate hates him - just imagine what would happen if he was one of nine equals on SCOTUS.

His "towering intellect" and "legal genius" would get lost on any attempts to sway the other justices because they would hate his guts.

Right? I mean, if we're going to say that about him as a Senator and Prez candidate - and if we truly believe it to be true - then maybe we ought to consider that he could end up a disaster as a justice.

Clarence Thomas says he'll never join a Cruz opinion because Cruz talks down to him. Roberts says he's too divisive and as chief justice, he won't let Cruz write the majority opinion ever. Alito is often seen pointing his index finger at his ear and making circle like motions with it during oral arguments when Cruz is asking questions. And Kennedy? He's telling unnamed sources off the record that Cruz single handedly has convinced him to join the liberal bloc on the supreme court on every case until he retires or dies, out of spite for such a horrible human being.

In 2019, faced with mounting criticism of Cruz, President Trump calls for his impeachment.

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