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March 11, 2016



Why should I trust someone who's really no different than a child molester?


a pathological molester... ooops.... just politix


"Slowly they turned...step by step...inch by inch...,"

The Establishment is coming.

Miss Marple

I find this as horrifying as all of these establishment types suddenly finding their strange new respect for Ted Cruz.



New Alaska Reality TV Show---ALASKA PLANE CRASHES!

Lisa M is upset:(


Yet another reason Joe Sixpack might be wondering just what we're doing in the Middle East:


I'm surprised hasn't announced he's bringing them to the US with promise of a cash bonus, free healthcare and a promise that they "shouldn't be doing that."


Jane, thanks for your funeral comments on the last thread. I'm glad it was a nice service.

Rick Ballard

Kaleidoscopic would be closer than schizophrenic. Just two views or opinions is far too limiting. We're talking about a mind that is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives and susceptiple to changes in barometric pressure, tide cycles and wind direction.

Dave (in MA)

Some Facebook nonsense while I wait for some tests to run...

"The Wiener's Circle: Chicago Hot Dog Stand Offers 3-Inch Hot Dogs Called 'Trump Footlongs'"


Speaking of nonsense:


Powerline writes:

Over at Instapundit Ed Driscoll reminds us of the person checking out at a Whole Foods somewhere who was overheard demanding that “I need to read the numbers on the barcode aloud to you. I don’t want any lasers touching my food."



Lisa Murkowski is upset because the new ALASKA PLANE CRASH reality show is paid for with your Tax Dollars :

The show’s concept is "cruel, hurtful and exploitative. And if that were not insult enough, it is enabled by two taxpayer supported entities," Alaska’s senior senator wrote in a letter to the show’s producers and the Smithsonian.

Murkowski was incensed that, despite the involvement of the Smithsonian and the NTSB, she only found out about the show after reading an article in Alaska Dispatch News.


Your daily Knish:


After Bernie Sanders visited the Marxist Sandanista regime in Nicaragua on a propaganda tour, he argued that the bread lines in major cities were a good thing. “American journalists talk about how bad a country is, that people are lining up for food. That is a good thing!”

Good thing there's such a big difference between Teh Bern and Teh [redacted]!

Nathan R. Jessup

Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be built. Who's gonna do it? You? You, NK? You, apppalled ? You, theo ?

I have a greater responsibility than any of you could possibly fathom. You weep for the perfect Republican candidate, and you curse Donald Trump. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That The Donald's candidacy, while tragic, probably saves lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.

You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want The Donald to build that wall, you need The Donald to build that wall.

We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it.

I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think.

Dave (in MA)

Bardella: "My own personal observation
is that there is an escalating cycle
of behavior that happens only at Donald
Trump events."
Or Martha Coakley
Or Fauxcahontas
Or Yeaargh

(I had a brief brain fart and couldn't remember Howard Dean's name for a moment, but Googling "yeaargh vermont" brought it all back.)


Dave-- Hilligula and Obummer literally herd the 'media' in pens. Personally, I agree with treating the media that way, and the Media seem to be great teammates allowing Hilligula and Obummer to treat them as cattle, or... pigs as the case may be.


So who is showing up to protest at Trump rallies? Organized?


BLM, and other Soros funded groups.

Miss Marple

If Trump is a sure loser, why would Soros-funded groups protest at his rallies? Does Ted Cruz have this problem?

Captain Hate

I don't understand why anybody would go out of their way to heckle somebody. I pretty much regard all of them as congregants in the Westboro Baptist cult.


Trump's phony baloney primary campaign personna (per Dr Carson) is far more hateful than Ted Cruz, so it is much easier to get shock troops out. Your basic BLM moron does not know who Ted Cruz is. These rallies are a payday for the troops.

Lt. Daniel Kaffee

Col. Jessep: Have you ever spent time in an infantry unit, son?

Donald J. Trump: No sir.

Col. Jessep: Ever served in a forward area?

Donald J. Trump: No sir.

Col. Jessep: Ever put your life in another man's hands, ask him to put his life in yours?

Donald J. Trump: No sir. But I always felt that I was in the military.

Col. Jessep: You what?

Donald J. Trump: I attended a military boarding school growing up.

Col. Jessep: The hell?

Donald J. Trump: I probably had more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military.

Col. Jessep: You literally have shit coming out of your mouth right now.

Donald J. Trump: Seriously, though, I've been so lucky in terms of that whole world, you know, my sexual exploits. It is a dangerous world out there.

Col. Jessep: What the hell are you talking about, son?

Donald J. Trump: It's scary, like Vietnam. Sort of like the Vietnam-era.

Col. Jessep: Are you brain damaged?

Donald J. Trump: It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.

Col. Jessep: You best get out of my sight right now.

Miss Marple


I understand that. But someone is paying them to protest.

Who? Why?

If Trump is a sure loser to Hillary Clinton, wouldn't it suit Soros to back him? Or at least not fund protesters?

Maybe it's just TV exposure, which is more likely at a Trump rally. Hmmmmmm.


FOX News shows there is a protest going on outside the scheduled Chicago Trump Rally.

Guess Rahm Emanuael was right---Black Lives Don't Matter when they protest against Democrats. Black Lives Only Matter when they protest against Republicans.


It is part of Stephanopoulos' plan, MM.

Very crafty.



I want my cable back.

Frau Schattenregierung

Anybody, anything without a "D" after the name is to be destroyed before this November. The power of the people must be represented in the protests, leaving no doubt as to who the evil ones are. DT has dared challenge Hillary! and must be eliminated along with any and all others.

There is only one Democrat running for president. Bernie is no Democrat. Why is he not on a different ballot?


that's easy. The Soros type groups pay the POS street circus as part of their 'deal' with Hilligula/Obummer/Dems. Cronies have to advance street $$$, but boy do they make it back in spades. Warren Buffet's ROI from Obummer 2008 was obscene. Trump is a cartoon villain that Soros pays BLM to attack now, to keep BLM on the payroll and happy until the autumn when they are needed against ANY Repub.

Frau Schattenregierung

TK - maybe someone will live blog the mud wrestling match, er, interview.


What you have written is frighteningly true


The BLM protests only help Trump. LIkewise the media whining to eleventy about some reporter who may or might not have been grabbed/shoved. Especially when roughly half the country hates the media with heat of a trillion suns.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--the kinder, gentler (but schizophrenic) Donald Trump

Kaleidoscopic would be closer than schizophrenic. Just two views or opinions is far too limiting.--

OK, pet peeve time.
Schizophrenia does not mean dual or multiple personalities.
Maybe the problem comes from the etymology which means "to split" + "mind" but that is a reference to the splitting of the mind from reality and accurate perceptions and experiences not a literal splitting into separate personalities.

That comes under what used to be called multiple personality disorder and, last I checked, dissociative disorder.

They are essentially unrelated in that schizophrenia is a physical disease apparently caused by chemical imbalances and faulty receptors in the brain and being little effected by trauma or childhood experiences but has a seemingly more organic cause. The symptoms are not multiple personalities but hallucinations, delusions, paranoia and assorted other similar affects.

Personality disorders on the other hand have unknown causes that are usually resistant to medications and therapies and have unknown causes. What if any role genetics play or environmental causes is unknown as is the mechanism that produces the traits. They often but not always involve deep seated reactions to early trauma or malformed or not fully developed personality traits dealing with self image and misperceptions of how others perceive them. They almost invariably involve irrational reactions and coping mechanisms to deal with their misperceptions.

The Donald may be neurotic or suffer from a PD, although I suspect he simply has some traits of a PD, but he is in no way schizophrenic, not even as a half serious metaphor.

Frau Schattenregierung

Holy Diversion, Batman! While those who follow "the news" are consumed with who did what to whom*, the crippling invasion across the southern border continues.

*Re: Ms. Fields - I only want to know if her breasts are natural born or imported.


I just remembered a buried story from 2012, where 2 Virginia Reporters in a car were attacked by a Black Mob, their car stoned, and severely/savagely punched in the face. Black Mob Attacks White Reporters..media blackout

The story was buried for 2 weeks, and the excuse from the Paper was that the savagely beaten Reporters didn't want to report the story or press charges, nor did the paper want to cover the story.

Odd how Reporters getting punched in the face is nothing to even report about, but some Reporter alleging she got a bruise on her arm is National News that ought to derail a Presidential candidate.


Ig --

Thank you for the little summary of schizophrenia. I sort of knew some of that, but your summary was quite helpful to give me the whole picture.


Wow. I never saw that story, daddy. Not surprisingly.


*Re: Ms. Fields - I only want to know if her breasts are natural born or imported.

I'll bet her miserable boyfriend doesn't know.

Maybe he'll see them on Twitter some day.



More Profiles in Couragelessness:

Reporter Ed Henry and Brett Baire

Brett: Ed, what is the deal with Hillary Clinton apologizing to her base for complementing Nancy Reagan today, the day of this Memorial Service?

Ed Henry: Pretty remarkable. She did a nice thing, she attended the Funeral as we mentioned, but then did an interview with MSNBC and praised the Reagan's for raising Aide's awareness. That raised objections from who Liberals who said that the Reagan's did just the opposite. Normally on the day of a Funeral you would think something like that might just pass, but there was so much pressure from the Left that Hillary Clinton went on Twitter and apologized for praising the Reagan's on that point. We hear a lot about Republicans caving to the Right Wing. This is an example of a Democratic Presidential Candidate caving to the Left Wing.

Miss Marple

I see now Ms Fields says she was a closet Trump supporter ans will be on Megyn Kelly's show tonight because if he would do this to HER, what about others?

I am missing the connection here. Is she accusing Trump of instigating this? Even if Corey did grab her arm, I do not see the need for all this drama.

Except I do not believe for one minute she supported Trump.

Jeff Dobbs

Saw my first Trump yard sign on the way home from work today.

In fact, now that I think about it, it's the only presidential sign I've seen anywhere.


Trump is the only Alpha in her life, MM.

5 min with an Alpha is worth more than a lifetime with a Beta.



Interesting that when you watch the whole segment, you learn that the 2 beaten reporters had to take a whole week off because of their injuries, and we also learn that the 9/11 call the female reporter made to the cops is "harrowing!"

Nothing to see here folks, move along, and "WOW---LOOK AT THAT BRUISE ON MICHELLE FIELD'S ARM!!!


HA has a link to Michael Gerson:

Trump is the demagogue our Founding Fathers feared

Uh huh. Wonder what he thought about The Lightbringer eight years ago. No, wait. I doubt he was too concerned...

Miss Marple

Brave soul who will put a Trump sign up.

I had my yard sign for Romney stolen. I am sure it was the evil democrat California transplants across the street. If I get a yard sign this fall, I am going to secure it with cables.

Maybe mousetraps, too.


amazing- 2 good hollywood Jesus films this spring: http://hotair.com/archives/2016/03/11/film-review-the-young-messiah/

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I would recommend a couple each;

Frau Schattenregierung

Put a motion sensor on the sign, Miss M., with alarm.

You have to fight those transplants like the consarned invasive weeds they are. They were probably not native Californians, either.


Panel has AB Stoddard, Steve Hayes, DrK.

DrK says the Carson endorsement is the equivalent of a Character witness.

Nothing of the rest of the discussion strikes me as of interest.


With all the lurking black swans that Obama and the other world leaders have managed to grow and nurture during the past 10 years, the demagogue we most need to fear is the one who will come after this next presidency--no matter who he or she turns out to be.

Jeff Dobbs

Look, like the Blues Brothers, I hate Illinois Nazis. Just about everyone hates Illinois Nazis. Really everyone hates most all Nazis, right?

Not Hillary.

Apparently Hillary is turned on by Gay Nazis.


jimmyk on iPhone

daddy:" We hear a lot about Republicans caving to the Right Wing. This is an example of a Democratic Presidential Candidate caving to the Left Wing."

We *hear a lot about it, but most actual caving by Republicans is to the left. Democrats also cave to the left.


iggy@ 5:54, we share the same pet peeve.

Frau Schattenregierung

derwill -


Panel on Special Report eviscerating Obama for the Atlantic article
AB and Krauthammer were especially effective


Still doing catch-up and just got to Narciso's link of Republican Governor Rick Scott of Florida being shut off on Morning Joe because he did not have the balls to answer a straightforward question about Muslim Hatred of America.

Whatever answer Governor Scott has but refuses to give, it is a great example of why iTrump is so refreshing. Trump can actually answer such a question, while almost everybody else either has to shut up, spouts out inane PC platitudes, or so pretzels themselves up in qualifying clauses that their answer becomes oatmeal. Rick Scott just demonstrated to me that he has no business whatever getting within a hundred miles of the Presidency.


Carson believed Trump lies about Cruz in Iowa and was offered a cushy job in the administration of Trump
He in essence"Got Hired"


If Hil denounced her comments about Nancy Reagan that quickly she didn't really mean them in the first place
Despicable human being I would say worse but Lent


We *hear a lot about it, but most actual caving by Republicans is to the left. Democrats also cave to the left.

Absolutely correct, JimmyK, and fits in perfect with The Instapundit's line from yesterday:

I have two kinds of regrets about the past decade or so. I wish that Obama had been as tough on America’s enemies as he was on Republicans, and I wish that John McCain and Mitt Romney had been as tough on Obama as they were on . . . Republicans.


Did we ever hear of the decision between Scotland and another educational opportunity for someone's daughter on JOM?


Panel is asked for Obama's comments on the Liby SHITshow bing due to the failure of David Cameron.

DrK: It's the usual Obama now we've heard for 7 years. Whenever he encounters a failure, particularly abroad, he blames it on others. The idea that this is a President who expected the Europeans to do the heavy living, in Libya or elsewhere, is ridiculous. Every President since truman has underwood that the Europeans are free riders---that's a fact of the post WW2 era, and you accept that and you deal with it...Obama pretends that he was betrayed by his allies. He was betrayed by his own arrogance and now unwillingness to admit he was wrong.

Miss Marple


I did not accuse Carly Fiorina of being bought off by Ted Cruz, and I expect you to give Dr. Carson the courtesy of accepting that is who he thinks has the best chance, which is what he said.

You castigated me rightfully for posting only negative stuff about Cruz, and now look what you are posting!

Endorsements are done for a variety of reasons, both political and personal. Having listened to Carson's interview on Cavuto, I can tell you he was not promised a position of any kind and he made his decision based on who had the best chance to win and turn the country around.

Unless, of course, you want to accuse Ben Carson of lying.

Captain Hate

Maybe Clown Hall can snatch up Bardella to work at Tepid and, thanks to that brilliant decision to hitch their wagon to the software of Rock Ribbed Conservative Mark Zuckerberg, they can have one mod per commenter. It will be great; Poppin Fresh can put a pan of his namesake in an EZ Bake oven while they listen to a Red Meat speech by T-Paw! If you closed your eyes you'd swear it was 1980!


Steve Hayes: ..This was an attempt by the President to recast his many failures and weakness over the past 7 years as Foreign Policy Realism, and it doesn't work...


"T-Paw"? " Missed that one,

Captain Hate

Rick Scott just demonstrated to me that he has no business whatever getting within a hundred miles of the Presidency.

That gutless clown caved to Shakedown Inc. and the Justus Brothers when it was time to make a principled stand on Saint Traytable. [Redacted for Lent] him.


Lewandowksi says something to Terris a second or two after whatever happened to Fields occurred. Looks like Terris responds "Yeah, ok." while nodding. Has he reported what Lewendowski said to him?

Fields starts down like she could have simply fallen, heels? Maybe CL was helping her up. Also, she is very close to Trump at one point possibly brushing his shoulder. Maybe SS went agro.

There are a dozen possibilities other than taking a wapo reporters word for it.

Captain Hate

"T-Paw"? " Missed that one,

Tim Pawlenty

Frau Schattenregierung

The Atlantic interview with the (B)lightbringer made me feel that I'm living in a parallel universe.


Just had dinner with 4 transplants to Florida and 2 Bay staters - all in their 70's.

(Dinner here is more like a late lunch so everyone can get home without driving in the dark).

All the men wanted to sit next to me. I was flattered until I realized they all wanted to talk politics. (Perhaps I was then more flattered)

All are voting for Trump Tuesday. (or did 2 weeks ago)

All would be willing to vote for Cruz if he gets the nomination, but all want to make a statement about DC.

They don't think Trump knows what he is doing, or that he understands how to do anything, but they want to make that statement.

The funny thing is Cruz is the guy who wants to fire everyone in DC, and Donald will just go all in on big government. But it's the P-u-C that everyone is after.

Very very interesting.

Oh and they all hate Rubio because he was absent so much. Now they have no idea what, or if there was an impact from that, but they have bought into the meme.


Why hasn't Cindy Sheehan's adjective descriptor "Absolute Moral Authority" been applied yet to Ty Wood's mom?

Captain Hate

The Atlantic interview with the (B)lightbringer made me feel that I'm living in a parallel universe.

Imagine Bobby Fischer who's confused by checkers.

Miss Marple


Because Mrs. Smith is in Frau's parallel universe with the rest of us.


"Why hasn't Cindy Sheehan's adjective descriptor "Absolute Moral Authority" been applied yet to Ty Wood's mom?" Because Dems run the media and Republicans are stupid.

Jane, I'm insanely jealous.

Jeff, I have a Hugo Boss blazer. I like it.

Frau, I knew Debbie Fields; Debbie Fields was a friend of mine. They were natural and spectacular.

Captain Hate

In Trump and Cruz, you have two candidates who would readily bring up Ty Woods in a debate against Rodham and not let it go. Can anybody imagine Romney doing it? Or McCain?



Imagine Bobby Fischer who's confused by checkers.


Captain Hate

Rupert Pupkin can play a room better than Zippy:



Well, the (B)lightbringer is in my town and there was just a giant double rainbow over the venue....after he left it. But I'm sure he'll get social media credit for it anyway.


Can anybody imagine Romney doing it? Or McCain?

Not in a million years, nor Dole, nor JeB!, nor Kasich, nor etc, etc, etc.

Same question---why can't somebody on our side reply with "Punch Back Twice As Hard?"

Please gawd, in my next life give me a Dennis Miller or an Adam Corolla as our RNC Boss.


Carson believed Trump lies about Cruz in Iowa 

Apparently Cruz believed the "lies" since he apologized to Carson.


From my TV viewing tonight my initial take is that the Chicago BLM'ers protesting Trump are getting more Media coverage than the Chicago BLM'ers protesting Rahm.


All the men wanted to sit next to me.


That's no mystery to me at all, or to Mark Steyn:)

Frau Schattenregierung

Dreams from the Atlantic's parallel universe:

+ A writer at heart(!!!!), he (Obama) had a suggestion

+ Obama then cited America’s increased influence in Latin America—increased, he said, in part by his removal of a region-wide stumbling block when he reestablished ties with Cuba—as proof that his deliberate, nonthreatening, diplomacy-centered approach to foreign relations is working.

+Just as the leaders of several American allies have found Obama’s leadership inadequate to the tasks before him, he himself has found world leadership wanting: global partners who often lack the vision and the will to spend political capital in pursuit of broad, progressive goals, and adversaries who are not, in his mind, as rational as he is. Obama believes that history has sides, and that America’s adversaries—and some of its putative allies—have situated themselves on the wrong one, a place where tribalism, fundamentalism, sectarianism, and militarism still flourish. What they don’t understand is that history is bending in his direction.

+ George W. Bush was also a gambler, not a bluffer. He will be remembered harshly for the things he did in the Middle East. Barack Obama is gambling that he will be judged well for the things he didn’t do.

Facepalm from my parallel universe...


So if Rahm orders the BLMer's to get off the Chicago Streets, will they listen to him?


Just had dinner with 4 transplants to Florida and 2 Bay staters


When you going to quit hanging around with Yankees?



You made my day. Thanks.

Anyone know why Lewandowksi apologized for assaulting Fields before he denied it?

Trump rally in Chicago cancelled because of protesters.


Heels ups 10 over Notre Dame!


I'm on pins and needles waiting for Obama's NCAA March Madness picks.

How 'bout you guys?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This Lewandowski thing is fascinating to me for some reason. Hey, at least I'm on topic.
Here is a David French article at NRO that misrepresents things fairly thoroughly but the interesting thing is the embedded video.
It starts with the Cspan video already seen but switches to a different one about way through. At the 35-45 second mark you can see the principles and actually see Fields look like she gets tugged sideways, but you can't see by whom. Lewandowski and the SS guy reappear together.
The really interesting thing is when they do you can quite clearly see WaPo's Ben Terris talking to Lewandowski and L talking back.

Here is Terris's original account of the event.
He is at best a really bad writer and his coverage of what occurred reflects that. Interestingly he nowhere mentions his conversation with Lewandowsski only a second or two after the event.

Here even TPM questions the guy's journalistic ethics.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Anyone know why Lewandowksi apologized for assaulting Fields before he denied it?--

If you're talking about the alleged statement Lewandowski made to Boyle at Breitbart regarding the incident, Boyle has already confirmed that the story at the Daily Beast claiming this, was a complete fabrication and the two hadn't spoken for weeks about anything, let alone about the incident.


I wonder what the impact, if any, will be of this event in Illinois? Will people decide Trump is too dangerous to elect?

Alinsky rules.


"Anyone know why Lewandowksi apologized for assaulting Fields before he denied it?"

That story turned out to be from a dubious source and denied by the person who was quoted making the claim and Lewandowksi.

IOW 3rd hand info denied by the 1st and 2nd parties.

Jeff Dobbs

New High Point University/Survey USA poll out for NC.


Trump up by 20.

In an inverse of trends shown elsewhere - Trump runs best against Hillary (excluding Kasich).

Trump vs Hillary



However, an oddity in the poll . . . 22% of respondents appear to say they've already voted in the November election. Hillary's ahead by double digits vs Trump, Cruz or Rubio.

::D i e b o l d::

On the most important issues to voters, Immigration is the least important issue listed in the poll, although it does come in ahead of Something Else and Not Sure as answers.

10% of North Carolinians are Content with the federal government. 49% are Frustrated, 36% Angry. 85% here are frustrated or angry with the Feds.

And yet . . . more than 2/5ths of them are convinced that Hillary is the answer. <-------#Tarholes


Trump Chicago Rally cancelled.

Yeah, mob! Mitt Romney ought to be ecstatic.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wait a minute. I would have been on topic last thread.
Ben Terris told me it's close enough.


The former PM of Canada read this at Nancy Reagan's funeral.

I can't even imagine being loved that much: I hope the rest of you can.

Ronald Reagan’s Christmas Letter To Nancy Reagan In 1981

Dear Mrs. R,
I still don’t feel right about you opening an envelope instead of a gift package.
There are several much beloved women in my life and on Christmas, I should be giving them gold, precious stones, perfume, furs and lace. I know that even the best of these would still fall far short of expressing how much these several women mean to me and how empty my life would be without them.

There is of course my “First Lady.” She brings so much grace and charm to whatever she does that even stuffy, formal functions sparkle and turn into fun times. Everything is done with class. All I have to do is wash up and show up.

There is another woman in my life who does things I don’t always get to see but I do hear about them and sometimes see photos of her doing them. She takes an abandoned child in her arms on a hospital visit. The look on her face only the Madonna could match. The look on the child’s face is one of adoration. I know because I adore her too.

She bends over a wheelchair or bed to touch an elderly invalid with tenderness and compassion just as she fills my life with warmth and love.

There is another gal I love who is a nest builder. If she were stuck three days in a hotel room she’d manage to make it home sweet home. She moves things around – looks at it straightens this and that — and you wonder why it wasn’t that way in the first place.

I’m also crazy about the girl who goes to the ranch with me. If we’re tidying up the woods, she’s a peewee power house at pushing over dead trees. She’s a wonderful person to sit by the fire with, or to ride with or first to be with when the sun goes down or the stars come out. If she ever stopped going to the ranch I’d stop too because I’d see her in every beauty spot there is and I couldn’t stand that.

Then there is a sentimental lady I love whose eyes fill up so easily. On the other hand she loves to laugh and her laugh is like tinkling bells. I hear those bells and feel good all over even if I tell a joke she’s heard before.

Fortunately, all these women in my life are you – fortunately for me that is, for there could be no life for me without you. Browning asked; “How do I love thee – let me count the ways?” For me there is no way to count. I love the whole gang of you – Mommie, first lady, the sentimental you, the fun you, and the peewee power house you.

And oh yes, one other very special you – the little girl who takes a “nana” to bed in case she gets hungry in the night. I couldn’t and don’t sleep well if she isn’t there – so please always be there.
Merry Christmas you all – with all my love.
Lucky me.

Jeff Dobbs

This Lewandowski thing is fascinating to me for some reason. Hey, at least I'm on topic.

Wait. What? How is Ben Carson mixed up in the Fields/Lewandowski mess??????

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

For 23 years I didn't have to imagine it, Jane.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My disclaimer at 7:55 covers my back, Jeff.


Good for you Iggy. I hope you are in a majority.

Jeff Dobbs

Wow, this Chicago Trump rally looks . . . potentially volatile.

andrew kaczynskiVerified account
I've never seen anything like this livestream of the Trump rally. It's insane. http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Trump-Supporters-Thousands-Expected-to-Protest-Rally-371791082.html?partner=nbcnews
6:48 PM - 11 Mar 2016

That's a live feed - not sure what it might show for those clicking later.

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