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March 04, 2016



Geez, a new Post after midnight?

I think even TM's Losing His Marbles.


The best part about trump is how he is nakedly exposing how the wingnut blog echo cha,bet really has no constituency. Many of the wingnut "intellectual" blogs have no voter support for there positions even within the Republican Party.


No one cares what Romney thinks/says except wingnut echo chamber --- his rant just indication of desperation in repub party -- that is most likely reason for market response

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Just One Retard.


I think the uptick for Cruz came when he ate his own booger during the debate. It was a risky tactic, but it might have paid off.


"Why this site uses odds from Betfair.com?

It is based in the U.K., where regulations are less onerous. It does not accept American traders due to regulations."

Buford Gooch

Love it, Iggy.

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