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March 26, 2016



enjoying hot cross buns on an Easter Saturday.


So am I
Which college is your son leaning toward?


Happy Easter to all!
Will have. Slovenian nut roll tomorrow called patitsa


Maryrose, on WI primary the news is a new ad from club for growth. It has the Kasich people angry (losing losers gotta whine about losing), and the Trump people doing the usual "you are dirty insiders" dance. Lots of events with Cruz & wife, Kasich running around the state. Trump won't be here until Tuesday. Rumor is Walker will endorse Cruz after the Marquette poll comes out next Friday -- if it will help beat Trump.

Dem side, the Omen is bouncing between Milwaukee and Madison while Sanders has his big UW rally this afternoon.

Art in Newport

"He is not here. He is risen."

Destiny Ignatz

Spengler is a Cruz guy and has the proper perspective on Trump.
He must, because it's mine. :)


Oops - posted on previous thread!

I tried to initiate talk about Easter foods but got no response. I'd love to hear your favorite Easter dishes (since we are taking a break from more distasteful subjects).

We always have ham, potato salad, fresh asparagus, deviled eggs, broccoli salad, fresh new peas (if available), and homemade yeast rolls. Dessert is usually pound cake with strawberries and/or lemon meringue pie. We always, always have an arrangement of dogwood blossoms from the woods on the table....the ham platter is always decorated with little nests of jelly beans.

If I deviate from the above - someone will complain!

We're a bit conventional about our holiday traditions.


Art - He is risen, indeed!

Destiny Ignatz

Trumpa-Lumpa 2016.

Destiny Ignatz

Oops, the Trumpa Lumpa link was supposed to say "The Week in Pictures" also.

Jack is Back!ll

Mom to 2:

Our traditional Easter lunch is Leg of Lamb but cooked over a layered gratin of sliced potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Each layer sprinkled with thyme, garlic and olive oil. The roasted lamb's juices seep into the gratin as it is cooking. Fabulous meal and really easy to make.

Mrs. JiB is making it for her Dad tomorrow because he loves it. My SIL from France is there and she says it is also a standard fare for the French at Easter.

Miss Marple 2

Good morning!


My sister hosts the Easter brunch which includes the following items:


Breakfast egg casserole (the one you make with bread eggs, etc. One includes sausage and green peppers and mushrooms, the other has sausage and hot peppers. Both have cheese.)

Macaroni and cheese

Green bean casserole (the mushroom soup one)

Deviled eggs

Fruit salad

Coconut cake shaped like a rabbit

Cookies decorated like Easter eggs (family friend's contribution)

Bloody Marys (my brother-in-law's specialty)

Assorted other soft drinks, beer, and coffee

All I have to do is show up! My favorite type of entertainment!


JIB - that sounds wonderful! I've never made leg of lamb, only the chops. I hope someone is bringing you something special tomorrow while they are celebrating with your in-laws.

MM - I love the menu - and to just show up sounds divine!


Buckeye Jr. is in Phoenix visiting his best friend, wife and three kids under seven. If anything convinces him he doesn't want to get married, that should probably do it.

Buckeyette wants me to do lobsters for tomorrow. A bit unconventional, but I'm a softy so she will probably get her way.

Suggestions for sides??


Good morning! Happy Easter Saturday.

anonamom, from the last thread, I do occasionally have insomnia and I didn't know about the perimenopausal link. Thanks, that is helpful. As it happens I was up late because my brothers-in-law were over hanging out. Not a very suitable Good Friday activity, but they aren't religious and I don't get to see them often. It was a great time.

Before that I joined my Catholic friends for Tenebrae at the Cathedral downtown. Absolutely beautiful. Their choir is incredible. Tonight is Easter vigil at our church - I'm on nursery duty and selfishly hoping there will be no children so I can attend the service.


Your Easter meals all sound wonderful! JiB, I have heard of leg of lamb roasted over a gratin like that and have always wanted to make it.

We are invited to a very large Easter potluck out in the country by my Catholic homeschooling friends. Probably will be 100 people, most of them children. We'll be the only Protestants there. They are kind to invite us every year. They're working on converting us. :)


Re deviled eggs, This Krupps egg cooker produces perfectly boiled eggs every time with no effort beyond pouring a little water in the bottom, pushing "On", and turning it off 7 min. later.

Tom Bowler

Happy Easter to everyone.

Miss Marple 2


That is a neat device. Unfortunately, my home has the dreaded galley kitchen of the 70's so there isn't room for extra specialty appliances.

As an alternative, I learned "Lucky 13" from Emeril. Bring eggs to boil and boil for 2 minutes. Turn off heat, cover, and set timer for 11 minutes. Immediately douse in cold water.

No green edges on centers if these numbers are followed exactly.


Buckeye, drawn butter, baked or boiled red potatoes, asparagus however you like it, corn on cob, salad with vinaigrette to balance the richness of the lobster

Miss Marple 2

Sorry to intrude with news, but this is sort of important and not political.


He's a journalist.


Deb that looks interesting! I wish I had one today for all of these eggs I'm cooking!

I swear by this little device. I would buy it if it cost $60 instead of only $6. I've used the same one for years and years several times a week. Works like a charm!


Miss Marple 2


Neat gadget. I get the Williams-Sonoma catelogue but usually just throw it away, as I don't have room in my budget for their stuff.

That looks like something I could print on a Christmas wish list, though. I could use it for soft-cooked eggs, which I do NOT have a formula for!


Thanks for those links! I have never mastered egg cooking and today is egg dyeing day. MM, when using the Emeril method, do you start with the eggs in cold water, and how much water should there be?


Embarrassing to admit how many times I've ruined boiled eggs over the years, even with various no-fail instructions. I wouldn't justify to myself buying the Krupps if it hadn't been a way-reduced "Deal of the Day," but it's a gem for forgetful oldsters. I even appreciate that it will "beep" loudly enough to be heard throughout our house until it's turned off, which is helpful in my case.


Amazon has the egg timer, too. Just ordered it!



maryrose @ 10:28: Boston College.

Miss Marple 2


I start with cold water and cover the eggs so none are sticking out above the water line.

The drawback to that method is you have to be paying attention when the eggs start to boil, set the timer, and when it goes off immediately turn the heat off and set it again.

It's not a good method if you are doing other stuff away from the kitchen or immediate vicinity.


Thanks MM, I don't mind watching the pot.


I use MM's method for cooking eggs..boil a couple of minutes and then cover to set. But my step-daughter taught me a little trick of putting in some baking soda before covering which helps peel the eggs a little more easily when one gets to that point.


Timers.....my one complaint about my stove is the timer is so quiet I cannot hear it unless I am right there! I don't have a hearing loss either. I figure why even have a timer if you need to be beside the stove to hear it. I can't tell you how many things I've overcooked since getting the stove. I've now resorted to using a separate wind up timer that buzzes so loudly I can hear it over my husband's LOUD tv.


I hope he chooses Boston College
I love Boston and their campus is gorgeous
They have wonderful programs
Didn't Jane go there?
That is my method to boil eggs too and I dare not leave the kitchen
I like Deb's idea
I love lobster so your menu sounds great Buckeye
Would love to try roasted lamb
Beasts and clarice
What is on the menu at your homes?

Oh, yes, I'll have green eggs and ham.

I never time, just douse with coldest water, letting it run awhile. I never complain, either.

Mellow Jello.

I used some some a lot of turmeric on a pork roast recently and got the finest green aspic imaginable.


We go all out for Easter and follow the long-standing family tradition, passed down from generation to generation, and put out a bowl of pastel M&Ms just like the Pilgrims used to do.

Dash of Asafoetida.

That's some some secret ingredient.

An apple a day keeps the dentist away.

An egg a day keeps the doctor away; an old Italian proverb probably from times of famine.

Miles and miles of aisles and aisles.

sbw, you should see what the Pilgrims got when they traded those sweet little beads to the Indigeans.

Beasts of England

Happy Easter to everyone at JOM!!

While I recognize and appreciate the religious significance of the day, I also love the advent of Spring, and seeing the little ones decked out in their smocked outfits. And speaking of decked out, I am wearing my new Cristo Rey tie tomorrow. Couple that with my very short Easter haircut, and my dear old Mother is going to be very excited! lol


We will go to my brother's house for Honeybaked Ham broccoli cheese casserole ,corn and punch owl jello
Everyone brings something and then we go to my sister-in-law's and eat some more
After fasting on Good Friday, it is pig out time
Sad about Notre Dame loss and I am still rooting for Oklahoma
Glad about RG3
I no longer trust Cleveland in the football draft


Bowl jello
I would t fancy eating an owl..


maryrose, Jane went t the law school, whic is at the bottom of the hill across from St. Iggy's. Don't know about undergrad. I went to the grad school. and hubby to the college.

BB Key

Notre Dame loss ?


Reported from previous thread




Probably the makeup of the plurality stays the same, mostly.


Re the last thread, the Viet would be the kind of place, clandestine conferences would occur, as in the cold war. The film unknown reminded me.

Jack is Back!ll


How come you aren't at Austin Country Club for the World Golf Championships Match Play? Spieth just got knocked out by Louis Ouisthuisen. Quarter finals underway.


And speaking of decked out, I am wearing my new Cristo Rey tie tomorrow.

Very appropriate for the day! I am certain you will do your mama proud.

One thing about Easter in Texas is that you don't get that sweet newness of spring quality, because spring sprung awhile back. Late Easters can be quite warm. My childhood Easters in Louisville with the azaleas, forsythia, dogwood, redbud, weeping cherry, and all the bulb flowers in bloom were astoundingly beautiful.



Good luck with BC.

I am a graduate and we took our daughter up there in October and she loved it - need to get her up there in January so she understands winter.


Sorry BB
My mistake
I know they beat Wisconsin but think their next opponent will be hard to beat
As someone posted all number 1's still in


JiB, I just found out about it when you mentioned it yesterday! I had no idea. My brothers-in-law were all excited about it last night. Super busy with Easter plans this weekend or else we would try to get out there.


I have daffodils forsythia and hyacinths already cropping plus two flowering plum trees in my backyard
And yes it is beautiful.


I meant to say I was sad about the Gonzaga loss


Sounds lovely, maryrose. Hyacinths are THE Easter garden flower in my memory. And plums are my very favorite fruit. I have never seen them in bloom that I know of. Do yours bear fruit?


I believe the announcer said it has been 21 years since Virginia in the elite 8


Yes they do Porch and we have to pick them fast before the birds get them They have a delicate white flower We also have two white dogwoods that start to bloom in early May


Easter is a little early this year but here in Ga. we do have dogwoods popping out and some varieties of azaleas. The daffodils are mostly gone and hyacinths, too.

My dad used to say you could judge the peak of spring flowers by the date of the Masters Tournament. They seem to always have it to coincide with the prettiest weekend of spring. It will be April 7-10 this year.


Porch, we are having a "Louisville Easter" here---even the flowering magnolia, which almost always blooms then get frosted and turns brown with a night below 32, is in all its glory.

The flowering peaches and cherries, dogwoods, azaleas, red bud, forsythia and bulbs are are glorious this weekend.


Oh, fun - what do you do with all the plums? I've always wanted to make jam.

Momto2, my son's birthday is the 8th and my parents are coming out and my dad booked their flights to allow for maximum Masters watching time. He and my bro will be glued to the tv, which is great. I find family weekends watching golf to be very soothing.


I'm envious, anonamom!

I'm inspired by this thread - I think we'll try to do a Louisville-Shreveport road trip soon and show the kids our childhood homes.

Miss Marple 2

We had a burst of warm weather and then it got cool again, so here in Indiana we have hyacinths and daffodils in bloom, Bradford pear, and early flowering cherry. Plus the grass is very, very green.

I hope it's sunny tomorrow because that way my sister can use her patio, too.


I loved the flowering magnolia trees in Savannah
I never knew such big flowers on a tree
I also love the moss
Georgia is a beautiful state


This conversation is making me downright depressed. In northern New Hampshire we had snow this week, sun but 35 degrees so far today, and I have bronchitis. Attitude adjustment required!

P.S Your menus have been much admired and appreciated! Thanks for posting!


maryrose did you smell the magnolia flowers? They are SO sweet.

My daughter's best friend got married 2 weeks ago and we supplied laundry baskets full of magnolia leaves. She used them in all sorts of creative ways - even spray painting some gold. They are wonderful trees. My parents planted 6 tiny ones many years ago on the very edges of their forested property. They are now huge and we enjoy them in all seasons.



We had brunch a few hours ago at a place on 14th St. in D.C. The daughter said 14th St. is hipster heaven in D.C. Then we circled around the Tidal Basin in the car in a massive traffic jam. There are tens of thousands of people there,the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and so beautiful. I've never seen so many people! It is a beautiful day and people are enjoying the beauty of our nation's Capitol City. I feel hopeful today.

Miss Marple 2

For those of Scots ancestry here:


Miss Marple 2



Glasater, I have been given the task to do something with my uncle's slide and negative collection. He passed away 20 years ago, and my mom has stored them ever since. She is curious about them now.

His old Kodak slide projector needs a bulb and a mechanical component just to get it where I can test it to see if it works.

Is there some sort of scan and view system? Also, is there something that makes a negative viewable?

I don't want to digitize every slide. There are so many. I would like to view them first.

Miss Marple 2


You could try this item for $89.95. There are others available, I am sure:




I think you could do a make-shift kind of thing where you take a translucent glass braced with a brick or two. Put a light under and then lay the slides/negatives on top.

If you need to inspect more closely a 'loop' is easy to find in your locale or online. Pretty inexpensive

I must go to a listing shoot. Sorry for this abbreviated reply.


No longer available, MM. I've got an old beater that's similar and could send it to you, TK.

Destiny Ignatz

Lotsa slide viewers here.
I used to use one all the time for my slides.

Destiny Ignatz

--In northern New Hampshire we had snow this week, sun but 35 degrees so far today, and I have bronchitis. Attitude adjustment required!--

Attitude or latitude?


LOL, Ignatz! That did the trick!

Jack is Back!ll

Being a temporary orphan this Easter, I am having Easter lunch at The Plaza Cafe in Southampton. Probably the best seafood restaurant in New York hands down. Upscale like Scott's in London. Chef and owner is a friend. Think I'll use my cane and sit at the bar like Hemingway would do:)

Happy Easter, Feliz Pasqua, Gelukkige Pasen, Joyeuses Pâques,Fröhliche Ostern, Pasqua felice, Easter feliz, and for NK (Ευτυχές Πάσχα)


Nothing like a push poll from Kasich for America to convince me it is time for a beer. I suppose they didn't like my "#4 extremely unfavorable" response on Kasich, so I can't really say what they were polling for.


TK, my husband just digitized a boatload of our old slides and some of his father's as well.
He used this


You can view them, then hit a button if you want to copy it.

LUN too



Try to reach Man Tran. He is an expert at digitizing slides. Can probably make some recommendations.

Jack is Back!ll

For beautiful flowers, outside Mrs. JiB's crocus in the yard emulating her Mother, the daffodils in the Cotswolds come to mind. Sort of like the Cherry Blossom calvacade Marleen experienced except in England. Gets very crowdd on the small country lanes.


Spring has indeed come to DC--The flowering cherry tree in my front lawn is all abloom; my tulips are up--everything's unfolding, including my allergies. Win some. Lose some.

Miss Marple 2



Thanks for the responses everybody!

Been busy today. I will go over the links this evening.

Jim Miller

TK - I may be missing something, but an ordinary flat bed photo scanner will let you view and digitize slides and negatives, as well as prints.

For example.

I bought an earlier model (V300?) in the Epson line years ago and have found it a workable solution for prints and most slides.

The views on my monitor are quite good. .

At the time, there was one catch. The less expensive scanners had less dynamic range, so they had trouble with slides that had both very light and very dark areas. That didn't bother me at the time, because I figured I could just take those few slides and have a professional do them for me.

But I haven't checked recently, so I don't know whether even the cheaper models have more dynamic range, now.

One thing I liked about the Epson scanner I bought is that you could set the level of sophistication of the scanning software to beginner, intermediate, or pro.



Devastating split screen of Brussels in mourning and Obama doing the tango and watching baseball in Havana


I've got the Epson v700 and its a great scanner for every kind of need a person would want with SilverFast scanning software. It is a chunk of money to get into however.


John Kerry Says World Leaders Are 'Shocked' ... by GOP Campaign Rhetoric

"Everywhere I go, every leader I meet, they ask about what is happening in America," Kerry told CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday. "They cannot believe it. I think it is fair to say that they're shocked. They don't know where it's taking the United States of America. And to some degree I must say to you, some of the questions, the way they're posed to me, it's clear to me that what's happening is an embarrassment to our country."

... this seems to be a perfect description of Obama's foreign policy, but Kerry then proceeds to blame the Republicans for this embarrassment.

Denial is in Egypt I'm told.

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