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March 25, 2016



maryrose - I have never made it but I see several online recipes. It looks yummy! Do you make it?


I tried to initiate talk about Easter foods but got no response. I'd love to hear your favorite Easter dishes (since we are taking a break from more distasteful subjects).

We always have ham, potato salad, fresh asparagus, deviled eggs, broccoli salad, fresh new peas (if available), and homemade yeast rolls. Dessert is usually pound cake with strawberries and/or lemon meringue pie. We always, always have an arrangement of dogwood blossoms from the woods on the table....the ham platter is always decorated with little nests of jelly beans.

If I deviate from the above - someone will complain!

We're a bit conventional about our holiday traditions.

Miss Marple 2

Good morning!


My sister hosts the Easter brunch which includes the following items:


Breakfast egg casserole (the one you make with bread eggs, etc. One includes sausage and green peppers and mushrooms, the other has sausage and hot peppers. Both have cheese.)

Macaroni and cheese

Green bean casserole (the mushroom soup one)

Deviled eggs

Fruit salad

Coconut cake shaped like a rabbit

Cookies decorated like Easter eggs (family friend's contribution)

Bloody Marys (my brother-in-law's specialty)

Assorted other soft drinks, beer, and coffee

All I have to do is show up! My favorite type of entertainment!

Centralcal on iPad

Ham, leg of lamb - butterflied and cooked on the grill, homemade ravioli, various salads and veggie side dishes. A very large family, so someone different is always in charge of bringing desserts and it varies from year to year - pies always a favorite, plus anything with strawberries.

Miss Marple 2


Our Thanksgiving is like that. For years and years, whether my grandmother, my mother, or my brother were hosting, always the same dishes. People will only accept new additions in the appetizer category.

When my maternal grandmother was living, she always contributed her homemade applesauce, which she was famous for. One year my mom had Thanksgiving and when the table was set, my grandmother had brought 2 of her Jello salads (lemon with shredded carrots and lime with shredded celery, a 1920's gourmet special from when Jello was new).

My dad's father, who was living with us at the time, sat down to the table, looked around at the spread (which was huge) and said, "What? No applesauce?"

To this day when we put on a big family dinner someone will crack, "What? No applesauce?"



Yes still part of Kempinski chain. ~ $500/night, too rich for my blood.





Texas Liberty Gal

Lol - http://therightscoop.com/lol-this-hot-dog-shop-hilariously-skewers-el-trumpo/


"Lincoln Park is one of the wealthiest and most expensive communities in which to live. While the average single-family house is priced around $1 million, many homes in the area sell for more than $10 million. In 2007, Forbes magazine named the area between Armitage Avenue, Willow Street, Burling Street, and Orchard Street as the most expensive block in Chicago." [Wiki] ... The Weiner owner certainly understands how to please his customers.

Texas Liberty Gal

He's got a sense of humor that anyone can appreciate ....well I guess most people can. Sheesh


Rubio must have thought his giggling debate remarks about Trump's "size" would go over big too. I bet he doesn't feel that way now. I early voted for Rubio two days before he went peepee-dingdong and have deeply regretted it since.

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