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March 09, 2016




Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The ones at Guantanamo?


Good line, Ig.


big woop, but she still agrees with the policy that rewards the regime


it's the only network that would ask the question,
nearly at the end, but still props,



kike I say, props,


Frau Schattenregierung

Silly stuff SOB -

Iggy - Hideout for the Folsom Gang: head for the Auburn KOA in a Cruise America RV and park with all the other German and Austrian speaking tourists camping in similar vehicles. Give the Kid a couple of brats and play "Land abstechen"* with him using a butter knife. Make fun of the funny American beer, and you'll blend right in.
Don't give your right names: Bodo, Sepp, and Fritzi.


Frau Schattenregierung

narciso - how could anyone boo the question asked of documented congenital liar Hillary! Clinton? Who are these people?


young democrats in miami,



the degree of whitewashing her record, well csi would be hardpressed to collect evidence,


the piece provides some context,


Frau Schattenregierung

Hillary!'s transgressions are seared, seared in my memory.

A Che t-shirt and a complete collection of Fidel's speeches would be terrific souvenirs for BHO's visit to Cuba.

(narciso, did you read the Bernie Gunther book where he lands in Havana right at the end of the Batista era? It reminded me of Richard Fernandez's book about living under Marcos.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Can I be Sepp?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Pathetic Sanders can't even admit he and the Koch brothers are right on corporate welfare, when Hill tries to use it agin him.
A Trump or Cruz like response telling her "so what?" would have helped him immensely instead of the defensive, obsequious toadying.


it's 1954, and yes I did, Phillip Kerr, does managed to pull a detached perspectives to the great crimes of the day, although the Batista regime was near beer,

Frau Schattenregierung

Yep, Sepp is yours, short for Joseph. Just for your cover, it's pronounced Zepp.

(Zeppelin on the other hand is pronounced Tseppeleen. I'm not making this up.Them's the rules.)

Frau Schattenregierung

I don't know how to evaluate Kerr's portrayal of 1954 Cuba but his knowledge of 1930s to 1950s German and Austrian life is outstanding. He studied and presents the smallest details of cultural life. Amazing. I have not read the book about Gunther's time in Argentina.


it was a Doc Brown friendly audience at the borg hive that are community colleges,

Dave (in MA)



another writer, peter quinn, who was hugh carey's speechwriter, tried to tackle nazis and cuba, recently, with less success,

Frau Schattenregierung

Good one, Dave (in MA) who knows how to mount an Umlaut.






perhaps the wrong moment to downplay authoritarian memes,


I would say, remove the brainslugs, but they have already starved,



From a prior thread:

Medved on his show the other day said the Hill will be the D's nominee even if she's indicted. I cannot believe decent people could ever vote for that.


I voted for Ted Stevens even after he was convicted, and yes, I have been called "indecent" before. He was convicted on 28 Oct, 2008, and lost the Election one week later, 4 Nov, 2008 to Dem Mark Begich. Stevens got 147,814 votes, but lost by 3,953.

Unbowed, even defiant, Stevens accused prosecutors of blatant misconduct and said, "I will fight this unjust verdict with every ounce of energy I have."

Judge Emmet Sullivan presided.

People will vote for a legally convicted criminal. I voted for convict Ted Stevens because I thought it was a bogus prosecution and that he was an innocent man. I was proved correct.

Miss Marple 2

Good morning!

Senator Pothole weighs in:



Call me Ishmael indecent!

In other Ted Stevens news, we have a new chapter to our ongoing saga of our $80 Million Ice-Breaker FerryBoat! Repairs begin on Mat-Su ferry, but sale could ultimately lose money

Here's the gist of it for folks new to the story.

Senator Ted, a decade before he was falsely convicted of corruption, got Taxpayer funds appropriated to build an $80 Million prototype Navy Ice-Breaker that would then become a Ferryboat between Anchorage and the Matsu Burrough (over on the Sarah Palin side of the Cook Inlet 2 miles away.)

Ferryboat "Susitna" got built and launched to big fanfare, and the Matsu Burrough took ownership, but since nobody ever had the foresight to build a dock for it on the Matsu side of the inlet, it rotted away 800 miles south near Ketchikan in various docks for about a decade. Eventually dock fees to store the Susitna got so high, the Matsu Burrough was taking a cash bath, so they spent the last 6 years trying to sell it, and in the process of trying to dock it on the cheap they somehow left the engine covers off and rain water poured into the smoke stacks and damaged all 4 super-expensive engines to the tune of millions.

Striking out in sales deals with the Swedes, the Saipaners, a Turkish Car company, and other patsies potential buyers, the Burrough ultimately concluded an agreement to sell the IceBreaker to the Philippino Red Cross (pictured above) for just over 1 Million bucks, but now the Burrough has to cough up 3 Million to fix the damaged engines, and it seems there is some Lawsuit ongoing between the Matsu Burrough and Lloyds Insurance of London, since Lloyds's is trying to back out of having to pay for Matsu's stupidity in leaving the covers off the Engine smokestacks. All this legal delay of may scuttle the Philippine deal and keep the Burrough shackled to the White Elephant, akin to Captain Ahab shackled by harpoon to that other White monstrosity, Moby Dick.

A good comedy writer would hardly have to change a single detail to make this a HollyWood Box Office Blockbuster.


Jeff Dobbs

Our dear friend Jim Rhoads would have turned 76 today.

Happy Birthday Jim. We miss you tons.

Jack is Back!


Breaking radio silence to note to you that I just read that CalTech is rated the number 1 university in the WORLD, ahead of Oxford followed by Harvard and Cambridge. Congratulations on raising a stellar young lady who can master that acceptance and education.


Miss Marple 2


This is an extensive interview with Obama on his foreign policy. I am sure the author doesn't see anything except a good, chummy series of meetings with Obama.

I, however, am quite alarmed. He is PROUD of his refusal to go into Syria after making the red line ultimatum. He considered it liberating. He compares ISIS (ISIL he still calls it) to the Joker in The Dark Knight.

There is a great picture of Cameron and 2 of his foreign policy people sitting across from Obama at a dinner. They look like they are staring at a crazy man.

After reading this, I think we should thank God we aren't already in a full-blown war.

Oh, and he blames the failure of Libya on Britain and France for not paying enough attention, even though they were closer to Libya than the US. Not his fault at all.


MM: That is because they are staring at a crazy man.


Jeff, I miss him, too. JOM is bookmarked to a page in April 2014 and every time I click it there's a post by him to remind me of Jim.

Captain Hate

He compares ISIS (ISIL he still calls it) to the Joker in The Dark Knight.

He calls it ISIL to specify the entire Levant, which includes Israel, to broadcast his Jew hatred knowing full well the self-haters and eunuchs in the MFM and Wacademia won't call him out on it. And everything's a pop culture reference to this unserious clown.

The retards at the Atlantic seem to overlook the cackling that accompanied K-Daffy's death like we were the motivating force behind the complete destabilizing of that country. Or is that a pint of information for their shot glass size brain.

Miss Marple 2

Captain Hate,

That "We came, we saw, he died" thing with the accompanying cackle was the single worst thing I have ever heard a public official say. Awful on so many levels that one could probably write a thesis on it.

Hillary Clinton must never become president, just for that one statement and cackle.

Captain Hate

Miss Marple, the GOP candidates should loudly point out what stooges Rodham, Lurch and 404 have been on foreign policy. Challenge Rodham to name a single success.


Happy birthday, Jim Rhoads! I miss you, too. Wishing your family peace today.


JiB, for you alone--my youngest was awarded full blues the other day at the also-ran university. Unexpectedly--it was for a half blues sport.


And how are you???
I tried to keep up but I am sure I missed a day or two in the past five--are you home yet?? Hope so!


A flurry of headlines hit the web early Wednesday giving action movie and television star Chuck Norris’ highly coveted endorsement in the presidential race to Sen. Ted Cruz.

And while Norris may eventually support Cruz, if he is the GOP’s presidential nominee, the reporting appears to have bombed.

In a statement to WND, Norris said, “I would like to clarify for the record that I have NOT officially endorsed any candidate for president, contrary to what has been widely reported in the media.”


Wasn't there also a claim that 4 Senators were going to be endorsing Cruz?

I do not trust the Canuck.


Thanks for mentioning Jim. I miss him very much.

Miss Marple 2

PM Zoolander is in DC today for official visit. Joint press conference at 11:40 or thereabouts.

Jeff Dobbs

Was Cruz invited?

Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller 8m8 minutes ago
A full-honors arrival ceremony awaits Trudeau at 9AM on the South Lawn. Includes herald trumpeters, national anthems, military honor guard.



We hardly knew ya!

Lots of love in heaven!

Miss Marple 2


Captain Hate

HB Jim, the first JOMer I met.


I was in Scotland when Obama told the world that our NATO allies would handle Libya. I wanted to puke at this ball-less wonders incompetence.

Old Lurker


How are you?

Jeff Dobbs

Also in that Jeffrey Goldberg article:

Charlie SpieringVerified account
“I have the world’s largest carbon footprint.” Obama admits http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/the-obama-doctrine/471525/
6:30 AM - 10 Mar 2016

Oh, it's on.

Donald J. TrumpVerified account
Loser Obama brags abt his carbon footprint. Many ppl say mine bigger-all my hotels & businesses. Not even close!
#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016
7:24 AM - 10 Mar 2016


Happy B-Day Jim Rhoads, and RIP. A gentle decent man.

James D

IF Rubio doesn't win Florida next Tuesday, apparently it will be my fault. He told me so this morning:


Is everything ok?

I just checked our fundraising records and didn't see your name having contributed to our Emergency Florida Donation fund.

James, if you've ever thought of making a donation to our campaign, now is the moment to do so. I know I've counted on you a lot before, but this is the most urgent and critical ask I've ever made of you.

So, James, will you chip in right now?

Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $10 >>>
Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $15 >>>
Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $25 >>>
Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $50 >>>
Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $75 >>>
Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $100 >>>
Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $150 >>>
Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $250 >>>
Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $500 >>>
Yes, Marco I'll chip in right now $1,000 >>>

Our nation's future is hanging in the balance of what happens in the next 6 days. Your donation today will go immediately towards our get-out-the-vote efforts in Florida.

We MUST and WILL win Florida, but only if I can count on your support right now.

James, I'll be checking our Emergency Florida Donation fund records later today and I hope I'll see your name.


I'm not sending him a donation, so you can all blame me if Trump wins Florida!


I thought Khaddafi was killed because of some VIDEO TRAILER!! He I come to find Rodham smothered him as if he was her very own fetus.

I denounce myself (for Lent)


James, the book arrived -- thanks again!


Gus, pls!


From our Chitown lurker, all you need to know about government workers.

key quote: Clarno’s tale of haunting regret is at least the second case of people connected with VA unions admitting they did not speak up about life-and-death issues because the idea of talking to a Republican was too distasteful.

yes, veterans died as a result.


JimR was always very kind to me. He was a good man.

James D

Sure thing, Henry! Glad it got there.


Hey James, please be sure to omit any reference to Muhammad in your upcoming trailer.

"And we had nothing to do with THAT VIDEO"

James D

MM @ 7:12

I got a quarter of the way through that article before I had to stop. I feel physically ill now.

Miss Marple 2

James D.,

The reason I posted it is that I am astounded that the writer didn't see that Obama is truly insane. Or maybe he did and wrote it without comment and let the reader judge.

I do urge everyone to go look at that picture of Cameron across the table, looking at Obama (only seen from the rear). Cameron and his 2 aides look at Obama like he is nuts. It's a telling photo and quite alarming to me.

James D

MM, Jeffrey Goldberg is insane, too. That's why he can't see it.




MissM-- but obama is for real nuts. His narcissism is clinical and it makes his behavior aberrant. Right here at JOM Ignatz and OL have testified to us about narcissistic siblings and their absurd judgment. Obama's narcissism is off of the charts and because of his POTUS power it has led us to catastrophe. $19+ Trillion in debt, nuke armed mullahs trying to trigger Shia Armageddon, the Castros playing Lucy take the ball away from him, Third World invasion, particularly Muslim of the USA, geocide against Christians in the Levant and sub-sahara africa, anti-white propaganda in the military and police forces. His failures only make him more certain of his superiority. This is the most serious state of affairs since The Soviets rattled nukes in 62.

Miss Marple 2


I do not disagree with you. I am certain you, Ignatz, and OL are right.

The tell in the article is that he felt that the refusal to act after his red line threat was "liberating" for him. All about HIM and HIS FEELINGS, no matter hundreds of thousands dead and Europe overrun by refugees.

The more I read that the more I realized he is truly mentally ill. He should have been removed from office on medical reasons, but Congress ignores it, as usual.

Jeff Dobbs

Let's play, Why Don't We Look At The Race Through A Different Lens.

If you add up all the primary votes to date for every candidate not named Cruz or Trump, the race breaks down to this:

Not Cruz/Trump: 4,540,009
Trump: 4,344,438
Cruz: 3,578,923

Therefore, CLEARLY we should not nominate Trump or Cruz. THEY DON'T HAVE THE VOTES!

In fact, you don't even need EVERYBODY but Trump or Cruz. All you have to do is include the next 5 candidates behind Trump and Cruz.

The GOP ticket should be headed by Marco Rubiorand JohnPaul Jebben Carsonich

With Walter Iwachiw as VP!

(say whatever else you want, but Iwachiw has an impressive 0.00007221% of the primary votes cast so far)

Miss Marple 2

Oh, Jeff, I forgot about Walter!

Daggone it, he should have been a contender!


Maybe Obama will ask Trudeau why the Canadian border patrol didn't stop the two Darwin award winners who missed the exit at the northern terminus of I-95. The two men (Valequez and Rodriguez, from CT and the Bronx) were driving to a northern Maine town to attend a "birthday party",but missed the exit and wound up at the Canadian border crossing. The Canadians didn't notice anything suspicious,so the two men turned around and when stopped on the U.S. side,a drug sniffing dog alerted border patrol to heroin (street value of $20,000) in their car.


Yelnick McWawa '16.


Hello Miss Marple! Obama's narcissism is pathological, it is an emotional DISEASE, a mental health issue. He CANNOT be WRONG. It's not possible to him. So when he IS wrong, he doubles down on his IDIOCY, because his EGO will not allow otherwise. What he thinks is simply not correct nor true, and his is too insane and/or rigid to be circumspect/introspective.
In short he's an (REDACTED for LENT) HOLE.

James D

With Walter Iwachiw as VP!

I'm sticking with Chomi Prag! Even if she's still only raised $10 on her GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the election (out of a goal of $7 million).

Miss Marple 2


My interpretation: companies have been strong-armed into providing diapers at a very reduced cost so non-profits can hand them out for free. A lot of poor women now will be told Obama made free diapers available.


Marlene, maybe the 2 gentlemen were delivering TRUDEAU'S stash!!


$20K? that does sound like Trudeau's personal stash.

Jeff Dobbs

Come on, Miss Marple - if we're going to have to talk about diapers, let's at least wait until Rubio is officially out of the race.

Rubio at campaign appearance: "Did you see where the price of diapers is surging? I don't mean to suggest it's because Trump wets his pants, but did you see him at that last debate? I mean, he looked worried. I was worried. He kept looking down at his crotch. I was thinking, only the podium can save him from a real embarrassement. Or diapers. Diapers could save him. Check his campaign filings. He might be stocking up."


Jeff Goldberg was that punk reservist who refused to serve in the west bank,


I won't read the Goldberg article (it's like Goebbels or Soviet propaganda, you can recite it before reading it) but the Redline quote is horrifying even to me. The Mullahs could nuke a few million Jews, and Obummer would be unaffected. Yet any criticism of him, must be unalloyed racism. Truly, he is clinically nuts.

Miss Marple 2


The second best quote is him comparing ISIS to The Joker in a Batman movie.

His intellectual capacity is stuck at age 13 or so.

Crazy and stupid.


He did some good work in the run up to the war, which he refudaied


It is too bad the Founding Fathers designed the eligibility clause with a loophole for British Subjects.


Bingo Miss M ..arrested development. Literally

Captain Hate

The Mullahs could nuke a few million Jews, and Obummer would be unaffected.

I think he'd be very pleased.

Miss Marple 2



Obummer's evil brand of narcissism compared to the more banal BJ narcissism is summed up nicely by Prof. Reynolds:

"Obama’s not a politician. He’s a messiah. If you reject him, you’re a heretic and unworthy of consideration. Bill Clinton wants you to love him. Obama just wants you to obey, or shut up."

Old Lurker

The best we can pray for is that we get out of this year without being blown up (literally or figuratively), and that come January we have new players installed, with new energy and with clear mandate from people like us who will tear up the status quo on Day 1 and turn this ship back to the proper course before it hits the rocks.


I personally don't think Obummer would be pleased that the Mullah's nuked millions of Jews; his first reaction would be disappointment that the Mullahs did not do as he wanted, then... nothing. Obummer would feel nothing.

Jeff Dobbs

new thread

Miss Marple 2



One of the nice things about FB is one can communicate pretty easily - privately as I did with Jim Rhodes who was a very kind man to me. I do miss him very much.


This WaPo photo shows the relative positions of M.Fields, Terris, D.Trump, BodyGuard (behind Trump), and C.Lewandowski. Four of them (except Terris) are walking through the crowd in the approximate direction Trump is looking ... photo 7ee7e75b-f696-4aa5-bc4d-ea31eab87839_zps119l7cdg.png
The positions in the photo are important in order to analyze the video, which can convey misleading relative positions. Notice first that were C.Lew to reach all the way over to M.Fields and drag her off the right side of the shot, she would see exactly who was doing it.

Keep that in mind.
Taking up the first video screenshot ...
 photo Sec13-1_zpsd1hk9zsy.jpg
Appears to be very shortly after the photo, M.Fields is on the far side of Trump. The BodyGuard would be directly behind Trump (off screen) and C.Lew close by his near side.

This next screenshot shows M.Fields falling behind Trump as he brushes by her.
 photo Sec13-2_zpsexjrswkc.jpg
At this time she is drifting between Trump and the BodyGuard.

In the next shot it appears she is being propelled to the near side by someone she does not see ...
 photo Sec13-3_zpsve2nq54o.jpg

Next the BodyGuard quickly replaces her directly behind Trump. And in the video it shows he does this rapidly ...
 photo Sec15_zpsxa4aohhn.jpg
Until he is close to Trump and intently focused on maintaining a protective position.
 photo Sec16_zpszy0zxefh.jpg
Ken Kurson, editor-in-chief of the New York Observer is labeled NYO in the shot. With a clear view and looking in that direction he says he noticed nothing out of the ordinary.

C.Lew is starting to turn back and speak some words with Terris.

My take ... of course it is. But the hyperinferences on the web seem to ignore how the video compresses the appearance of distance and position and the fact that the duty of a BodyGuard is to maintain close protective cover for Trump.

Also it does not seem possible for someone in C.Lew's position to grab Fields and pull her in his direction without her seeing him. The BodyGuard would have been directly behind her and much closer.

If he did remove her from between him and Trump with a firm grip he was just doing his job.

Screenshots are from the MSNBC video at


Good debunking here ...


C.Lew does gently move her out of the way when she winds up in the middle of Trump, BodyGuard and C.Lew. She absolutely looks right at him as he does so.

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