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March 18, 2016



As I just said (on previous post)

If Kasich is the nominee, the GOP is dead.

But there is a long time til August, and if Anonymous keeps up it's good works--they released his SS number yesterday, cell phone overnight--they'll bring in another 10% of the voters for him.

I have to fall in behind JiB. I think Trump might be just what this country needs. Anybody the WaPo is so vociferously opposing has to be good, right??
The youTube porch posted yesterday of his interviews over the past thirty years gave me what I was missing--a feeling of where he's coming from. And it's not ego. He repeatedly said he did not want to do it, he hoped somebody else would.

He's Ben Carson, trained in hypnotherapy.

And I did watch that Dayton rally last Saturday, so I may be hypnotized.


Shorter NYT: Psst, white men are racists, that's the only reason they went for Hillary in 2008.


Step 1: make white men your enemy via SJWs

Step 2: import non-white men and give them all the "jobs"

Step 3: claim white men are the reason you will lose an election.




First Scott Adams post I read last fall said Hillary lost white men the minute she went all in on the "time for a woman " stuff.

Scott Adams, who said Trump will be nominee, and likely president.
My new guru. (He's doing this for us so we'll buy his book, he says.)

People vote identity, not reason.

Miss Marple 2


I want to pull out one quote, because all I have heard from people like Rove is that Trump has high unfavorables:

"And even Trump’s famously high unfavorable numbers are turning around: Gallup’s tracking poll of Republicans and leaners shows that his net favorable numbers have surged 14 percentage points in the past two weeks, vaulting him past Cruz."


Did that article fail to remember Operation Chaos? I was an Operation Chaos Hillary Voter. That's the only vote she'll ever get from me.


Step 4: Alienate the white men in the party who "feel the Bern" by mistreating their candidate.


Fiorina did damage to herself in December when she popped off with a Thatcher quote and said essentially "you want to talk about it, ask a man, you want it done, ask a woman."

Miss Marple 2

Reasons for Brexit #473:

Sky News Newsdesk Verified account

David Cameron has secured support from all EU leaders to have greater flexibility on VAT to allow UK to remove the tax on sanitary products


Not sure if I can ride this roller coaster for the next 8 months.


Rush brought up something earlier this week - my apologies if it's already been discussed.

He was talking about how GOPe types would rather see HRC win than Trump, which makes no sense to most of us. But his take is these folks have their position in life based on inclusion in the party - all the perks, money etc come from that. Winning is secondary. What's most important is maintaining the position in the hierarchy.

For us, we want to win, and with something who will accomplish things we want to see done. The perks, power, privileges the GOPe crave don't apply to us - we don't get any of that. Winning is all that matters to us - the GOPe, eh.

Sort of like being a MLB player to some extent. We think about winning and losing, but to those guys the most important point is being on a roster, any roster - it's from that the perks and money flow. They'd rather play for a loser than not play at all.

And with Trump there's the very real possibility they won't be on the roster any more. After all, who needs them if Trump wins?


David Cameron has secured support from all EU leaders to have greater flexibility on VAT to allow UK to remove the tax on sanitary products

He didn't push for birth control products???

Miss Marple 2


That's a good analogy, and I don't hear Rush unless I'm in the car when he's on, so thanks for bringing it up.

My first clue to this was the virulent hatred of Rick Wilson, GOP "media consultant" who right away was over the top.

I thought then and there his reaction was due to his livelihood being threatened.

Miss Marple 2


The fact that it's a news story at all is just depressing.

To go from "We shall never surrender" to "Please could we not tax tampons?" is just sad.


war on women, Wisconsin style. Yes, lefties plus press vs female candidate.

pagar a bacon,  country ham and sausage supporter


Why is the word most in there? Shouldn't it be ALL?

Free James D!

I love how the article describes it: "resisting her candidacy" as though she has a divine right to their votes.

It couldn't be that they like someone else better. No, they are resisting the natural order of things.

Bankruptcy of the NYT. Cat food diet for all the employees. The Sulzburgers living in a cardboard box. These are the things I hope for.


To go from "We shall never surrender" to "Please could we not tax tampons?" is just sad.

What's amazing (or maybe not) is how many news stories on this topic refer to a "tampon tax," as though there's some special tax that evil white men put on tampons. It's the same sales tax or VAT that applies to everything else. Yet again "non-discrimination" morphs into "special treatment."


It's just a matter of time until the EU offers free diapers to members.

These stats might explain Hillary's shrill victory speech..Just wait till Trump really starts up on her. Her main support seems to be Black women--What percentage of voters are they?

Miss Marple 2


That's a good point. In the US, I think tampons got lumped in with "medical devices" like crutches and such in Obamacare, and originally came under a tax. I do not know if it got changed or not.

Actually, I think crutches shouldn't be taxed either, so I am not asking for special treatment.

I do find it sad, though, that this has become an actual news story.

Miss Marple 2


Last night at the auction I saw a guy with a Trump 2016 sweatshirt. Knowing his background, I was surprised as he is in that demographic that is usually dem because of social issues.

Lots of weird political realignments this year.


Trump needs to talk up Sanders. Not his policies, but what a stand-up guy he is and how he fights for what he believes in etc. Frau posted comments from that NYT article that suggests there are votes there that are ripe for plucking.


It really is the Reagan '80 playbook, except Reagan never made a bid for black votes - I don't think it ever occurred to him to try. He focused on the white and "ethnic" blue collar vote, including union rank and file. Trump looks like he is going to make that bid, if Diamond and Silk are any evidence. Surely BLM will backfire among a subset of black voters who want safer communities and are sick and tired of seeing jobs taken away.


anonamom, glad you liked that video. I left a comment for you at the end of the last thread.


Actually free diapers might be a big selling point to Hillary's voters, if you get my drift.

Miss Marple 2


I am going to start actively looking for bumper stickers and other campaign stuff.

So far, the only bumper stickers I have seen for anyone are a couple for Bernie.

In my opinion, some of the disaffected college students could be won over with a hammer on the colleges for a "truth in employment possibilities" requirement, hitting the colleges for some of the kids' costs, and loan restructuring.


And with Trump there's the very real possibility they won't be on the roster any more. After all, who needs them if Trump wins?

It's a certainty. How much did it cost Trump to make and distribute that video via Instagram and Twitter?

Because of this, I expect Twitter will ban him at some point. And then we have real problems. Even if you don't like Trump, cutting out non-Dem candidates from social media platforms is a BFD.


I do get your drift, jimmy k and I think that's why Obama has suggested it. It's now a new right along with birth control pills, college education and medical care.


Trump has played the new media like a violin. Compare and contrast with Jeb and even Hillary.

Miss Marple 2


This man is insane.



If Trump is getting a ton of free media through his twitter feed, why wouldn't twitter want to somehow get some money out of that? Twitter is not Donald's property.

The answer, of course, is there is always a competitor on the horizen, and another person can easily create another twitter.


I haven't seen a "fun with numbers" comment in some time.

To fill the void:



Appalled, that's just it. Twitter doesn't make any money. So they might as well not make money without The Donald. If they ban him closer to the election there won't be time to find an alternative - there isn't time even now.

jimmyk on iPhone

I meant of the Depends variety.


And if I wasn't clear before, they're within their rights to ban him, just as the MSM would be within their rights not to cover him. In fact I would expect them to start ignoring him any minute.

But you see the problem for the country if there's an election going on and only one candidate is ever mentioned.

Jack is Back!

From TK's 9:45 link

"As Missourian Harry Truman proved true for the ages, elections are not won at polls. They are won at the ballot box."

Actually they are won at the ballot box in the general election not the primaries. This is why I discount all this turnout stuff in primaries. Sure it is a sign of enthusiasm but I want to see that same enthusiasm (and lack of it for the Dems) roll over in Novermber.

Odger Rover

"I want to pull out one quote, because all I have heard from people like Rove is that Trump has high unfavorables"

Maybe people like Rove are talking about this?


OK, it hit me as I was walking and listening to our local NPR station's new Friday "Week in Review" hour. Fortunately, not all the panelists are Marxists, as it's local, so they were not all Hair-on-fire about the racist, bigoted , violence-inciting Donald Trump, as he's most typically protrayed on that frequency.

That's when I got it--that cooler heads shall prevail:

The GOPe will fall in line because--MONEY. Perhaps a tad of power too.

The same reason they are RINOS, the same reason until this week they were OK with electing Hillary instead of the Donald. When it comes down to it, they'll vote their pocketbooks too, and they will take less of hit in the short run with Trump than HRC.

Miss Marple 2

MIT scientists find evidence that "lost memories" in Alzheimer patients may one day be recoverable


Miss Marple 2


He's going to have to go to Windsor. A small victory for Her Majesty, who probably hasn't forgotten that iPod of his speeches.


Jane, our Chicago friend has found our island:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3498370/Irish-island-ultimate-away-stressed-city-living-comes-complete-old-airstrip-just-1-5-million.html

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


They're still ironing out a few kinks;

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Not sure if I can ride this roller coaster for the next 8 months.--

Likewise, peter.
Sit here in the back with me so that if we do yak over the side at least it won't be hitting anyone behind us.


I was pointing out last night, that snarky injo piece is written by an admitted buzzardfeed plagiarist and friend of tetris, who the latter denied, despite social media evidence.

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

Without exception, my Dem/Lib friends have commented to me about the election and have made the assumption that I would support Kasich. Because in spite of my telling them repeatedly and clearly that I am a "right-wing nutcase" they think I am just kidding and that as a reasonably intelligent person I would obviously not be so insane as to support any of the other candidates. When I tell them I'm a Cruz guy who will support Trump they express bafflement.

Tells you all you need to know about Kasich.

Just like the complete absence of BLM/La Raza/Feminist/Radical complaints about Obama's Old White Guy from Harvard Garland nomination tells you all you need to know about how "centrist" the guy is.


Well one looks at turnout numbers re four and eight years numbers, the relation is almost an inverse correlation.


It's very odd how infrequently MOzo and BOzo travel together, except for their Dec. and Aug. vacays.

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys


Some funny stuff.


I hesitated a bit before hitting your link, boatbuilder, but that's some funny stuff. Thanks.


The tuba duel was nice.


I have only been wrong on two games
The Little Rock victory and And the Wichita State win over Arizona

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think the thing that bothers me the most about the TDS, #Nevertrump thing is how much of it is dishonest.
People like Theo and Rick [where is he BTW?] or TC seem primarily concerned about electability, which is a legitimate concern as are concerns about the policies he might actually pursue and I don't have a problem with that even when I disagree.

However, many of the I'll-leave-the-party ultimatum themed criticisms about his lack of conservatism come from precisely the same people who told us we had to vote for Dole and McCain and Romney despite their lack of conservatism. Most of these start out with words like bully, crass, vulgar, bombastic, egotistical, etc.

They don't care about his policies anymore than they did Romneycare or McCain-Feingold.
What they care about is being lumped together with him and then only by a particular crowd. They don't mind the middlebrow fever swamps of the left not liking them. It's the spats and cravat swamps of Vanity Fair and Martha's Vineyard they're afraid of. They aspire to be the New Yorker's logo dandy only facing vaguely right. They're scared stiff of having a handle like short fingered vulgarian pinned to their back by the cool kids, like a Groton version of a kick me sign.
All of which is fine except they're too chicken to just come right out and admit it.

If they want to be well respected men about Georgetown they're going to have to come out of the closet and unleash their inner dedicated follower of fashion.

Comanche Voter

Who knows (or cares) whether I'm "sexist" or not. I would vote for Carly Fiorina in a heartbeat; and I would rather hit myself with a 16 pound sledgehammer than vote for the Hildebeest. So what does that make me?

Hint: an intelligent person.


It goes further than that, Iggy. Even peeps like Iowahawk who certainly aren't part of the Georgetown cocktail circuit are burnishing (and brandishing) their anti-Trump credentials.

Although Iowahawk is more part of that crowd than he likes to admit on Twitter, since he's done things like write the script for a Dick Cheney roast, and pals around with NRO types in real life as well as on social media.

It's a bore. They talk about the Uniparty and creative destruction and sticking it to the elite yet they won't support the one guy who's poised to creatively destroy the elite Uniparty, because he's uncouth or something.


CH was absolutely correct about the Ohio primaries. Although I have been "registered" as a Republican (whatever the hell that means)for decades, I was ask whether I wanted R or D ballot.

I suspect Kasich got a lot of crossover votes. Dems who can't quite stomach Shrillary or the Bern.

Kasich is squishy enough for the muddle.


New ceiling alert:

Latest NY Emerson poll has Trump at 64%, Clinton at 71%.



This is an update from Tuesday voting in SW Ohio. A terrible 12 vehicle wreck on a KY-OH bridge led to a judge's ordering the polls to remain open an extra hour in 4 counties.

There are some big problems with this:

1) The Federal judge received a call from her clerk who was stuck in the bridge traffic, and determined on her own that she was entitled to unilaterally extend voting hours.

2) Her aide called the SoS office to inform him of this decree at around 7:30 which was the time the polls were supposed to close.

3) The SoS said WHAT! Where is the written order? When did this happen? How can we communicate this to 1100 precincts which are closed/closing?

4) The SoS spoke to the Judge around 7:39, and she said it had been an oral order, not a written one, but then submitted a written version to the SoS around 8:00.

5) Presumably in the midst of this, some precincts stayed open and others closed; and apparently one of the Congressional districts includes residents in 2 counties -- one that was supposed to extend hours, and another that was not.

6) Now the SoS and his office are trying to figure out what to do about the voting irregularites that the Federal Judge created without a justiciable case or controversy, nor plaintiff, nor case number, etc.

7) Should I mention that the SoS is a little hacked off about this?

As bad as this is, the wreck itself was worse. A car flew off of the bridge and remains at the bottom of the Ohio River because conditions are to dangerous to attempt a recovery effort until Sunday or Monday. The know where the car is but do not know who/how many people perished.


And new AZ poll has McCain only ahead of his Some Dude primary opponent by....drum roll....one point.


But go ahead, GOPe, force a candidate on us. It's going to work out sooooo well for you.





Oh he's off at #nevertrump, ie patterico going full macho Grande.


I told you they stole ahia, it's just classic.


What a sad mess, JeanD.


McCain will be 80 soon. He filled Barry Goldwater's vacant seat. He's been on the Senate Armed Svc Committee as long as I can remember, making him a Sunday shows regular for many years ... but he had no idea about the shameful treatment of vets by the VA, especially the worst of the worst in Phoenix until, like BOzo, he read it in the paper? He's a liar, incompetent, or both.


A liar, incontinent, or both, you say?


Anybody making book on how many riots will be required in Aug/Sept/Oct to turn out the Dem vote?

I will make a bet that NONE occur in that swath of Appalachia on the map MM posted yesterday.


Polls mean nobody has to, you know, discuss substance.


Can someone toss an o and a y into my prior post?


Porch, it is a sad mess. The SoS was on the radio this morning explaining the situation to the host (who also happens to be a lawyer).

The host suggested that the SoS should toss out any of the late votes, then let a voter sue to have the vote reinstated. That way, at least there would be a plaintiff and a case. Right now the SoS doesn't know how he can go to the Fed Appeals Court without any valid ruling in the lower court.

Host also suggested that the SoS file an Ethics charge against the Judge. We've moved from "legislating from the bench" to "legislating by a tweet from the bench."

narc, I don't know how many votes were actually cast during the extension. I imagine fairly few since many of the polling locations did not get the word or reopen.


So far this week the WaPo has printed anti-trump pieces from Terris of their "Style" section, from Richards their "pop music critic", and now a dire anti-Trump piece from a Berniebot in their Wonkblog. Waiting to hear from the sports section how Trump's favorite teams reflect his elitism, the horoscope guru on how Trump's astrological sign is a warning from hell, the home-garden feature on the deadly insecticides used at Trump properties, etc. etc.



At the moment I'm interested in countering the "polls show he can't win" argument.

If anyone would like to posit a "substantive" argument for another candidate, but cannot also give any indication of how that candidate could actually become the nominee, what is the point? We can all talk about pie in the sky, like Bernie Sanders does.


Diapers are a fundamental right. The only real question is landfill filling disposable or cloth. If you support Gaia there's only one right answer but what smart mom or dad wants to clean them. Another job American won't do. Hence a need to import Mas personas. A win-win for Democrats


Give it time, Deb at 11:54. We still have 8 months to go...

Thomas Collins

Re the poll linked by Porchlight at 11:14 AM: Trump is behind Clinton by 19 points, and is behind Sanders by 17 points, in his home state. If Trump can't shuffle the usual deck in his home state, he's not going to be able to shuffle it in any other state. Thus, we are back to North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and perhaps one or two other states deciding the election, with the usual red/blue split in the remaining states.


One Million FB Likes on open letter against Trump. Wonder how nice this Stanton really is.


Thomas Collins

I think Cruz and Kasich have a relatively straightforward path to becoming the nominee, Porchlight: Trump doesn't reach 50% plus 1 rolling into Cleveland, and polls continue to be consistent in showing Kasich and Cruz doing better than Trump against Clinton. Sure, it's possible Trump could improve his percentage of collecting delegates and achieve the 50% plus one, or improve in the polls, or both. But this is far from a done deal.

What is especially troublesome to me is that we haven't seen MSM do it's body slams on Trump yet. MSM is milking Trump during the nomination season. If it's Trump vs. The Hill, MSM will be all in for The Hill.


I see riot potential in Baltimore in early May when the first "Freddie Gray" bike cop's trial begins. Barring a colossal travesty of justice, the white cop will be speedily acquitted on all charges. Rioting will either commence immediately or may be postponed until after the black van driver's trial, which follows soon after. White cop exonerated + black van driver found guilty or both acquitted = riots imo.


If it's Trump vs. The Hill, MSM will be all in for The Hill.

Well of course.

If the nominee is someone other than Trump, IMO we lose because that person will not get enough Trump/insurgent voters. Maaaybe Cruz has a shot. But Tuesday was not good for him.


MSM will be all in for Hilligula... Trump or not.


Donald J. Trump

Salt Lake City Town Hall

Starting in a few minutes



Wouldn't Cruz and Kasich cancel each other out? One is GOPe and the other is supposedly anti-GOPe?


boatbuilder, thanks for the Yale/Duke link. Very entertaining!

Thomas Collins

Porchlight and henry, MSM will be starting with higher candidate negatives as it goes against Trump. And if Trump is going to bring in insurgents that the GOP is not otherwise going to get, where are all those insurgents in Trump's home state?


Sorry, the event is early this evening not in a few minutes. :-)


Salt Lake Trib explains why most Mormon males today don't have beards. Makes it easier to notice bearded brigand performance artists like Tommy "I wanted to grab Trump's mic" Dimassino.


If Trump can't shuffle the usual deck in his home state, he's not going to be able to shuffle it in any other state.

Not so fast, TC.

Looking ahead to the general election, the two Democrats do equally well in a head-to-head matchup with Trump. Clinton (55% to 36%) and Sanders (53% to 36%) lead the reality show star by 19 and 17 points, respectively, while Cruz loses to Clinton by 31 points (61% to 30%).

So Clinton can only get to 55% in her deep blue home state of NY against Trump? I don't know about you but I'm liking how that translates into other lavender and light blue states.

Miss Marple 2

So, Thomas Collins, you think CRUZ will win New York?

After that sneering "New York values" comment? After he paraded all over the country with that nut case Glenn Beck acting like Cruz was the Sceond Coming?

I don't think so.

New York is probably going to go for Hillary, as she and Bill still sort of live there, plus Wall Street. Trump would make it more competitive, though, which would cost the dems money to make sure it stays dem.


And if Trump is going to bring in insurgents that the GOP is not otherwise going to get, where are all those insurgents in Trump's home state?

I'm not being clear, I guess. I'm saying Trump and to some extent Cruz get the insurgent vote; add them together and that's about 60% of the GOP vote nationally.

Look at the NY head to head poll again. Trump polls 6 points higher than Cruz and holds Hill to 55% whereas Cruz can only hold her to 61%.

Trump and Cruz are the insurgent candidates. How does Hillary do against the non-insurgent Kasich? The summary doesn't say, but since he's only at 1 percent among Republicans, I'm guessing it's a much bigger rout than either Trump or Cruz.


Salah Abdeslam has been arrested.

shot as well.


MSM will be all in for Hilligula

"Will"? What's with this future tense? They're already so deep in the tank for her NOW! Think this bothers Trump? I don't.


Anyways I was entertained by web griffith's entertaining picaresque tale set in the 40s.

Of course brooksie is all green eggs and ham, but that's a big.

Miss Marple 2


They caught Salah Abdelslam alive. The organizer of the Paris terror attacks, the guy with the face you want to punch.


Porch: "polls show he can't win"

That says nothing about the candidate, something about those answering polls, and everything about the media.


That's awesome. Europe may be a mess but their LEO agencies are still pretty good (after the fact at any rate).


Nsa re judicial watch wondered how red queen had gamma clearance material.


That says nothing about the candidate, something about those answering polls, and everything about the media.

Sure. But people are asserting here in this forum "polls show he can't win" and I'm attempting, here in this forum, to discuss that assertion.

There's plenty of room for other discussion, if that is what is wished.


That says nothing about the candidate, something about those answering polls, and everything about the media.


Also, who exactly are these pollsters, er...polling? Every damn phone in the world, land line or cell, has caller ID. Do YOU answer an unknown, out of area call? I don't.


Bernstein is one of the generally smarter journolisters, but that's like jumbo shrimp.


You mean TAMPONS aren't FREE.......yet.


The daily pundit has had a clearer perspective for a while, unlike other sites which have gone full body snatche.


Wait. Maybe I've been too harsh on the MFM being in the tank for Hilligula. In my defense, I hadn't seen this link about these wisened, jaundiced-eyed old press wretches hammering her on her record and "inflicting the comfortable," as the saying goes:


Destiny Ignatz

--And new AZ poll has McCain only ahead of his Some Dude primary opponent by....drum roll....one point.--

I thought that was against his Dem opponent in the fall.

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