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March 18, 2016



As far as Obama goes, I believe his favorables have crept up. Not significantly, but he's holding his own in the polls for a POTUS in his eighth year.

That's in part because his people have been smart enough to keep him out of the spotlight as much as possible for the last few months. He and his wife become more popular the less anyone sees of them.


We westerners don't count, glasater. At least not electorally... :)


GOPe attacked Cruz and did first damage

Again, by putting so much energy into attacking Trump instead of making a compelling case for an alternative, the #NeverTrump-ers have been counter-productive. Since when does "anyone but X" work as a rallying cry? It ends up being more like the old "Don't look at that elephant in the room" phenomenon. At the same time as inadvertently helping Trump vs his R opposition, they've damaged him (though only a little) as a candidate vs Hillary.


jimmyk --

Good points as usual.

But I am struck by the words "put so much energy into attacking Trump."

If they had put one quarter of the energy into attacking Trump early on as they have of late, we would not likely be in this mess.

In my opinion, Trump has gotten very lucky in the tactical decisions of his opponents and quite lucky with getting a larger share of the delegates than his share of the votes (and in some cases like Missouri just incredibly lucky in winning by a few votes instead of losing by a few). He has of course also played the media brilliantly, which is a skill and not luck.

The "Anyone But Trump" crowd should soon settle on a candidate and I assume will. Their failure to do so before now is minor compared to the failure to take him on at the early stages.


From the info today that Blumenthal sent top secret NSA material to Clinton and she passed it on, it appears Blumenthal has to be in the hot seat. Would you want to trust your political career and life to his not turning on you? No wonder Hillary is so shrill and acts so bizarrely and her party is scared.


In case this hasn't before been posted at JOM:

"...In fact, Donald Trump was in on the ground floor of the most significant political victory American conservatives have won in this century; the election of Ronald Reagan as President of the United States. I know because I was charged with organizing former Governor Ronald Reagan's campaign in New York State, as well as New Jersey and Connecticut.

To a man, the New York business establishment and significant Republican contributors were supporting either Ambassador George H.W Bush or former Texas Governor John Connolly for President. Well heeled Reagan donors with the ability to raise significant funds for Reagan were hard to come by in the Northeast.

Donald Trump is among the handful who really stepped up to the plate for Reagan. Trump made arrangements for the Reagan campaign to obtain campaign office space on West 52nd street and raised over a quarter million dollars (in 1980 dollars) for the Reagan campaign coffers. Trump also set up meetings with numerous private sector union officials he was friendly with, and encouraged a number of them to bolt from Jimmy Carter and endorse Reagan"

See more at: http://stonezone.com/article.php?id=415#sthash.nHjrWeTL.dpuf

(He also helped the campaign with air transporation on his private aircraft.)


From the Time Flies notebook: Last week the Mittster campaigned for Kasich. Today he says he's supporting Cruz in Utah and urging R voters (surely the Mormons) to vote for Cruz to stop Trump.


Clarice --

Willard's behavior is entirely consistent with what he said in his speech -- vote for the non Trump candidate who was mostly like to win in your state.

JM Hanes


That's pretty pathetic on Romney's part. Hard to think of a better way to dilute any remaining value of your endorsement.


But I am struck by the words "put so much energy into attacking Trump."

If they had put one quarter of the energy into attacking Trump early on as they have of late, we would not likely be in this mess.

Then you're not getting my point. Attacking anyone but Hillary is counterproductive, assuming the goal is victory in November. That was true "early on" as well as now. Make the positive case for a candidate, attack the real enemy (Dems).

I think Cruz is being too negative about Trump also. He shouldn't be wasting time saying "Trump can't win." He should focus on make a positive case for himself, even on the assumption that both he and Trump will knock off the screeching harridan with ease.


The "Anyone But Trump" crowd should soon settle on a candidate and I assume will.

Oh, they have: his dad used to carry the mail.


It's embarrassing that the Mittster even thinks his name/endorsement carries any cachet at this point.


clarice, I'm not surprised by that at all since Lindsay Graham started fundraising for Cruz yesterday. Cruz and the establishment are more compatible together than Trump and Cruz.




jimmyk --

Then I guess your point is Reagan's old 11th Commandment. But that ship sailed (or sunk) a long time ago. There has been a lot of negativity in pretty much every GOP nominating contest since RR.


Buckeye, thanks. Impressive family. :)

JeanD, I just married into it. Hope it rubs off.

But I am plum tickled to discover I am at least 1/512 Cherokee and a descendent of Moytoy "Emperor" of the Cherokee Nation. Cool beans!

Thanks daddy for the genealogy lesson.



Miss Marple 2

Good morning!

How much longer will the career path of blogger/think tank/tv pundit be profitable, do you think?

Seems to me a lot of people on the right have burned their bridges with this attempt to overturn the will of their readers and/or viewers. Same with a lot of elected officials.

Once you have been told you are too stupid to pick a candidate, or gullible, or too emotional or any one of the other insults that have been hurled at voters over and over again, you sort of don't care what these people think, so you turn your TV to a movie and pick up a gardening magazine to learn how to plant vegetables to survive.

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