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March 19, 2016


Jack is Back!

Firstus with the mostus!



Miss Marple 2

Good morning, everyone!

Free James D!

Happy Saturday, everyone!


So just where is Jeff?


Forgot to come home from the pool hall?

Miss Marple 2



Loved the movie recs. When I was explaining to husband what Porch's "Shawshanked" means, he said "Oh, like the Eagles documentary."
(Exactly! We've watched it at least four times.)

Dr J--Goodfellas , most definitely!


That's great, anonamom! I love that Eagles documentary, too.

Great to have a nice long list of movies to check out. JMH, thanks for sparking that thread!


TK - we loved World's Fastest Indian. I think Hopkins is my favorite living actor but Michael Caine is way up there, too. Hard to choose.


I forgot to add Hoosiers to my list. It's true I haven't Shawshanked it, but I would if I could.

Also,Secondhand Lions which I have .


Movies to watch over and over?

And no one mentioned "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"?


. . . For a good time call Allison Wonderland.

Miss Marple 2
The colors of the Lady are green, and so are the lances.

I learned a nice phrase over @ the Bish's from commenter Dyspeptic Curmudgeon. 'This is not just virtue signalling. We have reached VIRTUE PAGEANTRY'.

A lollapalooza.

How about 'Virtue Tournaments'? Oh, yes, we have elections. It must amaze the world to see the spectacle of the showboating salesman triumphing in virtue over the grandmotherly veteran politician.

Alec & al.

I haven't watched 'The Ladykillers' enough times yet to not find something new in it each time. But I'm still trying.

Jack is Back!


From the last thread: The French SDGE will keep Salah in isolation for debriefing or as the French say, "Entretien, abruti."

How much he gives up will depend on how much he really knows.

I like to spell the 'm' word as 'merdre' to roll out the r's and the contempt.

Heh, TNX for 'abruti'. Hadn't run across it before.



My french vocabulary is very limited, and slang I don't know at all.

So of course I submitted entretien abruti to google translate.

Type in entretien = "interview"

Add abruti and right in front of my eyes "interview" dissappears and "asshole maintenance" pops up.



Gawker is still showing the Hulk hogan sex tape. I never go on Gawker, but I do read its sister site about cars, Jalopnik.




That is funny, Buckeye!


USA Today:

“It’s easy for bullies like Sheriff Arpaio to pick on people who have no power,” Sanders said. “If I am elected president — the president of the United States does have power. So watch out, Joe.”

Wait, Trump's the fascist, no?


Yesterday when mentioning why some of the Ahia GOPe don't like Kasich, I forgot to mention another issue.

Kasich pushed the rules committee to ram through the change to "winner take all" in the primary.

So not only a prick, but a self serving prick.





The Science is Settled: Trump Speaks Like a Fourth-Grader



So spiccoli is a weasel, surprising how many people don't realize this, including Kate del Castillo.


I've had to reevaluate my long-standing positive view of Kasich from his House Contract With America days. What I thought were genuine, if sometimes mistaken, acts of integrity as governor, I now see as self-serving machinations and poll-tested platitudes with this prez run foremost in his mind.


Fake Nice Guy John Kasich is a Jerk to a Cop for No Reason (VIDEO)


Jack is Back!


"Talk, asshole" in the vernacular!

Any movie by Mel Brooks, especially Blazing Saddles and The Producers.

Destiny Ignatz

--Gawker is still showing the Hulk hogan sex tape.--

Well they already got tagged for the $115 million for showing it so why not? At least through the appeal.
Besides apparently there's no one under four in it so what's the problem?
(I'm guessing that comment not only got Hogan the $100 million he was asking for but the extra $15 mill the jury tacked on)

Destiny Ignatz

The mention of Michael Caine reminds me of the best adaptation of Kipling that I know of, The Man Who Would by King.


I think I side with Kasich re that situation. Looking at the heavy, fast-moving traffic, it seems much more dangerous to himself and others to have to suddenly move into the left lane, especially since the police car's officer wasn't anywhere in sight at the time, unless I missed it. If Kasich later publicly named the officer and called him an idiot, that's unforgivable, but I didn't hear him do that.


Besides the neuralizer factor, what made Denton particularly odious this time around?


Another fave with Caine - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and, as claire added, Secondhand Lions.


Btw eich is out with another browser, brave.


So besides the fact that saleh worked in an immigration office, what makes him so special?


clarice not claire ...

Another film fave with Caine - Zulu


Cinderella Man
The Winslow Boy
Lives of Others
Never Let Me Go

Jack is Back!


Don't know about Ohio but in Florida you have a choice, move over or lower your speed to 45mph. He did neither and in his little talk noted he didn't even see the emergency vehicle. Which begs total disbelief watching that video.

Miss Marple 2

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 4 Jun 2014

I hope we never find life on other planets because there's no doubt that the U.S. Government will start sending them money!
1,295 retweets 1,287 likes

A stroll down memory lane,

Miss Marple 2




Trump is all for big government pay outs. He just wants to be in charge.


Now they say he worked in transport, which is even less reassuring.


An amusing Fox butterfield a fmr fin analyst, Clint watts says he was surprised they found him in molenbeek.


Several threads back MM mentioned bloggers, websites and radio hosts who have burned bridges (so to speak) with their rhetoric.

I will have to say that is absolutely the truth with me. Top of the list is Eric Erickson! I will NeVER, EvER listen to that idiot again. He is actually local (Atlanta) and he is on my talk station every day.

I have totally changed my reading and listening habits due to this election and will not go back.


Hi Janet
I am so glad you are here
Prayers continue for your family
I like Porch's expression Shawshanked
Loved Glory
Stir Crazy
Animal House
Roaring Tewnties
The Turning Point
Any Jimmy Stewart movie
Boys Town
Going My Way


Which begs total disbelief watching that video.

True, but Kasich didn't seem disrespectful imo. That video reminded me a similar one a few months ago in which a black woman was pulled over by a white cop for not signaling as she dutifully moved into the middle lane upon seeing a police car stopped on the right side. The officer ignored her explanation, demanded her license, demanded she leave the car, and, after words were exchanged, arrested her. It was all on video/audio, but I don't remember her posing a threat to the officer at any time. She killed herself in jail several days later. That arresting officer deserves a serious look imo.


Any new information on college decisions or residency placements of children of JOMers?

Miss Marple 2


Being very sleepy this morning (got up at 5:30 to take granddaughter to a band competition) I posted that on the wrong thread.

It occurred to me that the blogger/radio/pundit business plan is not going to be as productive going forward. It's one thing for individuals to grumble and refuse to vote for someone; when you alienate a huge number of your readers and/or viewers by calling them gullible, stupid, emotional, and other assorted insults, pretty soon you won't have those viewers/listeners/readers any more.

The volume of unwanted advice and insultson a variety of political issues has caused me to switch to Dave Ramsey in the afternoons, who at least has some practical advice and a positive attitude.

National Review better hope that they can get someone like Romney to endow them. Otherwise, I think they will go the way of the dodo.


Well erickson, might as well be the ewok's twin.


The journal's guest columnist compares trump to chavez, and Lopez obrador, not doc brown, because narrative.

How about that four ring circus in Brazil?


Loved the last minute shot in the Northern Iowa game
StJoe's win also big finish as was Iowa's


MM I've seen many election cycles. I cannot remember one where the voters were treated in such a manner. I know the candidates are usually discussed and analyzed and defamed (in some cases) but this seems very different.

The funny thing is that they must think we are going to say, "Oh gee, I sure don't want Erik Erickson (or fill in the blank) to think I'm a stupid moron so I'll change my vote". Rather I'm saying, "Thank you for the insult, click (radio off), I'm even more determined to vote now!!!"

I love Dave Ramsey!


Trump is the one who is treating people like morons. So what do you consider those who are fine with that?


The Man Who Would Be King (Sean Connery and Michael Cain). Yes, never forgot it Only saw it one time. Some resolutions I can stand; others, often too tragic.

I'm going to change my name on here. Was so taken by Spratt in Downton Abby, I'm thinking about using Splatt. :) Cause that's how some of my comments land.

Miss Marple 2


If you do that use "formerly known as Joan" for a while. Otherwise I will get confused!


lol, Joan. Loved Spratt and Danica's (sp) rivalry.

If anyone hasn't ever seen the wonderful Breaking Away from 1979, it's on TCM today at 6 p.m. The screenplay won an Oscar and the cast is uniformly excellent.


For drama, Breaker Morant.

For comic relief, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.

Bonus points if you can connect the two.

Splatt, fka Joan

Oh, yes, DebinNC, Breaking Away is a wonderful movie.

What do I win?

Dead Breaker Men Don't Wear Morant Plaid


Cary Grant: Bringing up Baby - Arsenic and Old Lace

Splatt, fka Joan

Speaking of Sean Connery (and I don't know that anyone has been recently :), I liked him in Marnie. Quite enjoyed that movie.

I've quite enjoyed him in a lot of movies.

And, I think it was CH who asked yesterday evening, yes I just saw Bat*21 on Starz. Liked the movie. I admire and appreciate Gene Hackman as an actor. However, discovered all movies about Viet Nam depress me a lot. No matter the outcome.

I refused to watch Apocalypse Now because it was about Viet Nam and Cambodia. Hated that time. Couldn't believe the news about Lieutenant Calley at first. Fought against believing it. Hated hearing about the tunnels. Hated the rampages and demonstrations back here on the college campuses, etc. Hated the way that generation treated returning servicemen. Loathed Jane Fonda for that photo with the Viet Cong. Loathed Kerry. When I see reruns of the Dick Cavett interview, I want to vomit.

Anyway, Bat*21 was good, but it still evoked bad memories for me.

Miss Marple 2


I am that way about "Forrest Gump." I was a military wife and lived overseas 67-69, came home to campus unreast. The movie does a good job of mirroring those years, but I find it too depressing to rewatch.


Dead Breaker Men Don't Wear Morant Plaid

That's right!

(also Morant's Bryan Brown is married to the lovely Rachel Ward from DMDWP)

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Joan - Please *don't* change. I have never thought any of your comments have been clunkers. They have always seemed to me to be heartfelt and thoughtful.

Controversial comments and those that challenge the accepted conventions always get more of a reaction. And please don't forget, 'typhuspad'™ has been locking out just about everyone intermittently over the last couple of weeks.

Btw, sometimes I wonder if what I post is only visible to me, given that it usually elicits no reaction whatsoever. So I settle for the hope that at least *one* person out there in 'JOM land' finds it worth reading.

I would give you positive feedback regularly, were I not in almost-permanent catch-up mode. So, please take heart, and keep posting as Joan. You *are* part of what makes this place such a treasure.

Gnothi Seauton.

Joan, don't demean your stuff. It attracts and holds attention; usually halfway through I say 'This is Joan', and continue with pleasure.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

BlueOx - I *was* going to say "B's spouse is R" so as not to spoil it for anyone else who might be trying to figure out the connection. Application of a 'Two-hour rule' usually works well for trivia questions and the like, it seems. Just sayin' . . .


Taranto just now on the Journal Editorial Report on Fox said that if Hillary's elected the 2nd amendment is gone..finito.

In MM's 8:21 link to Brussels.

Heh, Reuters translates 'Rue des Quatres Vents' as 'Street of Four Winds'. We'll ask JiB if that's meant to be 'Street Eighty'.


The first would get heavily bruised as well.

Annie Oakley votes for Trump.

Yeah, our regulations will be infringed.

Scared of the outlaw.

The future shall not belong to any journalist who slanders the profit of Clinton.


Heh, that's it. She's an outlaw, Trump's in in-law.

Sandy Daze

The Fox 10 live stream from Arizona is here:


Seems that the interstate leading to the immediate area of the DJT rally was blocked by some 1st Amendment types (sarc), creating a traffic jam leading for miles and mile and miles.

In real-time you can watch the streaming video from the overhead asset, while you wait for the rally, to begin at 1400 EDST.

We don't need no stinkin' guns, or tongues.

Ecchymotic amendments, morbid, perhaps not mortal.

Frau Mox Nix

"No matter what happens in life, there are always two possibilities."

'Me and the Colonel'

Sandy Daze

Earlier overhead from the rally site showed long lines of (hopeful) attendees.

Titter, for the boobs.

A well-regulated twitter stream being necessary for the preservation of liberty, the right of the people to think longer than 140 characters at a time shall be infringed.


Well Dorsey or whoever has moved to 10,000 characters, heck with the business plan.

JM Hanes


Rest assured, I can personally vouch for at least *one* person who is always glad to see you posting. I have every confidence that I'm not alone, either!


"Some resolutions I can stand; others, often too tragic."

I will never, ever be able to watch Sophie's Choice again, for that very reason. It's the only movie I've ever sobbed out loud over in a movie theatre.


Breaker Morant would be on my list to see again, though it's painful.

The only Vietnam movie worth seeing more than once (if even once) is Deer Hunter, which I did as a young adult, but now I think the violence is more than I'd care to sit through.

I confess a weakness for all those Merchant-Ivory flicks.

Sandy Daze

Anyone mention A Fish Called Wanda under the humor category ?? There was a time I knew all of the lines...

In addition to Going My Way, Bells of St Mary's is superb, also with Father Charles “Chuck” O’Malley, from 1945.

Has the first ever "silly kitten video"

Ahead of schedule and under budget !
Sandy Daze

Apparently multiple routes to the rally have been blocked.


Brother, who was there, liked Full Metal Jacket.

Who doesn't like Gunnery Sergeant Ronnie Lee Ermey?


That's an interesting question about what a liberal Supreme Court would do to the Second Amendment. I'm not denying that they desperately want to do away with it entirely, but consider the repercussions to themselves . . .

Up to this point both Left and Right might rail against those court decisions that go against them, but ultimately the public as a whole ends up accepting the decision and moving on, or at most --and especially in the Left's case--trying to undermine the decision by challenging it from a different angle. But what we haven't really had in the modern era is an open defiance of any SCOTUS ruling. All bets will be off though if SCOTUS does away with the 2nd Amendment. Not just individual citizens but entire states will openly defy the decision. And once that barrier is broken--of huge swaths of the country telling SCOTUS you're not the king of me . . . well, they're no longer the king. They have no army to enforce their ruling, so the WH will have to chose whether to defend the ruling by going to war against the defiant states. And talk about the horns of a dilemma: a hot civil war or accept the castration of the Supreme Court.

So I don't think even an ultra liberal SCOTUS will risk facing any open defiance of their ruling by backing the red states into such a corner. More likely, they'll just chip away at it, little by little.


Love the movie thread! All mine have already been mentioned, but I'm amazed at how many of others' favs I've never even heard of before.

Sandy Daze

Those organizing these blockages are TWANLOC.

I believe their actions will only serve to drive more support toward Mr Trump.

They will do the same to Mr Cruz, or to Mr Kasich (well, maybe not Kasich.)

Even if one were agnostic regarding Mr Trump, that the occupy, blm, moveon, la raza etc etc etc groups are against him, might actually promote serious consideration of his candidacy.

The friend of my enemy is my enemy...

Enemy of my friend is my enemy...

My enemy's enemy is my potential friend...

mike in houston

Local Hero is one of those small masterpieces that I can watch over and over again. Also has a young Dr. Who. {Peter Capaldi}Also the music by Mark Knopfler.



Oh, yes--Breaker Morant.
Arsenic and Old Lace
The Belles of St Trinians
Funny Face

No wonder I hardly go to movies any more. The best ones were already made.


And that Kasich not only didn't get the humor in Fargo, but then tried to wrestle Blockbuster into taking it off their shelves, says everything you need to know about that shriveled-up, sour-faced, holier than thou obnoxious prune of a despicable man.


Obama is bringing 40 Congressmen with him to Cuba and the entourage is so big they are taking up 1200 hotel rooms, all on the taxpayer's dime and all going into Castro's pockets.


A Fish Called Wanda and Fargo are wonderful!


Yes, they are, gasater.

Jack is Back!


Just saw your quesiton on Rue de Quatre-Vents.

To me it means Street of Four Winds. Eighty is Quatre-vingts.

Dave (in MA)

One of my favorite musicians, the guitarist and soundtrack composer David Torn, uses the nickname "splatt" online in some forums, short for "splattercell", the name he used for a series of records under that name.


Happened to see a movie called Momento when both my Mom and Mom in law were drifting into dementia..at the same time..so even the movie didn't get a whole lot of attention it had a profound effect on me.

Sandy Daze

Heaven Knows Mr Allison (1957)

Babette's Feast (1987)

Big Night (1996)

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

JM Hanes - You are too kind, as always. You do know how pleased I and so many others here are to have you back posting regularly, right?

Sandy Daze

Queen of Hearts (1989)

Eddie Luca is the youngest son in a family of Italian immigrants who has moved to London. Beginning from nowhere, they open a café in an Italian neighborhood. One day their father loses the café, the home and his wedding ring by gambling.

I remember it as "La Bella Machina" -- a great little movie...

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