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March 01, 2016


Jeff Dobbs

(sorry, tn broke more for cruz....but rubio picked up more than trump)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jimmy's dad is a communist, jimmy's dad is a communist. :P




The wonderful memorial service and tribute to Nino Scalia, lost in Super Tuesday. Don't miss it.



High tech:


Dave (in MA)

Tight race between Trump & Cruz in Alaska.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

'Dream Doctor' still leads the book contest at 42%, out of 2,515 votes cast.

But, Tasman's catching up with 33%, and Jacinta has 25%.

Time for all of us to put on our Democrat party hats and pretend we're Chicago voters through the end of the week.

Here's the link again:



James D.

Thanks, Michael!

The Australians are still at work. It's closed to 41-34 now.

James D.

I really wish the R's understood that because of the MSM, they can't attack one another as viciously as the Dems go after one another in the primaries.

Every effective R vs R attack gets repeated throughout the general election, with the press trumpeting "Even fellow Republicans think so-and-so is a racist." and cue video from the primary.

Every effective Dem on Dem attack either becomes "old news" in the general and unworthy of coverage, or it gets recast as a partisan and vicious and unfair invention of the R''s (like Willie Horton, or questions about Obams's citizenship, both first raised by fellow Dems in primary ads and debates).

Jeff Dobbs

Cruz wins Alaska...

Jeff Dobbs

A couple more Super Tuesday notes.....

Taniel ‏@Taniel 6h6 hours ago
Rubio won Minnesota big—but it's the state that allocates its delegates most evenly. Allocation based on 88% in Rubio 14, Cruz 13, Trump 11

Rubio needed the win to stave off the Cruz - "I'm the only one who's beaten Trump" line. But it is only a win for morale and good press...not for delegates.

More damaging for him in delegates was not getting to 20% in TX and AL.

And The NYT tracker now shows the following delegate pickups from Super Tuesday:

Trump 242
Cruz 222
Rubio 111
Kasich 18
Carson 3

Though there seems to be a lot of confusion/speculation in terms of how things will end up - estimates vary pretty significantly based on the source.

Finally, there were only two states in which Trump got >40% of the vote: Massachusetts and Alabama. Those demographics couldn't be any more dissimilar, no?

Cruz got >40% in Texas as well.

Jeff Dobbs

Oh, and WY showed up on some trackers as being a 3/1 caucus state. But apparently they have a long, drawn out primary season - and 3/1 is just one of the dates they hold a preliminary caucus.


They have to ride a horse to the polls in WY... takes longer.

And AGW scam is what Bin Laden wanted. He wanted to fundamentally transform America into a caliphate and AGW scams would have made us appropriately 7th century for that.


Jimmy's dad is a communist

Red diaper through and through. But unlike my mother, he's cool with having a neanderthal for a son.

Miss Marple

Phil Kerpen ‏@kerpen 4m4 minutes ago

Dave Brat's Cantor-backed opponent has dropped out, leaving him unopposed for the nomintaion. http://www.richmond.com/news/virginia/government-politics/article_3db1499c-12d8-5683-9693-d339e7b96262.html
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*So* what happens now? Will the GOPe have a come to Jesus meeting with Rubio and actually support Cruz? Will Hillary be able to endure the grueling campaign? I thought she looked terrible last night. Her face was puffy and the coat she was wearing looked more like a tent than usual.

Sandy Daze

Hot-n-Fresh: A baker's dozen just delivered to JamesD !

Go JamesD !!!

Miss Marple


The debate on Thursday will be the last chance to take Trump down. It will be interesting to see if he maintains his pivot to a more serious candidate like we saw at the press conference last night.

If he does, and Rubio continues his Don Rickles imitation, Rubio will look like a fool.

Sandy Daze

Many Thanks, Porchlight !

The wonderful memorial service and tribute to Nino Scalia, lost in Super Tuesday. Don't miss it.


Posted by: Porchlight | March 02, 2016 at 01:16 AM

Miss Marple


boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

Trump has vaulted to the lead so far by being as "unserious" (or "un-Presidential) as possible, at least in his decorum, presentation and twitter feed. According to Jeff, late breakers went for Rubio (and Cruz) after the last debate, in which they took the low road (I understand--I didn't watch it). 8 years ago Joe Cool won big, and won again against "serious" and "presidential" Mitt. Everybody deplores mud-slinging and "non-presidential" behavior, except that it gets voters. Why should Trump change now?

Jeff Dobbs

Cruz slips one in on Stephanouopoupoulous (sp?) while making his case against Trump last night:

TED CRUZ: We need to build a coalition, a team to ensure that the Republican nominee is a conservative and a candidate who will do what he says he will do.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator, that is what you’re calling for. That is what you’re calling for, but Marco Rubio is staying in the race. John Kasich is staying in the race. Ben Carson is staying in the race.

CRUZ: Well, you know, George, every candidate will have to reflect on where the race is, will have to give it prayerful consideration. But what is clear is if the race remains divided, Donald Trump's path to the nomination is much more likely. Whereas if we unify, if it’s, head-to-head, our campaign beats Donald soundly. And for everyone concerned about the best interest of the Republican Party, if Donald is the nominee in all likelihood, your former boss Hillary Clinton becomes the president.

Ha! Ha ha! Ha ha ha! Wait a second...

FACT CHECK: Hillary wasn't George's boss. Bill was.

Sixty-Two Pinocchios!

Jeff Dobbs

oh new thread.


Speaking of Michigan parents voting--my mother, who I believe is a closeted D, registered I, told me yesterday she is going to be voting in the Republican primary there so she can vote against Trump.

Now I've just got to get her to vote for Cruz instead of Rubio. Though they can vote for uncommitted delegates too. I may have to go there if she's creeped out by what MM and I have been concerned about--his slicked back hair.
Really, she would never say that, but it is what makes him look scary.
Somebody tell him he's got to get a softer look.


Thanks for all the primary stats, Jeff.


The Pat Caddell piece TK linked at 1:13 does a very good job describing the revolt unfolding in front of us. I think Pat is correct in his opinion that if the country is close to the tipping point.

~ 70% of the country is backing either Bernie or Trump because they see that DC is broken. Either they want assurances of more free shit so they feel good while their head is stuck in the sand or the wan't somebody to kick ass and take names.

Uniparty isn't cutting it anymore, and there doesn't appear to be much they can do to stem the tide. But you can bet they are going to pull out all the stops.

Miss Marple

Haley Barbour says the idea of a brokered convention is mythology. Says it is unlikely there will not be a candidate with a majority, but if it happens the delegates will sort it out. (Fox Business)

My take on this is that it is splitting hairs to say that, because the party bigshots run the convention and many of the delegates are GOP insiders. I have not forgotten his son's machinations down in Mississippi. Haley always talks like a charming old southern teddy bear, but I am not fooled.

"These are not the GOPe plots you are looking for."


"These are not the GOPe plots you are looking for."

Good one MM.


You're welcome, Sandy Daze. Have some Kleenex ready. :)

Seriously though, I really hope all of you can find time to watch Scalia's memorial service. All the usual descriptors of a moving tribute apply, but in this case, you have giants like Clarence Thomas and Laurence Silberman doing some of the talking. Scalia's children, Ruth Ginsburg, and two former clerks speak as well. It is not glum, but celebratory, with many laughs. Just wonderful.


The service is only about an hour and ten minutes, although the C-SPAN broadcast keeps going.


Is Brit Hume unaware that CLASSIFIED MARKINGS were purposely removed from documents that Rodham shared on her private FOIA dodging server????

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