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March 11, 2016



is it possible he could have misrepresented,


Thomas Collins

I'm sure it was a good faith mistake by Ben. No anti-Trump agenda from top guy and gal media.

Sandy Daze

Occurs to me in this moment (not sure why...):

Signs Signs, Everywhere a Sign




Actually, TM, you can ask george zimmerman if the truth will out,

Tom Bowler

Oh TM! You'd really prefer Hillary?

James D

Maybe I am a terrible person, but I DO NOT CARE about this story.

I do not care about Michelle Fields. I don't care that she got a bruise on the arm, or that she was thrown to the ground.

I do not care whether it was Corey Lewandowski, or a private Trump security guy, or a Secret Service guy, or a martian who did it.

I especially do not care about any of the bleating from any other media outlet about it. They couldn't be bothered to rouse themselves when Obama's Justice Department was putting reporters in jail for doing their jobs. They didn't have any interest when reporters were tortured and executed by ISIS, or held for several years by Iran, while Obama and his State Department and his military did absolutely nothing to help them. But now suddenly they are ready to go to the freaking barricades because someone got a bruise on the arm from someone who works for Donald Trump?

Screw her, and screw them all.

As I said, if that makes me a terrible person, so be it.

Rick Ballard

I'm sure the other Trump thug will step forward and confess, thereby clearing Lewandoski. It isn't as if he can't be identified.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Reposted from last thread;
Breitbart's Joel Pollak reviews videos and photos and declares it "unlikely" Lewandowski touched Fields and,

New video of Donald Trump’s press conference Tuesday evening shows that the Washington Post’s account of an altercation involving Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields could not possibly have happened as Ben Terris reported.

Jane, A WaPo guy took the photo I linked earlier but denied he did in TK's link.
Something is more than decidedly fishy here; it's blowing up as we speak.

Most likely scenario; SS guy pushes Field's arm away from Trump and WaPo guy either makes up a lie or accidentally misidentifies who did it.


sounds like Ben Teris has been telling porky pies


Ignatz-- that's what Occam's Razor tells me. More media lies; they are abhorrent.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

TK's link from the last thread is pretty devastating toward the WaPo, especially the lying guy who took the picture that shows the SS guy between Fields and Lewandowski.
Why would the WaPo print a story about the incident but not post the picture their own photographer took that makes the story quite suspect? Hmm....

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'm sure the other Trump thug...--

You mean the Secret Service agent assigned to protect Trump from people who tug at his sleeve?

Old Lurker

James for President.


This is a testament to Trump's leadership when faced with a frivolous controversy.

Cruz shitcaned his top man before the Twitter dust settled.

Captain Hate

Sally Fields and her [Redacted for Lent] boyfriend: Report to the burning building.


The link Iggy mentioned:

The narrator does cuss.

Jeff Dobbs

Personally I think there's no way it was Lewandowski. In fact, I'm convinced he wasn't even there.

In fact, highly reliable sources, who were granted anonymity due to the life-threatening consequences of going on the record, tell me Lewandowski was on the 55th private jet to Sea Island, Georgia where he was secretly sabotaging the secret Stop Trump efforts by GOPe billionaires and Tech CEO's at the AEI World Forum, secretly co-hosted by the Illuminati.

At the time of the alleged Michelle Fields assault, Lewandowski - who was operating under the pseudonym Clive Bixby in Sea Island - was returning on the Gulf Stream V chartered by former Trump operative Roger Stone using proceeds from Stone's book "The Bushes Are Hiding in the Bushes to Ambush the American Dream" - the #1 bestselling follow up to his previous #1 bestseller, "Oliver North Killed People To Keep The Bushes Out of Jail".


have we thrown out all standards of evidence, I reserved judgement on this, but it appears the wurlitzer was on eleventy, which always sets my spidey senses tingling,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Catherine Herridge's intelligence source says Pagliano is proving to be a "devastating witness".


Meanwhile ... a beautiful endorsement speech this morning from Ben Carson at the 9am Mar A Lago presser.

St. Louis, MO event starting in about 45 minutes, where Phyllis Schlafly will make her endorsement official

LIVE Donald Trump St. Louis Missouri Rally at the Peabody Opera House (3-11-16)


Finally, on to a rally in Chicago at 6pm

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--In fact, I'm convinced he wasn't even there.--

The only person who claimed not to be there was the guy who took the photo that produced the first evidence it was unlikely Lewandowski touched Fields.
He was Ben Terris's WaPo colleague.
He was lying.

Jeff Dobbs

Of course Lewandowski doesn't claim he wasn't there. THAT WOULD BLOW HIS BIXBY COVER WIDE OPEN!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Carson certainly has the 'turn the other cheek' part of Christianity down when he endorses the guy who called him a liar and pathological and compared him to a child molester.


Haven't we been bemoaning for years that when the media goes to eleventy on an accusatory story detrimental to a Republican, all the other Republicans immediately start running for the exits away from the accused Republican while beating their breasts and screaming mea culpa? (Todd Akin, anyone?)

I for one am glad that Trump believed his guy and has stuck to his guns on this, especially given that now--as usual--it's stating to look like it was either bad reporting on the part of the WaPo reporter, or a deliberate lie. Isn't this what we've been saying we want our candidates and politicians to do when confronted with our hostile, lying media?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The media are not soft peddling their disdain for Trump, between the xenophobia, racism, Hitler, Mussolini and all the rest of the stuff.
Otherwise I would think they were engaging in these kind of gotcha stories, that so far have invariably turned out to be false, in order to boost Trump's popularity.

Captain Hate

Yes, Iggy, I really don't get that about Carson.

I'm already bored with this snowflake reporter and want to talk about anything else, like how much of an idiot Loretta Lynch was to go on Colbert.


He said in the presser, Christians are supposed for forgive. You should have heard what he said about Hillary, Alynsky and Lucifer. He didn't forgive them.

It can be watched on youtube.
Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump FULL Press Conference (3-11-16)
Right Side Broadcasting

James D

Isn't this what we've been saying we want our candidates and politicians to do when confronted with our hostile, lying media?

This is why I don't think Trump's current negatives are the problem that a lot of other folks do.

Yes, Trump's negatives are far higher than any of the other R candidates...NOW.

But if Cruz or Rubio, or Kasich, or anyone else ends up as the nominee, what will their negatives look like after a couple of months of the MSM trying to destroy them at every turn, and the Dems airing a billion dollars worth of attack ads against them? I imagine they will be right where Trump's are now.

But at least Trump will punch back, and other than Cruz, I am not convinced any of the other possible candidates will, or that the GOPe genuises they're all paying will allow them to.


supposed TO forgive

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

CH, he addressed those things, calling them just part of politics, and noted he and Trump had buried the hatchet.


An investigation has been opened(this is a file that downloads):


Very professional. No names are mentioned.

Here is the site for future press releases:


If you want to understand Dr. Carson, listen to his presser speech, he explains it, because that was one of the first questions that came up.


Anything else, CH?



At Trump rallies, reporters get mocked and manhandled and hecklers get sucker punched. It happens often enough that it is a pattern. Given Trump's confrontational style, and the style of today's community organized activists, the clashes and the violence is not that surprising. So do you blame Trump, or do you blame the activists, or do you blame both groups, or do you decide you don't care because there are a lot of more important things going on?

I don't know what the truth is in this specific case -- it would not shock me if there was some good faith but hasty misidentification going on. And, like James D, I can't say I really care. The pattern is pretty clear, and Trump's tendency to incite people is also pretty clear. If you like Trump -- that very well may be one of the things you like.


Appalled "At Trump rallies, reporters get mocked and manhandled and hecklers get sucker punched"

LOL!!!!! Believe everything the press tells, you eh?


" If you like Trump -- that very well may be one of the things you like."



"I don't know what the truth is in this specific case -- it would not shock me if there was some good faith but hasty misidentification going on"

Hasty? Maybe ...

Good faith? ... YGBFKM

Captain Hate

Welp, I guess Carson is a much more forgiving person than I think he should be.


Appalled's cheap shots mean Appalled is appallingly desperate.


I bet you haven't even listened to his speech.

Dave (in MA)



Did Cruz's lying incite the code-talker to deceive an online poll?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It will be interesting to note if Fields claims Lewandowski grabbed her in the police report since there is audio of her quite plainly stating she didn't know who grabbed her.
I'm not bored with this story because it is looking more and more like a sneaky little hit job by a creepy WaPo hipster complete with the stupid glasses and purple plaid shirt.
It also reeks of a conspiracy within WaPo to ignore their own photographer's pic.

Fields strikes me as a probably initially innocent pawn in this, although her subsequent behavior seems less innocent.

Again Joel Pollak, one time editor in chief and still senior editor at large of Breitbart, is on record after viewing videos and photos that is was not Lewandowski.

Dave (in MA)




I've been resigned that your guy is the nominee since South Carolina. And, unlike some, I think he'll do as well against Hillary as anybody else.

I just can't abide him.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--At Trump rallies, reporters get mocked and manhandled and hecklers get sucker punched.--

Is there someone in America who doesn't want reporters mocked?
As far as sucker punches, are we really holding the speaker accountable for what some idiot private party unconnected to his campaign does to some goofball purposely provoking the crowd?
Maybe the lack of Republicans heckling and disrupting and giving the finger to Hillary and Bernie crowds accounts for the lack of sucker punches at their rallies, assuming there is such a lack.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I just can't abide him.--

You didn't seem to mind Carson so perhaps you could take what he said about Trump as insight;

“Why would you get behind a man like Donald Trump? I’ll tell you why,” Carson told reporters gathered in Palm Beach, Florida. “I’ve come to know Donald Trump over the last few years. He is actually a very intelligent man who cares deeply about America.”

“There are two different Donald Trumps,” he added. “There’s one you see on the stage and there’s the one who’s very cerebral, sits there and considers things very carefully. You can have a very good conversation with him. And that’s the Donald Trump you’re going to start seeing more and more of right now.”

If Carson doesn't change your mind then obviously you're just a racist. :)

Captain Hate

bet you haven't even listened to his speech.

I listened to it and agreed with everything except his reaction to Trump's attacks, which I think went well beyond what should be considered acceptable. Maybe Carson's a better person than I am; I can live with that very willingly.


yes lowery lied in ferguson, douglas lied at the original tea party rally, robles, gutman, alvarez,
luciano, the other guy, all proferred doctored evidence re ferguson, 'norma desmond' and dr, evil, lied to rosencrantz and guildenstern, and they got three book deals, a movie and two tv shows out of it,

James D

Appalled @ 12:41

Read that Atlantic interview with Obama that came out yesterday.

Vulgar as he is, rude as he is, ignorant as many claim he is, there is NOTHING Trump could conceivably do that would be even 1% as disgraceful as the behavior displayed by Obama in that article.

Maybe that's a low bar, but that's where we are, and it's the people who elected Obama, and the GOPe'ers who thought not bothering to actively oppose him would be a good idea, who are fully to blame.


sorry sanford, all these crump/julian astroturfs seem to run togetherm

Captain Hate

After the booing that Jorge Ramos, doing the job that American reporters won't, received for asking brave Sir Rodham about Benghazi, I don't think the coven would react well to hecklers.

Sandy Daze

Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump Press Conference | Ben Carson Endorsement Speech (3-11-16)


Perhaps a Trump-Carson ticket ? Works for me.


IWCOBGTVFTRN. (I will crawl over broken glass to vote for the Republican nominee...)

You folks who are debating strategies to dislodge the current front runner, trying to read the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup (wrt the polls), trying to infer meaning out of meaningless propaganda... don't you get tired of it?

It is over. Or, as a possible opponent once said, "at this point, what difference does it make?"

I Stood With Walker. Now I stand with whomever is the nominee. But, but, but, it sure seems like the nomineee will be Mr Trump.

Goodness, when Mr Cruz, whom I esteeme, called me "low-info" the other day, when Mr Romney who I used to esteem somewhat, but now think of in not-very-nice terms (it is Lent after all), said all those things last week, I am just not that interested in who the establishment is current backing.

Sea Isle anyone ?



On my Facebook page, one of the most intelligent people I know in my actual field has gone all-in for Trump, which causes me to pay attention, as much as Trump repulses me. If my friend ever gets to specifics (again, related to my field), I might open my mind a crack

That said, even if Mr. trump is a wise man in a clown suit, his whole approach to the election is a bait and switch, which will leave a lot of supporters very disappointed.

Miss Marple 2

James D.,

I am sure Goldberg's long article in The Atlantic was viewed by the editors as something to be admired, and none of them saw the evidence of extreme mental illness on display in that article.

We will be lucky to live through the next 10 months. And he won't go away, you know. He's staying in DC so his youngest daughter can graduate from her private school.

This, of course, is an excuse so he can hang around and give constant inflammatory criticism to the new president, or (if, God forbid, it's a democrat) show up for lunch meetings and athlete greetings at the White House every few days.

Shadow government.


If Hilligula ever gives a presser again, will any reporter ask her about the special place in hell that Mrs. Smith referenced?


It's starting to look like maybe it was the Secret Service guy, who did the grabbing. If it was, then that's the second such incident that we know of. Maybe the SS are being extra cautious because from what I've read the volume and level of threats against Trump's life is much greater than they've ever seen before.

Given how high emotions are running, if Trump were killed it could blow up the country.


Shadow Government? what? you give Obummer waaay too much credit. Do you think BJ Clinton gives a fig about what Obummer says?

Miss Marple 2


The title of this article is "Deport Melania Trump."

That Williamson is such a nice guy. I'm sure I would like him judging from his witty writing.


now this is an interesting angle,


salafis and baathists all work together, following the same program,

General Flynn, noticed these same people popping up again and again, and zaphod ignoring them, because narrative,


James D:

There are two ways to look at what you are saying. 1. Obama is so bad, how can you worry about what Trump will do? Or 2. Obama is so bad, how can the country withstand for the Trump kind of badness?

You fall in class 1. I fall in class 2.

Anyway, from what I understand about Trump, his foreign policy is not going to be that much different from Obama, except that he won't care a whit about the humanitarian stuff.


I'm unmoved.

This is how the current administration treats one of their most important constituencies


Miss Marple 2


From what I understand, trade policies are going to be on the table, pronto. That is a HUGE change from Obama.

What is your evidence that he won't care a whit about humanitarian stuff?

Sandy Daze

Meant to post last night, but too late and too hard on a hand-held...

Judge Edith Hollan Jones participated in a Q&A here at the College. She's been in residence this last week (today is her last day teaching).

Wonderful. Dr Arnn asked the questions, and a few came from the audience. The last question of the night, from one of the students (paraphrase from memory), "Judge, in a scenario of the Republican Convention going to a brokered convention, and on the 60th ballot, you are selected the nominee, and in November you are elected President, who would you appoint for the Scalia position of the SCOTUS?"
in a nano second (well, after the laughter at the scenario died down), Judge Jones replied:

"Ted Cruz"


Ann Coulter ‏@AnnCoulter

At CNN's post-debate focus group, the participants ALL JUST RAISED THEIR HANDS! It was just like a Hitler rally.


MissM please. Trump's towering hypocrisy and obliviousness to his own self-interest driven 'positions' is absolutely fair game for harsh criticism and hyperbole. Trump's campaign is pushing a personality cult. His campaign comes down to: He's different because 'he's Trump'; pushing back against that cult with the facts of what he's actually done is public service IMO.


wonderful, sandy, she was recently an absolved victim of lawfare,


Michelle fields has a history of lying:http://gotnews.com


Was this expected or a Hail Mary? http://www.nationalreview.com/article/432682/ted-cruz-national-review-endorses-texas-senator-president

Jeff Dobbs

But if Cruz or Rubio, or Kasich, or anyone else ends up as the nominee, what will their negatives look like after a couple of months of the MSM trying to destroy them at every turn, and the Dems airing a billion dollars worth of attack ads against them? I imagine they will be right where Trump's are now.

See, I get why people like Trump and why his political orbit is not subject to the same gravitational pull that others are - but this claim is pushing it a bit too far, imo.

I think if you really believe this to be true (any candidate's negatives will be in the future where Trump's negatives are today after the full force of the MSM is aligned against them) - then we should also be able to look back and see that Romney's negatives soared similarly once the MSM's full force was upon him.

Romney's RCP Avg Net Approval rating (pos/neg)

Mar 1: -11 (36/47)
Apr 1: -10 (37/47)
May 1: -4 (37/41)
Jun 1: 0 (40/40)
Jul 1: 0 (44/44)
Aug 1: 0 (43/43)
Sep 1: -2 (43/45)
Oct 1: -2 (45/47)
Nov 1: +6 (50/44)



don't you get tired of it?

I'm with you. Of course I'm interested in what happens, but discussing all the details, spins and possible and impossible consequences of it all leaves me cold.

My primary is far off -- June 7 -- so my vote won't matter much anyway. It'll be over by then.

I still scan JOM, but I've come pretty much to skip over all of the election talk.


C. Johnson is a bozo, but I accept his take because it amuses me:


mad jack

I remember going with my Dad to meet HHH at Logan airport back in 1968 and the McCarthy people were out in force along with the Union guys for HHH. Bodies were flying everywhere and as a ten year old I watched in amazement. No one there thought twice about it. Time for Ms. Fields and the rest to put their big boy/girl pants on.
(After the 68 convention dad went Republican and never looked back)


You don't have to be that negative to bring down a wimp.


clarice beat me to the Gotnews story.

Miss Marple 2

My question remains. What evidence is there that Trump will not do humanitarian missions?

NK, I understand you don't like Trump at all, based on the New York real estate dealings you have had. I do not discount your opinion.

Hypocrisy is in all of the candidates, by the way. Ted Cruz didn't tithe even though he goes to a church which emphasizes it, and I found his mailings and actions of his campaign in Iowa to be a little less than Christian.

Rubio has weaseled his way around that Gang of 8 stuff to the point I don't think he even knows what he did anymore.

Kasich is bragging about the "Ohio way" of balancing the budget, which has a short shelf life since his Medicaid expansion will lose federal funding in a few years.

Trump's hypocrisy seems to me to be right in line with these examples. And of course he is self-interested; no one (certainly not I) suggested he was a humanitarian.

To me, it's one thing to say "Trump wants a tariff and this is bad because XYZ." That has actual policy which he has said, and one can give examples of why it would be bad (or not).

But to flat-out say he would have no interest in humanitarian efforts is just grabbing an insult and hurling it at the wall to see if it sticks.


I'm glad you listened to it and hope you didn't miss the Q&A at the end.

NK that's funny because it looks like you're the one who's obsessed with Trump's personality and you just can't get past it.

His policies on immigration, taxation, and health care are up on his web site and have nothing whatsoever to do with personality.


His policies on immigration, taxation, and health care are up on his web site and have nothing whatsoever to do with personality.

the also have nothing to do with his understanding or intentions depending on which analyst you listen to. It is clear his speeches do not match the policies... but what ever.


'Policies', what politicians say should always be ignored, just watch what they actually do. That goes to the nth degree for Trump, I am confident I can find public statements he's made contradicting each of those policies. Hence, supporting Trump for his stated 'policies' is moronic because they have no meaning. Since millions of people who are not morons will vote for him, there are other reasons.


Miss M:

Good grief -- these throwaway lines get me in so much trouble. By humanitarian stuff, I had internationalist things, Samantha Power style interventions, and similar such. I doubt he's going to refuse to provide aid after tsunamis and hurricanes, though you never quite know.

Trump, when it comes to foreign policy, seems to be in the Pat Buchanan mold of fortress America -- where we take care of ourselves, and make deals with other tough guys like Vlad, and try to pass some tariffs. I don't find there to be much difference between Obama's "realist" approach, and what I have seen from the Donald.


it's odd since the sultan clearly has been the main exit point for the influc,


I know it's a bug not a feature,


TM has updated the post with a link to a video of Fields of Dreams.

I count 9 seconds from about when she opens her mouth to Terris standing next to C. Lew.

When did the audio between C. Lew and Fields take place? How did Terris move so quickly while chatting with Fields?

I still suspect Terris as the assailant, even if by accident.


Why aren't the D's/progs shenanigans scrutinized like this?

Perhaps because expectations of so-called conservative behavior is higher..I guess.

Sandy Daze

Dr J and I stand together !

(I'll try not to ever let you down, Sir.)


Which reminds me, last night, Dr Arnn mentioned Judge Clarence Thomas. Dr Arnn spoke in the most laudatory terms regarding Judge Thomas, I don't think I have ever heard him be more respectful (and he is a man who by nature is almost always respectful and considerate, if not deliberate, in what he says.)

At one point Dr Arnn relayed a story about Judge Thomas (who, btw, will be this year's commencement speaker, I don't think I break a confidence or Chatam House rules by mentioning this (I hope not !). In a gathering of some persons known to each other, including Judge Thomas and Dr Arnn, apparently the Judge referred to Dr Arnn as "my friend." As Dr Arnn relays it (paraphrase from memory),

"...and I replied to Judge Thomas that I esteem him too greatly to ever be considered a friend. There is not one thing in my life, that I have the power to do, that I would not do for Judge Thomas, should he ask it of me... but, to be considered a friend of one who is so involved in the important matters of high government, is just not possible."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--My question remains. What evidence is there that Trump will not do humanitarian missions?--

I hope it exists because if we do too many more Syrian-Libyan-Somalian humanitarian missions most of the ME and African continent will either be dead or jihadists.

The US military is not a humanitarian organization and trying to make it one is unwise.
In limited, simple operations like tsunami relief it can help with little risk.
Intervening in an attempt to help a supposedly humanitarian side against a presumed miscreant, especially when we have no vital interests at stake is a recipe for failure, disaster and, very often, helping the wrong side and killing more people than we save.
Moreover, it enables the irresponsibility of locals to police themselves as we did in the Balkans under Clinton, while the Euros largely twiddled their thumbs during operations they should have handled exclusively.


why appear on morning joke, not rhetorical,


I guess there is some rationale with f chuck's chimp circle, but I have yet to discern

Rick Ballard


The negative side for Romney centered at 43-44, indicating a partisan tilt which did not vary much. The positive side variance comes from party coalescence plus acceptance by independents as the "unkbown" Romney was discovered. That will be an interesting metric to watch, given the fact the discovery process won't be involved in a Clinton/Trump contest.


I knew this Fields story was bogus. Timing is waaaay too fortuitous, for one.


The audio:


I applaud TM for posting on this, even though I already said that it does not look like much of a story. Now it is even less of one. Fields has always said that she did not know who grabbed her. The Wash Post guy identified Lewandowski. This looks to be an error, probably an innocent one, but one never knows. Either way, it is getting to be less and less of a story all the time.

Even if Lewandowski did grab her arm, it is not a huge deal.

I also applaud TM for being #neverTrump.

Miss Marple 2


Well, thank you for clarifying. I hope ANY GOP candidate wouldn't get us into "Samantha Power type stuff."

I ind his foreign policy a bit less simplistic. For example, why are we doing all of this defense of Europe, Saudi Arabia, etc. and paying for most of it? While I understand we have the expertise and the manpower, it seems to me that perhaps we could charge a bit for the service.

He seems to have noticed that Obama is ignoring the fact that Cuba wants "reparations" for lost income or something, and that this should be nailed down before any deal is signed with Cuba.

I supported the War on Terror for 15 years. In this amount of time we have seen how easily success can be turned into failure, and how easy it is for the democrats and the media to undermine public support for a war. And we have also seen how we really have few friends in the Middle East.

On this, I am leery of proceeding with further military efforts unless it's the smash, kill and leave method. I want no more of nation-building which seems to set up our military as targets for terrorists.

I don't think this is exactly "Fortress America" policy, although I do note that fortresses have walls.

Dave (in MA)


Will typepad hold up?

If not, http://emergencybackupjom.blogspot.com/


This looks to be an error, probably an innocent one, but one never knows.

C'mon, Theo. Nearly every single person in media today aches to be David with his five smooth stones, but I'm sure it was just an accident.


When the media lies, reports of them getting caught are always less of a story, Theo.


Porch --

I am not sure what you are suggesting. Do you think that the reporter DELIBERATELY misindentified Lewandowski? It is certainly possible, but this was a very quick decision on his part. Imagine the thought process. He sees someone else grab/shove her. She asked who did it. He immediately says "Lewandowski" knowing that this is a lie and not knowing whether there is any video to the contrary (and he must know that there probably is). So he thinks up this whole plot in about ten nanoseconds? I am not saying it is impossible. I am saying it is unlikely.

Far more probable in my opinion is that he either did not see who did it and assumed Lewandowski or he or he mistook the assailant for Lewandowski. (At least one report has the security guy as looking similar to Lewandowski.)

I do not trust the media either. But they closely resemble human beings in a lot of ways. This seems like an improbably spur of the moment lie to me and more like a mistake.

Of course, I cannot be sure of that. But it frankly does not add up otherwise. Too many cameras in the area to think he could get away with a lie.



I can't abide him either. He's a liberal. I assume his supporters are too. Funny what you learn from a campaign.

James D

Trump, when it comes to foreign policy, seems to be in the Pat Buchanan mold of fortress America -- where we take care of ourselves, and make deals with other tough guys like Vlad, and try to pass some tariffs. I don't find there to be much difference between Obama's "realist" approach, and what I have seen from the Donald.


Name one thing Obama has done that could be described as "taking care of ourselves".


A press release!


All I can discern is that it took Fields 2 and 1/2 days to go to the cops.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Terris is sticking to his story with the odd claim that he had his eyes on Lewandowski the whole time because he was doing a story on the Trump campaign.
Even though facing Lewandowski in the picture posted he is clearly not looking at him. The strangeness of the claim alone casts doubt on his story. Does he follow Lewandowski into the bathroom and watch him while he urinates?

Interestingly Boyle at Breitbart confirmed the earlier Daily Beast report that Lewandowski had admitted to him that he grabbed Fields was a complete fabrication.

Looking more and more like a pure hit piece that does something I had hitherto thought impossible; further discrediting the media.

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