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March 11, 2016



I am a bit intrigued by all of the Trump historical comparisons. I once on JOM suggested he was a modern day William Jennings Bryan. Others, less generous, have suggested he is a Mussolini/Hitler type authoritarian. Today someone suggests he is like Pat Buchanan. (I can see that one, except Pat was a hard core social conservative and Trump's history on things like abortion suggest otherwise.) I also suggest a parallel with Ross Perot -- egotistical billionaire who prays on lower middle and middle class fears about trade issues and who ends up helping a Clinton get elected.

Let me ask the Trumpsters here. Are there any historical parallels with Trump that you would suggest as indicating that support for Trump is a GOOD thing?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Of course, I cannot be sure of that. But it frankly does not add up otherwise. Too many cameras in the area to think he could get away with a lie.--

Exactly. It would be like somebody telling the Daily Beast that Lewandowski told Boyle that he did grab Fields.
Nobody would be dumb enough to tell a whopper like that when a simple email to Boyle would disprove it. Right?


The human media:


this is much more disquieting:


the notion he could go yeltsin against the russian parliament comes to mind,


Breitbart media had already gone the way of GatewayPundit in breathless reporting of nothings interwoven among popup ads, all this does is point out the entire ecosystem through the various minor leagues to the exalted WaPo and DC MSM. One continuous swamp.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Are there any historical parallels with Trump that you would suggest as indicating that support for Trump is a GOOD thing?--

No because, despite the near universal belief to the contrary, no one knows how he would govern.
Perhaps he would be a Ghandi. Perhaps a Robespierre. Perhaps a Hoover. Perhaps a Coolidge. Perhaps a Reagen or a Harding or a Carter, FDR or Wilson.

That is both his drawback and his appeal; he's not so much a blank slate as one that has been written on and imperfectly erased about a thousand times, so the beholder, depending on his biases, decides what was smudged out intentionally and what was meant to be left.
I seriously doubt Trump has much of a clue what should stay and what should go.

And now time for a walk in a downpour.


James D:

Here are things that can be defined that way and I think would be by Mr. Trump:

Pulling out of Iraq. Not getting into Syria and going all in on Isis. Drifting away from unqualified support of Israel.


Good point henry. "Security guard shoves reporter" does not generate the same clicks as "Campaign manager shoves reporter."

But, with all due respect to Ignatz, I still have a hard time with the notion that this was some kind of plot. Did Terris and Fields plan this in advance? How would that work? Fields never claimed to have known who shoved her. She does not have much of a story to tell without Terris. Terris identified Lewandowski on the spot. Either he believed it or he is an extraordinary quick thinking and gutsy liar.

I still think that this was not planned but spun out of control. I do not know that for sure, but in the end it does not matter much. There is not a huge story here even if Lewandowski shoved her.


Althouse has linked this post, too.

If Laslo shows up over here, I suggest you take cover immediately. YMMV


Terris begging to report it is the clue.


it was mostly likely coincidence, but then the narrative was conjured up later,

the parallels are closer to berlusconi, establishment connections to christian democrats,and socialist, murky cosa ties,
and populist,


The reporter, Michelle Fields, confirmed to CNNMoney that she filed charges against Corey Lewandowski Friday with the police department in Jupiter, Florida.


She's all in.

James D

Appalled @ 2:05

Obama did not pull out of Iraq for the good of America or its interests. Had he done so, it would have been handled far differently. I don't think anyone on the R side, including Trump, would have reduced our presence in the dangerous and irresponsible way Obama did.

We've never given Israel "unqualified support", so I would dispute that phrasing. Obama has certainly been more hostile to Israel and supportive of its enemies than any President in my lifetime, and there is no way on Earth I can picture trump behaving similarly.

Not getting into Syria, again, was not done for the benefit of American interests. It was done, as the Atlantic article demonstrates in Obama's own words, to undermine longstanding American policy and to show that American threats would not be backed up.

And by no means have we "gone all in" against ISIS. That's not even a bad joke.


yes, I don't know how Althouse doesn't moderate him,


Theo-with the malice standard that is what Trump is referring to when he talks about Sullivan, we have two public figures in Trump and Lew.

It may be calculating and malicious and it certainly dominated last evening's news cycle, but sticking to the story protects Terris and wapo.

You missed the Inapt Analogy from Noemie Emery of the weekly Standard this morning that Trump is comparable to Aaron Burr. I am not sure what Ms Emery majored in but it was not history.



... Another look at this

Old Lurker

I can dream.

That she did name her assailant.

That video proves she was wrong about who did it.

That he sues her for defamation, and the WaPo guy who verified it.

Obama Mocks Cruz: 'Where Else Could a Boy Born in Calgary Run for President of the United States?'


How unpresidential...


even under Reagan there wasn't unqualified support,
we know because of the reaction to the Osirak strike, and the Candidesque notions of a peace settlement with the Palestinians,

the problem with Beirut was not going to the heart of the problem, the sepah puppetmasters, that at least the French tried to, Admiral Lyons could take up that angle,


rse --

I do not get the Aaron Burr parallel either. Again, all historical parallels are imperfect, but I do not get this one at all.

Burr was a career politician and a lawyer. Trump is neither. Burr was not really a "populist" in any meaningful sense. Burr was not super wealthy (although he did pretty well by himself) and did not have the 1800 version of a reality TV show, whatever that might be.

Burr was a very self centered man and a schemer and dreamer of Napoleonic proportions. Trump is at least very self centered, but I would doubt the rest of it.


In fact, this whole deal with the Mullahs in like Iran contra, to the billionth power, Rouhani, Reyshahri, Rafsanjani, all were part of the power circle,


Poor George Bush is stuck next to Michelle Obama at Nancy Reagan's funeral.

The view is spectacular, and the service so far equally as spectacular.

Commonwealth Court Judge Dan Pellegrini ruled Thursday that common law precedent and statutory history maintain that a natural born citizen includes any person born to an American citizen, regardless of where.
(Stupid commercial autoplays at the link) http://www.centredaily.com/news/state/pennsylvania/article65445532.html

How does the Judge explain this?



Why isn't Flores-Villar a Natural Born Citizen?


Since Breitbart has been pretty pro-trump than seems odd Iggy.


Fields luvin' her way to the top with a boyfriend of convenience who happens to detest Trump, Jane.

2 days of pillow talk and here we are.


Theo-this is part of what has people so angry. We have a pundit class and media that insists we listen to what they write and say because they are the experts. Yet they get offended when we recognize that the comparisons do not work. Lots of people at WS read that piece. Either they do not know history or they hope we do not. Either way they want us to buy a weak argument.

I actually looked her up and she is older than I would have guessed. Barnard undergrad and a masters in journalism from Columbia. This is the point I made about Jonah whose Liberal Fascism I really enjoyed. When this is all over lots of 'conservative' commentators are going to discover no one much is interested in their opinion anymore.


Fields is...


Just for reminder.

In Alaska in the 2010 US Senate Primary, Joe Miller-Republican, defeated incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, for the Nomination.

What happened after? The local Media apparatus, The Anchorage Daily News (a big Left media outfit recently purchased by a former DC DEM millionaire) orchestrated a conflict with one of Joe Miller's bodyguards exiting a Debate. The ADN had a reporter standing by to take photos of the ADN's obnoxious reporter being pushed away as Joe Miller left the building, and the entire story then became the ruthlessness of Joe Miller's Campaign, and that story was featured front and center every news cycle for the next 2-3 weeks, until "dangerous Joe Miller" lost the Write-In Vote for US Senate to Lisa Murkowski.

Here's a bit of the story if anyone cares---
Miller security guards handcuff editor

It's easy to google and see multiple follow-on stories piling on Miller's" dangerous thugs. It was all over the local TV News broadcasts throughout the State.

Just posting this for interest. Old time JOMer's will also recall that about 8 months later the dogs and I were climbing Little O'Malley Peak, and I met an out of state visiting guy on the trail who, as we walked up the peak together, advised me that he was the brother of an ADN Reporter, and he revealed how proud his reporter sister was of telling him that at the ADN they personally took credit for destroying Miller's campaign by pushing the story of Miller's dangerous Security thugs. I posted about that.

So there's precedent for this anti-Trump attack. In Miller's case it proved very effective.

Jeff Dobbs

Let me ask the Trumpsters here. Are there any historical parallels with Trump that you would suggest as indicating that support for Trump is a GOOD thing?


With all the talk of how Trump is going to "kick over the tables" in DC, I always assumed his most fervent supporters view him as Jesus overturning the tables of the money-changers in the temple courts in Jerusalem.

Jeff Dobbs

In Alaska in the 2010 US Senate Primary, Joe Miller-Republican, defeated incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, for the Nomination.

What happened after?

Daddy ran for the Senate seat as write-in candidate, that's what happened.

"dangerous Joe Miller" lost the Write-In Vote for US Senate to Lisa Murkowski.

I don't often correct spelling errors, but I'm pretty sure it was Murlakawolsky that won the write in vote.

Dave (in MA)

OT, There goes another one.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
14 minutes ago
Keith Emerson (1944 - 2016)
We regret to announce that Keith Emerson died last night at his home in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, aged 71. We ask that the family’s privacy and grief be respected.
For any other enquires, please contact management@qedg.co.uk


Also, as (via Rush) I hear CNN's Ashley Banfield carp about vulgar Trump causing some kid to be disciplined at Elementary School for using inappropriate language in calling other kids "Losers," lets not forget President Obama yesterday saying David Cameron allowed Libya to become a 'SHITshow'

SHITshow, SHITshow, SHITshow.
Loser, Loser, Loser.

One of these is offensive.


oh boy. a vid that shows Lewandowski grabbing past the SS agent.


Jeff --

Not much of a parallel there either. Trump is not a Jew. His mother was not a virgin at the time of his conception (which we know from the existence of Donald's older siblings if nothing else). The fellow to whom you refer was not a politician or a businessman and was not running for office. I do not envision Donald giving the advice to "turn the other cheek."

The above sounds more serious than I intended. I know that you were joking and at the expense of the Trumpsters, who seem to have the most inflated view of him.

I suppose that the most positive reasonable historical parallel would be Andrew Jackson, who was probably our most populist President and was quite a strong nationalist with a lot of support from the lower middle class folks of his era.

But the whole search for an historical parallel is a bit silly, even if I have contributed a bit to that discussion.


henry-- as one of the commenters points out, doesn't this discredit Fields and Terris, no indication that she was yanked to the ground, is there?


Has anyone linked this from Max Boot on the Atlantic interview? https://www.commentarymagazine.com/foreign-policy/cringe-worthy-presidency/

I managed to get elected. I live in this house. Wow.


NK, not that I saw... but Fields did disappear behind Trump for the camera view, and the vid stopped right away (and her birth certificate has layers for all I know). All it shows is it was Lewandowski not the SS agent who might have done something slightly rude (or maybe worse?). Mostly confirms everything touched by the press is untrue -- the only question is how untrue in each instance.


henry --

I am not sure what this shows, but it is a lot less than the "smoking gun" that the guy who posted it claims.

I do not see Lewandowski grabbing anyone, including Fields. I do not think that the way he is extending his arm in this video he could have had sufficient leverage (at the moment of this video anyway) to inflict bruises or nearly knock anyone down.

Again, I assume that Fields was grabbed and yanked. I trust that she did not and does not know who did it. Terris' identification of Lewandowski is now a bit suspect.

There is not much to this story in my opinion. Neither the "Trump hires thugs" or "the media is a bunch of liars" themes are proven by this incident, no matter what the actual facts are.

Old Lurker

Perhaps. But "the media are liars" has a big lead on "Trump hires thugs" looks like to me. Of course I would say that seeing no video at all. Because long history.


Its not about truth any more then the show trials of the oo's were.
Of the spurious pretexts by which krongard and Schmitz were forced from their respective it's it about narratives and power.


Rush is playing clips of Ben Carson's endorsement of Trump today and adding his perceptive comments. I think Dr Ben's comments are excellent.

Rush is also saying that the MSM is trying to twist Carson's words into showing that Trump is a phony.

I have just started catch-up so if all this has been covered so far apologies if I'm covering "beating a dead horse" topic.

Old Lurker

daddy, I know you are just catching up but I can save you a lot of time.

Did you know that yesterday Donald Trump ordered his campaign boss and his staff to find a reporter, beat her up, throw her to the ground and otherwise abuse her physically and mentally, being sure to leave marks...and to do that in a room full of other reporters. Now anybody who would do that has probably ordered brown shirts for all of his henchmen, and he probably wants training classes ASAP so they can repeat this every day the media is present. I know it's true because so pajama boy from WaPo says so.


You are all caught up.

read any good books lately?


I wasn't a huge Nancy Reagan fan, and I'm busy doing my taxes but that was one hell of a funeral with a simply gorgeous view.

She did well.RIP


FWIW, shortly after the 2010 Election Voting began, Red State came out with this: The Borking of Joe Miller is the Shame of Lady Lisa’s Alaska

Here's a bit on the roughed up reporter:

As iff the above isn’t enough dirt to gag a maggot, consider the Tony Hopfinger affair. Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger tried to force a confrontation at a Miller event and winds up in cuffs, detained for police. The press went wild, but if Miller security was out of line, where are the charges?

No matter, the national lamestream, and even a few so-called conservative pundits scorched Miller over this incident, but they have shown no interest in checking the history of Hopfinger or the Alaska Dispatch. Who publishes and owns the Alaska Dispatch? It’s married well billionaire Alice Rogoff Rubenstein, formerly of the Carter Administration, Washington Post and current trustee of the Carter Center in Atlanta. She stepped in to save the struggling online news site enabling Hopfinger to continue his fierce pursuit of Palin and now Miller. Thanks to Alice, Tony has a real desk from which to work make stuff up. Oh yeah, Alice from wonderland is a max contributor to Murkowski.



You are all caught up.

read any good books lately?

Posted by: Old Lurker


Thanks OL. Has Trump told us yet when Bill Kristolnacht starts yet?


That video does mostly rule out the WaPo fruitcake.


That video does mostly rule out the WaPo fruitcake as the assailant.

Tom Maguire
Terris begging to report it is the clue.

He had a story planned on C Lew and other inner circle aides and interviews scheduled, so reporting it did fit perfectly.

Sandy Daze

Since rse brought up fopreign policy, please take a few moments to read Wretchard's:

The Market-State Concept Revisited Part 2
Wretchard postulates an ongoing transition from "nation-states" to "market-states." Interesting in light of the Max Boot piece. (Saying that, MB is one of those who has declared against DJT, iirc. I don't recall if he is also one who'll vote for Mrs Clinton rather than Mr Trump. If so, MB is dead to me. But, I digress...)

As a bonus, here's a link to Wretchard actually speaking, his voice in a Q&A podcast with one William Campbell from "Changing Opinions." I always imagined Wretchard's voice sounding like a cross of John Housemen (Professor Charles Kingsfield in The Paperchase) and Yoda. But, when talking with Mr Campbell, he sounds like a regular Joe.


By humanitarian stuff, I had internationalist things, Samantha Power style interventions

WTF are you talking about?


Last seen MB was claiming he'd sooner vote for Stalin than Trump. YMMV

Sandy Daze

Thnx for the rudder, henry. MB is dead to me.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-WTF are you talking about?--

Libyan style interventions as opposed to tsunami style ones.

Jeff Dobbs

Responsibility to Protect is the Powers-approved lingo.


From SD's link to Wretchard who quotes from O's execrable interview in The Atlantic:

Obama modulates his discussion of terrorism for several reasons: He is, by nature, Spockian. And he believes that a misplaced word, or a frightened look, or an ill-considered hyperbolic claim, could tip the country into panic. The sort of panic he worries about most is the type that would manifest itself in anti-Muslim xenophobia or in a challenge to American openness and to the constitutional order.




To save you a little time:


Short version -- there is a theory out there that the US (and the UN) has a "Responsibility to Protect" when something morally repugnant is about to happen in the world. It seems to amount to this -- the US should intervene in those circumstances when we will get no benefit from doing so other than moral warm fuzzies.


TM, I think it is a clue as to the "quick thinking" notion that Theo rejects.

Not everything is a vast conspiracy leading up to an incident. The right-place-at-right-time story builders take over the second the opportunity arises.

In the MSNBC video, Terris is seen rushing to C. Lew even though he is going to see him the next day?

Maybe he was rejected prior to his witnessing.

Reading his whole article, using the voice of Harvey Firestein, tells me how close I'd want to get to him.


To hard for me to follow this story without pictures:

Here's Lewandowski, the Trump thug perp:

Here's Fields, the innocent reporter victim:

Here (I think) is Field's WaPo corroborator and champion, Ben Terris:

Anybody I'm missing?

You'll notice the resemblance of thug Corey Lewnadowski's haircut to the haircuts of the Security thug's that beat up the polite reporter chasing thug Joe Miller:


Who is MB?


I stopped reading right...here:

Short version -- there is a theory out there that the US (and the UN)

Any "theory" conflating the aims of this country and that cesspool is outrageously antiquated and seditiously foolish. The UN has proven beyond a doubt that it's corrupt organization inimical to our sovereignty. Full stop. And no credentialled moron like Powers will convince most Americans otherwise.


Max Boot, daddy.


Peggy Noonan (yes, I know) has actually done some good columns analyzing Trump's appeal. In one of her latest columns, she points out that--unlike what Cruz said--his supporters are not low information voters, but rather are well aware of Trump's negatives (bankruptcies, flip flops, inconsistencies, crudeness, etc) and just DO NOT CARE. At the end of the column she quotes one Trump supporter as saying: "He's a junkyard dog."

I think this incapsulates it perfectly. His supporters have reached the point where they are done being lied to, done getting the short end of every stick, done being vilified and discounted by the so-called elites, who aren't, they've discovered, not "elite" because they're smarter but rather simply because they are well- connected. They know from bitter experience that it's going to take a junkyard dog to fight for them against a system that is so thoroughly organized against them, and they see that junkyard dog in Donald Trump.

It's a revolution of a sort (in that no blood is being spilled. Yet.) And when people revolt they don't pick Mr. Nice Guys to lead the charge to the barricades.


"She's all in."
Not really. It took a while for her to realize that by not knowing who pulled her down, it would be difficult to prosecute her for filing a false report.

I'm greatly disturbed by all those who think there is a manufactured rape culture who are now on the "accuser must be believed" train. Goodness. Or, not.

I'm still agnostic about this. It was a room full of people, yet only three claim it happened. The released videos I've seen are, at best, nothing. The audio disturbs me most, because of the flat affect of both speakers. What's up with that?

All the Trump haters on Twitter can see things I can't. Obviously, there is a political bias to the evidence. I guess I'm always skeptical.


Is it anti-Muslim xenophobia or anti-Muslim Islamaphobia?

I just want to make sure I'm full of the proper sort of Muslim bigotry, so when we get to an inflection point I'll know it's not a deflection point.

BTW, as I understand xenophobia (ala Xenophon's Anabasis) it strikes me that with all the Islam's entering Europe and refusing to immigrate to nearer Islamic countries, they're actually the Anti-Islamic Xenophobes in the big picture.


Dennis Miller
2 hrs ·
Rubio is so angry at Trump I get the feeling he would make Trump wait a day before he accepted the Vice-Presidency.

Sandy Daze

Wretchard, from the comments section of his:

The president sees Libya through the prism of his 20th century internationalism and he wants to put it back together again through the EU, the UN, Britain etc. At the same time he underplays the key role played by a really big overlay network: radical Islam. He can't deal with this variable, so he excludes it from the model.

But the bigger cost , like Syria, isn't the fragmentation of Libyan territory but the destruction of social relations and human capital in the Libyan area that is now spreading south. The displaced persons are then supposed to be absorbed in Europe because that's supposed to be good, except its only moving the problem around because the overlay network, radical Islam, is present in Europe too.

Obama is using the wrong mental model, or at least a one that is wrong in some respects. It will never get better until the error is realized. He can rearrange his international institutional cards all he likes, but it will be like moving the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Old Lurker

New Thread


curiously, responsibility to protect, is like a neutron bomb, it kills everything in it's path, ie libya,

Brooksie slobbers all over the Goldberg piece, btw,



Thanks for watching the Nancy reagan Funeral and glad that it was uplifting and beautiful.

I'm watching some really good College basketball games, that in a normal non-Election year would be the JOM topic of conversation.

Sorry about Nate's Hoosiers Miss M. Tough loss at the buzzer to Michigan.


And the whole "junkyard dog" persona is why when the pundits, and the media, and the other candidates attack Trump for being in essence a junkyard dog, it's had little effect on his supporters. They WANT a junkyard dog. So we're stuck in this endless loop of neverTrump people jumping from one "scandal" to another, thinking they've finally found the silver bullet that will kill the dog . . . only it never does.


Fernandez is being way too polite to Obummer there. Obummer has no 'grand strategy' Obummer wants.....what he wants. that's all he needs to know.


derwill's 4:02 hits the nail on the head.


I rarely get to hear Rush, but he had a woman call in who was a fierce Trump backer. Her hub is a physician and they run a small medical practice. She actually said she didn't like Cruz because "he didn't do enough" to stop O-care. Rush was a little more than nonplussed. So was I.

On a more personal note, the missus came home last night and said she, for the first time, actually listened to Trump as he was on CNBC which she has on in her office. She's as agnostic on DT as I am and we've both avoided watching debates or news shows to save our sanity, but she said she can understand his appeal: he talks about this country not winning anymore. "Winning" Not too complicated is it? How will he govern if he gets the chance? I have no [redacted] idea...


Dogs are loyal to their masters (even junkyard dogs).

Trump ain't loyal to nobody except himself.

Don't care will be made to care.


Dumbass president had a taco at the hipster taco place around the corner from our daycare.


I'm not big on Torchy's anyway (though I've been eating at restaurants in that building for years). Now I will never darken their door or their other stores' doors again.

BTW there are tacos on the menu called "The Republican" and "The Democrat." I've never tried the Democrat, but the Republican is one of the best and cheapest things on the menu. It's made with jalapeno sausage which they probably think is a funny joke.

Our daycare provider (and good friend) took a pic of dumbass and posted it to FB. Mr. Porch's ex-bandmate's mom whose grandkids went to that daycare commented that he ought to have been at Nancy Reagan's funeral instead and another daycare mom agreed. :)

I wish I'd been in the store at the time so I could have ostentatiously left (if the SS would have allowed it).


"Junk Yard Dog" In short, Trump is creating a personality cult. Carson confirms this with the "2 Trumps". Cults of Personality? they end well,..... no?


The "Democrat" is made from a vulva suit.


Junkyard dogs don't have masters. That's why they're junkyard dogs...


Maybe so, Appalled, but my point is that you can't tell them that because they've stopped listening. And with good reason.

Nathan R. Jessup

Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who's gonna do it? You? You, NK? You, apppalled ?

I have a greater responsibility than either of you could possibly fathom. You weep for the perfect Republican candidate, and you curse Donald Trump. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That The Donald's candidacy, while tragic, probably saves lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.

You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want The Donald to build that wall, you need The Donald to build that wall.

We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it.

I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think.


Oh no, more of the Trump supporters/ personality cult BS.

It's funny how the people who say that the most are the ones who are always harping on Trump's personality ... "loyal only to himself" and other such one dimensional clichés that have no relationship to reality.


Scanned several videos at Breitbart. None of them captures anything like an "incident", but a CSPAN video shows Field between Trump and the security guy with Lewandowski a bit further away. Several steps behind and following was Terris. Terris would not have been in a good position to see whether the security guy or Lewandowski moved her from between Trump and the rest of his detail.

Pretty clear there was no dustup. Other videos seem to show her being displaced after she wound up between Trump and security dude.

Cesar Cole

Thanks for the report. It's unacceptable what they did, so I started a petition.



If C Lew didn't grab her then the incident as reported DID NOT HAPPEN ...

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