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March 24, 2016


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Do you believe in the Trinity and if you do, could you show me where I can find it in the Bible?--

Re Porch, the Trinity is not a Catholic-Protestant area disagreement.

The term "trinity" is not in the bible, however the concept and description of it can be found wherever the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are mentioned. Jesus proclaims Himself and the Father as One and the Holy Spirit is described as the Spirit of both the Father and Christ.

I won't argue the other point except to say the extrapolation from scripture is less clear cut.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And I'll endorse this from Jack as the final word;

We split in a lot of places but not in Christ.


David Freddoso ‏@freddoso 1h1 hour ago

Trump unfavorable rating in this week's polls:

FOX News 65%
Bloomberg 68%
Quinnipiac 61%
CBS News/NYT 57%
Monmouth 60%


Thought I would break up the Lenten conversation with some troubling poll stats.

Captain Hate

There were some pretty bloody arguments over the Trinity in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Plus the rock worshippers, with their usual conceptual difficulties, weren't sure if it was polytheism or not.

Jack is Back!ll

Nothing in the knee except reesistence to my dominating therapy

And once again I need to ask GUS how he can be 100% Irish if is Mother is Scottish?


Jack, my Mom's parents were both Irish. Coyle and Manning. She was raised in Edinburgh.
Great question though. I'm American just as I considered my Mother Scottish. I'm from here, she was FROM Edinburgh. My blood is pure!!



Btw Jack, my paternal Grandmother was a REILLY, and my last name, begins O'


of course, the wahhabis consider anyone who is not of their faith, munafakim, which is their word for polytheist,


Centra all
Those unfavorable a are very disturbing to me
Wasting time with the wife wars
Should go after Clinton 24/7 and start some memes about her that will stick
I have believed all along that the FBI has enough felony charges to issue a recommendation for indictment
If so Sanders will be the nominee
He has earned it
To put a Kerry or Gore in would be an insult to the Bern people


Good Friday is fast and abstinence
If you are over 60 or have a health issue you are exempt
Holy Saturday has always been the end of Lent for our family
We used to as children not speak between the hours of 12:00 and 3:00 on Good Friday
My mother with 7 kids loved that aspect of it


Maryrose, the hours of NOON-3PM are precious to me.
My Mother instilled many things in me, and I will never allow those 3 hours to pass without prayer and Thanksgiving for Jesus Christ.


I actually watched the TANGO video. It's disgusting. Val Jarrett was beside herself in glee, I wanted to vomit. For (redacted for Lent) sake, it was STAGED. Obama learned a 15 second routine. Wow how impressive. The man is revolting.


How tacky is it to comment on something you guys were discussing...maybe 6 hours ago? I'm still catching up!

My daughter's friend attended Curtis Institue of Music to study organ. All students accepted are there on a full scholarship. He was also provided with a Steinway Grand piano (his alone) to use during his time there. I think their acceptance rate is in the low single digits (maybe 3 %?)

Now that he's graduated, he is a senior organ scholar at Wells Cathedral in England.

Music study at this level is quite a lifetime investment.

And yes - I campaigned for her to date him but they were just good friends. :)


well Gus, from all the capitalization I would have sworn is was Glasgow and not Edinburgh.


centralcal --

Troubling poll numbers indeed. The tragedy is that Rodham's favorability numbers are very bad as well, but not THIS bad. A normal every day conservative Republican would beat her without too much trouble. We should nominate one instead of protest candidate/egomaniac/carny barker.


Maybe I should wait till Sunday but I love this song.


Miss Marple 2

Home from the auction. Picked up a few small things. The ivory birds went from 35.00 down to 10.00 each. If they had been for me personally, I would have bought a couple, but I am trying to SELL stuff, not acquire more.

The laws on selling ivory are very strict. I have an old ivory bracelet I bought years ago. I told my daughter it is to be passed down, because I don't want anyone going to jail over an inheritance!

Got some small pieces of china including a piece of Belleek and an interesting box full of small plastic animals, some of which I recognized as being from the Marx farm set. Others will probably be sold as a job lot.


Is anyone else worried that with the end of Lent approaching all of those who have been "redacting for Lent" might make up for lost time???

Positive results include reminding me of the Lenten season daily as I have read here!

Miss Marple 2


I love that song, too.

It was part of a cantata my choir sang in when I was a Methodist. We had a full orchestra for accompaniment (which always makes you think you sound better than you do).

Beautiful and emotional music!


I love hearing about your auction finds MM!


Aye Squaredance. I'd surprise you, I'm sure. Mom was Site Hill Edinburgh, though I have MANY cousins in Glasgow.

Miss Marple 2


I figure people will still think twice.

I didn't give up swearing for Lent, but I did notice all of the redactions and it made me more mindful of what I type, so that's a good thing!


Mom, when I started the "redacted" movement, I did so knowing my JOM friends would have chastised me, if I had fallen off the redacted wagon. It has kept me on the straight and narrow, and as Lent comes to an end, I have truly enjoyed the "redacted" experience here.


Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump

Wow, just released that $67 million in negative ads was spent on me. How am I still number one - by a lot?

Miss Marple 2


Thanks.! I try not to go on too much about it, as I realize most people don't care. It's interesting what items are no longer collectible and what other items have increased in value.

It's related to changes in fashion, changes in the generations, and Whether or not their is overseas demand.

Foe example, Jadeite restaurant china (green heavy cups, saucers, plates, etc.)was really hot for a while, for two reasons: 1. Martha Stewart featured it in several articles. 2. There was a fad for it in Japan. The Japanese buyers drove the price sky high, so much that Martha Stewart's company started selling reproductions.

After about 2 years of this, suddenly, demand dropped. Now it's back to the normal price.





well there you have the evidence of what the top men wrought,



The facts are simple...


Gus, between one and three every day or just on Good Friday?


Cheerleader. Good Friday. However, I do try to remember Jesus everyday, by saying the Rosary, and I do carry a Crucifix in my pocket.


Wow, Cruz for Pres telephone town hall. Without any actual Ted Cruz. But they do have a retired Packer in the mix.


I remember the photos of Martha's Jadeite and didn't her daughter have a collection as well?

I "collect" McCoy pottery. Martha has an extensive collection and has featured it on several of her shows. My grandmother had an aqua McCoy violet pot with attached saucer which I inherited. So I began by purchasing a few other aqua pots to go on my window sill. Then I found the vases whichI love with almost any color flower.

I only purchase the really cheap ones which usually have a flaw. I actually like the flaws. They were originally made to be sold in "five and dime" type stores and were a few dollars apiece. I guess they make me nostalgic and I like to think of the women who used to own them and probably filled them with flowers from their own gardens.

ALL of that to say that because I've searched for McCoy I frequent eBay and a few other places and putz around in junk stores when we travel.
I like to look at vintage kitchen things and items that remind me of my grandmothers' houses. You usually post things I've not heard of which sends me off to Google. Who knows, one day I might stumble upon something that is worth $$$$ !


Funny I don't really remember how the redacted for Lent began - was it you, Gus? Did I chastise you for language or something?

That's what moms do sometimes :)


Retired Packer!?


Ah, hosted by Focus on the Family... They do remind me of my good friend from primary through high school, the evangelical world view. All fine, but not what I want to listen to right now. A couple things I picked up while I lasted: 1) Ted and Heidi are in WI doing events; 2) they are pushing the Christian thing hard; 3) no other info (Constitution anyone?) is getting through. That may be due to the host.


Gus, Gabir biajamila.

Miss Marple 2


I have a few pieces of McCoy inherited from my grandmother. Mostly vases and flower pots.

I am interested in Weller Woodcraft, made in the 1920's, designed around woodland creatures, trees, etc. I have 2 small pieces and it's very hard to find unless you want to pay an arm and a leg.

My sister has her entire kitchen in vintage. She has metal cabinets, original to the house, which are still in good chape. She has a 50's dinette set, teapots, chalkware, vintage linens.

She's a retired teacher and said that she hates modern times, so she made her house like it's 1957! LOL!

One thing she did was take an old wooden curio cabinet and mounted it on the wall. It is full of things like bluebird figurines in the cute 50's style, similar animal figures, etc. She calls it her happiness shelf.


Club For Growth has put $1M into ads in WI in support of Cruz and/or against Trump. The WI primary is open.


Henry, I know him. San Diego State.


Defensive lineman, pass rushing specialist.
In my former life, I knew him. If you know what I mean Henry.


Gus, I know what you mean. :). I never could spell his name even when looking at his shirt.


94 Henry.


it's a mouthful I tell you,


Jeff Dobbs

Hi all. Just checking in after a few email inquiries.

I hit a breaking point on this primary. No deliberate plans one way or another - just no desire to engage in arguments or even conversation about the candidates. Turns out I'm on an indefinite break.

Hugs and kisses all around.

Y'all take care of each other.


I love hearing about your auctions!
I went to an estate sale from a house located on Lake Erie
The lake views were beautiful and the house itself was rather small but cozy.
What kind of be leek did you acquire?
I am currently looking for a cup and saucer in the basket weave pattern
I carry a green scapular and have a rosary in my car
I like the crucifix in the pocket routine
Halfway through Lent I went to Reconciliatipn
It helped me with my patience problem
Curtis is a wonderful music conservatory and very difficult to get into
Have you you ever heard the Organ Symphony performed

Miss Marple 2


It's just a small, heart-shaped dish. There was a pitcher and two larger bowls but they went beyond my price point.

I buy for re-selling, not as a collector, so if I don't think I can make money on items I pass.


Thanks for checking in Jeff
Today at a family reunion there was no political talk at all
Until Easter I am also cutting down on it

Captain Hate

Happy Easter, Jeff.

Gus, is it Fear the Turtle time?

Miss Marple 2


I do think of all china I buy Belleek is one of my favorites. It's so delicate and I love the shell-like finish.


Happy Easter to all the hit and runs


sorry to hear that jeff,

is that like the blue oyster cult's don't fear the reaper?


this is when the singularity opens up:



Capn' Fear the TURTLE, AND the BADGER.

Miss Marple 2

The Treehouse is not for the faint-hearted at the moment. The NE is open showing the 5 females w/faces obscured purported to be special friends of who they're now calling "Ted Swaggert". At present most seem open to the possibility this may be a baseless attack.


ah tiger beat, how obvious you are,


if chris buckley was still writing political satire, instead of wrecking renaissance history, he;d be hardpressed,


I'm all in for continuing the redaction through Pentecost.
I was noting yesterday that it's had a positive effect on my offline discourse. Thanks Gus!


Narciso. I have a fever, and the only PUHSCRIPTION for that fever is:



MM - I would love to see your sister's kitchen. I'm planning to sell our house and move into my mom's house which was built in 1952. My uncle (an architect) designed it and it is very mid-century modern.

Originally that was not my style but I'm beginning to appreciate some of the aspects of it. My mom had her kitchen gutted (removed all of the original metal cabinets, etc.) and redesigned in a more traditional country style (?) with wooden cabinets and plaid wallpaper.

I hope to restore it to a style that blends better with the house. After getting 2 estimates, I may need to DIY some of it. I could almost buy a starter home for what they want to charge!

maryrose I have not heard the Organ Symphony it but am off to search on YouTube.


Nice poll results for Cruz in WI:



I have not heard the Organ Symphony

Saint-Saëns. The organ fireworks are in the last movement. Do listen to one where the organ has 32' stops (and your speakers can reproduce it!).


I learned by chance today that it was not too late for me, a resident of New York's own blue hell, that my vote could make a difference this year, for the first time in many years. I was a registered member of the Conservative Party, and I learned today that I could mail in a form to change my registration to Republican in time to vote in April 19th's Republican primary. So now I can actually help Ted Cruz with my vote. So long as you mail in the registration form (same one to register as to change party affiliation) by midnight tomorrow and it is received by March 30th, you can vote in the party primary you want to.


maryrose, I had an aunt who gave everyone in my family, aunts, uncles and cousins, a green scapular every couple of years. I still have them all too!


Miss Marple 2


Here is site that will help you!


All things to do with redoing a mid-century house. Ideas, sources, examples, a regular treasure trove!

My sister put me onto this site and I check it periodically for items that are goign to be collectible. I bet it would help you a lot!


I'm pretty sure I first heard the Organ symphony in Ann Arbor during its annual May festival. That performance was by E. Power Biggs, Philadelphia and Ormandy. This was the organ:


Wonderful instrument!

Texas Liberty Gal

What to make of this?



Thank you MM! That look great - I could browse there for hours I can already tell.

Dr.J - I found the Finale performed by Jonathan Scott. I'm only playing it through my MacBook but I can tell it needs to be heard through better speakers. Even so, it is beautiful - we certainly need to appreciate the beauty in our world in spite of all the rest! "Whatsoever things are lovely....(Phil. 4:8)"

Miss Marple 2

If you missed this story, here is something cheerful. I honestly would like to read more of this type of thing. Would help the country get its act together:



That organ in Michigan is amazing, DrJ! I can only imagine that piece being played on such an instrument.

This is the organ in our little local concert hall. We are all quite proud of it and the wonderful talent it brings to our area. http://www.spiveyhall.org/about-spivey-hall/history-design-the-organ/


My son in law gave a concert at Spivey Hall several years ago on that organ. It's excellent. My sister in law accompanies the renowned Spivey Hall Childrens' Choir which her best friend Martha Shaw conducts.


DebinNC - No way! You are Judy's sister-in-law????


Yes, she was in college when I married her brother.


DebinNC, that is awesome. In my entire life, I've been a fan of the Church type organ. My growing up Parish Church had an elaborate Church Pipe organ. I have owned 2 very nice organs, one a PUMP organ. And the IRISH CULTURAL HERITAGE CENTER in Milwaukee, has an AMAZING and HUGE organ.


My daughter was in the Spivey Hall Children's Choir (and Tour Choir) for 7 years! I went to China with them as a chaperone! I dearly love Martha and Judy (and Carol). What a small world :)


Missing you, hit--It IS going to be a long big of nastieness thru the election in Nov on all sides.

Anyway if you read this--SMooches.


Wow y'all, small world. I love the organ.


Clarice, there is the nastiness - but then we go off on lovely rabbit trails about movies and pipe organs and Lent and somehow it makes it all bearable.


Iggy, I know about the Trinity - I was referring to the extrapolation from Matthew, which comes up in every P v. RC argument. :)


A pipe organ played well is like nothing else imo. Pipe organs are so expensive to maintain that they're rapidly disappearing. There are digital ones now that come pretty close though.

Miss Marple 2

I have found that if i read stories i don't have to comment on them. I just mull them around in my mind.

Not everything I see on Twitter needs to be here. Anyone interested can go read for themselves.

Much better for my blood pressure!


What a small world :)

The internet is awesome like that. I was on another blog for months many years back and got to talking to a woman there and it turned out she was in the ATL area and talking some more turned out I went to HS with her husband and to further the connection she lives 2 miles away. There were a few more that turned out to have ATL connections, too. And to further that... she and a guy on that site started having off line conversations and one thing led to another and we had a blog/internet related wedding and all of us from that site went to the wedding.

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon...


Here's another couple pictures:


Hill Auditorium is a special place. Enormous, sonorous, and pretty much every seat has good sound.

Dave (in MA)

And now for something completely different.


I dearly love Martha and Judy (and Carol). What a small world :)

And Martha and Judy love all the kids they've ever worked with, many of whom maintain contact long after their Spivey years.


just near beer to the telegraph review, that daddy ggave proper context to



Love Retro Renovation. I also have loved vintage ceramics and kitchen things all my life. I have several of my grandmother's things including her turquoise Fiesta ware and La Solana plates and tumblers.

Turns out my Swedish forebears were potters - I recently learned that and it explains a lot. My third cousin Ulla restored the family pottery in the original barn and makes her own pottery there.

I have a curio cabinet too! An old printer's drawer. It and my old childhood animal figurines are waiting to be given to my girls.


And Martha and Judy love all the kids they've ever worked with, many of whom maintain contact long after their Spivey years.
Yes - we try to attend every Christmas concert and spring, too, which is coming up. They provide *so* much more than music education. They truly pour their lives into those singers and it shows.


Thanks, Dr.J. I just added attending a concert to hear that organ to my bucket list.


Stephanie - I love to hear stories like that! Wonder if we'll ever have a JOM wedding? :)

Dave (in MA)


Since Idiocracy has increasingly moved toward documentary status, maybe US News & World Report could buy it.


I know of at least three marriages in which the couples met via an online music forum I used to frequent that began on AOL in the '90s. That forum generated so many small world stories it became almost a joke.


A JOM wedding would be wonderful, but I'd settle for a week-long JOM party on St. Jane's or the functional equivalent.


a curious take, more like noh theatre,


Miss Marple 2

Heading to bed.



I know it's a pantomine leg, but it doesn't even have all it's legs,



Yesterday I flew home from DFW late afternoon. As I approached the security checkpoint, I noticed a commotion and first thought maybe some trouble.

But no, it was just Dennis Rodman making a spectacle of himself.

After taking off his feather cape and his shoes they ran his bags through the xray, but he got sent back to empty pockets, take his hat off, and who knows what else twice.

No problem he was holding up the process. We were suppose to feel honored to be entertained.

What an (redacted for lent)hole.


krongard wasn't the only ig sidelined,


A [redacted for Lent] story

I think you meant Claude Rains, Deb.
Claude Akins was a notorious Hollywood tough guy.
Probably a Todd Akin Freudian slip. :)
Posted by: Ignatz Ratzkywatzky | March 24, 2016 at 12:13 PM

Yeah, Claude Akins was a Hollywood tough guy, alright.
But to me, he was more "notorious."

When I was a kid, I had an early morning paper route, riding a bicycle weighed down with ~75 newspapers or so, stuffed in both front and rear canvas bag 'newspaper bags.'
I had to ride down a wide, four-lane boulevard to get to the main part of my route. Every few weeks or so, some guy in a big, older Mercedes sedan would come driving down the boulevard as I was riding along it.

If there were no other cars coming down the road, as he came up behind me, he'd swerve his car hard to the right and see how close he could come to my bicycle without hitting me. I'm sure he was trying to scare the [redacted for Lent] daylights out of me, as sometimes I could hear him roaring with laughter inside the car as I jerked my bike to the right to avoid getting hit, as he then sped off down the road. One time he only missed me by about six to eight inches when I didn't hear him coming, and I think it did just about scare the life out of me.

I caught a glimpse of him several times as he drove by me, but I never got a real good look at him, just enough to think he looked kind of familiar. I probably couldn't have described him very well, or been able to identify him, but boy did I recognize his car. I even got to the point where I could distinguish the kind of noise it made as it approached me, so I could swing to the right to avoid him.

One morning I saw his car pulling out of a service station on my route as I approached it, and I stopped there to check my tires and ask the attendants about the man in the Mercedes. As I pulled into the station, one of the mechanics was standing out by the pumps, looking at the Mercedes as it drove away, cussing out the driver like nobody's business. I asked one of the attendants what was going on with the Mercedes, and he said that the driver was that big [redacted for Lent], Claude Akins, who was such an [redacted for Lent], and they wished he'd just take his business to some other [redacted for Lent] station because he was such a [redacted for Lent].

So, that's my history with Claude Akins. I didn't tell my parents about what he did with his car until some years later, when my Mom recounted a story one day. She told us how years earlier, she had been shopping at the grocery store when some Hollywood actor tried to force her out of his way with his shopping cart. He just barreled his cart into hers to push it out of his way, and she said that she grabbed onto her cart, held her ground, and told him that just because he was some Hollywood star, he didn't have the right to push people around. But he didn't even acknowledge her, and wouldn't apologize for what he had done. What a classy guy.

The actor's name . . . you guessed it, it was none other than my old friend, Claude Akins, the Hollywood tough guy whose personality in real life was even nastier than the one you saw on the big screen.


sheriff lobo, that's how I remembered him,

note how they waited till norma and searchlight got the chairmanships to confirm someone,



That is a cool story. And Claude is a cool name.

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