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March 24, 2016


Miss Marple 2

True, Cecil.

However, if you go to #TheThing on Twitter, you will find tweets about this from the Rubio camp back last year, including the charming Ruck Wilson.

The story predates the Enquirer article by quite a bit.

There are plenty of logical Cruz stories one could do without touching this one, even semi-salacious ones reporting Cruz's name appearing on the Ashley Madison list.

Why run this one now? Possibly to help Trump, which RIF thinks is the answer and that it was coordinated with Trump. I am not sure it was necessary. Disgruntled Rubio people, who had tried to shop various versions of this story for months to more mainstream outlets, could have been the ones who provided the information.

JM Hanes


"If untrue, I'd expect him to be currently directing dire threats at the NE non-stop. Have I missed that?"

Are trying to suggest that not doing so implies he's guilty? It's probably the last thing he should be doing. That's the political catch-22 which helps keep the story alive. As a matter of fact, this whole brouhaha sounds exactly like the kind of media manipulation folks would heretofore have been attributing to Trump's genius.



Do you really think Cruz had a fling with Trump's spox Katrina Pierson?



Jesus I Trust In You



If you are on Twitter then you know Trump's spokesperson calls the tabloid rumors trash and Condemns those spreading it and believing it.

I would expect them to distance themselves from it. Of course.

It doesn't matter anyway, because if it's true, it will come out, and Cruz is finished. The Enquirer says they have at least ten women.

Look guys, if you think the Enquirer is going to put five women out there, and possibly more, at least three of whom are immediately identifiable via the photos, and have it be 100% unsubstantiated trash, John Edwards and Tiger Woods would like a word with you.

Miss Marple 2


No. She has denied it.

Amanda Carpenter, however, told the CNN reporter to talk to her lawyer.

Katrina Pierson used to work for Cruz. There are multiple pictures of her with him all over the internet. She seems to me to be more likely to have left his group if she was approached.

The Rubio campaign was trying to get this story out for months. Go to #TheThing and you can read about their efforts. My guess is a disgruntled Rubio campaign person, perhaps short of cash, shopped it to the Enquirer.



And if it's not true?



And you think Trumps relationship with Pecker has nothing to do with it?



Amanda Carpenter said talk to my lawer after she called it a flat out lie!

Nice try



Frau Flitzebogen

Is this a great country or what...crazy Uncle Bernie has been married twice and produced a love child during his R&R between marriages.


Sure, Frau. But Uncle Bernie never portrayed himself as a conservative, Christian, straight-arrow husband and dad who would never in a million years cheat on his wife.

With Bernie and Trump, it's all out in the open and has been for years. They are WYSIWYG.


Maybe I just need the transcranial magnetic stimulation emotional perception cure but IMO the latest is just a pantomime cage match. Cruz and Trump are simply letting voters know how they intend to deal with Hillary.
Consider ...


  • Spouses are not off limits, everything involving Hubby Bubba BJ is fair game;
  • No quarter given because Hillary is a woman. More than just policies everything is on the table, from her looks to Goldman Sachs;
  • He will openly attack her personally.


  • Spouses are not off limits, everything involving Hubby Bubba BJ is fair game;
  • He will attack her using a female proxy, eg Carly, instead of directly;
  • He's drawing in the democrat female demographic. For any of them that want their chance to have sex with the next president of the US, Ted's their guy.

JM Hanes


"It doesn't matter anyway, because if it's true, it will come out, and Cruz is finished. "

And if it's false, it will also have done untold damage to Cruz.

I wouldn't necessarily assume that the Enquirer must have something. For every John Edwards or Tiger Woods story, they've also published mountains of salacious, unsubstantiated, innuendos.


Yep, JMH. But they know how to tread the libel line and this would be well on the other side of that line, since they posted photos of the women.


The false stuff dumped on Trump hasn't hurt him.

Cruz has no counter punching capability.


I agree with Cecil,JMH, TLG and NK
I am glad during Holy Week I have decided not to engage in this carp



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