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April 08, 2016


Thomas Collins

I'm hoping for an expeditious Spiro Agnew type resolution to this. And then a fustercluck among supporters of the Comrade, Squaw, Joe and Deval.


the tales, drumheller could tell if he were alive, and willing to do so,


I have a feeling he's already been deposed by the feds in preparation for questioning Hillary's minions.That they asked for only an 18 month extradition suggests to me that they believe the case will be over before then. They are not going after sentencing him here.


what struck about the review of the emails, was the revelations I brought up earlier, red queen was made aware who ordered the assassination of Muammar, Bel Hadj, the AQ stooge, and Younis, the fellow who could have held the country together,
Jalil the justice minister, yet this isn't brought up as part of 'the people's exhibits'


well this was found out after the fact,


the late gerald de villiers, suggested it was an islamist militant, abukhattalah, who was a composite of the real wheelman, and bin qumu, the former detainee,



Godfathers of Newgrass. Or what happens when three virtuosos are put in the same room.


is it really unintended,


or is it part of a larger agenda of saudi general intelligence,


maybe just teasing,



I brought up the Gufficer extradition back when they gave Clinton's IT guy amnesty. I thought it was interesting that the guy who made ClintonMail.com public news had been moved to the US.


Hillary is shaking in her pantsuit
They must want it to be airtight
Why else let hapless New Yorkers vote for this sorry excuse for a human being

Art in Newport

Rich@gmu, the point you mentioned in 2003 .. definitely in the running.

But for my purposes, I saw the 1990s as still coherent, although fraying, and the 2010s as definitely in the crazy. So, somewhere between, something changed.



If my astrophysicist neighbor starts acting much weirder than normal I will raise the red flag.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

He came, he sang, she shat her pantsuit.


yes, it was sabotage, art, by a whole host of characters, soros was the prime player, but the arabist clique that brought us the plame matter,
a representative of same, will be in my departed
in the sands tale,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Not til November, right?



Mining a slightly different vein, a little more of, as Alison says "the finest dobro player the world has ever known".

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Does TC's 10:03 qualify him as a nattering nabob of negativism?


might as well start serving eel pie,


Art in Newport

.. Punctuated by a century of missteps ... the world can actually change ..

sbw: You are right, the world can change. But more, the world will change. But how it will change, for good or ill, ,.. that remains to be seen.


the goal was to smother the iraqi state, in it's infancy, the ikwan and their enablers, the syrian mukharabat and the iranian pasdaran, all did their part, to wear down the coalition, the late mr. drumheller, pillar, etc did their part on the inside sabotaging the response to the insurgents,

Art in Newport

.. sabotage ..

Narciso, couldn't disagree with a word you said. Even the ones I didn't understand.

Captain Hate

the finest dobro player the world has ever known".

From Warren, Ahia.

I don't think I've seen him live because none of those Rounder Newgrass guys would play the shows I'd see at Wadsworth that were more traditional like Jim and Jesse, the Stanley Brothers, Jimmy Martin (what a prick to the crowds and other musicians; Bill Monroe surely kept him on a short leash), Doyle Lawson, Del McCourey and others. Jerry Douglas and Tony Rice were my favorite guys on Rounder.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The ring-bearer approaches Mt. Doom--

TM seems to have the casting wrong;


the arabists are that clique of former and future, state and intelligence operatives, that serve arab potentates in and out of office, the plame town criers, were a subset of those, like larry johnson, organized by a fmr? station chief in the kingdom, who went as native as pappa philby, other people were rousted to deride chalabi, making way for the real puppet of the iranian security services,



I haven't seen Douglas live yet either. Did see Edgar Meyer live once, excellent. h/t Man Tran.


the ikwan is the brotherhood, the collection of tribes that have supported the kingdom since ibn saud, bested them in the 30s, when you here saudis in inconvenient situations, that's who you are really talking about, the ones going through the turnstile at gitmo, the ones in chechnya, so on and so forth,


this is why when they say, is it accidental, that AQAP is stronger now, I say look at the Taliban, is that an accident?


recall how right from the beginning, they tried to make the response to 9/11 illegitimate,



I think this was a thread of TM's back then,


Art in Newport

Last time I heard live bluegrass music was in the early 1960s. Saw Flatt & Scruggs at the old Ash Grove in West LA. Also playing were the New Lost City Ramblers. There was some dobro playing.

Played a song I never heard before or since: "Please Papa Don't Whip Little Benny (He's Small but He Wants to be Good]". Funny, the things a man remembers.


Art, the change comes where the ideas take seed. America, in its hubris, fails to see that they don’t have to take seed here.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have a question; who determines which men actually identify as women and are thus allowed to use women's bathrooms?


it's descartian in their discretion, although thinking doesn't enter into it,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have another one; will they be compelled to put urinals in women's bathrooms for pre-op trannies?


They'll just take urinals out of men's rooms. Unfair privilege.


not really a surprise,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Michelle Obama projectile vomits some multi culti crap.

“Right now when we are hearing so much disturbing and hateful rhetoric, it is so important to remember that our diversity has been and will always be our greatest source of strength and pride here in the United States.”

What a load of horse shit.
"In God we trust" is the official motto of the US.
"E pluribus unum" is the unofficial one.
If diversity is our strength shouldn't we change it to "e pluribus pluribus"?



Captain Hate

Chechnya has been problematic for the Rooskis since before Tolstoy wrote Hadji Murad.

And on that literary note, Nytol.

Art in Newport

I don't know, sbw, I was thinking more of an involuntary change, more in the sense of war or depression. It sounds like you may be thinking more of a new 'enlightenment'.

Art in Newport

And I'm beat. A good night to all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Relinking before I turn in, Caroline Glick's article on the Christian genocide occurring in the ME and Obama's sniveling, Quisling heel dragging regarding even recognizing it, let alone stopping it.

She provides disturbing details of his admin's malfeasance, indifference and hostility to their plight and those trying to speak for them that I haven't read anywhere else.

Free James D!

But for my purposes, I saw the 1990s as still coherent, although fraying, and the 2010s as definitely in the crazy. So, somewhere between, something changed.

It's not that something changed then. It's that the 2000's are when we finally noticed the change. The rot was there and spreading, the fruit of 50+ years of progressive poison killing this country from the inside, working slowly and invisibly.


Art: It sounds like you may be thinking more of a new 'enlightenment'

Perhaps a glowing ember in the ashes of the current endarkenment.

Miss Marple 2

Good morning!

Here's an interesting little event I heard this morning.

I had on the local station for EWTN (Catholic radio). They were re-broadcasting last night's live TV show with Father Mitch Pakwa, who is a long-time fixture on the network. The format of the show is a studio audience with live call-ins.

Questions normally are things like asking him to explain plenary indulgences or to clarify a passage of Scripture. I have never heard any sort of political question asked on that program.

He had TWO political questions from the studio audience, both sounded like young guys. One was about why liberation theology was understandable and should have been accepted (which St. Pope John Paul specifically criticized) and the other was a guy who said that the deaths under Stalin and Mao shouldn't be looked at as a result of atheism and that we should also look at how good their social programs were and the intent of those programs.

Both of these sounded straight out of the college campus Marxist curriculum. College students do not just wander into that program, as it is located in Irondale, Alabama and you have to make an effort to get tickets. I found it very disturbing that these guys showed up on that program, and my paranoia makes me wonder if the network has suddenly come onto the radar of the left with the death of Mother Angelica.

Jack is Back!


Two words: Pope Francis. That's all you need to know why those two guys feel they can now voice their leftist views on EWTN.

Just sayin'

Miss Marple 2


You are probably right. After all, Bernie Sanders has been invited to speak at the Vatican.

Miss Marple 2


pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

The ways of the dictator.


"When I tell her it says I was born in Cuba, she asked me to hold. She returned to read me a statement from the legal department: “Current Cuban law prohibits Cuban-born individuals from entering Cuba via ship or other sea vessel, regardless of U.S. citizenship status. For that reason, at the present time, Fathom cannot accommodate Cuban-born individuals.”

"Just like that, my booking was canceled."
Meanwhile, more risk everything including their lives, to escape.

Jack is Back!


Vatican denies inviting Bernie. They say he invited himself. Two peas in a pod if you ask me.

Miss Marple 2


This is not surprising. The Indiana GOP is very much an old boys, Chamber of Commerce, patronage club.

However, Trump support amongst the grass roots in this state is very high. This will not go over well when it is more widely known.

It's interesting to me to see how they are determined to shoot themselves in the foot.

Miss Marple 2


Who knows? Francis has had to backtrack and explain so much of what he has said that either one could be true.

Centralcal on iPad

Actually, despite the way Politico presents the info, Indiana is similar experience to many other states: "Indiana’s delegates will be bound to the results of the state’s May 3 primary on the first vote in Cleveland, and Trump is expected to be competitive in that contest."

Only on a potential 2nd ballot will delegates be in play. It is wise to line them up now in preparation for that possibility. Nothing nefarious going on that I can see.



“If Satan had the lead on him and was one delegate away from being nominated as our candidate, and Donald Trump was the alternative, I might vote for Donald Trump,” said Craig Dunn, a local GOP leader who is running to represent Indiana’s 4th Congressional District at the national convention in Cleveland. “I’ve always wanted to own a casino, but he couldn’t give me a casino and have me vote for him.”...
Contacted by POLITICO, a terse Miller agreed that she was not in the Trump camp and had an abrupt response when asked who she’d back instead.
“I’m supporting Tom Selleck,” she said and quickly hung up.

We've found the potential breaeking point for the #NeverTrump crowd. Satan. Maybe Trump should start calling Cruz "Devil Cruz"?

And actually I'd vote for Selleck. Has anyone asked him to run?


From our Chitown lurking friend : Darwin Prize Guitar.


Art in Newport-

Sorry I am getting to this about a day late and thank you for the notice. My comment didn't do justice to your comment and others on that thread had insight comments as well. It is an interesting topic and using my googlefu I found this leftist, but interesting, article on the history of "safe spaces". It is a little surprising that the idea has had currency for as long as it has but is only now coming to the forefront, but it isn't surprising where the idea came from.

Ace, a few weeks back, had a thoughtful post that universities are churning out (among other things) irrational students-that the programs in place at universities-are teaching and enforcing irrationality and that irrationality is being amplified by the media. I think he meant that "rational emotive therapy" is being turned on its head, and through a Maoist-like self criticism, "safe spaces" and "diversity" [and the whole panoply of other left wing irrationality] are given cultural power [or in the unhappy case of the University of Missouri, actual power as the president, chancellor, and head coach of the football team resigned over imagined racial and gender insensitivities].

I picked the 2nd Iraq War as the date, because that more than anything else in my mind, showed what a catastrophe the international system had become [start with the Oil-for-Food program and work on down], but the seeds for that catastrophe started much sooner as you say and it got its start in the culture.


and is it date weekend-yikes. By the way, I live at about 39 N latitude and it is April. It is snowing outside. Not much and it is above freezing so it isn't sticking, but it is snowing.

Who said that?

You wanna worry when it sticks through August, and when glaciers grow in Tennessee.


Got an inch on the ground here Rich. Not all that unusual.

Miss Marple 2


Most voters are not aware of the internal workings of the GOP in any state, as I am sure you know.

While this is not illegal, it is not going to be popular here. This is the state which overturned DIck Lugar in the primary because he had ignored the wishes of the voters here for years and years.

That was my point. I knew that the delegates were unbound after the first vote, but most primary voters do NOT know this.

I am sure that if Trump had influences keeping Cruz delegates off the slate, you would not be happy.

Mebbe he said 'Kentucky'.  Can't find it, even with non-Google searches.

Freeman Dyson, a brilliant physicist with impeccable liberal credentials and profound skepticism about climate alarmism.

He has no PhD; he's been good enough he didn't need it.

Throw him at the next leftist alarmist you run across. They get cross looks on their faces.

Captain Hate

The Catholic Church, just like the Republican Party, has been taken over by the left and all traces of John Paul and Reagan have been obliterated. It takes an idiot not to recognize this.

Captain Hate

We have about four inches of wet snow crushing all the trees.

Miss Marple 2


I am not the only one who thinks Cruz will be stabbed in the back.

Forgot his long spoon out dining.

It was very disturbing to me that Francis threw in with the tranzis seeking global power through climate alarm.

Climate alarm, and the war on cheap energy, is a war on the poor, about whom Francis purports to care. He's thrown in with their would-be enslavers instead.

He'll answer for his sins, as do even mere mortals, even those not living in air-conditioned castles.

Ooh, those lawless deck chairs.

When Guccifer unveiled Sid Blumenthal with the first shot, I was sure it was across the bows of a ship rationally captained. But no, a change of bearing to avoid hitting the iceberg was unthinkable by the good ship Hillary Brown.

Captain Hate

Every time I read about Romney operating behind the scenes I get more convinced that the GOP has to be burned to the ground.



additionally this topic is also bringing on a strange sense of déjà vu. Back in 2008, as the election was heating up, I recall that some of us here in the comments were trying to "figure out" Obama-his political philosophy generally or his Weltanschauung.

Clinton pursues the renewable chimera.

Cruz has the most alert position on climate and energy, and thus is terribly vulnerable to the irrationality therein, natural, and artificially, disinformationally, created.


>>>You wanna worry when it sticks through August, and when glaciers grow in Tennessee.

Posted by: Who said that? | April 09, 2016 at 10:06 AM<<<


>>>Got an inch on the ground here Rich. Not all that unusual.

Posted by: henry | April 09, 2016 at 10:13 AM<<<

Wisconsin 42 to 47 N latitude. I am sure it is a lovely place-in the late spring and early summer after all the snow has melted.

Give me 90 degrees F and 90 percent humidity.


>>>Every time I read about Romney operating behind the scenes I get more convinced that the GOP has to be burned to the ground.

Posted by: Captain Hate | April 09, 2016 at 10:27 AM<<<

I'll bring extra gas cans and matches ... maybe some nitromethane ... to keep the fire burning.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Climate alarm, and the war on cheap energy, is a war on the poor, about whom Francis purports to care. He's thrown in with their would-be enslavers instead.--

It's the usual magical thinking of the economically illiterate and tyrants:
They envision a gossamer candyland they think we should all be coerced into living in and the bovine rich will be milked to make up any shortfalls and costs along the way and the teats will never run dry. If they do there are always the pennies on their eyes. After those are confiscated there is always slave labor and the gulag which is always and everywhere the logical end of a forced march to candyland.

To paraphrase Karl;
Riches are the OPM of the Marxists.

Centralcal on iPad

Well, MM, the nature of this primary has forced even our limp media to cover delegates and the work going on to "lock" them up on subsequent ballots. I am sure Indiana voters are staying abreast of this news. It is just about everywhere - on-line, radio, print. One would have to be quite a hermit not to know about it.

Yes, I would be very dismayed if I was hearing daily reports about Trump smartly getting a lock on delegates, as Cruz is now doing. Trump is in the game now with the hire of Manafort. No sense getting up in arms until something foul is done.

No one is, as of yet, being robbed of anything. P

Art in Newport

Rain in Newport the last few days. More today and tomorrow, it looks like. Very nice.


I agree with centralcal.

There is some confusion about the primary process. It is understandable that voters might think that they are selecting the delegates who will go to the convention and represent their wishes on all matters, great and small, more or less like when you elect a Congresscritter or state representative.

In fact, however, the delegates are selected by the party machinery. All that the primary voters get to do is instruct those delegates about who to vote for for president on the first ballot. On every other vote, the delegates get to vote however they wish.

It is ironic in this year of massive peasant revolt that Nate Silver started the year trying to educate people to the fact that the PARTY selects the nominee, not the voters. It is not quite true this year because the PARTY would never select either Trump or Cruz.

But I can understand why Miss Marple is dismayed by the Politico piece and learning how things really work.

Art in Newport

Rich, a real difference here at 33 North. A snowstorm in these parts would end all life as we know it. :)


"I am sure that if Trump had influences keeping Cruz delegates off the slate, you would not be happy."

I would think that if you're a Trump supporter and realized that he never put any thought into actually securing the nomination other than holding big rallies and phoning in interviews, you would not be happy.

Oh and sending out tweets. He sends out a lot of tweets.

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 12h12 hours ago
Isn't it a shame that the person who will have by far the most delegates and many millions more votes than anyone else, me, still must fight

It begins and ends with the candidate. At least I would think. He could at least surround himself with people who know this stuff going in, not waiting until mid-April after more than 2/3rds of the states have voted to get a guy like Manafort. Sad!

I can almost imagine us getting to general election and Trump campaigns to get extra votes in CA and NY to lose by only 10 points instead of 15-20 in those states so that he can win the national popular vote. And we'd get to hear Trump whine that it's not fair as Hillary trounces him in the electoral college by eeking out wins in all the battleground states that Trump ignored until October 30th.






Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--But for my purposes, I saw the 1990s as still coherent, although fraying, and the 2010s as definitely in the crazy. So, somewhere between, something changed.--

The change actually occurred in the 90s, it just took a little time to make itself plain.
Bill and Hillary are the perfect example of that change. She is an unrepentant leftist who presents a facade of liberality, while Bill maintains a tenuous tether to the classical liberal tradition while playing both sides of the net as situations require.
But they both are products of the great struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party that was fought in the 60s between the last remnants of classical liberalism vs social liberalism. Unfortunately social liberalism won out. It is unfortunate because the path of social liberalism's emphasis on equality leads, without turning and in short order, directly to the path of the extreme illiberalism of the left and Marx. In fact The New Left of the sixties demonstrated social liberalism and Marx are merely tadpole and frog of the same animal.
The election of Bill n Hill represented the breaking of the last tether of the Dems to classical liberalism's emphasis on liberty over equality. They now pay only lip service to basic American values like Locke's life, liberty and property and even self governance.

Liberalism has two great incompatible branches and each of them has an analog outside of liberalism.
For classical liberalism it's conservatism and for social liberalism it is the hydra of fascism/socialism/communism.
Social liberalism's natural tendency is to devolve into its illiberal analog and that is exactly what is happening - has already happened - to the Dems.

Classical liberalism is a lot more resistant to morphing into conservatism but when social liberalism becomes authoritarian and illiberal as it always does, classical libs need to make common cause, and quickly, with conservatives if they want to retain even a shred of their liberty.

Social liberal parties are like being married to Dr Jekyll. You go to sleep besides a kindly doctor and wake up with Mr Hyde's hands around your throat.
When the WWII generation of liberals gave way to the New Left accommodating baby boomers the die was cast for our present asphyxiation by people who themselves now reject the principles of liberalism, if not its name, though even there the connection is greatly weakened.

Thomas Collins

Trump's strategy was to emphasize free media, as opposed to attempting to develop a fundraising network or gushing a billion or so of his own dollars into the race (as NK has pointed out, a dollar gusher really wasn't an option, because Trump doesn't have Bloomberg levels of cash unemcumbered by loan covenants). I think Trump's strategy was the most realistic for him, and it came closer to working than might have been imagined in August of 2015. But the strategy didn't quite close the deal, and, even with Manafort leading the operation, Trump is going to be outslogged in the state delegate gatherings by Cruz. To convince enough uncommitted delegates to vote for him on the first ballot is, I think, an insurmountable challenge for Trump.

In any event, the CruzInsideBaseballCritters are acting no differently than those hustling for Trump in Manafort's operation. But the CruzInsideBaseballCritters have a significant head start.



or more entertaining ... neither the GOP or Dems get 270 at the electoral college and the election gets tossed to the House (President) and Senate (Vice President).


Powerline's TWIP is always good. Today's is no different.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Week in Pictures; New York State of Mind Addition.
Lots of funnies this week.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Miss Marple 2


If you had an ounce of reading comprehension you would know that I DO understand it and have known for some time.

It is the AVERAGE VOTER who doe snot, and they are going to be upset.


No, the average GOP voter is not on line going through this minutiae. This state has one big paper, the Gannett-run Indianapolis Star. The other papers in the state (TerreHaute, Evansville, Fort Wayne, etc.) are all democrat controlled. This information isn't available unless you run across it by reading Twitter and/or Politico, of which I can tell you that very few people do.

I bet if I went up and down this street you would find maybe 2 people out of 100 who read political news in any depth.

These are the people who are going to be upset, along with crossover Trump supporters who are blue collar. If you think coal miners in Southern Indiana are combing through political web sites, you are very wrong.

Thomas Collins

Rich, your scenario is the one Jim Mattis' rich supporters are using to try to get him into the race. Although Mattis getting to 270 as a third party isn't realistic, if Mattis could win a few states, he might throw the race into the House with the Dem and GOP candidates. His supporters think he might have a chance in the House.

Because only the top two in Veep electoral college votes go to the Senate, if Mattis did pull it off in the House, he'd have a Dem or GOP Veep, not the Veep who ran with him.

Thomas Collins

I think Cruz's inside baseball operations speaks well for his ability to get his supporters to the polls in November. Ryan? An untested turnout operation. Romney? Tested and not quite up to snuff. Kasich? Looks OK in Ohio, but not as good an inside game nationally. My point is Cruz chomping on Trump's lunch in the inside baseball game does have implications for November unless one thinks that Trump's free media strategy will work in November.

Miss Marple 2


I am upset that more attention wasn't paid to this earlier by the Trump people, but I am not sure the outcome would have been any different. Until Jeff Sessions came on board, few operatives wanted to get involved because, as you remember, he was deemed a vanity or joke candidate.

I am realistic and think he will be very lucky to get 1237 before the convention, and unlikely to do so after the first ballot.

However, I am also sure that the GOPe will not let Cruz have the nomination on subsequent ballots. There are enough power players who dislike him and his positions that we will probably end up with Kasich or some other tomato can to be determined later.

Enjoy your confidence now, as you will be appalled at the ruthlessness of the insiders.

Do you think the average Cruz supportere is gong to be happy when the people he thought were for him on the second ballot instead break their agreements and go with someone else? Will you tell them, well there's no RULE that says they can't, and he should have known it going in?

I think you will be just as disgusted as I am now.


a brief interlude food comment ... I am engaging in some cultural appropriation and am eating some chicken enchiladas topped with some tomatoes, avocados, and sour cream.

ridiculous that I am still working off that cart of groceries ...

Miss Marple 2

I just had to go outside to take out trash and boy, is it cold with a wicked win!

Those enchiladas sound good, rich. I am thinking chicken Marsala and fettucine Alfredo tonight.

Thomas Collins

MM2, I think the GOP will lose more by denying Cruz the nomination than Trump. If the scenario in your 11:44 AM post occurs, get ready for The Hill or Squaw or Joe or Deval to take over in January of 2017.

Thomas Collins

Oh, I left out the Comrade. Can't ever discount the possibility that the Henry Wallace of 2016 will win.

Miss Marple 2

Thomas Collins,

I agree, but judging from what I am hearing a lot of those people are ok with that.


Indictment. Biden sweeps in as the Super Hero to save the party. Promises compromise and two chickens in every garage.

Of course he wins.

Thomas Collins

Rich, how about some cultural appropriation fusion? Mix Chinese mustard with sour cream for the enchiladas!


I look at the Cruz success so far to be nothing more than an analogy to Prop 8 in California.

People who wouldn't ordinarily be drawn to an election showed up for Obama and voted for Prop 8 as long as they were there.

I do not find it conceivable that Cruz would have ever made it this far if Trump wasn't drawing in the crowds and doing the lion share of field clearing.

To his credit, he is maximizing the coat tail ride. If 100% of the voters were supposed to be completely aware of the inner workings of the nomination process do you also think they are 100% aware that Cruz is getting propelled by the same establishment that he claims to be an "outsider" to?


Thomas Collins

Two chickens in every garage and a massage for every female world leader he meets, MarkO.


Posted by: Thomas Collins | April 09, 2016 at 11:37 AM

even better although Mad Dog has denied he would run and skeptical that anyone could convince him that helicoptering in, in that way, would equal political success.

...a GOPe tomato can as President and a Dem VP (under the theory that the GOP is going to lose the Senate this round) ...


Posted by: Thomas Collins | April 09, 2016 at 11:53 AM

that is a macro-aggression Tom Collins.

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