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April 17, 2016


pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

First with the best from Clarice!


And Good Morning to all!

Free James D!

Great (if terrifying) Pieces, Clarice!

Jack is Back

Yesterday I found out that a friend in the City with a home out here in The Hamptons who is a prominent Orthopedic surgeon is going for Bernie and not Hillary. She has always been a big Hillary booster. What compels educated, successful people to vote for more taxes, more government and less individual liberty, is beyond me but they do in droves.



Thank you.


Good morning to you!
informative Pieces Clarice Thank you!


I think the polls are wrong in New York for the Dems
Bernie will take California no matter how much money Clooney gives Hillary
Latest Clooney Julia Roberts flick. A bust!



Only way to establish your "cool" bona fides in certain circles.

Amazing what peer pressure does to the brain;)



Did Richard Perle help you write your pieces?


great pieces, clarice,

I think the sauds, are not as enthusiastic with zaphod, as they were in that robert lacey book,


Showed up on my FB timeline from 1 year ago -

"Well. The progressive community and the NY Times (yeah, yeah, I repeat myself) will be engaging in contortions for the next two years as they spend three days a week decrying the haters who won't raise wages for the unskilled and another three days a week deploring the haters who won't wave in more legal and illegal unskilled workers. (The seventh day will be spent denouncing the Religious Right)." ~ Tom Maguire


and on the anniversary, of the first betrayal:


Cynic fka Joan

Janet, your and Maguire's post made me smile for the first time this morning...though it is still early. :)


Richard Perle......

In the Hollinger case, regulators are preparing to seek an order barring him and Lord Black from serving on boards of public companies, and the Justice Department has opened an inquiry to examine whether any criminal laws were violated. The Breeden report said that because Mr. Perle was a "faithless fiduciary," the company would seek to compel him to return the $5.4 million in payments he received as a director and as head of Hollinger Digital, the subsidiary that invested in Internet and new media ventures.


this week on Casa de Carta:


it resembles the scenario in shelley's heart.

Miss Marple 2

Should be very busy news here in Indiana, as all candidates except Hillary are scheduled here in the next week.

There will be massive local coverage because usually we never see a candidate at all, and certainly not in the primaries, which are usually decided by now.

Local press will be doing their darndest to get noticed by national outlets, so I will be keeping an eye on local news and will report what I see for ALL candidates.

Jack is Back! (As An Officially Declared Islamaphobe)

Obviously, the increase in dosage of his Zoloft is not working.


another 100 cc's will do it,



"The progressive community and the NY Times (yeah, yeah, I repeat myself) will be engaging in contortions for the next two years as they spend three days a week decrying the haters who won't raise wages for the unskilled and another three days a week deploring the haters who won't wave in more legal and illegal unskilled workers. (The seventh day will be spent denouncing the Religious Right)." ~ Tom Maguire"

This is not as illogical as it sounds. And it explains some of the bipartisan nature of the leadership on immigration.

Democrats want the illegals here despite the fact that they drive down wages (well, they like the cheap lawn service and housekeeping) but because they want to import hordes of new Democratic voters. The GOPe wants the illegals here precisely in order to drive down wages for low skill labor and despite the fact that they are likely to end up as Democratic voters in the long run.

A corrupt bargain for sure. The elites win and the common people lose.

Cynic fka Joan

My goodness, what a fascinating and sobering 'Pieces' today. Thank you.

I do hope there are still serious people in our government. Philip Zelikow's “....an agglomeration of preliminary, unvetted reports,” made me look up the correct definition of the word -- I'd always used conglomeration :) in both instances -- and find the former is a clutter, botch, assortment, confused mass and the latter binds the mass into a whole. I wonder if Zelikow and several of the commission's members want to keep the pages unread as much as the Saudis do.


Certainly scowcroft and co, are a little wary, but they are immune from accountability,

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

"Killing the fossil fuel industry in the U.S. has been the unspoken agenda of the Obama administration for the past seven years."



"That, of course, is precisely what the environmental left wants. But it is not the future that most Americans would hope for."

IMO, the Obama regime plans to destroy as many private jobs/private companies as possible, before they are done and if a Democrat is elected President than those efforts will continue.

Richard Aubrey

I don't know what Bernie thinks of the wealthy in general and Wall Street in particular. But he is certainly tuning his followers to hate them, in order to increase support for whatever damage he plans to do to them.

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

You hear the ludicrous claim; "Trump is just like Reagan!" Really?

No; the one like Reagan is the man who stands up for the Constitution and the Entire Bill of Rights, limited government, a strong military, economic liberty and traditional values and against the cronyism of Big Government, and does so with dignity and class; Ted Cruz.

But, as the man said, "Well, there you go again!"

Top Ten Ways Ronald Reagan is Just Like Donald Trump!

Remember When...

1.) ... Walter Mondale asked "Where's the Beef?", so Ronald Reagan started bragging about his penis size at a presidential debate--just like Donald Trump!

2.) ...Ronald Reagan sold naked pictures of Nancy to a magazine to publicize his first presidential run and then accused Pres. Ford of buying the rights to those pictures--just like Donald Trump!

3.) ...Ronald Reagan, just to win an argument, said POWs were a disgrace...just like Donald Trump!

4.) ...Ronald Reagan whined when he lost, threatened to send John Wayne over to delegate hotel rooms with brass knuckles and promised riots if he didn't automatically win without a majority...just like Donald Trump!

5.) ...Ronald Reagan attacked Betty Ford, talked about Barbara Walters' menstrual flow, called Dr. C. Everett Koop a pathological child molester and made fun of Geraldine Ferraro's looks...just like Gentleman Trump!

6.) ...even though Trump just invented it in 2015, in 1980 Ronald Reagan somehow managed to use the phrase "Make America Great Again"...just like Plagiarist Trump!

7.) ...Ronald Reagan wanted to disband NATO and let a KGB boss run our anti-terrorist policy, just because the Russian flattered him...just like Donald Trumpovitch!

8.) ...Ronald Reagan proved he was a loyal Republican with his 11th Commandment; "Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican." Donald Trump proves his much-vaunted loyalty by telling Mitt to kneel and service him, by calling McCain a loser POW and calling W. a war criminal...just like Ronald Reagan!

9.)...Reagan had a clear strategy to defeat our enemies; "We win, they lose." Trump does too: 'Stay the hell out of there because we don't know which group to back, bomb the oil--take the oil, let Putin and Iran fight ISIS for us, and finally, send in 30,000 troops. Clear strategy...just like Ronald Reagan!

and, lastly,

Number 10.) Ronald Reagan didn't need a poll to tell him what he believed: For America, brand new days are still ahead and America's greatness are her people.

Donald Trump needs a poll to get out of bed, doesn't have any fixed beliefs, thinks America is just another Trump brand and thinks he is America's greatness.

And ain't that just like Donald Trump? 'Cos it sure isn't like Ronald Reagan.


Richard, Bernie Sanders doesn't think. Period.
He's a loser. He has never accomplished ANYTHING in his rancid life.

buccaneer morgan

Btw it's my mother's birthday today.


It was my mother's 97th birthday on friday, buccaneer.

 Skeptical Voter

I have an otherwise rational Los Angeles friend who is a big Bernie supporter. One needs to comfort the afflicted from time to time. But then he's also a big pro choice, climate change believer, keep religion out of anything sort of guy. He's consistent--I'll give him that.


I rarely respond to trolls but for the record the govt case against Perle was dropped and with respect to the shareholders suit not only did they drop him as a defendant but they were forced to pay his considerable legal fees in defending this ridiculous suit. Steyn did a marvelous job reporting the trial of Black and Kipnis which
IMO was an outrage which only succeeded in enriching Fitzgerald's buddy who as appointed trustee of Hollinger lived high on the hog as the companies value plummeted.

Jim Miller

What I like most about Donald Trump this week is the way he has avoided litigation. He has never threatened to sue anyone for what they said, unlike President Erdogan of Turkey. He has never used his money advantage to cheat investors out of their deposit money. He has never used bankruptcy laws to cheat investors.

And, above all, he has never sued a beauty contestant, who criticized him. No real American MAN would do such a thing.

As I have mentioned before, he has great respect for his followers. His reluctance to use the courts shows that he has great respect for the rest of us, too, like President Obama, who Trump resembles in so many ways.

(I was pleased when I realized that songs that fit Obama -- "You're So Vain", "Wonderful World", amd "Hound Dog" -- work just as well for Trump.)


Clarice, the f-wad doesn't care about facts. He's mentally ill.


Is there any way to defend Prince Bandar or, inexplicably to me, Pres Bush regarding the apparent contents of the 28 unreleased pages of the congressional report on 9/11? Boy do I hate it when Michael Moore's seemingly insane rants actually pan out.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Excellent Pieces, clarice.
This weasel line by the 9/11 commission's commissioner, if it was intended to lower suspicions of Saudi involvement, is a massive fail;

The 9/11 Commission’s official report says it ultimately “found no evidence that the Saudi government as an institution or senior Saudi officials individually funded [al-Qaida].”

...the Saudi government "as an institution"...
..."senior" Saudi officials "individually" funded....

I'm going to take a WAG and speculate that he has a doctorate in jurisprudence.

It is never wise to underestimate the craziness and/or self destructive behavior or either Arabs or muslims but I have to think even the Saudis know the only people who would be hurt more by the liquidation of their dollar denominated assets than us would be them.


(I was pleased when I realized that songs that fit Obama -- "You're So Vain", "Wonderful World", and "Hound Dog" -- work just as well for Trump.)

Hey, Trump don't need to be no A student, baby.

Jim Miller

Everyone except Bernie Sanders fans will like this story about a mistake by a Seattle TV station.

Well, almost everyone.


Thanks, Ig. Salman is apparently quite Meshuga, so who knows? Otoh so is the Lightbringer who just transfered some Yemeni jihadis from Guantanamo to the Saudis ,and his trip there fills me with dread.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Bankruptcy is a well regulated and fairly straightforward process with a long case history.
Unless one has committed a fraud upon a bankruptcy court or theft it is not a method by which investors are "cheated" out of anything.
In fact most bankruptcies are at the direct or indirect behest of the creditors as a means by which they can maximize the return on their at risk investment; failure of the enterprise and bankruptcy being a known risk of just about any such investment.

If there is evidence Trump committed fraud or theft then the investors should have and presumably would have brought suit like the Trump U people are doing.
Was he successfully sued by any investors?

Miss Marple 2


If the Saudis thought that they would take a massive hit from lawsuits (not an unreasonable belief given the current climate) then it seems looking at it from their point of view it would be a rational decision to move assets.

It would be hard to unload that much investment quickly, however, so the end result would be a loss of value in a lot of the assets as a sudden sell would probably drive the market down. In the end it would hurt them as much as us.

I bet the Europeans would love to get some of that money, though.

The question is whether they are serious or bluffing.

Jim Miller

I haven't a single bit of evidence, direct or indirect, to support this conclusion, but I have suspected, for years, that the Bush administration held back that info on the Saudi 9/11 connection -- in order to blackmail the Saudis.

Nothing direct or crude, of course, but if negotiations were not going well on some other issue, a gentle hint might work wonders.

(It's what I would have done had I been in Dick Cheney's position.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have enjoyed scooting about on snowmachines occasionally but what these guys do is not only insane but I'm not sure how they even survive it.
A snowmobile is heavy and massive in a way a dirt bike doesn't even approach. This is like doing dirt bike stunts sitting on top of a VW bug.


...the Bush administration held back that info on the Saudi 9/11 connection -- in order to blackmail the Saudis.

It's a tough case to make that Bush shouldn't have just held the Saudis to account.


Happy Birthdays to Clarice's and narciso's moms.

Jim Miller

Was Trump sued successfully? In the Mar-I-Crooko case, the investors typically appear to have gotten back about half their deposit money. According to the NYT, many decided to take those deals rather than spend far more in court. And face possible counter suits by the Donald.

As I understand it, there are still cases pending on those deposits.

In the condo-hotel case, the investors appear to have gotten most (90 percent or more) of their money back -- after they agreed to stop cooperating with the prosecutor who had opened a fraud case against Trump.

Finally, there is no reason that Trump can not go back to the victims of his four bankruptcies, and compensate them for their losses. If he has ten billion, or even 5 billion, he can easily afford to do the right thing. Just as Lincoln did.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Someone left the keys to Time Inc laying around and James Grant used them to break in and post some basic sanity at their site;
Make America Solvent Again.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I would guess almost all of those who go through a bankruptcy could pay off their creditors with the monies they earn over the years, post bankruptcy.
Do you expect all of them to do so? Would you?
Or is it only the 1% who have moral obligations?


I have to ask, which means the answer is probably obvious.

What did Lincoln do?


Thanks, CH, for the play by play. Sorry to hear about the backache.

Happy birthdays to the moms of Narciso and Clarice!


From last thread:
You won't read it in the newspapers, but anthroCO2, the rise from 280 to 400 parts per million, is now feeding an extra billion people from increased crop productivity

Some government doctor is on talking about the Zika virus saying there's potential local outbreaks

Lots of ways to cull the population after the blob of tissue transforms into a human.


"What did Lincoln do?"


Well, I think Lincoln succeeded for numerous reasons. He was a man who was of great intelligence, which most presidents would be. But he was a man of great intelligence, but he was also a man who did something that was a very vital thing to do at that time. Ten years before or 20 years before, what he was doing would never have even been thought possible. So he did something that was a very important thing to do, and especially at that time.

Malthusian Doomsayers vs Techno-Optimists; it's not even sporting.

No worries, TK; there is a climate denier specific organism. Let Nature have her way.

buccaneer morgan

Yes I don't see that, interesting the Saudis in lacey's book do not think he was generous to their interests. So yes then Prince Salman funded the high commision which supported the training camps, that would be some failure of due diligences.

Thanks all and happy birthday to your mother, clarice.

buccaneer morgan

My supposition is scrowcroft and baker, who originally got is intertwined with iraq, leaned on w, of course we can't count out Powell and armitage, who were tied to certain parties through Caspian ventures, and how about Tommy kean


And happy birthday to your beautiful mom, too, narciso.



Tell us how Perle's deal with setting up Trireme was completely innocent.


>>>Is there any way to defend Prince Bandar or, inexplicably to me, Pres Bush regarding the apparent contents of the 28 unreleased pages of the congressional report on 9/11? Boy do I hate it when Michael Moore's seemingly insane rants actually pan out.

Posted by: hrtshpdbox | April 17, 2016 at 11:20 AM<<<

If I were paid to make the case I think I could come up with some reasons, probably not good ones, but reasons nonetheless.

The one that readily comes to mind is that after 9/11 if the narrative went that it was a state sponsored Saudi attack -and then the Saudi government collapsed-where would we be? The Germans thought they were clever in sending a train full of bacterium to Russia during the February Revolution too.


a happy birthday to narciso's mom.

Old Lurker

Iggy is right about bankruptcy "morality", in my opinion.

First off, we no longer have "debtors prisons" and there are several important "quids and pro quos" involved in the time honored BK laws.

First, the Borrower knows that all of the assets he has agreed to place at risk in return for the Creditor making a loan is at complete risk of being taken to satisfy the claims of his Creditors. In return for risking everything he has agreed ahead of time to place at risk, the Borrower gets his future free of the unpaid claims of those Creditors but without those assets he placed at risk which the Creditors got at Bankruptcy.

Without the above ability to bargain what share of one's net worth will be at risk to which creditor and under known conditions, there would be very little borrowing and lending going on, and without it, there would be much less economic activity to lift all boats. A rich guy would just get to the point where he would never risk it all for one more deal.

Secondly and equally important is that in the global scheme of things ALL investments reside on a continuum of risk vs reward. The safest of all possible investments will always promise the lowest of all possible rewards. Conversely the riskiest of deals should offer the greatest of rewards.

In that truism, the centuries of bankruptcy laws and creditor rights contract rules have evolved. A knowledgeable investor possessing most of the facts will decide where he wants his bet to lie on the continuum from low risk/ low reward to high risk/high reward and in every case he will factor in that a failure might end in bankruptcy and if it does then his contract - the one he bargained for - will set out what assets he has a claim on and a well run court system and rule of law (sorry Detroit bond holders) will secure those assets for him.

Under that system, a bargain was negotiated and consummated. And just because one is running for President does not obligate a person to go back and retroactively tear up one bargain and replace it with another.


Yes, ol. exactly so.



Perle, Khashoggi, Harriman and Zuhair all denied talking to Bandar. "Prince Bandar is a liar," Perle stated to the inspector general.

Harriman went a step further, saying in his sworn statement: "I know from my own sources in the kingdom that Prince Bandar will soon lose his position as ambassador to the United States ... in part because he supposedly told these things to Hersh, thereby besmirching [Perle's] reputation."

That prediction has not come to pass.

Trireme is a going concern. But after Hersh's article appeared, Khashoggi told the Tribune, the possible joint venture with Saudi investors crumbled. "When this exploded the way it did, we -- the Saudis -- withdrew," Khashoggi said.


Dammit, OL, there you go talking sense again.


. . . and, OL, who are you to contradict progs who feel it should be otherwise?



You act as though the bankruptcy courts are free of corruption. They're not!

Man Tran

Greetings from Reservoir HS in Fulton MD. Tried to throw out rescue notes on the way by Janet's and OL's places, but the hood over my head coming up from Richmond was a little tight to figure where I was.

Apparently an SRO performance of Wiz of Oz.

Yesterday we hit the D-Day memorial in Bedford where some of our Chitown lurker's family are honored.

Off to Great Falls tomorrow.

buccaneer morgan

Thanks I don't think that's primarily it, rich, the attack would have been seen in part as a state sponsored attack, and retaliation would have been portrayed as an attack on islam, something luttwak didn't consider with his modest proposal.


So near and yet so far, Man Tran. Smooches



Tell everyone what role Richard Perle played in the start up of American Thinker?

buccaneer morgan

Its as they say a tricky wicket, this is why you don't apply tort law to diplomacy, there is no evidence of a state order for the attack, just individuals who happen to belong to the kingdom like Thames (sic) who facilitated the operation, ghezzawi who had dealings with some of these individuals


Do you see any reason why those individuals shuld be shielded from suit, narciso?

buccaneer morgan

No I don't, they deserve to be fought a lesson.


If he has ten billion, or even 5 billion, he can easily afford to do the right thing. Just as Lincoln did.

What did Lincoln do?


If you are for Trump -- part of his charm is that he is just the sort of person who would walk away from a bad deal and leave other folks stuck with the debt. How many of you would really be troubled if we could find a way to pull out of the Iran deal reasonably undamaged?

The reasons not to vote for Trump are the obvious ones. He doesn't really hide his bad traits from people. The nice thing about Trump is that, he is so much what he is that there is no reason to dwell on trivia.

Obsessing on trivia just allows people to debate what Lincoln did (love the man - but who cares?) Or turns you into a troll. (What does Clarice's relationship with Richard Perle got to do with anything?)

Miss Marple 2



Under that system, a bargain was negotiated and consummated.

And just to add to what OL says: Lenders to risky undertakings typically get a high interest rate on their loans. Absent bankruptcy they get an above-normal payoff. Should they pay back the borrower the excess? Of course not. Both sides are taking risks. Assuming no fraud is involved, there's no reason for "reparations," any more than if I win the NCAA pool I should compensate the losers.



What you call "trivia" some call history.

Miss Marple 2



Incidentally, if anyone saw narc's link about Haiti's cholera epidemic: Reason #1472 (as if any more were needed) for why the UN should be disbanded.

Happy birthday to narc's and Clarice's moms.


Via Taranto, this study is claimed to "destroy" Regnerus's study about children's outcomes from same-sex parents vs. traditional families. First, as Taranto points out, this isn't how science works, despite what liberals like to think: One study doesn't settle a question, or (except in rare cases) "destroy" another.

In addition, I'm not going to take the time to read the paper, but it sounds as though this paper's methodology is dumber than what it claims about Regnerus: It only looks at children whose parents stayed together. That ignores the difference in separation/divorce rates in same-sex vs. hetero households.



How many same sex couples do you know who have stayed together 20 years or more? None that I know and I know quite a few. Esp men.

Flat tired.

Heh, jk, reminds me of the second date U-Haul joke.

Midas Milady, er Malady.

The Clinton's stolen Haitian gold mine
Drains the sane from fool and fine.
Drink the water,
No more cholera,
Nothing left on which they'll dine.

'Twas on the Aisle Off Turkey That I Met Her.

lyle, there is a lot of pronoun fun, much to ponder,
Much to wander word meander, I shouldn't wonder.


a reminder,



CH's girl, Tammy Bruce weighs in on the 28 pp.:http://tammybruce.com/2016/04/your-must-read-how-us-covered-up-saudi-role-in-911.html


the big fish, skate, and aren't even in the net,



if they had any shame,



how does one say, 'the siege' in french:


Come play annos, don't say no-nos.

Thanks for the 3:34 reminder, n, and for your mum.

Wahabbi wed to globalism breeds a monster.

Right, c; the cover story was that it was to get innocent bystanders out of the way of misdirected wrathful reprisals. Not a hint, except in fringe media, that these Saudis were implicated.


this was very enlightening, as I've mentioned before,



you're welcome, kim, that link still is incredulous that steyn would not believe major renault


Happy birthday to clarice's buccaneer and narciso's moms


Beautiful spring day here in Northeast Ohio!


red squaw crawls out from her burrow,


Jack is Back! (As An Officially Declared Islamaphobe)

A special Happy Birthday to Clarice's mother and narciso's mother.

Wow! 1919. Was your grandfather a happily returned WWI soldier, clarice? 😇


No,JIB,--my mother's father married her mother whom he barely knew to get out of serving in WWI. There's a lovely wedding picture in the family album, but I learned after he died--that the marriage--a civil ceremony--was kept hidden from his own father, who made them get properly married when he found out about it.The photo is from the second ceremony. (That grandfather was a premature hippie.)


so woody allen seems to have borrowed from this, for bananas,



I've looked in vain for JiB's 1919 reference, which would make Clarice's reference to it make sense.
Can anyone help with a link?


Grantchester Call the Midwife and Selfridge on PBS tonight.
Only 4 more episodes of the Good Wife.


Beautiful in central Ahia also.


My mother was 97 this Friday--ergo she was born in 1919


Man Tran

My nephew who is the Xbox guru is vacationing in Norway today. Killing a week before he goes to Brussels to do some testing. He was the only one on the team who wasn't chicken. But what the heck, if you're a descendent of Charles "the Hammer" Martel, who is afraid of a few muzzies;)

Sent my sis pictures of the Vigeland Sculptures.

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