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April 29, 2016



My vote will be just as meaningless in my little slice of Blue Heaven as well. Has me hankering for a third party candidate.

Free James D!

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree completely with our host here.

As President, Trump will have to rely on professionals at the Pentagon, at State, and elsewhere. and he will find himself reined in by them. He may say stupid things, but Ihe will not be able to blindly DO stupid things, especially because he's going to have to go outside his personal circle to fill so many high positions. He's not going to be able to go into a rage and order the Air Force to nuke Damascus or something; ultimately that order wouldn't be obeyed.

Hillary, on the other hand, having been in DC forever, has a full rogue's gallery of criminals and traitors to appoint at the Pentagon and State and everywhere else, who will carry out her every loathsome and destructive order without question. And we know, for 100% certainty, that her orders will be destructive to this country.

I don't understand how any sane person can think even for one second that Hillary would be preferable to even the worst imagining of a Trump presidency.

So, your choice Tom, H or T?

Joltin' John Bolton likes Trump's FP stuff, and I like JJB.

Tom's indulging his inner Hillary lover. Omigod, please.


So true JamesD
However isn't it a shame we can't have a candidate that we all support wholeheartedly.

Wipe, like with a cloth?  Oh, Tom.

It seems he'd vote for Hillary over Trump.

I can't take very much of this.



Wake up and smell the molotov cocktails.

C Everett Kook

I'm pretty sure Tommy thinks Trump would be a disaster just like he thought the Duke lacrosse team banged that whore. And if I am wrong, then I don't give a shit.

The Gipper Lives

Policy Schmolicy-Trump is morally and psychologically unfit for power. All the coaching in the world won't change that.

If you want to know who he is, simply apply the epithets he's used on others: crooked, liar, corrupt, pathological, involved in bribery, perverse, bullying, nasty and ugly. He even called Jeb Bush misogynistic.

Of course, he didn't use the word because he doesn't know it. And can't spell it. Or pronounce it. And has a philosophical objection to the very concept.

lyle stands with James D

Check my new nic.

Viva La Burrito

"Trump is morally and psychologically unfit for power."

Comedy F-ing Gold!!!! Keep 'em coming Gip!!!! LOL...wow! LOL!!! It hurts!!!!

Jack is Back!

All these political pundits including a few here seem to be twisting themselves into pretzels trying to explain themselves in re this election season and particulary Trump.

Stop it.

Its really pretty simple: He is a projector of everyone's aching bladder. People are pissed and the urinal targets are myriad. Take your pick:

A non-compliant Republican party as opposition

A POTUS who is admittedly by his performance, remarks, world tours and apologies, anti- American especially our history, values and exceptionalism.

A Washington DC super-state of unregulated regulators and bureaucrats who go to work every day ready to burden our economy and liberty with more bullshit and restraints to our ability to create and lead.

A system of inequality and promoted unbalance when you care more for illegal immigrants and Islamic migrants than you do your own citizens who are in distress.

A government of leftists recalcitrants who have diminished our military and torn apart our senior and junior officer corp for the purpose of political correctness.

I could go on. But when you peel an onion don't be surprised you cry.

James D.

I'll go further on a hillary vs. trump matchup.

If God came down from heaven and personally told me that if Trump won, he would start a nuclear war, and ground zero for the first enemy warhead would be directly over my house, I would still vote for him over Hillary. I would rather see the whole country burn in nuclear fire than see Hillary (or any other Dem nominee) in the White house after having to suffer through two terms of Obama.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--However isn't it a shame we can't have a candidate that we all support wholeheartedly.--

That only happens in places like North Korea and Iraq under Saddam.

The last six years have been horrible.  And he wants more?

Yeah, I saw the disclaimer and I don't believe it. Tom's made a case for Hillary.


What Hilligula will do to the Supreme Court means certain doom.

Trump might do worse, but he might not.

It's Russian Roulette where gun H has a live round in each chamber, and gun T has live rounds in half the chambers. Which gun do you pick up?


Must be something in the Perrier in NYC.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--And I think a Hillary Presidency will be poor to disastrous but in ways we have seen before and can endure again.--

Two or three SCOTUS picks by Hillary and it will be a disastrous in a way we haven't seen since Fort Sumter.


so you're making the greg stilson case, it seems too many are seeing deutscher of the 13th rule, aaron mccomb and other hallucinations, whereas I am reminded of mallory in mccarry's better angels,

Roves Forth Chin

Q: How long will it take Tommy to come to his senses?

A: 24 business hours.


Love you, TM, but you've lost me.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Did the Gipper name a single character flaw that doesn't apply ten fold to Hillary?


Hillary will put transgendered whatever's in charge of our various Military branches. That's what you're voting for if you elect her. She will continue the intentional destruction of and degradation of our military, especially with her social engineering.

Trump, whether you hate his guts or not, or think he's a buffoon, will not do that, because he's smart enough to know that that's what the American people hate. He knows what they want, and this one is a no brainer.

He's going to appoint military leaders to the Services and to the Military Academy's, that have their heads on straight and that give a damn about strengthening our Military, not weakening it. As would Cruz, and Walker, and Perry, and probably Carly and Ben Carson and a couple of others.

Kasich or Bush tho, I'm not sure about, because they're more interested in being liked at CNN and staying 'viable." in the future.

For nothing else than stopping the intentional weakening of our Military any sensible person cannot vote for Hillary.


cant wait to see what this entails:



some text

From today's protest - I think this is free advertising for the Trump campaign.


You are correct.
I just wish one of those other people you mentioned had achieved the nominee status that Trump will probably achieve.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Clarice's weeklystandard link is very thorough and makes a lot of sense. However it is prefaced by this from the increasingly intolerable Bill Kristol;

Danker's insights go beyond his analysis of the 2016 Republican race, and are a helpful guide to any independent candidacy that may be necessary if Trump prevails.

 Stockholm Syndrome.  Where's Bill when we need a rescue.

Well, he didn't like Palin either, who had more sense, integrity and executive ability in her little finger than Hillary has in her whole machine.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--lacking a credible progressive agenda--

Huh? Hillary's agenda does not constitute a progressive one?
Have the Dems drifted so far left that mere Fabian socialism is no longer considered progressive and only pure Khmer Rouge Marxism qualifies now?


Thought ™ was wrong about the Duke case and I think he's wrong a second time. Hillary would be a disaster. For one thing the entire intel community hates her guts..how do you suppose that will work out? Here's Hillary's crowd:

 For good men to do nothing.

I liked Steyn's breakdown of the four standing as 1. Socialism 2. Cronyism 3. Constitutional conservatism and 4. National populism.

So Tom prefers cronyism to national populism? I know, I know, it's not that simple.


I just wish one of those other people you mentioned had achieved the nominee status that Trump will probably achieve.


The only other person besides Trump who had a chance to achieve a similar status among voters was my choice Cruz, and as we can see from the last 24 hours, our RNC head morons like Boehner and Peter King think he's Lucifer, so here we sit, staring at Trump or Hillary, and that one is such an easy call that even my Ivy League dedicated daughter should be able to figure out.

 For solar powered majesty, and breaking waves of gain.

Wait'll the windmills are in his backyard.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The interesting thing is the GOPe and the moderately conservative doofuses like Kristol, Will, et al, always advocated the lesser of two evils doctrine until now.

Now that the greater of two evils is The Lord of the Flies with lipstick they think we should abandon the lesser of two evils strategy now that it is Beelzebub, The Princess of Darkness, The Mother of Lies in the flesh as the beneficiary of finally not voting for the lesser of two evils.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I take TM at his word that;

"Interesting, but I'm still not voting for her."

 Mouth says one thing, heart another.

Iggy, read the rest of what he wrote.


Lets hear what George Will and his cufflinks think:

Brett: George, that endorsement from Governor Mike Pence, what does it mean?

George Will: Well it was cloudy, timid, incoherent and inconsequential...

(George sounds like he must be reading Miss Marple:)

Will: Well it was cloudy, timid, incoherent, and inconsequential, probably its more than tardy in the sense that its come on the eve of the voting, and after early voting has been going on for a long time. Thats one of the reasons early voting is such a bad idea---it happens before full information is before the voters. It's timid, because as you saw he really kind of straddled, saying I'm not going to offend anybody at all. Its a kind of poisoned chalice because being endorsed by an incumbent governor in a year where we are told everyone hates the Leadership Classes, its a mixed blessing, and whether or not it becomes consequential is doubtful because at this point surely there can't be 6 undecided voters in the State of Indiana.

George seemed a bit bitter to me.


Kirsten says "Yeah."


Why didn't some of the other candidates catch on with the voters?

Miss Marple

I don't understand why people think Trump would be a disaster.

Secure the borders, improve trade negotiations, bring manufacturing back to the Us, strengthen the military, help the vets.

What is so horrible about that?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

- short fingers
- funny hair
- not a government goldbrick
- not kewl
- vodka didn't sell
- steaks were tough
- mouth like perch

and lot's of other important things.


haven't most presidents won indiana, you wouldn't know it from this sliming,


why are some of the stats nearly identical to illinois,


Gus Jr. is getting Confirmed in the Church tonight.
Thanks for the call Henry.

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

I stand with James D and anyone else who stands against Hillary. IMO, America will not survive a Hillary Presidency as a free nation.


Brett plays this clip of Trump from todays rally, on the RNC picking candidates:

Trump: The Republican Party in a Presidential sense doesn't win any more. You pick your standard cookie cutters, I can tell you already, just give me the name of the person, and I'll tell you exactly what states he's going to win, and what states he's going to lose. I'm different. I can win states that nobody else can.

Brett: George, if he's the candidate, is he right that he can win states that other Republicans can't?

George Will: His theory is that there are enough disaffected "down scale", that is non-college educated Whit voters, who have hitherto in recent elections stayed home. That he can locate and motivate these people and bring them to the polls and flip states like Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin and elsewhere. It's an enormous risk. It's actually the theory that Ted Cruz had entering this campaign, that it was going to work in the Primaries it will work in the general Election. It's an enormous risk.

From that lame analysis of unreality from his Ivory Tower, my takeaway is that "cufflink" George actually thinks Trump is smart enough to have a Theory!


down the memory hole,


did you notice how quickly mossack fonseca, dissapeared as a story, I wonder why, three guesses,


The Washington Times reporter on the panel is hammering the blindness of David Brooks and his cohorts, but sorry I don't have the tape left to transcribe his comments.

George Will says that trump will not get the same level of support from young people and Latino's that Romney had.

Will is delusional. Kirsten agrees with George Will's delusions.

You guys didn't miss anything from the panel today.


Prayers for Gus Jr.

I'm sure his parents are proud and happy.


Charles Hurt is a sharp fellow, I thought they already part of nato,



Account of the Trump rally yesterday - http://www.thediplomad.com/2016/04/at-april-28-trump-rally-mexico-attacks.html

a bit - "As noted, the most interesting part of the rally proved the demographics: it was probably 60% women. Lots of minorities as well, plenty of people holding "Latinos for Trump" signs. It was a good mix of African-American, Asian, White, and Hispanic--everybody got along well."

Jack is Back!


Congratulations to Gus, Jr. on his confirmation.


congrats gus jr,


To me Trump is exactly like Hope and Change, 2008. No one knows what he believes, and no one knows if this is anything but a trailer for the apprentice. John Boehner thinks he is a cool texting friend. Yet all the same people who hated Boehner and applauded his demise are happy to believe - just like their counterparts did with Obama. The constitution no longer matters but insults are just soooooo cool.

I agree with TM. We have no idea if Trump will be better than the nightmare that is Hillary, or worse than the nightmare that is Obama.

Of course we have hope that he will bring change. Sound familiar?

The definition of conservatism has certainly changed around here.

I sure hope you guys are right, altho I've never seen that evidence.


"As noted, the most interesting part of the rally proved the demographics: it was probably 60% women. Lots of minorities as well, plenty of people holding "Latinos for Trump" signs. It was a good mix of African-American, Asian, White, and Hispanic--everybody got along well."


How in the world can George Will think Trump is going to do worse among young people than Whitebread Mormon Romney? That is inconceivable to me. Trump's got musicians, B-Ball coaches, Sports figures, World Wrestling-guys and Movie stars in his entourage, and he's walking around with gorgeous blonde babes on his arm, and he stands up and defends them when challenged. He's been on super popular TV shows that have been playing for years, and he hosts glamorous Beauty pageants with more gorgeous babes. And plus he's not running against the super-cool media darling Obama, he's running against the totally repulsive Hillary that most Dem young people can't stand, who takes $500,000 for bogus speeches at colleges when they can't even pay their tuitions.

Seriously George, are you honestly that stupid? Trump will do worse among young people than Romney did? Geebus.

Free James D!

Jane, I can say for myself at least that in an ideal world Trump would not be my first, or even fifth choice out of the candidates we started with.

But he is the front runner and the very likely nominee now, and that's where we are. I want the GOP nominee to win, because the alternative of Hillary is unthinkable. It happens to be Trump. If I were in charge of the world, it would have been Scott Walker, but I'm not and it isn't.

From where I sit, Hillary is utterly unacceptable on every possible level. So is any other dem, given where that party is now. So the only choice I see is Trump, and supporting him to the hilt.


will is kind of johnny one note, he was taken in initially by obama, didn't trust the huntress with the football, and had vapors over the shutdown, so it's not really surprising,


what could go wrong,


James, are you not concerned that you have absolutely no idea what he stands for? That he says one thing and changes his mind whenever criticized? That he is clueless about policy and the constitution? Supporting him is fine, but doing it because he is good at insults and eschews political correctness, seem very thin gruel to me.

Jack is Back!


It is actually simpler than that. Will is a lifelong Cubs fan and every year he must endure the inevitable. No WS and no win. All his opinions, history and mad manners are a result.

Wouldn't it be poetic if the year the Cubbies win the WS, Trump is elected POTUS.


Jane: The constitution no longer matters but insults are just soooooo cool.

Bronze that phrase. It describes the times.

Free James D!

Jane, I am. But I am more concerned that I do know EXACTLY what Hillary stands for.

And, again, I support him now because barring the very unexpected, he's going to be the nominee, and my choices are him or Hillary. That's it.

The only other option is what #NeverTrump advocates - taking the nomination away at the convention, blowing up the party in the process and guaranteeing dem win; or going third party, which will do the same.



I stand by my comment above on the Military, and what Hillary will do to destroy it, and what Trump will do to re-fortify it. If for nothing else than that and only that, Trump is way the hell preferable to Hillary. Hillary is driven to destroy the Military and it 's traditions in this country---she's on a mission and been on one since she "applied for the Marines but was told she was too old (if you believe any of that bullshit.)

Not Trump. He's not enough of a moron to do anything other than try to build up the Military because he recognizes that that's what Americans want.


Anyone I know, first or 2nd or 3rd hand, who has had to pull duty flying or protecting Hillary, hates her guts. Not so with Trump and his pilot of 20 some years. Just the way you treat the peons that don't matter in your life has to be an indication of character.

Lets put me and you back in Boulder 40 years ago waiting on 2 tables, Hillary and Trump. Seriously, which one at the end of the night would you and me in the break room be saying geez, Table 3 is an asshole, but table 6 is a funny guy, even tho he's a bit particular about his chow and he's eyeballing every girl in the joint.

I just don't see this as a complicated decision at all.


isn't this alway the (redacted) case,



Gus - so wonderful for Gus, Jr. and you!

3 John 4 ~ I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A certain tortuous death.
Possibly a tortuous death.

Hmm...I'm going to think about that for a while.
I'll get back to ya.


Table 3 is an asshole, but table 6 is a funny guy, even tho he's a bit particular about his chow and he's eyeballing every girl in the joint.

I'm betting that asshole Hillary at table 3 was eyeballing every girl in the joint too;)

Beasts of England


Hillary hates our 2nd Amendment: the true palladium of liberty. She'll work to diminish it and appoint judges who will do the same. Trump is for the 2nd. Might a judge he appoints be a disappointment in that realm? Perhaps, but it can't be known.

I vote Trump.

Hillary is in bed with radical AGW cultists who would love to control every aspect of our lives and liberty, and impede our economy through grave regulation. Same deal with her judicial appointments. Trump isn't.

I vote Trump.

Hillary has likely compromised the highest level of state secrets. She has likely sold influence to foreign governments. She has likely betrayed this nation for cash. Trump hasn't.

I vote Trump.

Hillary has never worked a real job, created a job or wealth, or dealt with the crippling regulations that she and her party adore. Trump has created jobs and has suffered through the aggravation and expense of those regulations - he doesn't adore them.

I vote Trump.

Hillary wants nothing more than to bring Mexicans and Muslims to this country, and she and her party believe that most of them will vote Dem for a long time. It's their plan to change the voting demographic. Trump's stance on this is well known.

I vote Trump.

Hillary will do her best to pack the federal judiciary with liberals. Trump's picks may end up being liberal, but they may not - it can't be known - yet it cannot be worse than Hillary.

I vote Trump.

Hillary will appoint a far left AG, and will do so at every other cabinet position. And at the CIA, FBI, NSA, et cetera. Hillary will promote the generals and admirals of her liking, as well.

I vote Trump.

In a toss of ten coins where tails is liberal and heads is conservative or libertarian, I know that Hillary's coin is coming up tails every single time. I don't think that can be honestly refuted. We've had decades of her ideas and opinions upon which to base that.

Trump is an unknown and a risk. He has been all over the map and I don't think that can be honestly refuted, either. But, given what I've argued above, there's a good chance that lots of his coins will turn up heads - and a couple of those coin tosses will be incredibly important. Will it be ten heads? No. But it won't be zero.

I vote Trump.


Cubbies win the World Series????

JiB that's as likely as an Olympic decathlete gold medalist wearing a dress! Oh crap!!!! Where is SMOD?


will is kind of johnny one note,


Even in his comments he has to start off by crap like this His theory is that there are enough disaffected "down scale", that is non-college educated White voters...

Jesus, George. How about just saying the word "Voters."

And BTW, who's "Up-Scale Voters?"

You? David Brooks and his pant crease? Peggy Noonan? Jen Rubin? Jeb? Where all all these Brain Surgeon "Up-scale" Voters you seem to think will propel JeB! to victory if we only wise up and nominate him at the Convention?

Hell, they're rarer than Chicago Cubs World Series Victories.


There is a lot about Trump I don't like but I have to say that I see the situation pretty much same as Beasts and daddy.

I would vote Trump over Hillary on the second amendment point by itself.


Even in his comments he has to start off by crap like this His theory is that there are enough disaffected "down scale", that is non-college educated White voters...

Jesus, George. How about just saying the word "Voters."

YES! And it would be one thing were he saying this in some secret meeting that is leaked but...he says it with no compunction! He has no clue that he is spouting exactly the type of attitude that is propelling Trump. Heck, I am educated and this insults me because it demeans others in my circle of family, friends, church family, etc.

Go polish your cufflinks, George!


Same bathrooms but separate graduation ceremonies....why not?


Centralcal on iPad

Hi Beasts. I am in Jane's camp regarding a lot of the "pie in the sky" stuff that Trump will do. Nobody really effing knows what Trump will do about anything, or who his closest advisors will be (and I am not talking about vote getting choices he is making on the campaign trail right now, but if he makes it to the Oval Office for real).

So, I vote Cruz until he is removed from the ballot.


it's a fair point, I voted for cruz when the primary came around, but I'm idiosyncratic that way, maybe guiliani might have been a better choice then maverick, who did a great impression of the sloth from zootopia,


I voted Cruz on the only ballot I have seen so far, but unfortunately our Ahia asshole governor rendered that a waste of time.


You guys are all talking as if the primary is over. It's not. If Cruz loses Indiana I think it will be, but until I'm forced to choose between Obama and Hillary, I'm sticking with Cruz. His personality may suck, but it should scare the shit out of you that Boehner is all in for Trump and hates Cruz. As far as I'm concerned that's the best Cruz endorsement of the primary.

I just wish people would stop projecting on Trump what they want him to be. He's not.


That he says one thing and changes his mind whenever criticized?


Good to see you back, Jane.


Beasts, I respect all of your points, but tell them to me on Wednesday - except I'll be in Munich.


Bill Clinton is also a golfing buddy of Trump's


"I just wish people would stop projecting on Trump"

Look who's talking.


The helicopter shot of Trump weaving through the barricades surrounded by Secret Service was priceless. Could have only been bettered by a slo mo front shot showing a pearl handled Smith sticking out of his belt.

The La Raza thugs are going to put him over the top. Not a very good strategy on their part. But I suppose they've been pulling bongs all day, so whatev..


The Border Patrol agents are down to "hope and change" I guess.

Maybe they hate Cruz and this should be seen as a reason to vote for Cruz.

Either way those agents sure are stupid.

Miss Marple


Thanks! I agree with you.

We may not know everything Trump thinks, but Hillary is a KNOWN danger.

I will take the gamble on Trump.



Good to see we still have a girl gang.

I will vote Trump if he is the nominee, but until then, ugh. So many people spend so much time imposing their beliefs on him. It is simply Obama all over again. Frankly his supporters (many on twitter), offend me more than he does. So many zealous people, so uninformed.


For what it is worth I agree with Tom Maguire and Jane.

It is just terrible to contemplate a Hillary presidency, but we know what we would get and as unpleasant as it would be, we would survive it. We have no real idea what Trump would do but every indication is that it would be extremely bad at best.

There is still a chance to stop Trump from being the nominee. Let's do everything we can to nominate someone else.


Beasts, I respect all of your points, but tell them to me on Wednesday - except I'll be in Munich.


Great to see you here and please, please, please, please, please give us updates on the Prague Cruise and whichever radical on the ship is first to grudgingly bend to reality, and who punches him/her in the mouth first:)

And tell Caro she ain't off the hook either.

Please do post pics and events. Thanks in advance.

Jack is Back!

I have already voted in Florida, so I have no dog in this fight from now on except an opinion which is probably as worthless as George Wills. But if the alternative his Hillary Rodham Clinton and her track record as well as "projection" [since it is the word of the hour] then IVR, regardless of who is the candidate.

But Trump, no matter his faults, is also a legacy junkie and I don't see him making America Piss Poor Again or America, Continued Since 2008.


I know that he stands for national sovereignty, a strong military, less regulation, no bowing to leftist media or the p.c. police . And I know she doesn't. I know the entire intel services want to see her in jail, and if she isn't indicted and does win--that will be a disaster for national security,

I know that he has some great people he listens to--people like Gingrich and Kudlow and Bolton and I know she listens to Huma (ValJar II) with strong ties to the Moslem Brotherhood, Sidney Blumenthal and every dipshit there is on foreign policy. I know she's responsible for the Libyan debacle and the opposition to Al-Sisi, the best guy I've seen in the ME outside of Israel; I know she supports Obama's feckless Iran "deal" which imperils the world.

More than that she cannot tell the truth about anything--and even lies over the bodies of the 4 dead Americans her idiocy certainly caused.

Any suggestion that Trump would be worse than she is, is IMO insanity.

Miss Marple


You are willing to vote for a known person of evil, rather than one whose beliefs you don't know?

This makes no sense to me.

If I had $500 dollars, I would rather bet on a possible winner than a known loser.

Jack is Back!

Well said Clarice.

And on that its Slaap lekker, tots morgen.


I may have posted this before, but it really is a must read:http://www.weeklystandard.com/what-trump-saw-and-cruz-did-not/article/2002126#.VyO_OmzzzNs.twitter


He is a projector of everyone's aching bladder. People are pissed and the urinal targets are myriad.
Bladder, pissed, urinal, I get that, but how a projector fits in is porcelain to me. Regardless, Trump is a less than stellar result of people's angst (one wishes people could choose better).


Jane, have fun in Munich!

The primaries may or may not be over by the time you return -- but the "I told you so's" from all side will be forever. I just hope we aren't sharing those inside the reeducation camps.

At lunch today (with our Chitown friend), my brother reminded me no one gets reelected by reducing government -- except everyone hates IRS so maybe those bastards are toast.

Oh well, for now I'll drink beverages adhering to the German beer purity laws. :)


There is still a chance to stop Trump from being the nominee




You have been on the Trump bandwagon from very early on. Why?


CNN says Trump already has 1002 delegates. From the wS article I posted as a must read:I believe Trump ran a better campaign than Cruz for two reasons:
1) Republican voters not only wanted an outsider candidate for president, they wanted that candidate to campaign like an outsider
2) The conventional strategies and tactics on running in the presidential primary had become so stale that an outsider with disdain for professional politics found a new way to win using common sense
Trump's simple, straightforward strategy of trying to win in every state, take as much free media as possible, have an inclusion attitude toward getting voters, and appear in front of as many people as possible proved to be sledgehammer against the old way. And unlike just about every other past self-funder, Trump did not let his campaign take him for a ride.
Political professionals have gotten so much power in presidential campaigns that they have diluted the candidates of a message and put up barriers to getting votes. They convince the candidates to run from most media interviews for fear of a gaffe (making them ultimately more gaffe-prone since they get rusty), stick to a boring, limited stump speech to give their talking points more resonance (even though saying something in a new way is more potent), and slice and dice the voters so that virtually everything the candidate says is geared toward an interest group rather than the electorate per se.
Why? Being stage-managed gives more power to the consultants. It makes the candidates more dependent on staff and vendors to navigate them through the torture chamber those people make the election into. The consultants become the smart people and the candidate is a commodity. This attitude is shared by the political media, whose access to the candidates is dependent on sharing a worldview about campaigns with those consultants.

____Tell me this isn't what most of us here have been saying for the duration of the primaries.


There is a lot about Trump I don't like but I have to say that I see the situation pretty much same as Beasts and daddy.

I would vote Trump over Hillary on the second amendment point by itself.

Me too.




Take asks what man would give his life to protect "bathroom freedom fighters"?http://takimag.com/article/with_apologies_to_nathan_hale_taki#axzz47DeczTP2


Congratulations, GUS. What a wonderful day for Gus Jr. and for your family.


"crony capitalists?" you don't recognize socialists when you see them?



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