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April 16, 2016



Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Miss Marple 2


I left you a comment at the end of the last thread. I didn't make myself clear because I wasn't repeating the results of the Pence/RIFRA debacle. Please read it.

I do not want you thinking that I believe Christians shouldn't express themselves.

Jack is Back! (As An Officially Declared Islamaphobe)

Go Caps!

As an original season ticket holder in 1974 I have been faithful if not totally disappointed. Much like JamesD with his Giants at times but at least they win super bowls.

I was there in the old Capital Center for their first win against the Blackhawks. Then the firm decided in 1975 to send me to the UP where there is hockey but not the Caps.

If they don't get out of the Flyers playoff then they are doomed like the Cubbies are doomed.

buccaneer morgan

And the Florida bulldog has an interesting bit of news.


Yankees have lost four in a row and are three for forty-six with runners in scoring position. I am not whining. Swear.

Jack is Back! (As An Officially Declared Islamaphobe)


There is always the Mets:)

Captain Hate

The Toronto Raptors, second seeds in the East, lost their first home playoff game to the Pacers. The Raptors have never won a seven game playoff series.

Jack is Back! (As An Officially Declared Islamaphobe)

Want socialized medicine? Like the UK?

The argument now to stay in the EU is it will allow the NHS to be more viable (which is nonsense) but is what is left of the arguments.

IOW's, if you get nationalized medicine/jhealthcare, you can expect that every headline story in every remaining US newspaper will be about it and how to keep it viable and how anything, taxes or revolt or guns will destroy its idyllic.

What have we done with Obamacare?

Thomas Collins

Isaiah Thomas's wrist doesn't appear to have recovered fully, so the Shamrocks are going to have a tough time against Atlanta. As far as Golden State goes, if 18-0 is no guarantee of a Super Bowl win, 73-9 is no guarantee of an NBA title.

But no matter what the Celtics do, there's always the Bruins. . . Oh, never mind?

Thomas Collins

Make that never mind! But Claude Julien survives after two epic folds.

Thomas Collins

With the Bruins out of it, I'm hoping Texas Liberty Gal will be able to down a few Jack Daniels shots to celebrate a Dallas Stars Stanley Cup. And if you're a teetotaler, what the hell are you doing with the blogging stage name Texas Liberty Gal? :-))


This site has been very hinky on my phone today. Not that I've had much to say but this my first successful post. Anyone else?


I've also had not much to say.

I blame a slow Cardinals start, and another blown Stanley Cup first round by the Blues. (Yeah, 1-1 now... but they should be winning in blowouts).


Plus Cruz just got all the Wyoming delegates. FTSAH

The Wolf Who Cried Boy

The NY SUN endorsement: "The junior senator from Texas has emerged from a crowded field by dint of his fidelity to principles — limited, constitutional government, sound money, free markets, and a strong foreign policy — that couldn’t be at higher premium. ...New York, in 1788, ratified the Constitution only on the caveat that a Bill of Rights would be included. Those are the true New York values, and Mr. Cruz has been the most faithful to them in the current campaign."

Mr. Trump should stop calling Wyoming delegates bribed. He's the dishonorable man, not those delegates.


Tommy Lee Jones don't want you guys using words that got no meaning.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Gripping, suspenseful story.
I hope daddy's last name isn't Calloway. :)


Another odd thing about Springsteen etc. boycotting NC....didn't they all support Obama when he said he opposed gay marriage?

Where were Bruce's highfalutin principles back then?


Just got to this great question you posted on the previous thread. Says it all.


Ruth Marcus sounds nervous:

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Lew Alcindor confirms [again] he has a basketball between his ears.


[redacted] you, Lew.


How can you even have a conversation with someone who views the world and the candidates as Alcindor does? I see no common ground at all.


7.4 quake in Ecuador.


Talk a week ago about 1952 Vincent Black Lightning reminded me I needed to post these. Some may not know Richard Thompson has a son.

Perhaps the best renditions of both..




this was the big story, of course carlos slims got the thin edge of the wedge,



and the subtext here,



vewy interesting,



no hay palabras, (well that I would recite unredacted) on a family blog,



I can't say I recall that particular song, by fleetwood mac, then again I'm not that up on that repertoire except for 'don't stop thinking about tomorrow,' which is a mneumonic woodpecker,

anyways in Ghost in the Shell, a post apocalyptic noir cyberpunk, there is a sort of Orwellian standoff between Japan, the American Empire' assorted powers, the singularity has sort of arrived, and shockingly it isn't all wine and roses, hence the section 9 police unit,


Kareem Abdul Jabbar played basketball for a living. He squandered his wealth via bad decisions.
He fancies himself a philosopher. Typical of a libtard, feelings substitute for intellect.


just opportunities for varsity and jayvee scouts,



is it safe?



well at least it wasn't from the lake como villa, that would be gauche,



the level of irony, in that link, opens up a singularity,

Miss Marple

James D.,

You are an excellent writer. Not my normal genre, but I am hooked!


well it requires a certain sense of shame,


so the chagoury's and mark rich, who are tied together, the partner to the uranium heist were all parties at the same watering hole,


well she speaks gibberish in any tongue, a common talent shared with lurch,



well they were part of the scam in the first place,


Frau Leseratte

narciso @ 9:32 -- if Barry had brothers...


closer to the truth, then you would suspect frau, kenya was a long time colony of what would later be oman,


That's my favorite YouTube version of 1952 VBL, Buckeye.

Teddy Thompson is very talented as well.


yes, those are wonderful pieces of music, is teddy the son of richard,


Perhaps Hillary's speaking in Tongues?

"Forked" Tongues of course, but still...

Miss Marple


Satan is the Father of Lies.

This is why we have to band together and stop her, regardless of who the nominee is.

I thought about this today while working in my yard.

Nothing is more important than stopping her. Also any democrat, but particularly her,

As far as the GOP machinations, we can deal with that after we win the presidency.

Whoever gets nominated, I am supporting,


the horde almost as an aside, recalls the last episode of buck rogers, 35 years ago,


narciso, yes Teddy is his son.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Our friends the Saudis;
threaten to sell hundreds of billions of US assets if congress passes law allowing legal recourse for Saudi culpability in 9/11.


yes, but the interesting part is the first link I put up, it's one kevin bacon, from the current king to the hijackers,


well perhaps two, abu zubeydah ran one of the camps, according to omar nassiri, the moroccan
Securite de Etat, asset inside AQ,


she'll be back,



Biggest bluff of all time by the Saudis. So of course Barry will ante up and play the shitiest hand ever. But even the biggest bluffs need more than one sap. Let's guess who else might be part of this grand illusion...


Hint: giant-bottomed Mao dressed grifter.


probably look at who are some of red queen's benefactors, the alamoudis, that jovial yemeni clan, the juffalis, the gene simmons looking guy,
who had the big divorse, there's at least another vinklevossi investor, and of course, king theoden,
who in turn banked with mossack fonseca,


some of the same players are featured here,


and therein lies the rub, scowcroft and baker, were probably the ones who told w, to ixnay on the audisay nvolvementiay,



Grand illusion and giant-bottomed: consecutive Styx and Queen allusions, well done!

Personally I prefer the film Grand Illusion. The greatest WWI film IMO.


Maybe the Saudis will stop funding new mosques here in the U.S.! That'd be a positive.

Maybe the chaos will all turn out okay.
N. Carolina will be rid of Springsteen, porn websites, Michael Moore movies,...

and now the Saudis will stop funding mosques.

It's all good.


they really can't do that, janet, if they did the ikwan, the tribesmen, would rebel, which is what they have really been doing for at least a dozen years, like the isi in pakistan, they live to stir up mischief in yemen, in syria, and in the dar al harb 'the house of war' which is the west,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

John Bolton;
I hope Obama doesn't apologize for our destroyer getting in the way of that Russian airplane.


I think Obama IS A DESTROYER.

Bolton should be made Ambassador to the United States.

Joltin' John Bolton. I heard him speak about three years ago, and he was pretty much right on about climate, too, then. I told him my anecdote about Bill Clinton once calling CO2 "plant food", but only once. I don't think he could resist the dig at Al Gore.


When he said he would be more flexible after the election he wasn't talking about his trigger finger.

Scuttle the Daft Fey.

Sink the Oba Maru!

Well, bulls rampage, and bears shit, or is it vice versa?

Live, from the interwebs, it's Sunday Morning JOM. Clarice's is up and I'm reminded that I told John I was afraid of the Wahabbi madrassahs all over the nucleated Pockistan. Let us remember that is a Sunni Bomba when Persian push comes to Arab shove.

Sixty years ago my father told me that when the middle-eastern oilfields were exhausted that sheiks would own the London Stock Exchange. Well, it hasn't quite worked out that way, but Saudi Arabia threatening to remove $750,000,000,000, that's three-quarters of a trillion dollars for the innumerate among us, ain't chicken feed.

How's that for an economic stimulus? Wither the central bankers with this raging through the marketplace?


Yes, plant food, and plants/trees give OXYGEN in return.


We are f(redacted), IDIOTS outnumber us now.

It's the circle of life, Gus; wait'll the plants get the vote.

I'm reminded of an elegant academic article over ten years ago which theorized that we attacked in Iraq to demonstrate to the Saudis what we could do, that our invasion was a warning to not repeat that little 9/11 adventure. For various reasons we could directly challenge SA, but a dust-up in the neighborhood might caution them.

I don't much buy that theory, but there may have been a little bit of that at work, among other things.

That's not correcting, rather decrypting.

er, that was supposed to be 'for various reasons we could NOT directly challenge'.


As most of you know. My brother is STATE/DIPLOMATIC/SECURITY.

Bolton is class, and near GENIUS. (like henry and Chitown lurker). Bolton is honest and moral.
Dr. Condoleeza Rice is competent, honest, moral and brilliant.

Oh, that Greenhouse Effect.

You won't read it in the newspapers, but anthroCO2, the rise from 280 to 400 parts per million, is now feeding an extra billion people from increased crop productivity. Our release of CO2 was into a biosphere relatively starved of CO2.

And they want to talk about 'carbon pollution'. The value of fossil fuels to the development of human society, and the greening of the biome are almost incalculable, but you never hear anything about that. The warming is mild, and also net beneficial. There will be no catastrophe, but it will be televised nonetheless.

I've been tellin' ya, it's all about engendering guilt and fear to feed greed and the need for power. All highly pathological social behaviour. It's the developed West which has caught the most virulent strain of the disease.

A 'Precious Conceit of a Western Elite', is a phrase I've long used but two of the words are used archaically so I don't usually get much response.

She' is a mooooocher.

Well, she'd like to cow us.

Did you know Madeline Albright's father is the one who convinced Condoleeza Rice to switch her college major from music to international affairs?


Poster with numerous names. I kind of think, that I know who you are...BUT....SAUDI'S THREATENED blackmail, is somewhat small potato stuff, versus our countries EXTRA ONE TRILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLION DOLLARS spent per year under Barry O'Jugears. Until recently, we had a MAJOR AIR BASE in SAUDI. We, THE U.S.A. HAS/HAVE protected the KINGDOM of SAUD....
Our nations POWER, PRESTIGE and MIGHT, has heretofore, allowed the KINGDOM OF SAUD...TO continue to EXIST. Barry Von Jugears, squandered that.

Baa Baa, Black Sheep.

Yes, Gus, I met you under the gun outside Lahore Museum.


Have you any wool??


I've never been to Lahore. My brother has. He was attache to Pakistan during his USAF years.
He LOVED......POCK...EEEE...STAHN, such as it was at the end of MUSHARRAF'S reign. That is where my brother was RECRUITED away from the AIR FORCE and was offered.....CIA, FBI and State Department opportunities.

Free James D!

MM @ 10:03

Thank you so much!



Clarice's latest.


Can we have a link to Clarice's article?


Sorry. Buckeye
Posted at the same time.

Miss Marple 2


Thank you for that article. I had seen headlines about that but you made it easy to understand,



Did Richard Perle help you write your pieces?

Miss Marple 2

Indiana campaign appearances coming up:

Ted Cruz will speak at GOP dinner on Thursday.

Donald Trump will hold a rally on the West side on behalf of the Carrier employees.

John Kasich (who already claims to have 27 delegates from Indiana) will be here next week.

Captain Hate

Trump News Sunday starts with Corey Lewandowski saying he didn't remember touching the drama queen and said he reached out to her for which she never responded and turned over his phone records to prosecutors to prove it. Claims the best states for Trump are still ahead of him. Claims Cruz will be mathematically eliminated on Tuesday. Claims that the state rules are arcane and favor the Top Men. Claims Cruz can't win any state that R$ lost. Says campaign staff is growing and getting better. Imo he came off a bit intensely nutty but gave good answers.


well he doesn't fools, and there are so many of them including at Rupert's romperroom.

Captain Hate

Laura Ingraham: if you want to win the nomination you have to know the rules. Trump will have a good Tuesday in the east but Cruz is well organized in California. Julie Pace: Trump is the only candidate who can get to 1237!but Laura is right about California. Will: Trump is very late on putting his campaign staff together. Rebecca Berg: the Cackler is a campaign disaster and Berns attacks will be repeated in the general. Laura: the Cackler is an unlikeable witch who has an uphill climb against any Repub.

Captain Hate

Rebecca Berg is from Real Clear Pandering and seemed kind of dense.

Captain Hate

Some government doctor is on talking about the Zika virus saying there's potential local outbreaks. Says it can be sexually transmitted. No reason for anyone in the US to delay pregnancy. Avoid mosquitos; good luck with that. Says we should throw MOAR MONEY to the CDC. The House GOP claims the CDC will just use it as a slush fund until the RINOs reach across the aisle and cave like cowards.

Captain Hate

Will: Rooskis buzzing of the destroyer is typical behavior. Lurch should be stronger on what we do. Pace: this is a difficult issue for the WH. Pretty scary stuff between US, Russia and China. Berg: GOP should be able to make Rodham's State performance into a winning campaign issue. Laura: US debt has put us in a terrible bind. American people need to see the 28 redacted pages from the congressional 9/11 probe. Pace: the Saudi relationship has been problematic. Laura: everyone should read a NY Post article on Saudi involvement. Will: the 9/11 commission demanded that the redacted pages be released which didn't happen.

And that's a wrap. Chris Wallace irritated me less than usual; or maybe my lower back pain distracted me.

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