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April 14, 2016


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If Hillary does not win the Dem nomination it will merely be evidence that Satan's power is somewhat diminished at the present time.

Art in Newport

?.. Cruz's audio just went bad ..


you think the dark lord plays favorites,



on the Democratic side

Please, dear leader..it is the Democrat side not democratic side.

There is nothing democratic about the democrats.


Gun issue at the D debate.

Bernie Sander just said "guns should not fall into the hands of those that do not have them.."


like giving kittens torches, what could go wrong?


much like this,


Squirrel isn't just for cats anymore.

I've got cats well-regulated enough they team hunt on occasion.

I'm Cloth-Head Wiper, I'll be your server today.

Sanders should say servers shouldn't fall into the hands of those who don't have them.

Jeff would know.

I read Theo, who I believe has been here for a long time, mostly lurking, often just his first and last line. It's kind of like the stuff that has the letters scrambled but all there, first and last correct, and the meaning is as plain as if written correctly.

Truth be told all 'roun the web's brain.

Mebbe I've read Theo elsewhere, or, heh, someone like him.


he's not that clever, fortunately,


I'm speaking of doc brown,


Miss M,

I got your e-mail, and your young IU grandson is sharp as a tack and writes very well. I know for a fact I couldn't have produced something as well written and insightful as what he got published. Give him a high 5 for me, and tell him


Miss Marple 2


Thanks! I will send the message!

He is a driven kid who wants to succeed. I credit a couple of conservative teachers in his high school who taught him about finances, self-sufficiency, and high standards.

Maybe a little bit from me, since his first word he read was "Bush" from my Bush campaign signs I had in the yard through early snow during the 2000 Florida recount.
He was 4 years old.

As you know, I love hiim to pieces and think he's a stellar kid. Thanks for your input.

And now, I am really leaving.


Man Tran


Thanks for the info on the British Isles DNA. If I ever slow down on my day job, I'll do some serious digging. BTW the Normans were also Northmen, so the bloodlines were leaking through from all sides.


We got to see the Viking museum in the basement of the bank in York right after it was opened.


We haven't had a chance to finish the Nova Viking show, but it is well worth the effort.


(Mebbe I've read Theo elsewhere, or, heh, someone like him.) Yes.

I own a very good bull(redacted) detector.

Beasts of England

After binge-watching Boardwalk Empire for a few weeks and totally loving it, I found myself watching No Country for Old Men this evening and just realized that Kelly Macdonald portrays the wife of the guy who found the money. Dang, she is totes hot!!

Best of all: she's married to a bass player, so I got that going for me...


Beasts, I spent 2 hours in Guitar Center this evening. I need a beer. I'm jonesing.



More virtuoso Newgrass.

Beasts of England

Hey, GUS - two hours in Guitar Center is time well spent!!


Beasts, Jr.does DJ shows. He's 15 and well on his way in CAPITALIST AMERICA so long as she exists. His next gig pays him approx. $117@ per hours. My jaw dropped when the Contractor told me what my son was going to be paid. He has a really nice DJ double turntable thingy, and and some decent, lights, lazers, and such. Because I have played in bands for EVER, I own a CRAP LOAD of amps, speakers, PA stuff etc, so he is in good shape. I mean the kid has OPTIONS of which set up/PA he wants to use. And trust me, though he's lucky, I do not spoil him. So he's checking out lighting and other DJ stuff, AND MORE GUITARS, and I'm diggin' on a very very sweet FLYING V.


Can you believe you were basically called Shrek on the last thread? Are you going to be ok or do you need a safe space? You had me laughing earlier.


Hey Gentlejim!! When you're over the target the LIBTARDS fling monkey feces at you!! The pathetic (redacted)wipe troll knows I own him.

As for making you laugh. I posted several posts specifically designed to make some of my pals laugh. It's a stress reliever. Thank you Gentlejim, you're definitely a PAL.


JOM LateNite™ rox!

/as I turn in


Goodnight Lyle!


I was rummaging around the garage earlier and found a bucket of sidewalk chalk. I thought about going out and micro-aggressing some libtards, but then remembered our school system is one of the worst in Indiana so I don't think the precious snowflakes would be able to read what I might have written. I might take my chalk to the prog hell where I work and try it out there tomorrow night.

Bill in AZ

From TK a couple threads ago, not sure if anyone went back there... but it fits in this thread, err... something about positive thinking...
Sorry, haven't been around much, work project from h3ll.

"I wonder if Bill in Az was involved in the search for the lost Grandma. She ended up close to where I think he roams."

Hey TK - yeah, I was the tracker on the ground that got the helicopter back on scene and pointed the right way.



Well done Bill in AZ



Not offensive, not BAN WORTHY.

Sidewalk chalk...FREE MOTHER(redacted) FREE SPEECH in support of Donny Trump. BANNNED.

A war is coming.



I'm still bummed our paths didn't cross when I was out your way.

Great to see you posting!


We are definitely in bizarro world.


Gentlejim. SPRUCE "CAITLIN" (sp) JENNER, is a MAN. Doesn't matter to me how SPRUCY "SELF IDENTIFIES". Spruce has TWIG and BERRIES and MALE DNA. SCIENCE!!!!!!! SCIENCE!!!!! 97% OF LIBTARD PROFESSORS AGREE!!!!!!!!
If CAITLIN/SPRUCY JENNER wants to take a PISS. He/She need not drop TROU, in my DAUGHTERS BATHROOM. I'm really really really sorry that SPRUCEY JENNER....."FEELS" LIKE A WYMYN. That would be HIS/HER problem to deal with. Not my 6 year old daughters.
Not a difficult equation.

Bill in AZ

Yeah, TK, I was on that other mission in that same area mentioned in the article when you were in AZ. No one has ever turned up that guy. Some of us still go out there once in a while and poke around. It bugs you when you can't find someone. And tomorrow I'm leaving at 3:30AM for Tucson where someone has been missing in the Catalinas for 7 days now.


I self identify as SASQUATCH, and I require my OWN BATHROOM public accomodation.


The whole people with the wrong equipment in the wrong bathroom thing will get very ugly very quickly.

I like the addition of 97% of libtard professors agree.


Gentlejim, 8 plus years ago, I coined the term THE FULL COMMIE. That which would NEVER be said ALOUD 10 years ago, is now COMMON PLACE. Even the sick and twisted pile of (REDACTED) Rodham is playing "I WAS A COMMIE BEFORE YOU WERE A COMMIE"
It's all they have LEFT. (PUN INTENDED).


Our public is clearly STUPID enough to BUY IT.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wow, Bill in AZ is amazing.



You really are clueless.


Ig, I agree. Bill you are awesome.


A nice detailed writeup of the rescue, Bill. They even mention the color of your truck!

My friends in the Border Patrol are some of the best trackers one may ever meet. You would enjoy their company, I'm sure.

They provide aid to so many people on a daily basis, it is a disgrace to see how they are treated.

How did you get started in Search and Rescue.


Notice Gentlejim, the fervant nature of the opposition. They don't care a wit, about right, wrong or truth. Why would ANYONE debate or converse with such FILTH?? I've said it before. A WAR is COMING. It will not be pretty, and I will be prepared. The silly libtards, who play here, have NO IDEA, what pain the will endure, when the (REDACTED) hits the fan. It's a game for these abject reetards.



Do you think you know what's coming. What are you doing to fight the commies? Other than running your mouth.


Ig and Gentlejim, I guarantee that the TROLL will respond with some silly nonsensical Rhetorical pile of scat. I own the silly bitch.


Somebody left the door unlocked again.

jimmyk on iPhone

Speaking of polls, this via Taranto is a surprisingly cogent takedown of Vox from the left, and includes an insightful critique of how ideologues can misrepresent the implications of polls. Perhaps obvious to us JOMers at some level, but well done and still worth reading.


Particularly this:

The whole notion of ideology-free explanation of complex subjects is of course itself ideology-laden. In fact, the pretense of neutral explanation simply deepens the potential dangers of bias.

Of course he's upset that Vox is going after Sanders voters, but the critique is more general. Read the whole thing.


Like I thought, nothing but meaningless talk.

jimmyk on iPhone

It's so great to see Janet back here adding her voice of sanity. And also great that the amazing Bill in AZ checked in. Hope he will stop by more often, when he's not doing more important things like saving lives.


I mostly agree with your 1255 GUS. I do not believe the libtards think this is a game. They are playing (poor choice of word) for keeps. What I would like to know is how they think they will completely gain control when we, the God fearing gun owners, are the ones with the weapons. They going to use UN forces? I can tell you that law enforcement I know will not play their game.

Bill in AZ

'cept my truck is gray LOL. I think j-school teaches them to just make stuff up. So many inaccuracies, in so many articles - even when I write it for them. Maybe sbw can explain it.

I spent a lot of time in the mountains, the mountains can heal. Ig knows. SAR is a way to pay it back. Folks wonder sometimes why we do it, they say people are stupid to get into the situations they get into. Some are, a few, really very few (OMG I have stories of those few)... but most, I understand why they are out there. But it is amazing how fast and how hard mother nature can smack you around. I have been there. So I have no problem going out time after time, to bring them home one way or another.


Gentlejim and Jimmy. It's not something that needs to be debated nor worthy of some pissing match. The F(wad) troll/s, and Commie accolytes, actually believe, (slightly) in the CAUSE. Dumb (redacted) morons, don't REALIZE what their CAUSE adds up to. The TROLL isn't "wise" NOR "intelligent" enough, to understand what he "asks for".
I find it HILARIOUS.
The pathetic troll, is desperate to save face.


Gentlejim, MOST LIBTARDS don't understand the WAGES of SIN. Most LIBTARDS are silly and most LIBTARDS believe that THEY control the GAME and THE RULES. JIM, most LIBTARDS are not ready to have their own BRAINS blown out. They think that the dirty dirty wages are for OTHERS to pay.


What you do is incredible. Thank you


Gentlejim, the truth is, MOST LIBS are playing "chicken". It is a win-win for LIBS, so long as there is no PUNISHMENT or LOSS to them.

jimmyk on iPhone

Bill, we were hiking out near Tucson a year ago, and even though we were not doing anything terribly risky, we still ran out of water at some point on a 3-hour hike when we'd been told again and again how easy it is to get dehydrated out there.

And a few years ago we lost a cousin, an experienced hiker who was out in Seattle for the weekend and was determined to hike Mt Ranier. Something went wrong (it was December) and he never made it back. They found his body the next day.


It's very pathetic how much libtards think they know. Even more pathetic is how little they do know. 97% agree, indeed.


Interesting that SAR and wilderness experiences is being discussed. The rerun of the premiere of Alone is on. Those people are NUTS!!!



What have you ever done to fight the LIBTARDS?


I love the pathetic rhetorical PAP.
Owning the TROLL is awesome.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I spent a lot of time in the mountains, the mountains can heal. Ig knows.--

Yep. The mountains [and the ocean] can heal better than a hospital.
Like a hospital they can also kill you in a heartbeat, even when you're careful.

Time to sleep, to paraphrase Roy Batty.


the ridiculous and silly troll is DESPERATE to control the MEME and/or Conversation. AND....the limp silly troll CANNOT. I love it. I love the silly failed LOSER attempt TO BE IN CONTROL. It's hilarious!!! Right TROLL??



Like I thought. You never joined the fight.


Hahahahahahhahahhhahahahaha. Dance PUSSY!!!

I own you!!!!


It's as easy as PIE.
A LIBTARD with an i.q. of 94, desperately wants to WIN something. HAHHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


And you know it.



Good thing for you you never joined the fight. Gentlejim is right, they play for keeps. And you don't have the brains or balls to last two minutes in the trenches. So just keep blathering while others fight the fight you parasite.


A complete and utter clown!!!



Sorry moron, I OWN YOU. You're a clown, and a desperate loser. You're a joke and I love humiliating you fuckstick!!!! I own you

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

One last comment since I forgot to answer a question posed by Theo and JMH.


Flo in the Progressive commercials is the first Dem I would shoot.
I figure if you start off a revolution with her scalp you'd have like 99% approval right off the bat.

And good night.




POOR POOR Sissy Sissy Pussy!!!
Poor LOSER!!! Hahahahahhahahaha,

jimmyk on iPhone

Hah, Kasich looks like a condescending fool as he lectures Chasidic Jews about the Bible.


Watch the cringeworthy video if you have a chance.

Dave (in MA)

So, Comrade Bernie and Pantsuit got into a tiff over Israel. Bern says they used disproportionate force vs. the "Palestinians" . Like that's a bad thing when you're attacked. Always go for a tie.

jimmyk on iPhone

The cynical will say this was done for the cameras, but I suspect it was spontaneous, and shows a human side of Cruz:


Though I wouldn't go as far as JPod, who said

"This is the best and maybe most important 30 seconds of Ted Cruz's career. I'm completely serious."



Miss Marple 2


This is an op-ed by Donald Trump, so fair warning to those who don't want to read it or hear what he has to say.

The striking thing is that the WSJ printed it. Also, the paywall seems to have disappeared for me and I wonder if it has disappeared for others as well.

Miss Marple 2

Hey, here's a good story I saw on Facebook. Remember the mother who went and dragged her son out of the riots in Baltimore? Well, he's now in the Job Corps and hopes to be an electrician.

Centralcal on iPad

Wow, Bill in Az, you do amazing work. Thank God for people like you who rescue others!

Miss Marple 2


I hope this is as successful as his effort to get the Olympics for Chicago.



Rupert is trying to repair the rift with Trump, so I suspect that's why they printed the op-ed.

You can be sure Megyn Kelly didn't go to Trump Tower because she suddenly realized she liked the guy;)

Miss Marple 2


buccaneer morgan

Good news, miss marple.

buccaneer morgan

Good gravy, mailman's son is tedious.

James D

MM, congrats on your grandson!

Miss Marple 2

Thanks, James D!


"This is the family that Michelle Fields, Ben Shapiro, Cruzbots, GOPe, and MSM did not care if they destroyed"

scroll down


Miss Marple 2



That is yesterday's news, cheerleader.

We are supposed to remember the charge and forget the vindication.

Miss Marple 2


pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

You can not make this stuff up.


"Obama to sign executive order to ignite corporate competition"


This article is dated 2012.

" Over the past three years, the bound edition of the Code of Federal Regulations has increased by 11,327 pages – a 7.4 percent increase from Jan. 1, 2009 to Dec. 31, 2011. In 2009, the increase in the number of pages was the most over the last decade – 3.4 percent or 5,359 pages."

Apparently Google can not even figure out how many pages of regulations the government has created.

Miss Marple 2


Navy secretary bending rules on ship naming. There will be a ship named after former senator Carl Levin.

There is also one named after Cesar Chavez.


I am curious about Lyle's take on this:


Basically, he says the Department of Labor fiduciary rule (one of yesterday's discussion points) amounts to a big nothing.

Old Lurker

Yes, Pagar, Google kids don't seem to be able to check themselves with simple arithmetic.

2012's 11,327/.074 suggests 153,000 pages of Regs.

2009's 5,359/ .034 suggests 158,000 pages of Regs.

So Obama reduced Regs by 5,000 pages?

Who knew?

Lost in the fog is the staggering statement that Fed Regs amount to something like 150,000 pages!

Have fun operating in THAT mess, business.


Bill in AZ - sorry I missed your visit last night! I am so in awe of the work you do.

I volunteer with an organization that rescues bloodhounds and coonhounds. Several of our dogs have gone on to be excellent SAR dogs - who would otherwise have been euthanized in the shelters.

So happy that there are people willing to take on this important, lifesaving work! It must be *so* rewarding to safely return someone to their family.


[From previous thread] jmh: It's pretty amazing if using temperate language to argue an unpopular case here gets you tagged for trolling.

Characterizing others argumentum ad absurdum is not temperate language. It seems designed to piss people off rather than convince them of the merits of your case.

I quoted the last instance above and said I did not care to play that game. That does not label him a troll although troll tactics were used.

Miss Marple 2

Busy day here, so I had better get moving.

Have a great day, everyone!


Look Who Bailed Out Trump Towers AND Spent a Christmas Eve With Donald Trump



BillinAriz-- from last night. what a great way to do life's work, helping others survive. Bravo Zulu.


“Wreck-It Donald” Is Breaking Conservatism from Within



The Donald/Bernie Show: Shades Of Hugo Chavez



There will be a ship named after former senator Carl Levin.

How sickening is THAT!?! Carl Levin....who went the extra mile to undermine our efforts in Iraq.
One example....Feeding false info to WaPo propagandist Walter Pincus (read the correction) - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/02/08/AR2007020802387.html

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