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May 03, 2016



The right decision!

Jack is Back!

My surprise meter just redlined.


David Soares is the Albany County (NYS) DA. Hardcore Prog/Dem. Why did he convene a GJ, and seek an indictment? No idea. Politics is getting weird all over.


Good for the Grand Jury. The DA will cut a deal where they will be sentenced to complete their degrees with full ride scholarships.


Wow. Is the dog finally gaining control of the tail?


In fact the only JOM skirt who has definitively stated that she won't vote for Trump is hrtshpdbox

I am, as always, a male (and I'll be a 60-year-old male next Tuesday, so don't sass me sonny).


That's fantastic news at the header's link, wonder how long it takes for POTUS to declare the grand jury "obviously stupid".


I was thinking rinse is lundergard, just not up to snuff, they were running fargo this weekend on amc,


Local Radio News advises that 1 of the 2 ObamaCare HealthCare providers in Alaska is pulling out due to unacceptable high costs.

No surprise.


now who's buscemi and stormare in this scenario,


nadia bakos was the zarquawi expert, who believes 'bush lied, yadda,yadda, btw this is 'meatheads' new project, a few good men, meets green zone,


narciso --

Awesome cultural reference.


I see Hillary was not talking about Bill when she mentioned her experience in dealing with men going off the reservation. She was talking about Rudi Giuliani and Lazio.

And she misspoke when we thought we heard her say she wants to close down Coal Miners and Coal Companies and then laughed about it. She instead was 100% in the Coal Miners corner, fighting for them.

Its amazing the stuff I learn I was mistaken about yesterday. Wonder what I'll learn tomorrow that I think is true today that just ain't so.


daddy, maybe when she laughed about getting that child rapist off, she was really totally sympathizing with his victim.

Art in Newport

My 18-year-old granddaughter likes Bernie and absolutely loathes Hillary. And her friends do as well. If it's Hillary, she'll likely vote third party or write in Bernie.

I'm sure Hillary is a lock with the over-55, educated, white female demographic.

The rest ... not so much.


I don't think this is going to work out,



I'm sure the feeling is reciprocal,



narciso, that is a funny thing. The faculty is making the legislature mad by doing this -- which will lead to all sorts of things they don't like. Hell, they may have to teach a full course load to get paid if they aren't careful! (That is among the things the board of regents successfully pushed back on).

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Perhaps the greatest victory ever;
The Tarholes destroyed by Yale miracle in volleyball.

Longer version here.


the minister of silly walks (un chapter)



You mean they haven't figured out a way to blame Israel?


The Free Shite faculty squeals as OPM famine leaves very little after state pensions and Medicaid are paid ... instead of them. Let's see the faculty call for removing 70% of UWisc 'administrators' and use the savings for IN CLASS purposes. When they propose that, I might begin to take them seriously. I love Wisc.


Rush says that Hillary is blaming the failure of Coal Mines on Fracking.

As I said, the stuff I learn...

Hillary says she feels the pain of America's Coal Miners.

Rush says she inflicts that pain.

I'd like to help her feel some pain.

Miss Marple 2

Sheldon Silver has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.


this is why I'm watching 12 monkeys it's not as strange as this (redacted) garbage they put forward,


Speaking of 'the future' can't tellyou how many people in NY over the years told me 'Shelly will never be nailed... he's too smart for that' Shelly was piggier than he was smart. And shelly is very smart.


Where did that V-Ball video come from?


it's time to ask the mogatu question of most everybody, are there spores in the air,


Volleyball is not a real sport. It's only worth watching for the bikini's. The Further Adventures of Wilson


HB hrtshpdbox

Jack is Back!

For Beasts and Iggy😊



I hate it when that happens,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Where did that V-Ball video come from?--

Same place as this amazing soccer shootout in which UNC embarrasses itself again.


a real smart move, that 500 million was worth every penny,



Tar Heel shame? I am beginning to sense a pattern here.


I recall last year Volkswagen getting in trouble for lying about their vehicles gas mileage specs and pollution controls. Then I see that it happened to some Japanese Car company. I imagine it has happened to others.

It makes sense to me that these companies wind up lying about their specs, because the Government keeps mandating that they have to achieve these unrealistic specs in order to be able to be sold in the US. Since the mandated specs are probably unrealistic, just like Solar and Wind generation power, it seems to me the car companies have to lie about their numbers.

So 2 questions:

1) Would Volkswagen or the Japanese Car company be having to pay these huge penalties if the Government hadn't mandated these impossible to achieve specs in the first place?

2) How come the Solar and Wind Industry is never penalized for never achieving their specs?


yes government like with the subprime scandal, is the catalytic agent in these affairs,

pagar a bacon, country ham and sausage supporter

IMO, unless someone can figure out how to stop the invaders:



It is not going to matter about any election in the next few months:;the invaders will change everything.

Dave (in MA)
I am, as always, a male (and I'll be a 60-year-old male next Tuesday, so don't sass me sonny).
Well, then, what's with the skirt? ;)

there's a whole bunch of category error here,



Soccer is not a real sport. It's only worth watching for the
Robot Chicken Anti-Soccer Episode

Plus, it's against the Law!


Sept 2014:

Donald J. Trump Verified account

I am being proven right about massive vaccinations—the doctors lied. Save our children & their future.


Not candidate Trump, yet.


where did they find this guy, in a waiting room,




CNN killing Fox, especially in primetime.

Fox is paying the price for turning 3/4 of its evenings into Forrest Trump infomercials.

Right now I would say that Forrest might win 5 states in November.


rush was in an anti soccer campaign in the 90s, complete with fake psa's, keep our kids safe, there was an extra letter there,


there's a missing variable there, cnn and msnbc air all his rallies, and many of his appearances, so there is another factor there,


Rasmussen begs to differ:


New Rasmussen Poll finds Trump ahead of Hillary 41% to 39%


Narc - the missing ingredient is that the MSNBC and CNN presenters are not firmly in place in Forrest's colon like Greta, BOR and Hannity.


Fox is paying the price for turning 3/4 of its evenings into Forrest Trump infomercials

John's Creek Bill,

I'd like to see the numbers for FOX Business versus FOX regular News. A lot of it may have to do with the "Trump Infomercial" bit but there is plenty of anti-Trump sentiment there also. I think a great amount of it has to do with Megan Kelly getting too big for her britches, and I wonder in retrospect if we can tag this precipitous decline in viewers to the night of the 1st FOX Debate when she came out of the box with a very unflattering performance, and Brett and whoever else was there didn't help much either.


New thread.


Lyle - we will see how those numbers hold up after the 24-7 saturation of Forrest's greatest hits as well as the constant the drumbeat for him to release his tax returns.


This is actually pretty good:


Esp coming from NRO.


I know, JCB. Polls at this juncture are mostly meaningless and I agree that the coming onslaught will be merciless. I rather think that the Trump campaign probably expects it as well. I expect all the calls for him releasing his tax returns will be met with calls to have CGI release their's. Gonna be one UGLY race.

Beasts of England

Sadly, JiB, there no prohibition on silly people owning really fine exotic automobiles.

In the Atlanta dealership, there's a glass-top coffee table with a 180° V-12 base courtesy of a Testarossa owner who didn't know that you had to check the oil. True story.

Old Lurker

I don't think Fox is losing viewers because they push one guy or another. I think they lost it when it became obvious that they were WILLING to push one over the others, and in so doing revealed the scam whether it was first for Jeb then Rubio, etc etc. Around the same time, trusted guys like Brit Hume showed that they too are, in their hearts, just part of the GOPe.

We had all "accepted the Juans and the Sheps because we saw they had to look "fair and balanced", but I sure no longer give a damn what they say about anything anymore.

They are now just one wing of the Uniparty so Femall.

Jack is Back!

Thet Volleyball video of UNC v. Yale that Iggy posted is a parody by Studio C at Brigham Young University. Frederick is an expert on them and he and his buddies sit around on weekends watching a lot of their productions. Scott Sterling is like the most interesting nerd in the world. Here he is as a soccer goalie taking penalty shots.



Via Drudge:


Woo, Woo, Woo!

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