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May 09, 2016


Dave (in MA)

lyle | May 09, 2016 at 02:14 PM, there used to be a comedian/voiceover artist on Boston FM radio around 35-40 years back who did a "Goose Stringbean" bit where he mumble-sang a Springsteen-styled song. The only words you could make out were "girl" and "boardwalk".

Dave (in MA)
Fat RINO Bastard
You're going to have to narrow that down for me.
Beasts of England

That was one of the many insane programs that rse warned us about, lyle. But don't worry, Clinton is no worse than Trump. Or so I keep hearing...

Come back, rse!!


Stay Puft, of the jersey shore, not to confused with tourette's syndrome of Ahia or the 'compact
like an attack squirrel@o'rourke, like erickson,


I think stanley kurtz, had it first, but she diagrammed the template behind it,



oh good I was worried for a minute,


James D

narciso @ 2:21

Lovely. There's sure a lot of room to reason with and reach a compsomise with someone like that, isn't there?


maybe they were not entirely incorrect in 'good morning vietnam'



Miss M @2:15, that chart is in Common Core, right?


out of the mouth of babes,



If you're in a nail-spitting mood towards Precious and his commitment to Islamic jihad, don't read this:



The only words you could make out were "girl" and "boardwalk".

Too funny, but aren't those two words about the limit to his songwriting oeuvre? :)

Full disclosure: I've always like his Tunnel of Love album.

Miss Marple


As. If.

The common core chart shows a never-ending spigot, occasionally diverted by mean people who don't want to let the poor fill their buckets.



Story of my life....a thread late and a dollar short;)



Governments work in quadrant 4, too.

The phrase "close enough for government work" is a mantra in government, not just a joke outside it.


Speaking of traitorous maggots:


Dave (in MA)

That guy (Michael Fremer) was very good at what he did, but nowadays he's fairly well known in audiophile circles. A couple of other parodies that I remember him doing were Neil Old and David Bony. If I remember correctly he got fired from the station he was on because he parodied their womens public-interest program with a bit called the "Third Leg Report".

Old Lurker

Porch, you're slipping.

Did you intend to use "Government" and "Work" in such close proximity?

James D

From lyle's link @ 3:12

The USS Cole attack sent a message to Islamic terrorists that American lives did not matter to our government. Obama’s release of Sabri tells ISIS, Al Qaeda and its brethren the same thing once again.

American lives do not matter to our current President, Just as they did not matter to Bill clinton. Just as they did not matter to Hillary Clinton in her time at the State Department, and absolutely will not matter to her if she becomes President.


I think someone has linked this:


VDH's last sentence:

There may be reasons to vote against Trump, but at least spare us the outrage that he is somehow uniquely demagogic, crude, or ill-informed in a manner that we have not seen over the last eight years from Trump’s greatest enabler.

Perhaps some JOMers could take the goof professor's words to heart...


Obviously, I don't think VDH is a "goof." ;)



Ted Cruz — whom I supported — was an unappealing candidate. He looked like Grandpa Munster and talked like Elmer Gantry. But even if he had had all the grace and charm in the world, he might have placed himself so far to the right of the mainstream, he never stood a chance. Someone like Jeb Bush was a horror show to purist conservatives like me... but right this minute, I would kiss Jeb's butt and call him baby if it would put him in the place of the low-life leftist demagogue we seem to be stuck with.

It has long been my belief that we as a nation are not as divided as we seem. I suspect that seventy percent of the country agrees on seventy percent of the issues. In such an atmosphere, one can argue one's political principles without mistaking them for moral ideals. It seems worth a try anyway. After all, out of the ruins of compromise come monsters. And boy oh boy, we've got one now.

Hint: He's NOT referring to the Pantsuited Porcine Plutocrat as the "low-life leftist demagogue" or a "monster."

But I'm curious if anyone agrees with him.

Dave (in MA)

In a government that features both a Lurch and an Eddie Munster, I don't see the comparison to Grandpa.


lyle --

I do not want to kiss any part of Jeb Bush, but I think "low-life leftist demagogue" is a reasonably accurate description of Trump.

But we have been through all of this endlessly. I think most of us here did not want Trump to be the nominee, but he is. Pining away for Jeb or anyone else is not productive.

The choice that each of us has to make is one of these four: 1. Vote Trump 2. Vote Rodham 3. Vote third party. 4. Don't vote.

We have many months to make up our minds. I for one am still thinking about it (but since I live in Illinois, it probably does not affect the outcome no matter what I do).

Jack is Back!

Why I think Frederick will make a great doctor.

"A woman went to the Doctor’s office, where she was seen by one of the new doctors, but after about 4 minutes in the examination room, she burst out, screaming as she ran down the hall.

An older doctor stopped her and asked what the problem was, and she told him her story.

After listening, he had her sit down and told her to go relax in another room.

The older doctor marched down hallway to the back where the first doctor was and demanded,

“What’s the matter with you? Mrs. Terry is 63 years old, she has two grown children and several grandchildren, and you told her she was pregnant?”

The new doctor continued to write on his clipboard and without looking up said,

“Does she still have the hiccups?”


Here we go!:

Justice Department Sues North Carolina, Saying Bathroom Law Violates Civil Rights

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit charging that North Carolina’s bathroom law violates civil-rights laws, hours after state officials filed their own suit saying the department was trying to rewrite national law.

Dave (in MA)


Shock: State Department Says It Can't Find the Emails of the IT Guy Who Helped Hillary Clinton Hide Her Emails from the State Department

That's some La Cosa Nostra shit.


(but since I live in Illinois, it probably does not affect the outcome no matter what I do).

Theo, you have no idea how comforting that is.


Loretta Lynch is twisting herself into a pretzel justifying DOJ's actions against a sovereign state i.e., #NorthCarolina.

Her judgement is flawed..to be gentle..it's what progs do..

Jack is Back!


They're in Al Capone's treasure chest.

BTW, there goes State's Rights, another constitutional takeover by the Federal Government. So much for Federalism.


Buckeye --

For both of us.....


If Trump is a "low-life leftist demagogue," then what's that make Rodham?

This cat will end up voting for her:


How do I know? Because he's beyond delusional:

The best argument in favor of Mr. Trump is the duration of the harm Mrs. Clinton would wreak upon the nation through appointments to the Supreme Court. It’s a valid and important point.

But I can envision two plausible scenarios, the difference between which may trump even that concern:

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, it is likely that she will be an even bigger failure than Barack Obama has been. In 2018, Republicans reclaim the majority in the Senate (likely to be lost this year), pick up seats in the House, and unseat her in 2020 with a clear conservative mandate.

If Donald Trump is elected president, defying current betting odds nearly 3-to-1 against him, Democrats take full control of Congress in 2018 and in 2020 beat Mr. Trump (if he even runs for re-election), giving them full control of the federal government, much as Barack Obama had during his first two years in office. In the meantime, Trump all but dissolves the GOP.

I helpfully bolded the key part because I'm a swell kind o' guy.

Miss Marple 2

Oh, yes, we would have been so much better off with Jeb.

Let's review exactly WHO was the leftist on 2 hot button issues for conservatives:

1.Common Core. Jeb instigated it, he profited from it, he sat on boards of educational consulting companies. To this day he supports it, stubbornly asserting it elevates standards when it does nothing of the sort.

Trump opposes Common Core.

2. Immigration and the border. Jeb supports some sort of relaxing of the rules (he was never quite clear on this) but insulted all our intelligence by saying it was an "act of love" when people cross the border.

Trump wants to build the wall, stop the flow of illegals, and put a hold on immigration of Muslims. (Jeb also opposed any sort of restriction on allowing Muslims in the country.)

I think a lot of these insults are peer-driven and are mostly involved in money flowing to certain web sites and publications, specifically predicated on the assumption that Trump's election will mean that people will follow the White House web site rather than 157 blogs bitching about Hillary.


Justice Department Sues North Carolina, Saying Bathroom Law Violates Civil Rights

State Department Says It Can't Find the Emails of the IT Guy Who Helped Hillary Clinton Hide Her Emails

Priorities, people!


reminds me of the fbi chief, in 'live free or die hard'


now zaphod has been the worst type of demagogue,
followed by the razorbacks, alan grayson is in the middle weight category along with yeargh, mcawful in welter weight,


BTW, there goes State's Rights, another constitutional takeover by the Federal Government. So much for Federalism.

About time to storm the Bastille.


why do they think they will have those blogs, are they all blasted on cinnamon schnapps,


lyle --

I think that Kaminsky makes some good points.

In terms of the Supreme Court, I assume that the folks here do not want to see more justices like Earl Warren, William Brennan, Harry Blackmun, John Paul Stevens, David Souter or even Anthony Kennedy.

But each and every one of them was nominated to the Supreme Court by a REPUBLICAN president. Given Trump's tenuous hold on Republican/conservative principles, I do not think it is realistic to think that he would appoint better justices than his Republican predecessors.

If Trump were to announce that he would appoint Ted Cruz to the first Supreme Court vacancy, that might be of some help. But otherwise I do not think that the Supreme Court is a real big argument in Trump's favor. Yes, I guess I would rather take my chances that he would make a bad pick than the certainty that Rodham will make a terrible one, but it is not enough to seal the deal as far as I am concerned.

Miss Marple 2


I don't know why they think that.

I figure if Hillary gets elected I will have to post in code on gardening web sites.


phillip kerr, is a great novelist, however his latest treatment, of this subject leaves out a great deal.


Miss Marple 2


He has already said he would list a group of justices so that people could see the type of person he would pick, and that he would pick only from that list.

He already said he wants someone like Scalia.

Jeff Sessions is helping him.

Why you think he would appoint someone liberal I do not know, but if you had been following his statements on this you wouldn't make such erroneous comments.


he only focuses on the blunt connection, but apparently hollis was set off more red lights than a christmas tree, krivitsky's death is why chambers 'came in out of the cold'


MM --

1. Let's see the list.

2. Trump says a lot of things and then unsays them later.

Clearly, there is a better chance of getting a good pick with Trump than with Rodham. But we are not certain what we will get with Trump and there are other issues besides the Supreme Court.


why did nixon ultimately pick blackman, because they (redacted) him on carswell and haynesworth, powell was a pretty good choice as was rehnquist, but that's only two out of four, burger 'grew' in office,


I assume that the folks here do not want to see more justices like Earl Warren, William Brennan, Harry Blackmun, John Paul Stevens, David Souter or even Anthony Kennedy.

Heck, I'd settle for not seeing another justice like John Roberts.

Miss Marple 2

Goalpost moving again, Theo.

I am not playing the game.

Vote for him or not. I told you what he plans, and you still gripe.



this one seems interesting,



narciso --

One could argue about how good Powell was. His opinion in Bakke did a lot of harm. Oddly, J P Stevens, who went all in progressive later, was on the right side in that case.


her one good column, followed by two weak ones,




"The choice that each of us has to make is one of these four: 1. Vote Trump 2. Vote Rodham 3. Vote third party. 4. Don't vote."

No, the real choice is much simpler. You can vote for Trump or you can enable Hillary.

It's one thing to vote third party if you are, and have been, a committed Libertarian, but if it's just to avoid casting a ballot for Trump or Clinton, then it's simply irresponsible self-indulgence.

I voted for Ross Perot to send a message to Republicans back in the day; and I will forever bear a chunk of the blame for putting Bill Clinton in office. I didn't actually think either he (or Perot) could actually win, but I ultimately helped that happen, to my everlasting regret. I can't cut myself any slack for that failure of judgment, and I don't believe in letting anybody else pretend that supporting a 3rd party candidate is some kind of (safe) neutral position.


C'mon, JMH, Bill wasn't that bad...:)


MSNBC's Tamron Hall and Thomas Roberts downplayed Bill Clinton's past sex scandals this week by claiming stories about the former president's infidelities are only "allegations."

Hall's remarks came early Monday morning as she discussed with CNBC's John Harwood presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's recent attacks on Hillary Clinton and her husband's cheating issues.

"John, before this morning, the lead was probably these vicious attacks that Trump has leveled against Hillary Clinton, her husband's affair or affairs, alleged affairs," the MSNBC anchor said.

If only the Ds had an equivalent of Fox News!

Free James D.

It's not just the SC.

Do you want Huma Abdelin vetting appointments and drawing up short list of candidates for thousands of jobs throughout the executive branch? How about Sidney Blumenthal? Or David Brock?

That is what you get with Hillary..

If you really think there's no real difference between the government run by them, and an executive run by whoever Trump might rely on to staff his administration, I think you are either insane or arguing for the sake of disagreement.


Did you intend to use "Government" and "Work" in such close proximity?

OL, you're right. What's wrong with me? It's an oxymoron, like military intelligence, hurr de durr...

Destiny Ignatz

--and there are other issues besides the Supreme Court--

Please list those that tip the balance toward Hillary one iota.


by claiming stories about the former president's infidelities are only "allegations."

Clinton settled with Paula Jones for $850,000 in 1998 money.

That's a lot of cake for an "allegation," especially considering he was POTUS and had all the money in the world to fight it, and she was just a trailer park floozie.


JamesD --

I do not think that I am insane and I doubt Tom Maguire thinks that he is insane either.

I understand and share your revulsion for the thought of a Rodham presidency.

But I am not convinced that this is the lesser of the two evils. As you yourself said, Trump was not your first or your second or even your fifth choice to be the nominee. I doubt that he was my 15th choice.

I agree with Cecil Turner and Tom Maguire that Trump does not appear to pass minimal standards for acceptability. Not being Rodham is a big point in his favor, but there has to be more to him than that for me to support him and so far I do not see it.

I have no made up my mind. We still have months to go.

(By the way, JamesD, do I correctly recall that you said that you would vote for Trump even if you were assured by God Himself that Trump's election would lead to a nuclear attack on these United States? I apologize if my memory is incorrect on that one, but if that is your position, I think you are in a poor position to suggest that other people are insane.)

Miss Marple 2


Stanley Hubbard is abandoning the anti-Trump PAC and is supporting him, for the reasons JMHanes mentions above.

Free James D!

I did say that. If this country elects Hillary, we would deserve to be wiped out in nuclear fire, honestly. And it would be quicker and more merciful than the disaster we'll have with four more years of traitors who despise the country and its people in charge.

Old Lurker

JiB "BTW, there goes State's Rights, another constitutional takeover by the Federal Government. So much for Federalism."

Oh Jack. You have no faith in Roberts and Kennedy leading SCOTUS to do the right thing? Why just this morning I read in WaPo that Roberts stated in a speech that protecting the Separation of Powers, "even in small things", is a top priority of the SCOTUS. I am positive that was exactly what he was doing when he took out his legislative pen and rewrote the ACA, don't you?

Come to think of it, your quote might be right after all.


My last sentence above should have read that I don't believe in letting anybody else pretend that supporting a 3rd party candidate is some kind of (*morally* safe) neutral position.


James D,

Quicker and more merciful? Jeez. Get a grip.

Frau Flitzebogen

Thanks JMH. many of us have made similar confessions and wonder what might have been.

James D. - It seems ValJar is really our first black president. Will we have our first Muslim preezy with Hubba! Abedin?


Free JamesD --

"If this country elects Hillary, we would deserve to be wiped out in nuclear fire, honestly."

I think that you are overwrought, to put it extremely mildly.

It's just an election James. We will survive it no matter who wins. This is a choice between two not very appealing candidates, not a twilight struggle between Good and Evil.

Old Lurker

James, particularly because, if Hillary is elected, they will take one or both houses of Congress too. Even if the House is retained, it will be even more toothless than it has been these last eight years...and that mean a packed Supreme Court and CR's as far as the eye can see. It is hard to see how $20T in debt will not become $30T in a blink.

Old Lurker

James' statement is far from over wrought. It is why we have the Ledge with two diving boards, and with huge sharp boulders twenty stories below.

Jack is Back!

It's only an allegation, but:

I have heard that Hillary Clinton is not actually married to Bill Clinton but a former Uzbekistan prostitute imported to Arkansas to portray a woman married to a candidate for Governor.

I have also heard that Barack Obama once attended Occidental College and graduated summa cum laude in marijuana science.

I have also heard that John Kerry was once in Vietnam and ran like hell to protect his fellow crew mates from an RPG being launched onshore but got hit in the ass and won a bronze star as a result.


I like the way Trump spent the weekend punching Ryan in the face at his rallies and today Ryan says he didn't want to chair the convention anyway, so there, Na na!

Oh, but Ryan's gonna put Trump in his place. heh. #TotalJoke.

Old Lurker

Jack, you think those are only allegations, but Harry Reid told me someone told him they were true.


JMH, I voted for Clinton (twice) so you're doing better than me. :)

Captain Hate

Confession is good for the soul, ladies, but I bear you no malice for being opposed to the head of the Manson Family of the GOP.

I may have linked this before for Porch, Queen of the Tribute Albums, but I was walking Teddy while listening to kollidge radio and it immediately brought a smile:



Hey, cool, Cap'n. Ume is an Austin band, you probably figured that out. My good buddy is president of the record company they are on (Dangerbird).


Who'd have guessed I had such good company? And I appreiciate your indulgence, Captain. :-)

Free James D!

This is a choice between two not very appealing candidates, not a twilight struggle between Good and Evil.

Yes, it is. That is EXACTLY what it is.

Do you really think this country is it currently stands can survive four more years of Democract Party rule? Of rotting out the military in every way? Destroying relationships with allies and strengthening & emboldening adversaries? Of poisoning race relations to the point of bloodshed in the streets? Of attacking churches and degrading traditional values and families? Of wrecking the economy and turning productive citizens into welfare serfs?

If you think we'll be just fine with four more years of someone like Ash Carter (or worse) running the military, and someone like Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder (but even more corrupt, if that's possible) running the Justice Department, and replacing Valerie Jarrett with Huma Abdelin, I really don't know what to say. The damage that has been done in the last 7.5 years is incalculable. Giving the reins to Hillary to set that damage in stone and add four more years of it on will destroy this country in every meaningful way, if it isn't already beyond repair.

But Trump is a vulgar jerk who flip-fly a lot, so by all means let's just give Hillary those four years and see what happens.


Trump on his debt plans: "There’s no risk of default because we could always print more money"

Forrest is going to solve the illegal immigration program by nuking the economy.

How many people are trying to get into Venezuela?


The struggle between good and evil ended last Tuesday and evil won.

Frau Flitzebogen

"It's just an election James. We will survive it no matter who wins."

It will be just a flesh wound, right?

At least three SC replacements. Nominees:
Elizabeth Warren
Angela Davis
Eric Holder
Lanny Davis
Wendy Davis
Cheryl Mills
John Forbes Kerry
Madeleine Albright
Laurence Tribe

Hillary! - the gift that keeps on giving


so it does seem like a lot of coincidences when it comes to hollis, doesn't it, adding up to enemy action, but the ones who actually cared about such things like peter wright, and tennant bagley are depicted as withhunters, as in a recent festerman novel,


Thanks James D, I was just getting ready to say pretty much the same thing, and you said it better than I would.


Other than flip-fly;)


James D

It's not that " Trump is a vugar jerk who flip-fly a lot"

It's that he's a pathological liar who has supported the Clinton's and their ilk his entire adult life.


It seems ValJar is really our first black president

Dear Frau,

I would submit that ValJar is the first black female president.. :-)

Beasts of England

If you want to see an actual example of overwrought, then head over to Red State wherein a petition to the RNC, et al., states that the Republican convention is ...not a suicide pact. Bolded as in the original.

Beasts of England

If you play Pet Sounds backwards, you can hear The Bilderbergs cover 'Wild Thing'. True story...


The struggle between good and evil ended last Tuesday and evil won.

Tell it to the North Koreans, you sad sack.



You voted for Clinton twice!


alright i'm giving notice, poi, tonight at 10 PM,
apparently the machine is getting buggy,

James D.

Maybe the "die in nuclear fire" comment was a tiny bit overwrought.

But this is a twilight struggle. And it is not Trump vs. Clinton. It is a GOP administration with Trump as its head, vs. a Dem administration with Clinton as its head.

Parties shouldn't have so much power, as George Washington warned us, but they do, and it's not going to change in the next six months. The GOP sucks and has been ineffectual, but it's still far less harmful and frankly evil than the Dems, and that's not going to change in the next six months, either.

And no matter what Trump says or wants to do, no matter how crazy or dangerous or stupid it might be, he will have to rely on his team - which will be composed of GOP veterans because who else will he find with the experience to fill out those jobs? - who will moderate his worst impulses.

Hillary's team will be composed of true believers who will carry out all her worst impulses without hesitation and make them even more poisonous each in their own special way.

Frau Flitzebogen

Beasts, is it true, as rumored, that the Bilderbergers started out as Build-yer-burger, a self-service Bierocks diner?
Asking for a friend.


doing his best larry miller impression



James D

Trump says he does not want or need conservatives.


Correctomundo James.

Odd these "true conservatives" can perceive Satanic qualities in Trump but are oblivious to obvious damage already inflicted by BJ, Barak, and Hillary.

If 8 more years of the same results in another 911 or nuked Israel or nuked New York will those outside the kill zone consider it no big deal? Will they call that "survival" though unappealing?

Destiny Ignatz

This bundle of charts in a comment at PJM is pretty revealing. Rightnclick to see all 9 of them.

The middle chart in the left hand column demonstrates we are already taking extreme measures to avoid default.

Frau Flitzebogen

glasater @ 5:49 - We've never seen BHO's DNA. Of course,as a Sitzpinkler, he can use any toilet he choses.

Beasts of England

Trump advisor: Jeff Sessions
Clinton advisor: Sydney Blumenthal



Yeah Frau, the bilderbergers are laughing matter.


Just saw a national chart of LGBT break down state by state. D.C. is number one in the nation..with over 5% of our population.

Beasts of England

lol, Frau!! Later to branch out as Build-a-Bear... ;)



Jack is Back!

Is Theo, actually Dana Ward or other wise known as cleo or ben? Because he is baiting everyone with discredited prog arguments and statements.

Theo, do us a favor and leave. You only bring earaches to most of us if not all of us.


Trump said today he would appoint Trey Gowdy as Attorney General. Would Hillary?

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