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May 16, 2016





And even more startling from Carlos Slim's dancing chimps--Obama did not end wars during his presidency !!!!

Where would be without the New York Times?


Well, it seems the NYT couldn't even get the Trump womanizer story right.

Thomas Collins

It looks as if Trumpster's bounce may be over. The Hill is now up 38.1-34 in Reuters Rolling.

WSJ has a front page article today analyzing Trump's money challenges. Nothing there that NK hasn't already analyzed, but it's a good summary of why The Hill (or whoever the Dem nominee is if The Hill trips over her server in the water closet) will be the better funded POTUS candidate.

Captain Hate

I look forward to the Amazon Daily Worker dispatching 20 toadies to scrutinize Rodham's blood clots.


Because we know there must be a right version of the Trump womanizer story.

BTW, Appalled, I have not asked who you are voting for in November.

I am voting for Trump.

JCB decided to go for the Open Borders candidate.

I'm not sure if Theo has picked.

Jack is Back!

This is being laughed at big time on all the NYC radio shows. The Times has lost the locals and only has the die-hard liberals in the NE.

BTW, forget Obama's commenceent speech to Rutgers, here is the greatest commencement speech of all time from 2014 at University of Texas by Admiral McRaven. 10 minutes of simple truths.


Off to PT.


Nothing there that NK hasn't already analyzed, but it's a good summary of why The Hill (or whoever the Dem nominee is if The Hill trips over her server in the water closet) will be the better funded POTUS candidate.

Saw somewhere yesterday that Hillary is getting away with blatant campaign law violations by coordinating with that weirdo David Brock's PAC. If the laws are no obstacle, it is easy to become better funded. Not that it will help Hillary much, I suspect.

Miss Marple 2

I don't think Trump will need as much money as everyone thinks. He has demonstrated a talent for getting all sorts of free coverage.

The next step is for the press to give him the silent treatment, but that isn't going to work because he will call them out on it on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

All he has to do is make some outrageous comment and they will go after him again to see if THIS time they can knock him down.

I am looking forward to the convention. A lot.

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2

Fadi Hussein ‏@fadihussein8 35m35 minutes ago

#ISIS has blown up the entire Shaer Gas fields.


I was pointed to this by Michael Weiss. No other news yet.


I'm looking forward to him getting back on the campaign trail and giving speeches and holding rallies.

James D

Beasts said at the end of the last thread:

I think we have to fight like the enemy or lose to the enemy. Say something stupid or awful? Tell the other side/press to get over it - not interested in a discussion. Never look back and never concede an inch. This ain't rocket surgery.

This is exactly right.


And he can do his own broadcasts via livestreams.



I don't believe either candidate should be President, so I am not voting for either one, if we are in a typical year, and my Georgia vote does not matter. I might vote Libertarian. If Georgia is in play, and Trump has really redrawn the electoral map -- I don't know who I'll vote for, but I will vote for one of the two evils. I think it depends on Trump's campaign, because I don't see my opinion of Hillary changing.

Just for the record, I feel the voters who picked Trump have a point, but I can't abide their candidate, who I find to be a gifted demagogue. Hillary, on the other hand, is continued failure, with a dash of self-righteous corruption.



The NYT could go into the back archives of the Howard Stern show, and find a more convincing story of Trump's unpleasant sexual ethics.

They NYT was going for a story suggesting sexual harassment, and muffed it.


" The Hill is now up 38.1-34"

Hillary can't even get to 40 with the media on her side and running against a commie. And more importantly, some of the swing state polls were not looking good for her. On the plus side for her, it's possible she does pick up some of the goiter sympathy vote.


Unanimity at the Supreme Court--re: mandating Little Sisters deal with birth control coverage issues:

Back to the lower courts to figure this one out



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It looks as if Trumpster's bounce may be over. The Hill is now up 38.1-34 in Reuters Rolling.--

A change of three points in one week before either candidate is even nominated might be something less than either a trend or significant.


Mr. Trump calls the members of the free press "scum" and the most dishonest people on the planet. He says that maybe about 20% of reporters are honest. He said this at every rally directly to the reporters and cameras that were following him around.


I guess that wasn't presidential, it's presidential to kiss the free press's ass.


Another clean toga advocate. Dbag probably had a dream job lined up at the GAB.

James D

cheerleader @ 12:26

20% are honest? Wow, Trump is a lot more generous about the press than I am.


Mr. Trump calls the members of the free press "scum" and the most dishonest people on the planet. He says that maybe about 20% of reporters are honest.

I don’t agree. Maybe 20 percent are good, but the others are bad for a variety of reasons.

Some may be dishonest, but many more have been well schooled to be poorly educated.

Quibbling aside about the hamburger, as he pointed to the press in Rome, I could not disagree with his accusation that the press would not accurately report much of what he said.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This from anonamom's SCOTUS link is terrible;

Petitioners have clarified that
their religious exercise is not infringed where they “need
to do nothing more than contract for a plan that does not
include coverage for some or all forms of contraception,”
even if their employees receive cost-free contraceptive
coverage from the same insurance company.

They have agreed that there is such a thing as a free lunch and that accepting that magical thinking doesn't infringe their 1st amendment rights.
Of course they are paying for the free contraceptives through the premiums paid on all plans.


Trump's LKS (Linguistic Kill Shot if you follow Scott Adams's blog) for the NYT is "failing New York Times." He used "failing @nytimes" four times in the last 24 hours on Twitter.

Would be pretty cool if the massive Trump bullhorn helped tank Pinch's rag even further.


Henry, they buried the lede:

“Here’s the thing. I fundamentally believe that Democrats cheat, and I don’t believe our side does, and that’s why we need this bill.”


sbw, yes indeed... the Chavez Center chaos in Racine during the recalls points to the need for the voter ID bill, along with the thousands of Milwaukee voters same day registrations at non-existent addresses. But a Federal judge will screw the law abiding for at least one more Presidential election.

Thomas Collins

Ignatz, as far as I know, Reuters at the moment has the latest polling data, which are consistent with a Trump bounce and the race then settling down to a slog in which The Hill would be a favorite but not an overwhelming one. I think the Reuters data and the Real Clear Politics current average (The Hill plus 5.7, although RCP average is based on polling data prior to Reuters Rolling) give a pretty consistent picture of an Obama/Romney type race. I think this means that Trumpster needs a Duke and Duker who can help in a battleground state (Kasich) or a Duke and Duker who could have national appeal to persuadable feelers (Haley).

Thomas Collins

NY Times isn't going to lose any of its readership due to its Trump and women article, Porchlight. NY Times did its job in that article, which is to keep self-satisfied coastal gentries contributing to The Hill and talking her up. The article will also help Duke and Duke GOPers justify supporting The Hill.


Bullshit coming from the Slimes, you say? Insty links to this scam:


Driscoll adds this:

And once again we have language from the war on terror, and war in general, being adopted to push the greens’ crony socialism and concomitant war on energy.

Speaking of which, here’s your exit quote, via today’s Washington Examiner: “Navy secretary: Green energy saves Marines’ lives.”

What an enviro-hoss. He’s the Lee Ermey of global warming.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Susanna Martinez.
There's a lot more Hispanics than Indians and she is popular across the board while not being nearly so mushy as Haley.


I think the Reuters data and the Real Clear Politics current average (The Hill plus 5.7, although RCP average is based on polling data prior to Reuters Rolling) give a pretty consistent picture of an Obama/Romney type race.

Today's snapshot might look like that. But Trump has closed a much larger lead than Romney did.

2012: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/president/us/general_election_romney_vs_obama-1171.html

2016: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Romney ever had swing state numbers like Trump's. Romney was never ahead in Ohio, not once in any poll. Trump +4 in latest Quinny.

Thomas Collins

Martinez does have a greater potential upside than Haley, Ignatz, but she is also a bigger risk for media Qualyeization, especially with her December 2015 party activities.


How did sky-high home state approval ratings work out for Palin?

Martinez has problems, is not a great speaker and her state is tiny.

Also she doesn't appear to like Trump very much.

I am 100% against a token pick.

Janet S.

This article has an interesting bit at the end -

"The emails released on Friday also reveal communications with the group RepublicEN, a GOP-branded nonprofit run by former Rep. Bob Inglis (R., Ga.). The emails show Inglis advising Maibach on the letter to Obama and Lynch and an accompanying op-ed.

“The op-ed is good when coming from you,” Inglis wrote in a September email to Maibach. “We would have made it sound like we were coming alongside the Rs to help them out.”

Inglis suggested that Republican policymakers would not likely heed Maibach’s warnings about climate change, but that some of their donors might.

“You are on the scene schooling [Republicans] about the cliff that they are about to go over,” Inglis wrote. “They won’t like being schooled, but their financial backers and the smart money may take your words to heart and reflect the warning back to the candidates.”"


I get sick to my stomach seeing how rotten our federal government is...both parties.

Thomas Collins

Porchlight, I think your numbers are showing an Obama/Romney type race that Trump has a chance of pulling out. Trump's negatives and the blue/red divide don't bode well for some sort of transformation of the electorate by Trump. The numbers suggest the opposite. It's 2012 with less of a Dem advantage with AA voters but with female and Hispanic voters potentially a real problem for Trump during the campaign's last two weeks when a lot more $$$$$$ will be spent by the Dem candidate. Trump has done an amazing job with social media and getting MSM attention, but there is nothing to indicate that he is so transformational that $$$$$$$, the mother's milk of politics, won't be a real problem for him in October, especially with much Duke and Duke $$$$$ going elsewhere or staying in the vault.


I agree in principle but we must carry Florida or Ohio and Virginia and Colorado.
Picking up New Mexico would be great otherwise the electoral college math gets dicey. New Hampshire would be nice as well as Iowa.





TC, I don't see Trump having money problems at all. Duke and Duke will come around.

The Hispanic vote is just not that big a deal in the swing states that count.

Trump will boost the white vote, pull a much larger number of Dems and specifically AAs than any GOP candidate since Reagan. Women may be a problem. It really isn't like 2012 at all.

buccaneer morgan

So the court chose remand the little sister's back to the lower court. Dred pirate Roberts does good splurge.

buccaneer morgan

Pinnette suggests that scenario.

Janet S.

I am 100% against a token pick.

Me too.

Pick someone even MORE ruthless & truth-telling.

A Grant-Sherman ticket that marches on...no matter if a single battle is lost here or there....win the war. Do it. Keep going.

I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are. - William Tecumseh Sherman

I think it was Shelby Foote in the Civil War program that pointed out Grant's plan...no matter what, keep heading south.


Trump's pick will be Newt Gingrich.


You think black ministers are going to roll out the vote for the party that put men in girls locker rooms and bathrooms? I don't


Well, this changes everything.


One intern at a time...

Thomas Collins

I guess we are reading the polls in a different manner, Porchlight. My reading is that the electoral college and the aggregate popular vote are lining up in a manner similar to 2012. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been so much focus on Trump being neck and neck with The Hill in Ohio and Florida. Those two states were among the key ones in 2012, and are still key ones. Of the big ones, Trump will take Texas, and The Hill will be solidly favored in NY and California. Trump will do fine in the Mountain West, and The Hill looks good in the Atlantic Coast.


Lyle, registered firearms? I have none of those. I note for WI the had 44k registered firearms (compare to 300k CCW licenses), I have no idea what to make of that reporting.

Old Lurker

"Pick someone even MORE ruthless & truth-telling."

Hear hear.

Thomas Collins

I don't think so, Janet and OL. Trump is the best one for dropping bombs. A lighter touch is needed for Trump's Veep. That's why Trump-Gingrich isn't a good choice.


I've been meaning to post this for all JOM high-rolling oenophiles:



I did not say it would be a good choice. I said Gingrich is going to be Trump's choice.


I have to agree with Janet. Full steam ahead. Token picks are always from a position of weakness. Trump plays from strength.


A big plus for Trump is that Hillary will not get the AA turnout that King Three Putt received.

This is going to be a brutal race - The key to winner will be the one who makes their opponent more unlikable.

There is a certain charm that Trump has and Hillary is one of the most charmless people in history.

I detect that Trump is starting to get a pass on some of the stuff he says in the same manner that Biden gets a pass for some of his statements. If we get to the point that the general public views Trump's outrageousness as an eccentricty instead of a flaw Hillary could be in yuge trouble.

One big mistake Trump made - It's Fauxchahontas, not Pocahontas!


TC, if you mean that we have basically the same set of swing states (so far) that we did in 2012, I agree - for now. Things may change, though, as will the timeline.

For example, I expect Florida to be in Trump's column fairly quickly. Romney lost it by @ 80K, and half of that was stolen IMO.



Obama said that Nordic wealth redistribution has brought great joy to its citizens:
“In fact, in a world of growing economic disparities, Nordic countries have some of the least income inequality in the world -- which may explain one of the reasons that they're some of the happiest people in the world, despite not getting much sun.

Obama also called Nordic countries “a model” and praised them for their “pluralism” and willingness to welcome refugees:

“And we believe in the inherent dignity of every human being. We believe in pluralism and tolerance and respect for free speech and freedom of religion. It’s why we welcome the refugee who seeks a better life. It's why we stand up for human rights around the world.”

What a profound dipshit.

Miss Marple 2

I am not going to guess who the VP will be. For one thing, the LAST time I guessed about a VP I thought Bush would choose Colin Powell! Shows what I know.

The second reason is that Trump operates in a completely different manner than the usual GOP politicians. He will be looking for someone who buys into his ideas, not someone who would be setting up a little fiefdom as a platform for running in a few years. Other than that, I have no idea.

So I haven't got a clue. Could be anyone!

Threadkiller, stay by the phone!!


I think of Newt as a smart, sleazy, self-promoter, but oddly enough, I think he and Trump might be a good fit. If anyone can bring/impose some intellectual coherence on Trump's all-over-the-map thinking, it's Newt, and Trump could certainly use a right hand who actually knows how Congress/DC works. If Dems take back the Senate, I can see Newt wreaking some havoc there, too.


Absolutely true about Florida!
He is also ahead in Georgia
McAwful is already cheating in Virginia so we need another state or states to replace that one.
I wish we could nab Penneylvania

Old Lurker

I still like the idea of a strong Trump demanding that the House elect Newt as Speaker...



"I did not say it would be a good choice. I said Gingrich is going to be Trump's choice."

Who would your pick be?



Art in Newport

Newt will be part of the Trump administration, but I think the VP needs to be someone younger and more able to wage an energetic campaign.

Newt could be great in a congressional liaison role, as point man and 'project manager' for particular bills.



Click for the pic, peeps.


A big plus for Trump is that Hillary will not get the AA turnout that King Three Putt received.

Right, JCB. Nor will she get the percentage. I think multiple polls have Trump AA support in the high teens, with at least one even higher.

If you play with the 538 interactive tool, you can boost the Hispanic percentage (for the D) to 86% from 71% and boost the Hispanic turnout to 60% from 48%. Only two states flip - NC and AZ.

But if you then drop the AA percentage down from 93% to 89% (very realistic for Trump according to polls) and drop AA turnout from 66% to 62%, NC and AZ flip right back.

Warning: if you try to use this tool on a mobile device you will hate Nate Silver even more than you already do. I think he does it on purpose.



I hope Trump picks Clarice Feldman for veep. ;)

Hey, he could do a lot worse...


Good Morning. Mark Steyn in for Rush doing his usual bang up job, and at the moment he is hammering former buddy and editor, P.J.O'Roark and Max Boot, as being out of their minds in saying they are going to vote for Hillary.

Doing an excellent job elaborating on the stench of The Clinton Foundation and Team Hillary.


I tend to agree with Art. Newt has been great making sane arguments throughout the primaries - mainly ways in which Trump has been underestimated - and I think he'll be a great advisor, but I don't think VP is quite the right fit.

Thomas Collins

Just remember, Porchlight: We're counting on you to wrap up Texas quickly for Trump, so Trump can devote additional time and resources to Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania!



I should clarify. Gingrich is a good choice for the game Trump and the powerful behind him are playing.

I don't believe it is going to work out well for the serf's


Lyle, thanks, but he'd have to allow me to show up a lot in my gym clothes--
Contrary to doomsters in our midst http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-0515-mcmanus-election-forecasts-20160515-column.html



Don't forget to scroll to the comments!


No prob, clarice! Gym clothes are an improvement over Hilligula's Madam Mao Kollection™.


You got it, TC. :)



Yeah, let's put a SJW on the ticket!


Let’s have diversity on the ballot?

Sure, it’s a long time since we’ve had a Republican.


Cavuto has on Congressman Darryl Issa to discuss the topic of the impeachment of IRA Chief Koskinen.

Cavuto: I think this is House Republicans way of saying that the IRS has simply become way too taxing, and now they're interested in holding Impeachment Hearings for its head Congressman Darryl Issa....What are you doing it for?

Issa: My successor, Jason Chaffetz, had already looked at a very long record on the Commissioner, one in which he made false testimony before our Committee, failed to protect documents---allowed them to be destroyed under his watch, and quite candidly he withheld both information and mischaracterized what he could have given us, so these failures to do exactly the job that he said he came in to do, which was to restore confidence, is the reason that the chairman referred to our Committee for Impeachment. And remember, the punishment of Impeachment is removing somebody from Office who either is no longer qualified or who has failed to faithfully uphold the duties of that office, and for the American people who saw their Rights unfairly taken away, saw themselves essentially persecuted under Lois Lerner, he has in fact failed to perform the very duty he told our Committee he came to do.

Cavuto: Do you fear the MSM will cover this as you going after the head of the IRS as a Political vendetta? How do you disavow Americans of that notion?

Issa: Well, I think the case was well put together by the Committee when it was sent over to us, and like the Impeachment of Federal Judges, you don't impeach them because you have some sort of vendetta, you impeach them because they are inappropriate to have on the bench. That doesn't happen very often. And remember this is the next step in a process that began during my tenure, one in which we tried to have Lois Lerner testify before Congress, we tried to get the info that existed, and quite candidly the Ways and Means Committee referred to the DOJ for Criminal Prosecution, and the FBI Director and the Justice Department refused to perform the Duty that was statutorily their requirement. So I think, altho' no decision has been made as to the merit of this case, for Jason Chaffetz, its very clear his next step could not be another referral to a Justice Department that is part of a cover-up by willful failing to execute its duties. I think there is nothing more to say than this is the logical next step in the Chairman's mind.
300 days late and a dollar short in my opinion, but better than nothing, but a takeaway for me is if the FBI Head Comey is unreliable in this easy matter, why should we have faith in his reliability in the Hillary E-Mail case? Apparently the Koskinen Impeachment Hearings start on 24 May.


lyle, the comments on People's Cube are the best!


Now Trish Regan has on a woman earlier on FOX and Friends, that the NYTimes said in their article was a victim, but she has on the woman and she says the Times lied and Trump was terrific dealing with women and people. I suppose you guys are all way ahead of me on this.


ROFL: Burlington College to close due to "crushing debt load*"

Next up: the planet (if he somehow gets elected).

* debt load created by Bernie's wife (loans were based on fraudulent fundraising commitments supplied by the commie wife)


daddy, even CNN covered it! What on earth is happening?




Politico probably wants to send this down the memory hole:



The great Spengler discusses Syria--only neutralizing Iran will stop the bloodshed there:http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/NB28Dj06.html

James D

That article made me want to throw something at something, lyle.

Priebus mentions "diversity of age" as one possible option for Trump, and in the very same paragraph notes that the choice has to be a "real seasoned veteran." Ugh. And this guy communicates with the public for a living?


NYT rolls out another hit piece on Trump

What Atlantic City Casino Workers Know About the Trump Brand

misleading title "workers" as they quote one waitress who is feeling the Bern

no linky for this stinky


My grandmother's doctors told her that condiments, like salt and pepper, were going to kill her. I’m sure the doctors were referring to salt, but she liked salt, so she figured it must be pepper. She lived to 94.


That is a great story, Neo. It is illustrative of so many things.

Old Lurker

"Apparently the Koskinen Impeachment Hearings start on 24 May."

Though it is reported as the Impeachment Hearings, I thought I saw that in fact they are just preliminary to that. If true this will never even get to Impeachment and if so, I say GOPe knows that and did that on purpose just to trick the dummies one more time that those pit bulls in Congress, man, they are tough cookies when it comes to checks and balances and duty under the Constitution.

Why, any day now Trey Gowdy is going to really really look into those witnesses who have been on TV. Really he is. Really.

Janet S.


That is buying into the Progressive idiocy that skin color, age, genitals, where someone's great-great-great-great-great grandparents came from, is more important than a person's character, beliefs, honesty, morals, agenda, etc.

Old Lurker

Do you think GWB ran FEMA better or worse than Obama runs security at the airports? (Show up THREE hours early and STILL miss your flight?; Thousands and thousands of seats flying empty while ticket holders stand in lines? Pay $100 for PreCheck and stand in a line longer than the non pre-check line?)

Yes. Your government here to help.

Old Lurker


Surely Trump is too smart to now listen to what that loser says after all his other first choices lost badly to Trump?


I know this contest is going to be like the battle of Leipzig airport, or alternately, the scuffle in central park in anchorman 2, a real free for all,

Janet S.

Maybe if a black, lesbian, 80 yr.old, disabled, 1/32 Cherokee was running the TSA there wouldn't be a problem.
Diversity solves everything!


They should have impeached Holder. When they did not they greenlighted the Administration's contemptuous behavior by all of their officials.


of course, this michael 'rubio's speedboat' barbaro, who went out on a limb.

Old Lurker

Exactly right, Clarice.

And not enforcing regular order on budgeting, nor protecting the Debt Ceiling would be on my list of top three.



Listening to Issa in that Cavuto bit on Koskinen, he sounded about as passionate as a mattress Salesman explaining the warranty. He makes JeB! look "High Energy."

Sad news to report. Was advised last night an excellent neighbor was just given his pink slip from BP (British Petroleum). Has worked for them between 20 to 30 years. Don't know what he'll do, but he's my age, in excellent health, and his wife is still holding on to her job with Conoco.

Also was advised that Royal Shell, which has essentially pulled out of Alaska, is intending to cut back on expenditures worldwide by $30 Billion over the next 3 years. Heard it from a guy, who heard it from a guy, who heard it...:) Actually it comes from a reputable source---way more reputable than me.

Have an appointment with the real Eye Doctor today at 03:45, so I'm looking forward to his prognosis. At least it doesn't hurt anymore.

Currently on FOX is video of DeBlassio saying he never broke the Law.

Old Lurker

Fingers crossed on your eye, Daddy. The friendly skies do not need a half blind pilot who likes beer maybe too much...


Old Lurker

Issa was my biggest disappointment before Gowdy took that honor.


sorry to hear that, daddy, I looked at some of the letters to the editors in the journal 'what color is the moon on their world'

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