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May 19, 2016



porch, thanks. She's feeling much better already, now that her heart rate is below 100.

Do you drink martinis? I make mine w three or four pickled jalepenos and Hendricks gin. That's it. I think of vermouth, but never use any.
Keep the gin in the freezer, that way I don't need to shake it with ice.


Robin, just curious, where did you find the tamarind cordial?


I cannot remember if I congratulated OL and his daughter ~ If not - Congratulations!!

Iggy - bless that mom's heart! I am so in awe of folks who take on so much and do it so well. One of my dog rescue friends also adopted two boys after their own 3 children were grown and married. One boy has a learning disability due to alcoholic birth mom. Both are doing fantastic in their new home. She is my hero!

sbw - tell your wife I'd like to meet her,too! I'm a bit jealous of the posters who can meet up at Starbucks on a few hours notice!

Sun is peeking out now. I'm decorating for a welcome dinner at our local 4-H camp tomorrow. The counselors and their parents will be arriving and we have a little dinner for them as they are moving in for the summer. I'm going to scrounge around all of my friends' gardens before I resort to buying flowers.

Hope all of you have a relaxing and productive Saturday!


I think of vermouth, but never use any.

Lol. Sounds delicious. I love Hendricks. I actually like vermouth, both sweet and dry, and drink it on the rocks with lemon as an aperitif.

Glad your mom is better!



I cannot recall any recent interaction with my governments at any level in which I did not feel threatened by low IQ, low competence, all powerful thugs with redistributionist / reparations to ours attitudes.

I'm not disputing your experience, but mine has been very different. The people I have dealt with at NIH and NSF uniformly have been outstanding. There are a few exceptions, but surprisingly few.

Granted this is not the retail part of government.

Old Lurker

Porch, the recipe we learned in Austin and which has become the family favorite for Margaritas is (sorry for my spelling, I wrote it down after the first glass):

Tequila: Herradura Anejo...2 parts

(my teacher said to spare no expense on getting the top top shelf available).

Grand Mariner NOT Triple Sec....1 part

Lemoncello Luxardo.... 1 part

Fresh hand squeezed Lime Juice....1.5 parts

Just made Simple Syrup....1 parts

Salt....1 pinch

When we serve these to guests, we almost always require they deposit their car keys and agree to spend the night. They are seriously good. And seriously potent.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The retail and collective end of government is covered in Wretchard's brilliant essay you linked, Doc.


Delish, OL. I am also partial to Grand Marnier.

Miss Marple 2

OK, will do links. No opinions of my own for a while.

I am not mad at anyone but myself, so don't go looking for villains.

Interesting take here, which goes along with Scott Adams blog:


Old Lurker

I would grant you that exception only in part, DrJ.

I would not exempt those agencies with freedom from leftist political thumbs on the scales, nor in caring very much about how tax dollars are spent and the value received. I note the NSF inability to exclude porn watching from employee to-do lists nor the NIH recent firing of the top staff at its flagship hospital in Bethesda and announcement that the entire senior management team will be replaced by hospital managers who give a damn about patient care as examples.

Man Tran

Just fours yrs ago we had stopped in Omaha to visit and in the morning as they brought the plane up, I struck up a conversation with an older black gentleman working the line. So I mention that we are on our way to see our new granddaughter who is still in a NICU. He tells me that his 'day job' is a minister and he has a dozen or so kids, mostly adopted. A typical event for him is to get a call in the middle of the night from the hospital where in one case they have a crack whore who just delivered a 1 lb crack baby and then left. So, as usual, he adopts the baby and now she is 14 and on the honor role.


That's one link MM. Only need 4-5 more. 👍🏻



FWIW, NSF gives their program directors enormous freedom within the usual government bureaucracy. Most use it prudently and effectively, but there are a few exceptions. And I know the guy who had to wade through the porn on the idiot's computer. He was not thrilled.

I'm not familiar with NIH's intramural programs, including the hospital, only the extramural programs. In the latter the people do try to do the right thing, in spite of the stultifying rules under which they work.

Top management at either place I can't speak to.

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2



The one and only time I had tequila we all ended up sleeping on the floor at the host's house.

Miss Marple 2




New thread!

Old Lurker

Maryrose, now that my kids are older but still want to have parties when they come to DC, my "Austin Margaritas" are famous and one daughter or the other will whine "Daddy, will you make them, please, please? We will squeeze the limes for you, we promise..."

Invariably I do. But since I have a tall electric gate at the bottom of my driveway, once their guests are all present and the party is underway, I close then turn off the power to the gate and go to bed.

My insurance agent approves.


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I admire more than I can say those who take in children and animals who need care. I can't imagine where they get the energy to do that.



"Do you think people around the world share that opinion currently?"

Absolutely not, and we are witnessing the disastrous results, not the least of which is every bad actor trying to change the status quo before we inaugurate a new president -- from domestic progressives to maritime Chinese.


"Media in agony as Trump makes it relive Clinton sex scandals"


Lol. Best election ever.

Robin in the 10 Square Miles of Insanity


My extremely generous SIL brought it as a hostess gift last weekend. She got it from this place:


It's named after a 19th century naturalist and explorer.

The margarita we made using that recipe I linked is simply divine. Definitely use the chili powder in the salt. I'll try that jalapeño syrup - I'm a big fan of mixed drinks.

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